Ministers must be honest with Mugabe

HARARE - At 90 years, President Robert Mugabe is not getting any younger and this is the time he needs honest and competent advice for him to make informed decisions.

Heads of state around the world depend on advice from their aides to make important decisions that impact positively on people who put them in power.

The aides include ministers, who are supposed to be the most trusted in any government.

But it appears, in our case, Mugabe is being fed with lies and only last week, executives of companies mining diamonds made it clear that the veteran leader was misled on the issue of community share ownership trusts with regards to the Marange area, where diamonds are mined.

We are aware that ministers have for long been lying to Mugabe. In the end, he makes wrong decisions based on lies.

Mugabe can’t be all over the country by himself. He depends on his people to make crucial decisions for this nation.

We are even more perplexed by reports that Mugabe was made to display a dummy cheque during the launch of the Marange community share ownership trust. The responsible minister then, Savior Kasukuwere, has denied through the state media that he lied to the president.

But then we had five diamond miners all saying that the minister lied to Mugabe, so which is which?

Surely, five reputable executives could not have connived to lie to Mugabe!

What we need is for ministers to tell Mugabe the truth and nothing but the truth.

It was interesting to note in Parliament last week when Mbada Diamonds chairman, Robert Mhlanga spoke well on indigenisation.

He argued that he agreed people needed to own resources, but they require money for exploitation and that money can only come from investors.

He said: “We would actually want to see locals own even more than that but the challenge is that to own the shares, one has to buy them,” said the Mbada Diamonds chairman.

“If we do not have a conducive legal framework that guarantees foreign investment, we will continue to look at our assets and resources without doing anything about it.”

This is good advice. The same advice has been repeatedly proffered by former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono, who supports indigenisation but differs with the likes of Kasukuwere on implementation.

It’s time the president was told only the truth for us to succeed as a country.

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mugabe is a good reader and should read the comments which are written in these private papers, whether there are insultive or not because they reflect the true mood of the people. he cannot continue believing in his own lie and those of his people. thats why gnu will perform better than the government on today. mugabe made a mistake by saying that the cio, politbro zanu are the only one who should talk to him about how this country should be run. he encouraged his f0llowers to kill anyone who says the truth about them. any wrong mentioned about them was termed british or the west. this helped the corrupt leaders to take advantage of the situation to lie so that they steal while he is sleeping. even now mugabe is allowing the corrupt guys to tell him who he should involve to investigate the corruption which is on. the old man is going no where sir.

see - 13 March 2014

but the truth has forced itself out for the president to see!

gweja - 13 March 2014

Zimbabwe has diamonds,gold,platinum,chrome and very good soils, but so do almost all the other countries in the region. No Investor would be willing to invest in a country where he will be forced to cede more than half of his investment and this is after greasing a dozen palms to get the necessary paperwork.

Sinikiwe Shumba - 13 March 2014

Just how do we expect him to see. Was he not in the papers recently after undergoing an eye cataract operation? He really needs to do the easy thing and depart for the good of the country.

itayi gwenhure - 13 March 2014

Our President should also be honest to or with himself, the people he serves and the Government (including these Ministers). The President should swallow his pride and take time to reflect, self inspect and evaluate himself. Surely I don't see any reason of returning the pre 2008 Cabinet except of course to quench one's ego by spiting the people and the MDC. The same people have previously failed and are grossly incompetent yet they are re appointed year in year out. I do not blame the thief if he stands on the pulpit and starts preaching. Rather I blame the bishop for ordaining him. The President appoints people like Obert Mpofu. What do you expect from Mpofu other than theft and looting of private and public properties. What do you expect from Chinamasa a public prosecutor and so called lawyer who failed as AG. We then expect him to do wonders with the country's finances. What do we expect from Mr Chombo. NOTHING ABSOLUTELY. We know him only for his passion for free stands upon which he has built a mega estate empire. The stands are mostly meant for the poor people yet they all now belong to one man. What can we expect from Jonathan. The same man who destroyed the ZBC with his stupid local content, and now claims there is a crisis at the same institution. I can go on and on, but the appointment of these people is purely misplaced. Its like the President is saying 'Your sins are forgiven thee, go and sin no more" by so appointing them. The question now is - are they going to sin no more? These ministers are just a tired bunch of recycled material with no meaningful value to add to our poor lives.

mosquito - 14 March 2014

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Robert Mugabe knows whats going on he only pretends not to know.Its part of the plan.Everybody knows what everybody is doing thats why they are security briefing and Mugabe attends theses. We need to ask ourselves what are we leaving for our children if we continue like this.The sad part about all this is that nobody takes anything with him when he dies.People are angry and tired and one day somebody will say something that will resonate with all of us and we will be ready to fight and die for our country.

Roland Dube - 17 March 2014

I'm not surprised the staff writer has not put his name to this piece which is a lot of nonsense. Any effective CEO which is what Mugabe effectively is of Zimbabwe doesn't need his subordinates to tell him everything that is happening. Anyone worthy of this position can see for themselves that things are in a mess. He is well aware of the recent salary scandal & done nothing about it except threaten to take action. Please do us a favour & write on matters that are newsworthy.

saundy - 17 March 2014

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