Sikhala rejoins Tsvangirai

HARARE - MDC 99 leader Job Sikhala has officially rejoined the MDC, as the party president Morgan Tsvangirai continues to reach out to other opposition leaders to join him.

Sikhala returned to the party he formed along with Tsvangirai in 1999 along with another founding member Joubert Mudzumwe, after nine years in the wilderness where he formed his own MDC 99 party.

“Many people have been waiting for this day, when there are given a present that they have been yearning for,” said a beaming Sikhala at the party Harvest House headquarters.

Lavishing praises on Tsvangirai, Sikhala said he has rejoined the party in order to reinvigorate the party and ensure that it wins elections in 2018.

“We are taking the MDC back to the spirit of 1999 and we will be unstoppable. The hour is now the dictator must start panicking. 2018 is far and many things are going to change.

Hero basa vadictator tovuyako,” said a charged Sikhala.
Tsvangirai said he has been in talks with the likes of Simba Makoni and is prepared to work with National Constitutional Assembly leader Lovemore Madhuku.

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Tsvangison kusafunda kuchakushupa iwe. Zanu PF yazokugadza pasi manje. What do you benefit by embrassing failed people paid by Zanu to come and finish off your mdc. Wapera, this is a big mistake uchaona. Recruitment drive yako ichakupedza. Biti iswa waenda zvako. Ko Madhuku?

stayalert - 13 March 2014

Good politics Whiwha and Tsvangirayi. Its amazing how madzvinyangwe akaita saana Mangoma are now claiming to be party heavyweights. Hatikuzivii isu toziva ma comrades vana Sikhala, even chedu musorobhemba lovemore madhuku

chedu - 13 March 2014

I salute Sikhala but as for Mudzumwe hapana zviripo. Mudzumwe aneproblem yekukara power. Watch the space, anotanga kukonzeresa manje manje

gungwe - 13 March 2014

Blaz uyu muchamupa position ipi. muchabisa ani.Wamuchabisa otii? Ko madirei kunyanya kutsemura musangano. Huya uone!

cde datya - 13 March 2014

Hapana hapana zvakangosara izvi, dhora mubhegi!!!

Taipeyi - 13 March 2014

Blaz uyu muchamupa position ipi. muchabisa ani.Wamuchabisa otii? Ko madirei kunyanya kutsemura musangano. Huya uone!

cde datya - 13 March 2014

When ZANUPF readmitted the esteemed professor it was a good tactical move. Sikhala is a founding member and has a greater following in his area. Of course it may create some problems but I think he has the right to contest in the primary elections in 2018 and if he wins then that would be a clear testimony that he is popular with people. My advice is that he has to prove his worth first.

aluta continua - 13 March 2014

The democratic must Unite! That is the call from the people. Welcome Sikhala. You were right Job you have to disappoint some while pleasing others. This is maturity on your part. Lets now focus on the real enemy of the people, zanu pf.

Mandy Chirokwati - 13 March 2014

Welcome back Mr Sikhala. We now look forward to welcoming Dr Makoni, Prof. Ncube, Misihairambwi and all those full of energy people into the fold. What we need is a strong Opposition like the one we had in 1999 and less quarreling over trivial issues please.

Doctor Know - 13 March 2014

Yaa Chapererwa kutsvaga Uta ne Mugate. Sorry maningi iko kusafunda kwakashata hino zvowongokombewa nevanodhonza iwe uri dofo, unosvikepi. A man of no integrity why did you let those people go at first if you knew they are key. Waifunga kuti it was an easy Job. This shows kuti unoenda kunoenda mhepo Morgen. Wawacha manje

Chihwa Wekumupata Pachivaka Bikita - 13 March 2014

Welcome home wezhira basa ndirori tichinagwo gwendo gweCanaan kuti tibvise mbavha nemhondi dzeZANU PF . Hezvoko pavanofunga Chinja yowa vowona yave njanji topind tiripfuti 2018 . Ndinoti rambai muchigadzirisa mazango edanga kuti n'ombe dzisafohla. Chinjaaa

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 13 March 2014

Bolting the stable when the horse is gone..If this had been done before elections it would have been a masterstroke but doing it now is just PLAIN dumb..Go to congress and stop mickey mousing about.

gutter poet - 13 March 2014

There is no perfect democracy in any country. To stay in power one has to be one. Morgan is a good dictator, whether you like him or not, the majority is him. He just needs to have a good advisor who is level headed.

Richard - 13 March 2014

The circus goes on. Another clown joins the show. When shall we ever get serious opposition politicians in this country? What value do the likes of Sikhala bring to anything really kanye kanye?

Pretty - 13 March 2014

Zvinoshamisa mbudzi kusura muhozi

Wings of change - 13 March 2014

This is a great move, but we should be expecting them to have the nation's interest at heart and refrain from playing those juvenile games on us. Otherwise, when you've a moment please visit this new social platform for all Zimbabweans exclusively:

Batanayi Matuku - 13 March 2014

Wellcome back, Job, a jon welldone. Viva Wiwa! Please do not listen to anyone castigating this move. They are wetting in their pants at the prospect of a united MDC Your move shows you have grown not only in age but in maturity! Tsvangirayi is never a saint nor perfect, neither is you, me, Biti or Mangoma. Your coming back does not mean you agree in every respect with Tsvangson, but you have a common goal like all of us to unseat the ageing dictator and lay a foundation and environment conducive for other able minded out there!

