Makandiwa resembles Jesus

HARARE - The role of the media is to educate, inform and entertain the public.

The media also plays the critical role of forming public opinion.

Some media publications have not lived to the mandate stated above with regards to matters of religion and the respective leaders.

In numerous cases they have departed from their duty to report factually, thereby creating a false image in the public about certain religious personalities and in the process damaging their reputation.

One personality whose reputation has been damaged by some media publications is Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. This is a view grounded on my personal experiences as a member of his church, UFIC.

He has, over the years that I have known him as a Prophet and father, demonstrated consistency in living a very principled life characterised by high integrity and morals. His character resembles that of Jesus and I am proud to call him my father. 

He is a man of unparalleled wisdom and understanding as there is no subject or issue that he can’t tackle to the core.

He has an outstanding  ability to deliver the word of God to the understanding of thousands regardless of the differing intellectual levels. I was dumbfounded the first time I heard him preach and convinced myself he was an angel in disguise.

The word was being dissected in a manner I had never witnessed before. He is master of revelations; one verse can easily translate into over five pages of notes back to back.

Some say his preaching is charismatic, I say its supernatural for what he preaches manifests in the physical. I have testimonies in all aspects of my life as a result of proper teaching of the word.

To this day, years after my first sermon, I am more than excited to attend each and every service as I am always assured of a mind-blowing sermon.

Each one of the sermons is always new and relevant to my present circumstances. I never miss a service. 

Just like Jesus in Luke 9:46-48, he has the ability to discern people’s innermost thoughts and questions and his preaching will address your situation without calling you out for an individual prophecy.

I have been victim to this style countless times over the years, and nothing is as thrilling and consoling as being aware that God knows you and is dealing with your concerns.

This exceptional gift to prophesy through preaching the word enables him to deal with thousands of people’s issues in one sermon thereby significantly reducing the number of people who would book for counselling sessions.

He exalts teaching the word above all other gifts and continuously emphasises on the importance of the word above everything else.

He rarely lays hands, rather he lays information, for he explains repeatedly that the reason for most people’s predicament is ignorance and only the laying of information and not hands will bring about total deliverance.

And when he does prophesy, to describe the accuracy levels as spot-on is an understatement.

Only in UFIC have I witnessed the dead being raised, a phenomenon I had completely dismissed to ever occur during my lifetime.

I have witnessed as people’s lives are transformed from poverty to riches.

The prosperity gospel works, the chains of poverty can be broken! All forms of bondage can be broken.

He is into transforming lives through teaching on all aspects of life from personal hygiene, business, marriage, love for parents to respect for elders and any man or woman of God regardless of denomination among many other issues.

Prophet Makandiwa works for God and is producing tangible results and this displeases the devil.

Martha Mashonganyika writes in her personal capacity.

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Martha, you are right on your comments but the man you are liking to Jesus Christ may not fit to be in the position you are giving him. He had been linked to a n'anga in Ghana an accusation he denied. The n'anga came to Zimbabwe in December and I think Martha you saw him by your eyes, the same man also made a couple to have a child in 2 days and the child eventually died. This is totally blasphemy, may God punish those who believe in blasphemous teachings and the doer. Go to the real churches than to be used by people who are after money and prestige.

Dryreeds Hondo T - 23 March 2014

Well thats very correct according to you coz first YOU defined the role media has to play (& you didnt even say it shuld critique) 2nd you are a member of his church (obviously not ever1 is) so this is one article which perfectly fits in yo churches magazine not a paper for the people of diverse backgrounds!!!

kitsi - 23 March 2014

"If anyone teaches otherwise and does not consent to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which accords with godliness, he is proud, knowing nothing, .........useless wranglings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. Now godliness with contentment is great gain. .....For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which they have strayed from faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many arrows." 1 Timothy 6: 3-10.

The Truth - 23 March 2014

The Lord Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He cannot be likened to man! Worship only God and He will reveal to you the truth; confirming His true servants, while exposing the false ones -prophets of Baal! Worship only God (and not man) and He will make you see what many people do not see. "......' Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.' ........Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. ......" Revelation 19: 10-21.

The Truth - 23 March 2014

Martha the trend has been that women have been so gullible when it comes to preachers and the word of God. Kenyan preacher commanded women to come to church without undergarments and they did. South African preacher commanded women to feed on grass and they all grazed all the lawn at the church. Makandiwa performed penal enlargement in church and you still believe that is the message from God. Its only God who befits the name Father and not sinners and cheats.

ben - 24 March 2014

No-one can be likened to Jesus Christ , God or an angel !!! This practice of glorifying human beings to such an extent is blasphemous and can be likened to idolatry which are dangerous sins. @kitsi , u are very right and such people like Martha should reserve such articles for their internal church magazines period!!!

ras - 24 March 2014

I think Makandiwa now has controlling shareholding in private media ...hardly a day passes by without reading blah blah is power and power means control.

