TB Joshua's location prophecy of missing jet

LAGOS - Nigerian celebrity preacher TB Joshua has directed Malaysian authorities and other institutions looking for the missing Malaysian plane to look “between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.”

According to him, authorities must go deep in the ocean and they will find scattered debris of the aircraft.

Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport just after midnight last week on Saturday and it has since disappeared which has left investigators, aviation experts and other authorities in several countries at a loss to what happened.

There were 239 people on-board the plane. The airline said it did not receive any distress messages or emergency signals from the pilot before it “disappeared off the radar.”

TB Joshua had earlier indicated that “the plane concerned is deep inside the sea”. He added that none of the 239 passengers will survive.

Prophesying to his church members as well as viewers all over the world on March 15, 2014, TB Joshua said: “They should look between Indonesia and Indian Ocean because the particles of the plane has scattered and gone everywhere”

The head pastor of the Synagogue Church Of All Nation (Scoan) disclosed that the pilot of the plane “lost signal, lost his bearings” causing the plane to be “diverted.”

According to him, “there are some strange people inside the plane; strange people that are not supposed to be inside. The pilot lost signal, the plane diverted and lost his bearings. The pilot confronted a situation he could not handle.”

He however, sent a word of consolation to the families of the passengers and added that “the whole thing has come to an end; they will discover the plane; particles, and everything will end any moment from now.

“This coming week, we are not going to talk about it again and the families will know their fate,” he said.

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uku ndokushaya manje. this has been on AFP and BBC since last Sunday

galante1 - 23 March 2014

kuwana ndekupi

wasu - 23 March 2014

TB Joshua has accurate prophecies.

Masiziba - 24 March 2014

May God continue revealing the truth to the man of God.We have to thank God for his mighty works.

mashiriyapungana - 24 March 2014

you stupid fool galante1

galante2 - 24 March 2014

Oh shame,we are very sorry to the families who lost their loved.May their souls rest in peace.

josefa chinotimba - 24 March 2014

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So it has taken Daily News a whole week to decide on the newsworthiness of the prophecy... Talk about Stale News!

Analyst - 24 March 2014

This tit has got jokes! What exactly is between Malaysia and the Indian ocean???? Is this not the WHOLE indian ocean?! He has just repeated everything that has been said on the news and now he has made a prophecy!! Ridiculous hogwash! Get real people this is really beyond stupid!

Sabi - 24 March 2014

Hard to believe the world still has people who believe this man T. B. Joshua's so called prophesies. The plane will be found yes, but it will not be because he said so. Why can't he tell the world where this other missing lady and her plane can be found?

svinukai marema - 24 March 2014

Give us accurate gps co-ordinates you fake porofita! the Indian ocean is vast and the search teams are already stretched, they don't need to go on further wild goose chases from idiots like you. Debris under the ocean kuita sei kwacho. If Zimbabwe is playing Brazil in a soccer match, then you prophesie that Brazil will win that is not a prophesy. That is an intelligent guess after analysing facts and history. Fool

simba - 24 March 2014

Its amazing how jealousy Africans are of each other. We always see evil in others. Why cant appreciate the giftings God has given to our brothers and sisters on the continent. Hate him or like him TB Joshua started talking about it before the accident happened. The media some of you are saying TB Joshua heard from only started talking about it when it happened. Yes some of you think prophesying is hogwash or fake. You are entitled to your opinion. Its right...freedom of speech...freedom of expression...freedom of association..you name them. But the fact remains that you do not know everything and do not deceive yourself to think that what you think or believe is only what is right or true because all of us know in part. You only heard from the media and you are already judging. If Presidents visit TB Joshua to consult him what about someone without any significant influence in society like some of us. If you are not privy to the prophesies given by TB Joshua before the plane disappeared please shut up unless you want to reveal your stupidity to the whole world

princezim01 - 24 March 2014


mandloe - 24 March 2014

Thanx man of GOD Prophet TB Joshua, We need people like you who will tell us this kind of meystries from our living GOD, may you continue with this great ministry, you are a true man of GOD. devil is a lair as always.