SB Russss - 13 March 2014

good good move jobo!!! vazviona kuti ndima yepolitiki ine makata inotoda muchina muhombe, MDC-T. zanu in an a quandary now. when they thot that the mdc is crumbling, you are proving them otherwyz. we need the likes of you, guseni and the late jongwe. people who tho they have the brains, go an extra physical mile to have the work done. zvawakaita kubikita west kurara muguru tikawina mavotes. chamisa ndiyo nhubu iri kuparadzanisa vanhu!!!!

khumbulani dube - 14 March 2014

Viva Tsvangirai,Viva Sikhala!!! Kudzoka kumusha kawaita kuri right chaizvo.Asara ndiMadhuku Lovemore uye Zinasu tiri kuida zvakare iite MDC yepakutanga -even Dzikamai Mavhaire na Jonathan Moyo vava maMinister kuZanu pf waqni saka kana musina kuona zviri right dzidzai zvepolitics zvakare.

True Democracy - 14 March 2014

Haiwawo another fool has jumped on to a sinking ship.

Nyakudirwa - 14 March 2014

This is a welcome move and we encourage all sons and grandsons of the original MDC to swallow their pride and bury their differences for the general good of democracy and the ultimate displacement of tyranny in Zimbabwe

Grievance Mafunga - 14 March 2014

@Nyakudirwa are pathetic... If Job is back, I am back...No single Datya should be left in Santaz, we have taken St Mary's back, Chitungwiza back...Lets go Bikita West, Hwiwa...Masvingo we are coming for you...we have done it before...ATTAAAAACK!!! (I am not talking about violence here!). We are back for Zimbabwe, we want our Republic back.

TaTanga - 14 March 2014

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pumps - 14 March 2014

Chihwa Wekumupata Pachivaka Bikita uridununu, duzvi romunhu. Musorodamba haana kukokwa kuti adzoke kuparty here? Haasi mupolitburo here? Kana zvave zvaana Job Sikhala zvaipa. Pfutseke.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 14 March 2014

Is this the same Job Sikhala who only two months ago said he was joining NCA? The fellow must be desperate.

Dhibha Madhibha - 14 March 2014

Try also Tendayi Biti, Elton Mangoma, Gabriel Chaibva, Frank Chamunorwa and even Welshman Ncube. They will sure help!

Tsvangison's Senior Advisor - 14 March 2014

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only if they had done this before 31 July 2013 and also to all those who were fired/suspended previously,maybe we would be talking something else, manje its too late guys.Hope u working for 2018 project now.

Chaitichouya Chikopokopo - 14 March 2014

There are no permanent enemies or friends in politics, it depends on the balance of interests that hour. Tsvangison is now seeking support from outside MDC T, inside, pple dont want him anymore.

me - 14 March 2014

uku ndiko kunonzi kupererwa manje kwamava kuita veMDC-Tsvangison, what value does job and mudzumwe bring to u. shame sitereki,

CDE churucheminzwa - 14 March 2014

I thought Dr Makoni was already an MDC surrogate. Didn't he participate elections under MDC banner Doctor Know ? FYI Job brings nothing to the dying horse in the name of MDC. He is an opportunist, power hungry dude. He joined Madhuku and somehow he didn't get what he wanted and now he is routing for Biti's ouster so that he becomes SG. The dude is a loser period

Qiniso - 14 March 2014

Very dissapointed nevanhu vanofunga kuti vari better pa President WE MDC.Chikoro hachisiicho chinotonga nyika,why vanhu muchipindwa nemweya wekusha hunu.Show me munhu akatonga nechikoro akabundirira.Nhasi munochema naVa MUgabe vanedanga remaDegree

leo chegura - 15 March 2014

Politics sucks

Jimmy - 15 March 2014

Asi Sikala akabuda mumapepa nhau mazuva mashoman apera achiramba kuti haana kujoiner MDC, asi vanhu vakaona Tsvangirai semunhu anyepa. pamwe zvaari kutaura nezve unity government ichokwadi.

studio 77 - 15 March 2014

Asi Sikala akabuda mumapepa nhau mazuva mashoman apera achiramba kuti haana kujoiner MDC, asi vanhu vakaona Tsvangirai semunhu anyepa. pamwe zvaari kutaura nezve unity government ichokwadi.

studio 77 - 15 March 2014

The MDC Party is a party for the people but one thing that I want worn MDC President Tsvangirayi is never never take on board seriously people Like Makoni coz he is the brain child of ZANU PF. Don't bed with a snake a snake will always know when to bite so right now discard Makoni he is there to destroy you come 2018 be warned look at what you did since 2009 eating from the same plate with ZANU PF and they ditched you to the doldrums in 2013 elections. Once beaten twice shy. Anyone from ZANU. PF will just come to destroy the party of the people MDC is a big party it can do without ZANU. PF x members who are affilliated to ZANU by night and pose as MDC during the day.

mwana wevu - 15 March 2014


teurai ropa - 19 March 2014

A good move Tsvangirai my president. All those who area against this move a pox of your throats . To hell with you. We are readmitting our comrades. We are growing . GO WHERE YOU BELONG . ahoyi cdes MDC yauya

bullet - 9 July 2015

That is a good move

mhofu ye BUHERA - 28 October 2015

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