We feel sorry for MDC: Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe says he pities MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai because of the disorganisation currently embroiling the opposition party.

In his one-hour-15-minute long speech during a luncheon to celebrate his birthday organised by the Public Service Commission yesterday, the 90-year-old leader said his electoral victory last year was causing disharmony in the opposition party.

“2014 the year I celebrate 90 years comes hard on the heels of a bruising and defining election year. We first had the referendum and then the new Constitution and thereafter the harmonised elections, won resoundingly by my party Zanu PF. Our party Zanu PF, our peoples’ party Zanu PF. I want to thank you for that historic act. It mesmerised not just masahwira edu ataimwa tea navo (colleagues we were close to), it disorganised them as you can see, takuvanzwira tsitsi (we feel sorry for them)” Mugabe said sarcastically amid laughter.

“It also mesmerised the British and their allies the Americans. They actually did not expect it. For one reason or another, they had been fed by their NGOs and others and made to believe that the MDC was going to win the election, to improve on the 2008 elections and this came to them as a real shocker. That is why they refused to accept it, but they could not give any good reason for not accepting it. They only said elections were rigged. How were they were rigged?” he added.

Mugabe romped to a disputed victory in the harmonised polls held last year, polling 61 percent, while his closest rival Tsvangirai polled 34 percent. Zanu PF also managed to get the two thirds majority in Parliament.

The MDC claimed the elections were rigged but Mugabe denies this. The president’s view was echoed by the African Union and Sadc which said the elections were free and fair. The two African bodies could not however endorse the elections as credible.

Following the loss, Tsvangirai has been wading off calls for him to step down and allow for leadership renewal. Recently, MDC deputy general Elton Mangoma wrote a strongly worded letter advising Tsvangirai to step down, a development which threw the 15-year-old party into turmoil.

The chaos was further heightened by MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti, who during a public seminar last week said Zanu PF had a better manifesto and messages during the elections.

Mugabe said he was happy that there was no longer an inclusive government because it impinged on progress.

“2013 is the year we finally extricated ourselves from the GNU arrangement that had bogged us down for nearly five years. It was an arrangement that was counterproductive as all our efforts to progress where consistently opposed within, virtually bringing public administration to a standstill,” the president said.

“With the defining electoral victory we were able in a very peaceful way to send the MDC packing and henceforth start making meaningful progress. We immediately set about implementing ZimAsset and the key pillars upon which it rests. ZimAsset was born out of our manifesto which continues to give us policy direction on the four strategic clusters namely: Food Security and Nutrition, Social Services and Poverty Eradication, Infrastructure and Utilities and then Value Edition and beneficiation,” Mugabe said adding that civil servants would definitely get a pay increment next month.

“We are currently going through a difficult patch as a direct result of the sanctions that were imposed on us. This has resulted in the delay in the fulfilment of the promise of a salary increment that we made last year,” he said.

“It is, however, a technical delay in the mobilisation of money but the promise will as I have been assured, be honoured.”

The president said his daughter Bona and her husband Simba Chikore were on honeymoon in Seychelles, courtesy of Tourism minister Walter Mzembi.

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I thought he should feel more pity for the Zimbabwean who have suffered under his corrupt government than for MDC because his party will disntergrate as soon as his maker calls him sonce he has refused to organise a good exit and leave a united ZanuPF but alas as soon as he goes will we start picking bodies in the street. Mirai muone. That is what he should feel pity about.

Maita Manyuka - 16 March 2014

We are currently going through a difficult patch as a direct result of the sanctions that were imposed on us. This has resulted in the delay in the fulfilment of the promise of a salary increment that we made last year,” he said. As if the the sanctions were not there.

machiridza - 16 March 2014

mdc is not zim neither zpf is zim so the president shld feel sorry for the suffering Zimbabweans not to shed these croc tears instead of tackling corruption he is still singing of sanctions but when the civil servants were promised increments the so called sanctions were there so what has changed HE imiwo wanhu chinakira wanhu Havana mari busy kuita mabiko kune wamwe wakaparadzirwa chikafu nemvura hawana basa nhai

taipei - 16 March 2014

You see this granny has grown so old such that he does not know what is happening in the country even the nearest place to him like Mbare . People are going to bed on empty stomach , no clean water to drink , no jobs corruption has reached the alarming point but this old guy is always quiet the only time he opens his foul mouth is hallucination. Lies will never work all the time and those on the other side of politics will use your lies to bring you down you are finished and totally irrelevent to zimbabwean politic and mordern politics having gone to school in the 1930s

Dibulaanyika - 16 March 2014

Mugabe, pliz spend your energy on improving Zimbabwe than your silly sori for the pipo's party. Worry about your zanu and your ''resounding'' victory

figo - 16 March 2014

True, the MDC is in a quandary but that's the least of our worries as they are not the ones supposed to avail pay increments to the civil servants. You say you are assured that next month the civil servants will get their increment, as if you are not part of this government. These are the very people who have promised that increment for the past eight months, to no avail. And then you flap you lips about Bona and Simba going to the Seychelles on honey, moon using whose money? With this kind of leadership, we will realise 2018 with only Biti being the only finance minister to have addressed the pay discrepancy of the civil service. As per your promise, we still have to have a single corrupt official arraigned before the courts of law, despite the country having loads of them, enough to fill hell.

top heavy - 16 March 2014

dont blame sanctions mr president yu hv to blame yo fellow comrades fo squandering pubilc funds instead of service delivery.jst leave the brouhaha which is currently rocking the oppostion because it doesnt affect yu as gvt yu shld feel sry fo the fellow zimbabwean who has seen untold suffering because of yo bad governance yu shld map the way forward instead of toking abt this sanctions mantra

tototo - 17 March 2014

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Basically they are saying prove it? But they lock the evidence away. If I win a 2/3 majority resoundingly surely people would you not say fine you can audit/reconcile all you want here is voting material. In 2008 when someone lost a recount/audit was done without even a court order? So why not 2013 given you have 2/3 win??

Educated - 17 March 2014

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