Biti scored own goal: Tamborinyoka

HARARE - Morgan Tsvangirai’s spin-doctor, Luke Tamborinyoka, yesterday poured scorn at the MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti’s assertion that Zanu PF had a sexy electoral message that helped it win the general elections last year.

“There is no stranger assertion than the fallacy that Zanu PF deservedly won the July 31 election because it had a superior message and an appealing narrative,” Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Tamborinyoka said.

Tamboriyoka said the MDC has a dossier chronicling how the last election was stolen, chronicling the military and political structure that was at the centre of rigging.

He said the dossier explains in detail the $100 million election theft project where scarce money was used to steal the people’s mandate.

“What is more tragic is that the fallacy is coming from none other than the secretary-general of the MDC; a party that has abundant evidence that the last election was a monumental fraud,” Tamborinyoka said.

He said the Zanu PF’s bhora mugedhi was not even an electoral message but a catch phrase — directed to those who had played a bhora musango campaign in the 2008 election — where Mugabe lost in constituencies which were in some cases won by his own MPs.

“It was a simple (Zanu PF) catch-phrase not even a message for the few renegade candidates who would have thought of campaigning for themselves, leaving Mugabe in the lurch as some had reportedly done in 2008,” said the former premier’s spokesperson.

Detailing examples of how the elections were allegedly stolen he said “it is baffling to hear him (Biti) exonerating the devil (Zanu PF) from the commission of sin.”

“The MDC secretary-general knows that we went for the election without a voters’ roll and it is him who wrote several times to Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) complaining about the non-availability of critical voter information,” Tamborinyoka said.

“It opens up people’s minds to many dark possibilities which some of us would swear are not true.”

Tamborinyoka added: “Right now, Zimbabweans are broke and the talk in the villages and in urban townships is that bhora mugedhi without dhora mubhegi makes no sense and brings no positive difference at all in people’s lives.”

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dear biti.please biti,leave mdc together with those who support u.mdc better of without you.form your own party and see how politically shallow your party will be.

soko mukanya - 11 March 2014

dear biti.please biti,leave mdc together with those who support u.mdc better of without you.form your own party and see how politically shallow your party will be.

soko mukanya - 11 March 2014

What a bitter pill! The two chief negotiators for the GNU now turning against their master. Looks like a movie for me and explains why I will never be a politician. The key vocabulary is DECEIT.

Gutsie - 11 March 2014

biti, mangoma please just pack your bags and leave our party. we are better off without you. you are not bigger than mdc. just go to zanu.

Igwe - 11 March 2014

dear pliz join zafu pf and leave mdc t alone

musingafi - 11 March 2014

i concured wth biti bhora mugedhi wz an appealing statemnt to ordinary citizen especial in outskit areas ;;politics nid pip lyk biti who admit wen they fail to deliver

sellout - 11 March 2014

One has to wonder why the nation cannot see that morgan has no experience in democracy. 19 years as ZCTU secretary general and more time as MDC prez even beyond the party's constitution. Is he now not a creature of habit ? Is the MDC struggle not about replacing ZANU faces and pasting MDC ones ? What is the fundamental difference between MDC and ZANU in practice ? They are both violent, thin skinned, intolerant and sycophantisis runs deeply in the fabric. Both have leaders who just can't leave.

bollo billings - 11 March 2014

If there was a person I had respect for; it's Tendai Biti. However, after his recent presentation on why the MDC lost the 31 July 2013 elections, I and most others feel betrayed. You are the Secretary General of a party which had all the chances of forming the next govt, but you admit that your messages to the electorate wwere not appealing. You forget that the majority are keen to change, never mind the message you purport was not clear to the people. Nowhere in your presentation did you ever mention that the elections were a fraud. Yet during voting, some of us still have the video which was made about the election rigging which you witnessed in your constituency. Biti, with all the education you have had, we all now feel betrayed. There will never be a better chance for you guys to show your relevance at this juncture when the country is facing a real time crisis.

tomasi ndofeni tohwi - 11 March 2014

that catch word to some extent worked. why is it that the mdc keeps wanting to split over thing which they should not fight over at all. in most cases they should realise that they will all be saying the same thing but not agreeing on the of way of implementing it. even in 2005 ncube was correct and so was tsvangirai. they seem not to be so immature and are fighting over very trivial things. now tamborinyoka is wasting his time trying to protect morgan on a none threatening thing at all. its so sad that zanu sees how stupid people with a future can throw it away over nothing. what this party does not understand is that zanu is so scared of a united mdc. its sad. we have a long way zimbabweans a very long way and mugabe will safely die before he answers for his wrong doings, and he is been given a chance to sweep the rubbish under the carpet and pretend he has done nothing wrong when the people we have asked to question him are fighting over nothing. biti, mugabe is bad and we should not at anytime praise him even when they seem to be something good about him.

see - 11 March 2014

An own goal indeed!