Elson Azwinndini Mudau - 24 March 2014

Too much belief in spiritism and fear of reprisal once you question prophets of doom......TB Joshua's prophecy about this plane does not originate from God.Read the bible and see how God's prophets were operating,accuracy and precision is what Jehovha does.TB Joshua really calling it a prophecy by saying search between Indian Ocean and Indonesia really?Its like saying search between Chirundu and Bloemfontein how vast it that area ???Tibvireiapo munongoda kujutwa nezviporofita zvekuromba black magic izvo.Hakuchina maprophet verenga bhaibheri wega!siyanai nekuda minana its black magic yoga yoga.

maffy - 24 March 2014

i wish people would refrain from these insults its not necessary if you do not believe just dont read its simple God forgive you all

nels - 24 March 2014

Prophecy is when something is said about an unknown even before it happens i.e. "a prediction of what will happen in the future." If he said that it more like a word of knowledge. For me, if the "prophet" can tell after the issue had happened, what good is it? So if he saw it before it happened, why not tell authorities so they deal with the situation before hand. I love God and I believe He reveals to redeem. So whilst we pray, lets pray for peace and god will. Let believe in Jesus and Him only.

Kwabena - 24 March 2014

I saw this prophecy on the scoan website.The date of the initial prophecy is 28 July 2013.I have had occasion to download it and listen to it several times before the disappearance of this plane.

Gidza - 24 March 2014

Vamwe muchazvirovesa mega mozoonesa nhamo mapostrori nekutsvaga minamato

tomasi madomasi - 24 March 2014

With all due respect,all shall be well,the true men of God shall be with the Lord.JUDGEMENT DAY !

George Basset - 24 March 2014

TB Joshua whether a man of God or not to those who have been given a revelation to judge by whom? But the bottom line is that his prophesies are always correct and precise. Beware of using your human mind against spiritual things. The Bible tells that blasphemy against man shall be forgiven even Jesus said blasphemy against him while he was still on earth shall be forgiven. He said blasphemy against the holy spirit shall not be forgiven. Remember that also that before Christ left he promised his followers about the comforter or counselor simply translated it is the holy spirit! Yes there are fake prophets and all that staff but before you open your mouth, be careful of what you say. Some of you will invite heaps of fire upon your lives because of reckless talk.

Regalia - 24 March 2014

Vanhu musangobvumira zvese zvese. Check the two videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUXZpC95VpQ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B_sGsgLr40 . You will realise that the later is an edited version of the former to suit the current situation. The first video talks about the cause as the weather and that it will crush a few metres after it take off. You can see how the new video eliminates all the other information that does not agree. He only spoke about the ocean when it was already all over the news as a possibility. For how long will you people remain blind folded? Nako kuda chiporofita kwenyu.

PROPHELYING - 24 March 2014

This prophecy to me has confirmed that this is a major prophet of our generation. I'm proud to be from the same birthplace( I mean Nigeria) as the Prophet.We should be proud of him and pray that God will keep him for us. I read his prophecy just immediately after the disappearance was announced. I was so worried and concerned about him(the Prophet) for the boldness to say the plane was deep under the sea. I am a partner of SCOAN and an addicted Emmanuel TV subscriber. I am looking forward to meeting the man of God immediately I land in Lagos by His grace Easter weekend. I have never met him before and I'm ready to do all necessary for his audience All these negative comments from unbelievers can be ignored or tolerated but for others ,remember 2 Chronicles 20:20

Dr A Adeyemi - 24 March 2014

FYI. Every human being knowingly or unknwingly belongs to only one of the only two existing families. Either one belongs to GOD`s Family or to satan`s family. There is no other group. Cant belong to both families at the same time. Either one belongs to LIGHT or to darkness. When one dies either one goes to HEAVEN or to Hell. There is no other place outside these two. We are bound to differ, no need to attack each other.

