Tsvangirai, Biti feud escalates

HARARE - MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti could have fallen for a shrewd plot to finger him as Elton Mangoma’s handler after he sought to overturn a suspension imposed by the National Council on the deputy treasurer-general.

The party’s highest decision-making body outside congress ruled on Friday that there was “clear and convincing evidence” that Mangoma was engaged in bribery, undermining elected officials, bringing the party into disrepute and fanning factionalism.

Mangoma’s suspension triggered feverish calls by Biti to throw out the verdict ostensibly because the National Council violated the MDC constitution, that the decision breached his duty to charge the chartered accountant, who he said was not given the right to be heard.

The suspension, which has left the Biti faction in disarray, has made Tsvangirai wield awesome political clout and regain strength and he is now manoeuvring to tighten the noose around the rebels, who have been calling for his ouster.

Apparently, Mangoma’s suspension was a plot by the MDC to hunt down officials who gave protection and succour to hiscalls for leadership renewal.

It has long been whispered that Mangoma was Biti’s Trojan horse, and that the former Finance minister was using the deputy treasurer-general in his attempt to ascend to the MDC presidency.

The probe into Mangoma is one of the highest-profile cases against a standing committee member since Tsvangirai dramatically lost the presidential election in July last year.

Theresa Makone, the MDC Women’s Assembly chairperson, told a rally also addressed by Tsvangirai in Chitungwiza on Saturday that Mangoma’s umbrella of protection and his backer was revealed to the public immediately after his suspension.

“Hanzi kana uchida kuona amai vechidhoma, unorova chidhoma chacho (If you want to out the mother of a ghost, you beat up the ghost),” Makone said.

She reiterated that the conflict was not in the interest of the party and the nation at large.

“How can we become a people who, every time we have differences, we go and tell the whole world, that is not acceptable,” said an emotional  Makone.

“Mangoma would not have been able to get away with his public call for Tsvangirai’s ouster if he had not enjoyed the protection of “certain party officials”, adding “no matter who you are or what your position is, if you break the MDC statutes, you will be punished by the law,” Makone said.

Tsvangirai implored his party members to work together.

“We have to work together and not turn our backs,” he said.

“I will be leading while you follow. We want to march forward; left, right, left, right; in order. Not right, left, right, left; that is disorderly. Kana usingade kuita fall in line, ibva muline. Haikona kukonzera disorder.” (if you decide to rebel, don’t cause disorder).

Tsvangirai said “we are not going to push anyone outside the tent.”

“We want more people to be in the tent,” he said.

“Those who are committed to the democratic struggle and change in this country, let’s work together.”

He said his party was prepared to work with other opposition leaders who shared MDC values in theory and practice.

Citing Job Sikhala, the leader of a splinter MDC-99 as an example, Tsvangirai told the 2 000-plus crowd that he was committed to work with other democrats.

“As the MDC, we do not have to run out of manpower but if we all want a successful democratic struggle, let’s work together, deliver change and remove Zanu PF (from power),” he said.

Tsvangirai said he was prepared to cede leadership if the time was ripe.

“I will be happy even if it means that when I am not there, the democratic struggle continues and becomes a success,” he said.

“Unlike (President) Mugabe who is holding onto power and when he dies, his party dies with him, I will be happy even if I leave, there are tangible fruits (of the democratic struggle).”

Tsvangirai noted that the country was still in need of solutions to political and economic challenges, adding there was need for national dialogue.

“The question which still stands is how do we solve this deep crisis as a country? We have to bring solutions. Let’s focus on solving this, whether you are in the MDC or Zanu PF. We have done this before. We have to find a national dialogue and a settlement. We remain with high expectations and little delivery.”

Zanu PF has spurned Tsvangirai’s call for talks for a possible power-sharing arrangement saying he was “daydreaming.”

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai told a rally in Mabvuku in Harare yesterday that he was keen to “re-energise our base, moving around the country holding rallies.”