Changamire Dombo - 11 March 2014

In opposition politics, there certain truths that one has to learn to keep to oneself and if Tendai Biti really believes what he says, he should have kept it to himself. He is on record as saying that he witnessed and filmed bus loads of unregistered people that were coming to vote at a Mt Pleasant voting station. What has changed Mr Biti or these buses were not a reality but a drummed up story? This fact alone makes Mr. Biti the cheat and not Zanu PF and the worst thing one wants to do as a leader is to portray inconsistence in one leadership style. Once the Zanu PF worm enters one's body, it renders once intelligent powerhouses intellectually bankrupt....inane. We have always known that there is a large number of people who unwittingly or wittingly voted ZanuPF despite the doom and gloom now afflicting this country. These are the people who are now saying to those who voted MDC T "we told you so" and thanks to Mr. Biti et al.

Isidore Mutungagore - 11 March 2014

LOL @ MDC-Tea....In 2005 it was Ncube,Gibson Sibanda et al who were told by vana Tsvangirayi to go hang. In 2014 it is Biti and Mangoma. The common thread is the allegations that TSvangirayi is undemocratic. In 2024 it will be Chamisa&Obert Gutu who will have seen that Tsvangirayi is Mugabe Pt 2. But the majority of Zimbabweans who believe in people not principle will support Tsvangirayi to rule forever and Zimbabwe will suffer another 35 year dictatorship of misrule. People get the leadership they deserve and Zimbos are such a stupid people they deserve Mugabe&Tsvangirayi. How can anyone defend/support these guys in 2014??? In an age of smartphones,internet and smart technology we insist on leadership of personality cults and violence.

wezhira wezhara - 11 March 2014

I think its way too soon to celebrate Mr. Tamborinyoka in fact the game has just begun why not wait till the last whistle. Remember your are dealing lawyers here good for that matter. I thought they say never never underestimate your opponent. Zvakatorongwa kubva kudhara izvi mira uone zvichaitika. Usatamba naBennet kana maVet ati haachakude hachakude ende ukada kupikisa ndopavanozokugadzirira size chaiyo. Watch this space

chaporonga - 11 March 2014

Calling it as you see it Luke! Excellent! In fact it was not just one own goal it was several...but then your own boss is the one who made the BRILLIANT pass. While Biti has destroyed himself and himself alone your boss is not content with destroying himself but the people's project as well might this alone not be sufficient reason for him to step aside before the demons assaulting Biti do the same to him?

gutter poet - 11 March 2014

"clearly the misconception is that tsvangson is at the top of the tree yet he is the tree holding together the deep roots below and flourishing branches up above which are the only ones eligible for seasonal pruning as is the due case now to allow breathing space and renewed ideas. isnt it so boys ?? " .These comments indicate a real problem, deeply imbedded in the national psyche. Sycophancy is exhibited in these lines.How can morgan be the party alone ? The cult of personality is a relic of the marxist leninist paradigm of politics which is so prevalent in African politics. Is your struggle as MDC supporters all about putting morgan into the hot seat or about putting in place a new way of doing things in this nation ? It seems to be that morgan is your sacred cow who should never be queried. If you are serious about real change not window dressing the ZIMBO political landscape, the real question you should ask is how come all these people have left MORGAN ? Are they all ZANU agents or there is a real problem with morgan as a leader ? Whilst u are too busy deifying him, consider that u are building a frankeinstein monster of ego. The fixation with morgan is symptomatic of the ideological bankruptcy of the party-it has experienced still birth because its intellectual brain trust is seriously depleted with the departure of Welshman, Chaibva, Gwisai, Mangoma and maybe now Biti. The mob needs an elite of thinkers to steer the ship. No revolution ever prospered without this vital ingredient. Otherwise, a rule by the undiscriminating mob will lead to a reign of terror. MDC might have prospered if it could be the broad church such as ANC. But even there, they have problems and class struggles and underlying suspicions which are shored up by some crisis. Morgan is all charisma but no substance.That is the cold hard fact. He is the prime minister of women.

bollo billings - 11 March 2014

Mr Biti you have lost it. Your childish plan to oust MT using your proxies has been unmasked. You rant and rave about democracy, founding the party like brother Zvobgo and how you loathe the zany party but the fact of the matter is that you have alienated yourself from the generality of MDC members. The honorable thing for you to do now is to resign and leave the MDC with your tail tightly tucked under your legs. You are not a politician my brother.