Mambombi - 24 March 2014


GIDEON - 24 March 2014

Mr Makandiwa failed on the miracle baby which was supposed to live and testify.

Ngayite .S - 24 March 2014

First of all I do not agree with comparing or even equating Makandiwa to Jesus, Angels or GOD himself. It is nice and well for Makandiwa's followers to believe in their high priest as they do or even become fanatics as they do but they must never try to sell this madness to the rest of the world. Yes indeed they must confine this blaspheme at City Sports Centre. Jesus the only son of GOD never had a reputation of wearing the most expensive gown or pieces of clothing of that time neither would he go around in the most expensive chariot, horses, camels or even donkeys to carry out His Father's work. MAKANDIWA on the other had has amassed the latest and top of the range motor vehicles amongst the Bentley models, V12 Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini to name a few, all this in aid of what? Is this still part of serving GOD? Living lavishly in the name of GOD and the expense of HIS desperate children! Makandiwa and Hubert Angel and others are all about personal glory and personal enrichment so please never ever compare what they do to JESUS or equate their personas to JESUS and GOD

Mwana WaMwari - 24 March 2014

The crass stupidity and unbelievable audacity of this writer to compare what is a false prophet to a man of Jesus' stature has me gobsmacked with disbelief!! The man is not even very clever although he has stumbled upon that age old profession which works very well around the world but extraordinarily well in this part of Africa... that of a CONMAN!!

sabi - 24 March 2014

Prophet Makandiwa truely resembles Jesus,He is a true man of God sent from above ,the moses of our time.Through the annointing upon him which he was given by the Lord,pple are being delivered from several situations,sickness,demons e.t.c and in him am seeing the goodness of God.LONG LIVE PROPHET MAKANDIWA AND PROPHETESS RUTH MAKANDIWA.

marble - 24 March 2014

you are a stupid, idiot and evil woman to compare Christ to a man. I wonder what religion you follow? if you are a true Christian, you would not even conceive of the idea of comparing His holiness to a man! shame on you! its apparent that you dont read the bible. to even speak of Christ in that way is blasphemous and disgusting!!!!

great ideas - 24 March 2014

if a nánga is able to make a couple have a child in two days, how many days will it take God to do the same miracle? if one is able to do such outstanding miracles using the power of Satan then how Much can God do. if some of us believe that the power of Satan is greater than the power of God, then its amazing how many devil worshipers we have in this country

Food for thought - 24 March 2014

Prohet Makandiwa is a true man of god send by God to deliver zimbabweans from poverty, lack, from all the affictions and to live a holy life. Kana vakakwanisa kubvisa ini chaiye muhupombwe, kurwisana nevabereki mwari wavo ngaakudzwe. Deutronomy 18:18 I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee and will put my words in his mouth and he shall speak unto them all that i shall command him. 2 Chronicle 20:20 believe in the prophets and yea shall prosper. The only way for Zimbabwe to prosper is to believe in whom god has send. the more we persecute our own prophets that's the more we become poorer and poorer like what is happening now.

BB2 - 24 March 2014

Kana miracle baby akafa ko Lazarus aripi iko zvino Asi ndafarira statement yako yekuti miracle baby watobvuma kuti miracle yakatoitika.

BA - 24 March 2014

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is a real man of God. Lives according to biblical principles, gives to the poor regardless from UFIC or not, takes care of over 8000 widows and orphans. He teaches the word in truth. if you have any doubt come to City Sports Centre. Otherwise if you have never had an encounter with the man of God you are not qualified to comment. Gara wanyarara hako. Martha thank you for this my sister. Weather the world likes it or not our father is highly blessed and annoited. for more watch Christtv on all free to air decoders.