“We are not only going to re-energise our party, we want to stop all this bickering and focus on Mugabe and Zanu PF, that’s the national agenda we have to face,” Tsvangirai said.

“We also want to remobilise our resources, people say MDC is now broke. MDC will never go broke. We will gather the little that we have so that our party can survive.” 

He said in the same manner party members mobilised resources at the 2006 congress, the same clarion call was being made now to the MDC members to financially rescue the beleagured party.

“Our people sold their goats and chickens and the congress took place,” her said.

“80 000 delegates came to defend their party,” adding the people will not hesitate to repeat that feat.

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Please,please guys put your house in order.We dont like this.Zanu PF is enjoying this,cant you see?The real enemy in this country is Zanu Pf not fighting each other.We will support you come hell come thunder.Stop this unnecessary fighting.

chikata - 10 March 2014

Holding rallies through out the country should be used as the only option to unseat RGM, people must be encouraged to register as voters and be coached how to vote for the MDC. Without that the MDC will face another embarrassing defeat come 2018. ZPF used the same strategy as they mobilized voters, from street vendors to all kinds of people to register and indeed indicate that they were registered and ready to vote ZPF

Nesongano - 10 March 2014

If anyone needed to be warned against playing with ZanuPF, here is the live case study. Mr Biti has obviously fallen into the ZANU trap, and if his actions make little sense it is because he is now a puppet being directed by the Zanu masters. Zanu chiwororo.........keep away from them.

Benson - 10 March 2014

i urge tendai biti and his cohorts to resign from the mdc before they are fired. they have no reason to continue serving under M.T after their failed project to unseat him. By the way these intellectuals are not politicians bcoz they dont know how to strategise.

sheunesu ngwenya - 10 March 2014

For sure Biti is now a Zanu-pf puppet

Shyniesta - 10 March 2014

For sure Biti is now a Zanu-pf puppet

Shyniesta - 10 March 2014

I'm not surprised at what is happening.Some of our people seem to be more like some revised editions of Zanu. Why in all this, it is Mr Tsvangirai who has suffered the full wroth of Zanu's evil. Remember him coming out of the police cell, his head severely deformed from beatings by the police. Remember the mysterious accident which claimed the life of his wife Susan. The swimming pool incidents which also claimed his grandson. The treason trials including one based on allegations by one crook Ari Ben Menashe. Remember the countless detentions and torture he has suffered on false charges. Compare with Mr Biti. I don't remember Mr Biti being tortured, detained, or being in a real life threatening incident. EXCEPT of course if we talk of the two petrol bombs hitting the wall at one of his houses. The bombs seemed not to target any one in particular, and in both instances Mr Biti was nowhere near the incidents. In fact in both incidents the security guards were more in danger than Mr Biti himself. It is now 15 years and some of our cadres have never tasted the crudeness of Zanu and we find them standing as defence lawyers for Zanu people. Are we just being paranoid.

mosquito - 10 March 2014

People in Zanu call for Mugabe to step down and for an extraodinary congress...Mugabe's response is a 'Million Man March', Women's League.Youth League and Central Committee meeting to endorse him and 'grassroots consultation rallies' Tsvangirayi gets asked the same question and what is his response?

wezhira wezhara - 10 March 2014

What then shall we say of our Honourable SG. What does amai Ezra in Chendambuya think when she hears that our SG is the defence lawyer of Zanu's Gono. What does the little woman in Chendambuya or Dotito think if she hears Mr Biti admitting he and his party lost to a 'better' Zanu. How do we the poor little men and women of Madlambuzi think if we hear him saying that the Mafia style tactics used by Zanu to force the nation to vote for them,(including vote buying, false promises of youth loans which never materialised,false promises of civil servants pay rise and 8 months later nothing has happened, bussing of youths to MT Pleasant of which Mr Biti is the chief witness,the dishing out of diamond money to chiefs, headmen, and other community leaders to ensure a win). Mr Biti, bhora mugedhi means a metal ball not a normal soccer ball and that it had to go into the net, come what may. Now can bhora mugedhi increase salaries, create employment, resuscitate companies, build houses, revive the economy and health sector. NO! NEVER! That is why now we have this problem of cash shortages in the streets. Soon we will have our bearer's cheques back asi bhora ririmugedhi. Zanu can never be praised. Its like praising a team which has won after bribing the referee, playing with 16 players, and all its players are referees awarding themselves 5 penalties in the process. And after losing to such a team, one comes out and praises them for a VERY good strategy. So SAD.