Chief - 11 March 2014

Kana makabirirwa prove it, Biti is right ndozvinoita politics izvozvo, Tsvangirai ndiye ngaasiye MDC ayende na T wake, pakaenda Welshman akaenda ne MDC Sikhala akaenda zvakare neMDC chasara ndi T chete hezvo uko bwaa

Nyamhangambiri - 11 March 2014

Chaporonga wataura dama refu murungu haasi wekutamba naye kana ati haachakuda zvinenge zvatoipa Tsvangirai ngaarege kutorera Bennet pasiripo ayifunga kuti vanhu vake iwee Tamborinyoka usatambe shasha

Nyamhangambiri - 11 March 2014

ballo billings sounds like wananchi kekekekekekekeke

shingie - 11 March 2014

That is why the GNU was a bad deal indeed

Wings of change - 11 March 2014

That is why the GNU was a bad deal indeed. The negotiator were doing so in bad faith. Their aom was to negotiate their way to topple Mr Tsvangirai

Wings of change - 11 March 2014

Biti; you don't need to retreat. Tsvangirai got bad lectures from Mugabe and nechikoro chishoma he is now no different from Zanu PF. Kana zvanetsa form a new party and tsvangison because he has no brain chiMDC-T chake will fall apart. Mutungamiriri rudzi anobhadhara separation ye $300 000 obvapo obhadhara roora re $70 000. Vakadzi vacho vese bvana chembere zvadzo. Mari yacho ichibvepi? This idiot. He should explain to the public where the money came from. Why does he think he is different from Zanu PF. Ikozvino is busy hallucinating about another GNU, foolish.

stayalert - 11 March 2014

now,we see what is happening,men's honest heart are often be drabbled and draggled thru troublesome ways,for you as an organisation to remain united no.let me remind Mr Biti that he is shooting himself,because of power hungry,you can't destroy a bad habit by creating another.the power invested on you is just as good the power morgan hold.I think in every organisation the secretary general is the powerful figure.makatengesa baba vaBiti tendeukai pazviive.Murimunhu we ZANU PF.I remember pamaiva gwete raChidarikire kuchinhoyi I ask myself kuti muri wemusangano wemdc or Zanu chegura

leo chegura - 11 March 2014

when majongwe congratulate mugabe you said he is mad now biti is appreciating zanu message atengesa. one thing chinoda mazimba kunyeperwa

jjj - 11 March 2014

The MDC has been crying loud and hard that they were cheated at the polls and now the SG says this is not true. He does not mean this but he is so desperate to spite childish can one be? Should the SG not have resigned first before kicking the party he purpots to manage this hard in the teeth? Socrates says, "Envy is the ulcer of the soul"..Is Biti's envy for Tsvangirayi to this belly crawling vermin? In any case what is there to envy about Tsvangirayi whose ship has just about sailed anyway? Of course Tsvangirayi though still with grassroot traction he appears unwilling to accept the responsibility attached to this and is willing to destroy the project and damn the consequences..Question to both Biti and Tsvangirayi is, what is it that the Zimbabweans done to you that you should wish this UGLINESS on them? I hope it is not for their loyal would make for a real tragedy and history will NEVER forgive you for this much as it will not forgive Mr. Mugabe for destroying their livelihoods so that he can traverse the continent playing the international statesman.

gutter poet - 11 March 2014

Above post should read somewhere " Is Biti's envy for Tsvangirayi reduced him to this bellycrawling vermin..".

gutter poet - 11 March 2014

Chokwadi ndechekuti Biti na Mangoma were recrited by Mugabe and have already been paid. Now if they fail this project, they will be killed. Mugabe is a blood sucker and has never been a country leader but a leader of his own ego and selfish ends.

