We can't follow Zim example: ANC

HARARE - South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) will not expropriate land from commercial white farmers, saying it risks devastating the economy as happened in Zimbabwe, a top official said on Sunday.

ANC secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe told a church rally in Free State that South Africans must not be fooled by Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) which is taking on the ANC with a radical populist message advocating nationalisations and seizures of white-owned land.

Two decades after South Africa’s first multi-racial ballot won by Nelson Mandela, who died three months ago, the 102-year-old liberation movement is fighting to counter an erosion of voter support in presidential and legislative elections due on May 7.

Mantashe said ex-ANC Youth League leader’s, proposition for Zim-style invasions risks gutting the economy.

“Look at Zimbabwe. It used to be the bread basket of Africa. Today it imports almost everything. The Zimbabwean dollar has disappeared.

“This economy will disappear if that is the example we want to follow,” Mantashe was reported as saying by Sapa newsa agency.

Malema, who was expelled from the ruling party in 2012 for indiscipline, has described SA President Jacob Zuma’s policies as “an old CD with a scratch” and promised “exciting elections.”

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Painful truth hey. Too bad

Tariro - 18 March 2014

Mantashe is day dreaming,,,Zimbabwe has got what it fought for during the struggle...what has ANC did is the RDP house fall every year during rain season...Zimbabwe has taken back permanently its Land taken by force by the settler regime,,,It seem to me the OLDEST Party in AFRICA HAS SOLD OUT.....check what happened in Marikana...ANC Policeman killed 44 Citizen..defending the interest of the Western regime...Now the ANC Party under the Zuma adminstration is a puppet of the business community, especially in the mining fields...the EFF Party is the PARTY to emulate....on Zimbabwe..Gwede Mantashe must not talk Zimbabwe when campagning...he is facing failing promises...so please Gwede leave Zimbabwe alone...just crate your 5 million you promised 10 years ago.....

silungisani ndlovu - 18 March 2014

The last time I heard Mantashe commenting on Zimbabwe, he was praising Zanu-PF. When he goes back to his own people however, he tells them the truth and that is Zanu's policies are bad, they are counter-productive. The same happens when our President is addressing other leaders, he gets standing ovations from other African leaders, but as soon as they go back to their countries they work hand in hand with the same Western countries because they know we need each other in this global village. Minerals are nothing if they are not mined and sold accountably, the fertilesoils are nothing if they are fallow.

Dr Know - 18 March 2014

Silungisani is out of touch with reality.To him taking the land from whites was the greatest thing Zanu Pf has done,but the fact that the economy of the country is on its knees , does not matter.By the way Mr ,cde Ndlovu whatever you call yourself are you aware that people in Goromonzi are being driven from their land as we speak.This is being done by a black man to another blackman.Shame on you and I doubt if you own even a cat

chimuti - 18 March 2014

how can this naïve Silungisani talk about marikana and forget Gukurahundi. where in the world do you get a minister earning a paultry salary in an economy like ours buying a bank? where do you get ministers who sleep at work and authorize obscene salaries in parastatals while the majority of the employees are starving. just like your name silungisani Silungisani? silungisa ama pothole? no jobs, no water, no power. Bulawayo the former industrial hub of southern Africa isilunxiwa (a ghost town) and we continue to chant sovereignity!!! 5 months into the fiscal year and there is no money to disburse to ministries! WHAT A SHAME!

ndokwedu - 18 March 2014

Silungisani what is wrong with your thinking? What does Zimbabwe have? No national currency. 98% unemployment. No service delivery,no textbooks in schools, no medicines in hospitals, massive brain drain. Why are there so many Zimbabweans in neighboring countries. Why are we importing virtually everything from South Africa. Why are all our industries closed? Why are your chefs sending their children to foreign schools. Silungisani wake up.One can write a book about Zimbabwe's fall from grace and make a lot of money.Do not just join a chorus. Why are our youth so obsessed about being soldiers or policemen? Ask yourself

SHAVA - 18 March 2014

Well said Mantashe. ANC will be extremely foolish to emulate Zanu Pf's disasterous and chaotic land reform policies which have reduced Zimbabwe from a bread basket to a basket case. Now Zimbabwe has to import its food needs including maize which is its staple food from its neighbours. Zanu Pf foolishly did not realise that Zimbabwe is a predominantly agricultural country and once agriculture collapses the whole economy collapses. Agriculture contributed 75 % of the GDP and is now contributing probably 25% after the chaotic land reform.Agriculture has forward and backward linkages to all sectors of the economy.

