Tsvangirai wants talks to save economy

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has ruled out forming another unity government with President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF, but called for multi-stakeholder national dialogue to save the economy.

The MDC leader says he cannot work with a Zanu PF party that is “arrogant”, but warned that, sooner rather than later, the ruling party will have to come to the negotiating table in order to extricate itself from the mounting economic woes.

“The solution necessarily is not a GNU because we all know what has happened at the end. Takabetsera (we helped) Zanu PF when we negotiated the GNU,” Tsvangirai told a news conference this week.

He said the economy was burning, while government was failing to pay its workers.

The former trade unionist said circumstances will force Zanu PF to open dialogue notwithstanding its “arrogance”.

“We all know the character of Zanu PF,” Tsvangirai said.

“Zanu PF is arrogant, Zanu PF is violent. Zanu PF thinks that it has won the election but the opposite is true. Arrogance has got its own limit.

“When you can’t pay the civil service, including soldiers and police, then it (is incumbent upon you) to have national responsibility and say how do I resolve that.”

Zanu PF has rejected Tsvangirai’s call for national dialogue, lampooning the ex-prime minister as a dreamer who is desperately missing government perks.

But a bullish Tsvangirai said Zanu PF can no longer ignore the mounting national challenges.

“If you continue burying your head in the sand, it’s you who is going to burn and I don’t think Zanu PF is stupid enough to burn,” Tsvangirai said.

“We are saying the time has come to have leadership of the national crisis and that leadership comes from Zanu PF.

“It comes from MDC to once again say let’s put people first.

“But if they continue to be arrogant, what do you expect us to do, to cry?

“We will watch them but I can tell you that is not going to solve the problem and I can tell you they will have to come around and sit down with others to resolve this national crisis (because) it will not go away.”

Tsvangirai said the onus lies with Mugabe to approach the opposition in order to find viable solutions to the crippling economic woes.

“Ours is the people’s project and we are not losing focus on the important things such as preparing for the next election and being a credible alternative to this Zanu PF government that has dismally failed to deliver even on its election promises,” Tsvangirai said.

“The country is on its knees and we have a serious national crisis on our hands as a country. Now they cannot even pay government workers their salaries.”

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What we want is good governance, good education, good health delivery system, good road/rail/air transport networks, food on the table, etc, but right now we've non, and vaTsvangirai has an idea worth listening to, the country is burning, let's not wait until it's late, I love peace, I love my country.

LUKE MATETA - 27 March 2014

Tsvangson kurotomoka kwako hakuperi. Why can't you use your representation in parliament to do what you are saying. I tell you Zanu pf through its intelligence have gone through all your economic revival pragrams and look they are theoretical and will not achieve anything. Fight corruption that's step number one (both zanu pf and mdc-t are corrupt to the bone); look at your mansion, look at your expenditure on your prostitutes and also look around your close associates. Finally you have'nt even visited the tokwe -mukosi victims; are you not same as zanu pf kushaya nyadzi. these are simple truths about your poor opposition leadership!!! Zanu pf will never listen to you because they know your poor leadership; the american diplomat told your so.

tungamirai - 27 March 2014

Poor comment Tungamirai. Where is this party leading us? Think guys. Makaresva kuvoter, PERIOD

Rebe - 27 March 2014

All I want is food on my table. I can't starve due to political allegiance.

Sir Jephy - 27 March 2014

Baba huyayi Tsvangirai uye atanga futi

KUDA @ NUST - 27 March 2014

It's true some people wont stop hallucinating! What's he really up to? Where has the "Tongai Tione" mantra gone to why do you forget in such a short time. Oh bakithi sophephela phi?!

Regalia - 27 March 2014

Is Tsvangirai saying he and his party has got something to do with the economic challenges the country is grappling with? Or is he saying he has got the keys to the economic challenges dogging the nation? where did he get the keys and why doesn't ZANU PF have those keys as well. what are those special attributes that set MDC-T apart when it comes to dealing with the economic issues at hand? I urge ZANU PF to be open minded in its search for solutions to the current challenges. ZANU PF must however not go to the extend of looking for solutions from hell. ZANU PF must get to the Misheck, Shadreck and Abedinigo crucial resolution : "Jehovah kutirwira kana kusatirwira hatinamati zvifananidzo" Ipapapo Mwari ucharangarira mhuri yeZimbabwe and deliver the nation from the most powerful of its foes. already God thinks favourably about Zimbabwe because of our policy of reconciliation in 1980. Others aped it and got all the human praise. Never mind for Zimbabwe God is the pay master. Forgiveness, tolerance and not gate crushing for recognition is the face of Agape love. God is also smiling on Zimbabwe for our unequivocal and unshakable and resolute stance against lesbianism and homosexuality. God has also been smiling on our good neighbourliness practices with our neighbours. We will surely win this one and ngaatukwe munhu anovimba nevanhu.Zimbabwe vimba naJohovah!

kudakwashe moto muzhinji - 28 March 2014

Truth of the matter is much as we are suffering in Zim economy, Tsvangson only wants to boost economy ye MDC-T, ibvapo.

simba - 28 March 2014

Kudakwashe, you must think outside the box. Dont blind yourself to the fact that ZANU PF and MDC T need each other despite differences in ideology. This is a hard fact

Gweje - 28 March 2014

So kudakwashe yu are implying that MDC T haina Mwari muzvinhu zvayo??GOD IS NOT A RESPECTER OF PERSONS,HE CAN USE ANYONE IN MDC,ZANU,ZAPU OR MAVAMBO TO BRING SOLUTIONS TO ZIM.Unity of purpose in fighting towards a common cause is what is being called for by Mr TSVANGIRAI.I wonder wat type of GOD or christian would want divisions.?we are living in a global village not a vacuum so cooperation is needed (muonerapamwe).The stance that investors take on a country depends on how the government policies on economy and investment relate to interested parties or stakeholders.What is needed for investments is a good economic policy and political landscape that promotes trust at every level.What has led to this economic downturn is lack of trust on the present government in terms of its policies.Investors naturally fear to be involved in dangerous arenas like Zimbabwe.Tsvangirai is not ZIM neither is Mugabe,ZANU PF or MDC T.Zimbabweans make ZIM so we shold solve our problems through unifying differnt viewpoints kwete kumira muzita ramapolitical party!!11

popiro - 28 March 2014

tsvangirai is saying the solutions to our problems will come from a round table, as it is noone wants to invest in Zim because the sharks stole the election, i despise the idea of working with them but honestly the people are suffering. Ini hangu ndaneta neZanu honestly guys

Mohummed - 28 March 2014

The people of Zimbabwe don't want dialogue with a political party that stole the elections in broad daylight, what the people want is free, fair, credible TRANSPARENT elections, that's the bottom line. Tsvangirai wants to be used again by Zhanu like what happened in the GNU. Its time Tsvangirai removed those blinkers now!!!! Remember during the GNU how he used to heap praises on the nonagenarian?? Tsvangirai is SICK for calling for dialogue!!!!!!!!!!

Mudhiniwe - 28 March 2014

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