Mwanawemuporofita - 24 March 2014

Icho chinoita kuti usvotwe nekunyorwa kwaProphet E Makandiwa munewspaper chii? Ungabva watuka mumwe to the that extent?Kana Makandiwa asiri waJesu ko iwe ndiwe ani ungada kurwirwa Jesu??Wadii warega mwanakomana waMwari azviratidza.Ukagamuchira Jesu evn e way you debate inonzwikwa kuti apa Areka yeSungano ichiri present zvino kana motukana isu VekwaMakandiwa tinodzidzei kwamuri zviri nani tigare kuna Baba vedu vane hunhu hunoyemurika.Regai tirumbidze Jehovha nezvavakatipa kana usina chekutaura NYARARA.Ndoproblem ine maZimbabweans hobho akadzidza,kungoona atenga mota hanzi mota ndedzekuba.Enda kuRunyararo Primary School udzidziswe to mind your own business. Tsvee kunamatira economy yenyika ino busy kutsvaga maupdates aMakandiwa.

10 times better - 24 March 2014

Iyemi musiri mastupid maitei ??Corruption,poverty,barrenness,diseases everything muri kuzvifaraira.Jesus came to save us.Gara in thoz conditions siya isu takadzikunurwa tipembere.Kwatabviswa naJesu thru His servant tisu tinokuziva.Leave Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa alone.He is a True Servant of The Almighty God.

10 times better - 24 March 2014

Long live to the Prophet of God !

er - 24 March 2014

Martha this is the kind of courage that will NOT go unnoticed by the heavens. Let them criticize our Prophet and let them criticize you for standing up for him. As the Prophet always explains, criticism only means you have mad a meaning contribution. Also keep in mind Jesus our Lord was criticized by man Pharisees, Scribes and Chief Priests being the Lord himself. And be reminded his word shall reach all corners/ends of the earth. What this means to me is that Gods word will reach their ears but they may not receive or accept it. Freewill means you get to choose . But before you choose to ignore the word that Martha has brought to you, food for thought what revelation did Judas receive after the betrayal that drove him to suicide. Why do you think Saul became Paul what revelation?

Follower - 24 March 2014

Its one thing being a none believer but being stupid now that's classic. Its written in the word of God , we are made in God's likeness and Image. Why do we comment on things we do not know. Some of you , you have never been to UFIC, so just shut up guys. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa whether you believe it or not, He is a man of God and this nation is being transformed in so many ways, through the grace God has placed upon His life and Him being a Prophet in this country. So if you have never met , been to UFIC, best you just shut up hey....

Daughter wa Prophet Makandiwa - 24 March 2014

Long live Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa ......

Daughter wa Prophet Makandiwa - 24 March 2014

People lets not insult servants of God. Best not to comment than to post insults. You never know you might poke God in the process, let God fight for Himself and his true servants.He knows who are his and who are not, so lets not insult.thank you

nikki - 24 March 2014

kana usingazivi nyarara, enda kuchikoro chekunyarara, zvinotostudiwer......if u ar not an eye witness plz spare the man of God, regai isu nanaMartha tine zvatakanzwa nezvatakaona pamuporofita akaona Jesu titaure...prophet ndimi baba vedu E Makandiwa..u raised me up...singing

tar wekwaMakandiwa - 24 March 2014

I concur with every word that the writer wrote , If only Zimbabwe could realise how favoured we are to be blessed with a Man of God and Prophet of Prophet E Makandiwa`s calibre , we would have had been in far better state than we are now . As the bible puts it in 2 Chronicles that believe in the Lord your God so shall you be established and believe in his Prophets and you will be prospered .

Morris Ben Nherera - 24 March 2014

these are indeed the end of times.The Lord Jesus warned us about false prophets.real biblical prophets lived very humble lives and were not money driven.these are real wolves in sheep's clothing. Jesus is God and can not be compared to a human being. Martha please worship God and not a human being!!!

raswillie - 24 March 2014

Long live the Prophet , my sheep no my voice and for sure we know when the Lord has sent a Prophet, and that Prophet is no other than Prophet E Makandiwa , those who believe not , am sorry because time is running out for you. We love you PAPA

Son of Prophet E Makandiwa - 24 March 2014

Thank you Martha. Thank you Nikki for your comments. May the Almighty continue to bless and protect our Prophets.