Mai Kundai - 24 March 2014

The Bible clearly tells us in 2 CHRONICLES 20 : 20 " Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper." If you don't want to believe, there is no need insulting. You can either use the words of the very Bible and bind his works if you think the servant is a lie.

Pastor Ajasi - 25 March 2014

that man is aman of GOD believe it or not you shall see.if you do not understand prophecy its better to keep quite becz GOD is seeing .ukanyatsorohwa uno mutsvaga murume uyu

miriam - 25 March 2014

i love the way this man of God says his things in a humble way while he carries a lot of spiritual wealth. dare not to believe what he says at your own expense. what he says sometimes is beyond human understanding. thats why some people are insultive because they interpret spiritual things in their human minds. in fact for those who care joshua talked about this disaster last year in july and even said he wished to contact the embassy of the country involved. his concern was, if they will take him serious knowing well that they would view him as one of those confused african preachers who does not know about how technology works. worse still he is not learned. its time our world turned to listen to God because our wisdom will fail. the technology we have is not even1000000000000000000000.........th of God greatness. we are nothing so lets be humble enough to listen to him even if it comes from these unlearned africans preachers, who did not even go to a bible school.

see - 25 March 2014

you all people know nothing inplace for you to pray to GOD and be given light and blessings to what ever you want to be or do buzzy insalting each other. Disasters where there and shal be there and even more .IF that prophecy does not affected your spirit keep quiet

pongwe - 25 March 2014

you all people know nothing inplace for you to pray to GOD and be given light and blessings to what ever you want to be or do buzzy insalting each other. Disasters where there and shal be there and even more .IF that prophecy does not affected your spirit keep quiet

pongwe - 25 March 2014

veduwe aya ndiwo anonzi mazuva ekupedzesera chete maporofita enhema akataurwa nebhaibheri kuti achaveko ndiwaya iye Joshua anotaura zvezvinhu zvinotysa kudaro asingadzivirire kuti zviitike sei mapositori atori nani anobva akupa muteuro kuti udzivirirwe nw we have lost 239 lives ngaanyarare kana asingakwanise kuzvidzivisa anoda kuzvikoresa zvenhema

rasta - 25 March 2014

Dont waste your time commenting on his issues if u dont believe in his prophecy,leave it for us who believe and also believe that he is a true man of God, cos you cant change my mind against him.

Fortune - 25 March 2014

GOD'S revelation is alwys accurate!!

Pavithra - 25 March 2014

GOD'S revelation is alwys accurate!!

Pavithra - 25 March 2014

Please dont tell us you knew. If u knew and did nothing to prevent then are wrong to assume you and your "powers" could be the cause? Its like telling someone grieving a child who drowned that "I saw your toddler crawling towards the pool and I knew he would drown". For me wats important is not what you know but rather, what you do with the knowledge you have. Think about it "prophets"

Ajukwa - 25 March 2014

Please dont tell us you knew. If u knew and did nothing to prevent then are wrong to assume you and your "powers" could be the cause? Its like telling someone grieving a child who drowned that "I saw your toddler crawling towards the pool and I knew he would drown". For me wats important is not what you know but rather, what you do with the knowledge you have. Think about it "prophets"

Ajukwa - 25 March 2014

Some of you must spend a good time reading the word of God to understand them. You rush to comment rubbish. Delivering a prophecy doesn't necessary mean you must also cause an effect to that prophecy. When Noah was told about the impending flood, yes he might have been told to build an arch. How many people agreed to build that arch. Some asked him why God had told him alone out of the nation of thousands of inhabitants. Some said they are still deciding etc. I understand TB Joshua prophesied about this plane last year. The solution was for these authorities to work with him in finding a lasting solution only if they believed him. But what happened is now in the public domain. Many people are all concerned about fake prophets and ignore also the existence of genuine ones. Who said there are no prophets in this generation. Your problem Africans is that you have this so-called 'believe only whites' kind of a syndrome. Worse of all are these some of the so-called pastors who went to Bible schools without God inside them, hey you pharisees of this age stop leading people astray! Paul did not go to a Bible school but he met Christ face-to-face. What's the result? Even Jesus they despised and insulted up to the point of killing Him. Yes be vigilant and don't believe every spirit but by what spirit do you judge?