dd - 12 March 2014

Thank you mr tamborinyoka for enlightening some of the zimbabweans.Some of our MDC members are like shifting shadows.its up to us as Zimbabweans to chose who will represents us in the upcoming elections.Panobikwa nyemba hapashayi NHIRE.Maitiro chinja,Chinja maitiro Biti.

mashiriyapungana - 12 March 2014

Mr Tendai Biti and your support do not selfishly calculate how your actions are destroying the movement,that you and all other comrades have fought for.Now a step to achieve what you for for the ZANU Pf have intercourse with you and what comes out of that sin division in MDC.Your high life is deminishing.Very soon you will be JOB SIKALa and others.MDC is bigger than individuals.Long live Comrade Tsvangirai ,despite people demonising you.Mr Biti apologies to the President of MDC.YOU can be our prodigal son.

leo chegura - 15 March 2014

Mr Tendai Biti and your support do not selfishly calculate how your actions are destroying the movement,that you and all other comrades have fought for.Now a step to achieve what you for for the ZANU Pf have intercourse with you and what comes out of that sin division in MDC.Your high life is deminishing.Very soon you will be JOB SIKALa and others.MDC is bigger than individuals.Long live Comrade Tsvangirai ,despite people demonising you.Mr Biti apologies to the President of MDC.YOU can be our prodigal son.

leo chegura - 15 March 2014

For so many years, we had not seen a courageous man like Tsvangi.... he managed to stand against Zanu PF unfortunately he could not get into office due to rigging by the politically seasoned Zanu PF. If we mirror ourselves in Tsvangirai's shoes we could not see anything bad he has done. All people castigating Tsvangi for the girlfriends issues should have time to look at themselves and say,"Don't I have an extra marital affair?'' Most of us with our mediocre wages manage to take care of our WHY Tsvangi? A political leader should not be like JESUS CHRIST... the one without women issues in his life. Hapana asingade pakati....Tsvangi munhu. Tsvangi .... out of all elections that were held during his time, he won all but was rigged all. To say Tsvangi failed is to say all MDC-T failed because everyone including Tendai Mbiti was there.... so can we dissolve the whole party and start afresh just because we have been rigged? People need to grow up politically so as to see what is happening. In Zanu PF there is factionalism at the moment...WHY? All that is happening in the name of power and power means money. All people like Tendai Mbiti and Mangoma want power , the reason why they want Tsvangi out. We must not be fooled to let down Tsvangi.... He is a true HERO. Let us reward him for breeding that courage which was not in us to stand against Zanu PF. If we want to talk about womanisers but who are still leading their of Zuma. He once ran into the shower and he admitted when he was quizzed. To lead a country you don't need degrees but that Ordinary level is enough and that ability to delegate jobs/ministries to educated capable people.... you will be more like a supervisor. You just need to have the Job done through other people. VIVA TSVANGI.

Rastavibes - 16 March 2014

Zviri pachena kuti Biti naMangoma vatengesi uye vanhu vane unjwire. Vaiva bhande nebhurukwe naMT nguva yose iyi asi nhasi ndipo povofukura hapwa dzomusha kuvavengi. Leadership renewal yamunongochemera siku nesikati haigoni kuitwa nemi moga,inotoda kunzwawo kwatiri isu vana nyakuvhota at grassroots level. Regai zvekusweronyongorana kumahoffice ikoko muchitisiya isusu. Huyai kuvanhu munzwe chokwadi chenyaya.Pamberi naChematama.

Chakwesha - 17 March 2014

what biti said makes sense from strategic point of view. for MDC to win the next election, we need to identify where our weaknesses were besides basing on Zanu rigging claim. one such weakness in the party is what was highlighted by Biti and it may include many more weaknesses which we need to identify and work for them in preperation for 2018. five years may seem long period but if we don't concentrate we may find ourselves getting bonded in contesting rigged election instead concentrating on planning an election ahead . lets be very careful for time is money

stewie - 17 March 2014

Cry the beloved MDC-T! I thought this party had people who were democratic and respected the truth. But alas how wrong I was. I don't know why you people copy everything that the party (ZANU-PF) you hate through and through all the time. They thrive on lies, do not tolerate ideas different from theirs and are violent and their leaders do not want to relinquish power and here you are if someone says something at variance with your views you cry foul. Where is your democracy? Or is it a matter of "do as I say not as I do?" You really worry me because if you are harboring any thoughts of ever ruling this country you should have a paradigm shift from the ZANU-PF way of doing things.

Mabhengeza - 17 March 2014

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