Blessed - 24 March 2014

Well said Martha. When we say "In the name of Jesus", we mean in the character of Jesus. So if anyone is likened to Jesus its not that he is Jesus but he is able to try and match some characteristics of Jesus. So the prophet has done a lot to try to imitate Jesus' character and thats why we love Jesus and his prophet. He has integrity matched by a few here on earth. The problem is people don't want to give him credit he deceives. Its not that we are exalting Makandiwa, but we are appreciating what God has given us. Do you know the story of the rich man in hell and Lazarus in heaven. He said to God send Lazarus to tell the living the dangers of hell as he was suffering. Then God said if people on earth don't listen to people we sent there to preach, they will come to hell and no angel will come down to preach to them. Even Israel in Egypt, God did not sent an army to deliver Israel out, he send Moses. Some even rebelled against Moses in the wilderness and God killed them for rebelling against a man God send. So if you don't believe that Prophet Makandiwa is not of God, why keeping your mouth shut and go to preachers you believe.

freedom - 24 March 2014

The main problem here is to compare the Prophet with The LORD and that is blasphemous.Jesus Christ whose name is above even the Angels cannot be compared with a person who will die and buried underground.We have Moses whose grave was never seen, Elijah who never died on earth but still the Two cannot be compared by the Lord.So whatever good work Makandiwa does whether in truth or under the influence of Ghanaian n'anga that is applauded by those who believe in him.But plz do not take the advantage of being Jorno to Market your Papa and compare him with God.The whole noise is about comparing God and a mortal man.Kindly resend your article and only Say Makandiwa is a true servant of Jesus christ and that is acceptable.,rather than resembling him with God.

CHIVANDAIDZE - 24 March 2014

@FREEDON,whatever character a mortal man sins and will die but even we can have the power to do everthing in his name,but that does not guarantee us that we are like him.Its only that all prophets perform miracle under the guise of Jesus authority..but wait a minute It is him again who said many will come and say "master we did this and that in your name,ie driving out demons,healing but i will tell them i don't know you.So using the name Jesus will have a reparcation to many who do not live the word.We cannot compare the master and the servant that why he said Mudzizdzi haakundi mudzidzisi wake.All the prophet remain his servant,never will they be the same as the very careful with such overzealous thinking.And lastly the rich younman like your Papa was asked to sell everything and give to the poor but the rich man went away angry just like most of these youn papa's who will never accept to part ways with flamboyance at the expense of the heavenly kingdom/riches.

CHIVANDAIDZE - 24 March 2014

'Makandiwa resembles Jesus''..What an article.If paraphrased in some form this could read Makandiwa does,looks like,is similar to Jesus.Why would one church member that??These kind of articles led me one day to go to City Sports centre to see it for myself and behold its true.Jesus commanded everyone who believes in him to be like him,do as he did or even greater,john14vs12.. and surely those with eyes and ears,those who desire truth not fiction will go to NATIONAL SPORTS STADIUM,on 19 APRIL to CONFIRM this,or Sunday @CITY SPORTS STADIUM behind showground.

observer - 24 March 2014

I could not finish you contribution on likening Makandiwa to Jesus, but of the little I read let me say my contribution. 1. no-one can ever be likened to Jesus. Not even the Beloved disciple John or even Peter, not even Paul.So your perception is misguided because you are not debating from the truth, which is God`s word but from feeling. 2. You are not ashamed to call him father. You may need to read your bible again on Matthew 23:9. you wil be ashamed when you read this. May God open your eyes and see the truth, rather than debate from emotions.

washaya sydney - 24 March 2014

@Chivandidze i would ask for the definition of blasphemy?Its amazing how people like present empty opinions grounded on rumours not facts.If you check your english dictionary very well,hopefully you have it, resemble does not mean the same but rather similar,or looks like.As for the noise you spoke about its coming from people who talk on matters they dont understand like you are doing.JESUS IS THE GREATEST and we are all striving to resemble him,as he lives in us and us in him..How can u be one with JESUS when you don't have his character....


Matthew 23vs9 is mostly quoted by people who preach heresy.This scripture if u start from verse 1,was preached to scribes,pharisees who were hard on hearing that they should not worship their fathers,not give man honour due to FATHER in heaven...Ephesians 6v1..2 says obey your parents in theLORD,honour you father,the ONLY commandment with a promise,Deuteronomy 5vs16 says honour your father and mother...LETS NOT MIX SCRIPTURES to reinforce half truths


martha, the heavens are watching, be careful, the deviding line between satanism and christianity is very thin and satanism becomes pretty obvious when it eqautes Jesus Christ to a mortal and sinful man. Haunzvi kuremerwa nezvauri kutaura, even the Devil your master fears Jesus Christ hauzvizive. Farira zvimwe but don't play games with the Holy Spirit; an eternal sin you are commiting indeed.

vonai - 24 March 2014

He truly is a principled man of God ,who lives wat he preaches!!!

moby - 24 March 2014

Moby uchavatwa naye chete.