Regalia - 25 March 2014

It's sad to see many people using human eyes to vouch for this and that so-called man of God. It does not require degrees or a so-called man of God to get the true testimony of Jesus; it's an undeserved gift that comes from God (whose name alone is Jehovah) through Jesus Christ manifesting through the Holy Spirit. (Not from man). See only Jesus, not man and He will show you the truth; He will show you who does what in the spiritual world. Don't accept people's claims that they work using the Spirit of the Truth. Get the testimony of Jesus and let Him make you see through His eyes. Worship only God and He will reveals Himself and make you see everything -through His eyes; hidden things which your human eyes can never see. We should not just walk and see in the flesh (physically) but primarily in the Spirit of God (the true God -the God of our Lord Jesus Christ). As the Bible says: " .....'Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy'. .......Now I SAW heaven opened, and behold, a white horse and He who sat on him was called Faithful and True (the Lord Jesus Christ)..............then I SAW an angel standing in the sun;.....And I SAW the beast,the kings of the earth..........Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone......." Revelation 19: 10-21. [Note: The angel refused to be worshiped and reminded John to worship God. The look at what happened thereafter: the Lord Jesus Christ appeared. See what else John saw! Deep secrets which man's eyes can never see. (capitalised SAW to highlight the spiritual sight through Christ)]. Just Christ gave John Spiritual eyes, He can give us Spiritual eyes if we only worship Him.

The Truth - 25 March 2014

TB Joshua will always make prophesies and l will believe him. "These men are from God believe them."

jerry V - 26 March 2014

We live to die its tragic most of those on the plane i dont think there were Christians Muslims Buddhists etc May God have mercy on their souls.

protestor - 26 March 2014

if god has shown him why not go with them n show where the plane is?

trick daddy - 26 March 2014

i dont know why he did not inform malysia government to stop the plane that day and now teeling them where the plane is found

trick daddy - 26 March 2014

T. . B. Joshua i am with u all the way. After the crash I went into prayer. The answers were the same as u. But from I understand it was a hijack, something idid nt see but which was predicted by an Indian Swamiji.

Sarala - 26 March 2014

idzi mbavhawo dzinotengesa ndedzipiwo?

jon'osi - 26 March 2014

Say what you may, I believe in three beings: GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ my Saviour and Temitope B. Josuha, Prophet in my time. Meanwhile, all prophecies are vague until they are realized. Read the book of revelation to be sure.

Olayeni - 26 March 2014

There is no problem in believing, but, in what we believe. Some of these things need not even a single "o"level subject to analyse and hence get to the bottom. I personally have noticed that the lazy and those who lack confidence in what they do are forced by fear to believe in miracle and prophecies that are not called for. Don't feel blamed, you can go ahead and believe...news are saying in Nigeria there is a place where skeletons , rotting corpses and leg-ironed victims have been discovered but no prophecy ever came to their rescue. It's alright you can proceed and seek popularity that way but god knows where this will come to.

Mbada Murenje - 26 March 2014

we countinue to cl him man of GOD whilst he just letting disaster fall to innocent victims guys. he z just there to gain fame

chokuda - 26 March 2014

can he predict world cup winner so I can place a bet

Tipsy - 26 March 2014

The Bible in Rev 16vs13,14 Says the miracle working demonic spirits go to the kings of the earth deceiving them and gathering them to battle against the Lord God Almighty.

mADOndo ft - 27 March 2014

How many men of God do we have in the world and how come they go to different churches? During Jesus' time there was one denomination made up of Jesus and his followers and the rest were imitators. So tell me who among the different prophets in different churches is truly the man of God, I just want one church not many!

charles charingeno - 27 March 2014

True man of God.Accurate prophesy. True SCOAN.

crispen devere - 27 March 2014

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