Foolish Bravery - 18 March 2014

Silungisani is brain dead so he uses borrowed brains. land has to be given to the masses but not the Zimbabwe style is what ANC is saying but definitely they can craft a better way than the chaos of he so-called 3rd Chimurenga which left scars on not only the whites but the blacks too. Look at the land wars between black and black in Zimbabwe that is not tenable and wel RSA people can go ahead and vote for this buffoon and then we have Zimbabwe a basket case and RSA a basket case well Zimbabweans we die.

Maita Manyuka - 19 March 2014

Mantashe knows the truth about Zimbabwe and he wouldn't want to repeat the same stupidity. One of the days I was in one supermarket in town. Out of interest's sake I decided to check the origins of each product on the shelves. What I found out was very saddening to say the least. The only product to emanate from Zimbabwe was a bottle of cleaning agent. No prize for guessing whose products filled the shelves. Our country has become another supermarket for South African products. Our southern neighbor is very much aware of the potential this country possesses if given the right and progressive leadership. They are very much afraid if the sleeping giant were to arise. Little wonder why Zuma was the first to congratulate Mugabe for the July 31 2013 sham elections. I wish that the ANC would know that they are slowly going down the hill and soon they will be in worse pathetic situation than ours.

tomasi ndofeni tohwi - 19 March 2014

maSouth Africans handizivi kuti chi'yes baas mentality' vakachiwanepi they are still colonised and apartheid haina kumbopera usanyeberwe. ivo vakadhibha-vanofunga kuti varungu ndovane yeese manje isusu takatouya kuzovarova mari kuno because they are still living in the I don't know what century because you should see their living conditions vanhu ava-economy iri kutaurwa naanaMantashe ndeyavo naanaZuma naanaInkandla vachiputitsa mari.asi 70% inogara in a house with no bathroom-you should see the shacks they live in! such dirt! hamufambiki-Crime vapfana maskori zvavanenge vachiita vachibira vanhu. vanhu vanongoti bob akashata bob auraya nyika asi MUCHAVATENDA BABA AVA NOKUTI HAVANA KUTIPA ECONOMY NEMARI ASI VAKAITA KUTI PFUNGWA DZEDU DZIVHURIKE!!! HANDITAURIRWI ZVOKUPENGA SAANA ZUMA MUNYIKA YAMADZITATEGURU ANGU!!!!!Ndapedza ini Mwanasikana! Charira

ichocharira - 19 March 2014

Silungisani, Mantashe did not say you did not take back what you believe is yours, "the Land". He is only talking about the way you did it and the consequences thereof. Cant you read and undeerstand English? Besides, South Africa is not the Gukurahundi Republic; there are no ANC police, as you have those ZABU PF Gukurahundi police. There is the South African police service and organ of State that is made up of Coloureds, Indians, Whites and Blacks. Many dont even support the ANC for your information. So Marikana has nothing to do with the ANC or President Jacob Zuma. You are have been bowled over by Juluis Malema propaganda. This is a constitutional democracy, not a Gukurahundi democracy!!


Policies based on hate and bitterness can spell doom for any economy: A case study of Zimbabwe

Mthulisi - 19 March 2014

hallo Phunyu, I was missing you mate. Where were you hiding?

Mupfana weBikini - 19 March 2014

If you need the worst case study in the world use Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been managed the worst and now the president is chasing poor people from their land.

Exiled - 19 March 2014

south africa had achieved sodom rights onliiii kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

shaddy - 20 March 2014

south africa had achieved sodom rights onliiii kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

shaddy - 20 March 2014

zimbabwe is dead!everyday no water,no power,no employment,no food.whilst others are earning huge salaries.NDEZVE PANOPASI,KUDENGA HAKUNA IZVI!

gaza - 21 March 2014

Very soon we will be similar because the looting disease is contagious from Nigeria to Zimbabwe now to South Africa Africa is a rotten continent.

protestor - 21 March 2014

the fact that zimbabwe got it wrong doesnt mean south africa is getting it right. thats must have prompted mantashe to speak out. zimbabwe used a formula that has impoverished the economy. south africa os following a formula that keeps it's black citizens forever as second class citizens in their own homeland. two different ways, two different wrongs.

Rafi - 4 May 2014

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