ngwarai - 24 March 2014

well done Martha. I don know why the heading has confused lots of people. To resemble simply means, imitate , take after, to exhibit similarities. Acts11:26 , the disciples were first called Christians by non believers at Antioch because they said , they resembe Jesus, they are Christ like,they are imitators of Christ. Today we are called Christians because they say we resemble Christ ,we are Christlike. As for my father ,Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa , i will not hesitate to say , he resembles Christ , his character, his ministry , his life. Just spend just 10 minutes with him , and you will be amazed by the wisdom God has imparted on him. The problem is people are happy , when something negative is written about this man , but when its positive , even to say Prophet Makandiwa had a birthday bash with street kids and orphans at City Sports , for a full 3 course meal, still you find people attacking the message. Well done Martha ,y ou have truly descibed in summary our father. Long live baba na mama. We love you

divine solution - 24 March 2014

WELL SAID Martha i totally agree with you and Prophet Makandiwa is indeed a true Man of God

esther chimanikire - 24 March 2014

The loveliest aspect for me is that most are looking out for the false prophets. They know and believe that prophets will be on this earth in our time. Handina wandati ndanzwa akazouya akanzi, aaah ndiye wakarehwa uyu. Wenyu wechokwadi aripi? Ngatitendei Mwari naVaMakandiwa, yakarangarirwa Zimbabwe.

Blessed one - 24 March 2014

Our spiritual life should not be a pursuit of supernatural, dazzling encounters; neither should we think something is amiss in our relationship with the Lord if we are not continually riding an emotional “high.” Just as a marriage relationship should not require continual thrills to stay committed, so should our hearts remain steadfast in our relationship with the Lord even when there seems to be no fresh fire. The Lord that I am talking of is NOT a Mr. Chirume, but the God of Israel, and His Son Yeshua HaMashiac (Jesus the Messiah)

Mashonaland Dickmarsh - 24 March 2014

WELL SAID MARTHA!! it takes courage i concure. Long live our father Prophet E Makandiwa...usanetswa nevanhu varikumanifesta

tisuwacho - 24 March 2014

thank you, worth reading! Prophet E Makandiwa is a real man of God and those that think otherwise hapana chekutya come to Judgement Night at National Sports stadium for all you doubting thomas'... Haaa tinodada nababa wedu!

power - 24 March 2014

thank you, worth reading! Prophet E Makandiwa is a real man of God and those that think otherwise hapana chekutya come to Judgement Night at National Sports stadium for all you doubting thomas'... Haaa tinodada nababa wedu!

power - 24 March 2014

as far as the bible is concerned we ionly have one father,who is the spirituall giver and motivator in our lifes,there z never gona be any man who resembles he same attributes of jesus Christ.Jesu was a man of God,a man who was not interested in earthly reaches,neither did he own any earthly asset,His main prerogative was to lift the light and telling people to repent and enter the kingdom of God,Our only one one father who is the perfect who holds the crwn,not to gain world fam by preaching the gospel of prosperity like as if the lord said people should always be wise and look for the true Jesus while you have the ability to.

chipatyo - 24 March 2014

Ko ndege yekuMalaysia iya iri nechepapi chaipo Makandiwa ? .Anyway pamwe mweya wechiporafita ungarasike munyanza , zvekuMalaysia kure kure uko, tavekutaura zvemuno, nhayi Kandiwa mu'Indian tourist paNyanga apo aripi tipe mhinduro. hapana mhinduro, ko Goridhe riripi rawakati richanaya. Hapana futi, ko wakati uchanofamba pamusoro pemvura kuKariba urikuenda riinhi tikuperekedze,? Ko mabhengoro /wrist straps ako anoita marii uye ndakanzwa kuti hanzi ndiwo ma key edenga ?

Tsikamutanda - 24 March 2014

For l came to give you life, and to give it more abundantly.No mam shall be ever likened with the character of Jesus,beware on speaking on behalf of humans as if you spend the rest of your time with them and see as well as to know what the will be thinkn that makes them to be righteous.The bible clearly says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,it does not distinguish those so called prophets fromhuman and falling.Stop worshipping humans and concentrate on your life after this earth,and please do remember umwe neumwe uchanomira nezvake no prophet will be by the gate negotiating for you because you used to call him your father.Heaven is not negotiated by calling a human a father simply because you bought a car no no no no.As Jesus taught us to pray he said Our father who art in heaven,,,how do you then compare some one who also is obliged to say our father with you asking for his mercies, God will never have the same attributes with a human that he created with his own image,

rukwakwarar - 24 March 2014

Do all these people that criticise our prophet know that even we are served by angels. Angels are there to serve us not us to serve angels

Tawanda - 24 March 2014

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