mosquito - 10 March 2014

Tsvangirai should call an early congress to decide future leadership of the party fullstop,

methodology - 10 March 2014

Mangoma and Biti were part of the negotiating team during the Gvt of National Unity ,now am totally dismayed with this guys wether they were truly negotiating in our favour or vakatichekeresa kuZANU PF . I beggning to see their true colors vakatengwaa neZANU kuti vauraye Musangano sezvakaita our previous Moyores Makwarara naChaibva . Team hombe haigombegwi BITI arikuzvikanda mumadhaka saGwisai . ASIJIKI SIYAPHAMBILI Machinja

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 10 March 2014

Biti rest in peace leave mdc alone

Themba - 10 March 2014

Biti would rather side with ZPF to spite Tsvangirayi. That has been his long-term strategy so as to take over the MDC.

Tongo - 10 March 2014

Wananchi na Elton and Mudzuri are Schooled and do have brains. Tsvangison is the direct opposite, i personally would not want an uneducated, blunderer for a Leader. I wont follow such kind of a leader. Anondinyudza sezvakaitwa MDC pa July 31 apa.

chama - 10 March 2014

biti has always been a problem,even within the mdc..he respects noone and listens to noone.we havwe worked with him nd know his attitude..mdc under biti is a failed project..morgan is a peoples man..isu ndowatinoda not to lead for ever but to lead now..

chokwadi - 10 March 2014

Goodbye Tendai Zanu Biti. Wish you all the best in the better organised party. As for us we march on under the leadership of M R Tsvangirai. We know and strongly believe that he has never lost a fair election and our time will come.

Ndaneta - 10 March 2014

Now those who lose elections should be given a chance. And those who lose elections for the 2nd time should have learnt from their mistakes. When you lose elections for the third time, you should resign, failure to do that you should be forced out. Three strikes, and you are out.

Qiniso - 10 March 2014

Well, MDC must remain focused on real issues. Forget about those that want to leave. Don't even take note of their absence. Look forward Morgen, do not be distructed. The main thing is tomorrow not our present or past. You make this brand. The Lord will reward us.

Jerry - 11 March 2014

Biti vatirasa

Nyandu - 11 March 2014

Tsvangirai 's presidential stock started dwindling when he paid off the woman he had supposedly married in a traditional marriage a lot of money. He then married another one and had a very lavish wedding. Everyone wanted to know his source of all that money. We all remember the only plausible explanation given by one of the female in MDC leadership was that he was a strong BULL. Tsvangirai might very well be a nice person but if MDC want to win presidential election it's time to change the leadership now for the time is ripe. Their is nothing wrong in dissent in a political party because it makes it stronger, as long as it does not spill into the media. Who leaked the existance of the letter Mangoma wrote to Tsvangirai to the media? (Tsvangirai or someone close to him as a diversion) ZANU has let the people down we need a viable MDC.

Mutero Karanda - 11 March 2014

Morgan Tsvangirai must be very dull. He continues tossing about the imagery of a tent. Are there no better expressions? Well that is a lesser crime than his stupid assertion that the main agenda is the removal of ZANU PF and Mugabe from office. The main agenda is the bringing about of transparency and democracy. We need leadership that is not tainted by corruption and that abides by the rule of law. We must do away with politics without principle. Unfortunately, Tsvangirai and some of his friends like Theresa Makone, Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora are not worried about bringing about real change but just cosmetic change whereby Mugabe and ZANU PF are removed from power but nothing else changes. Corruption is rampant in the MDC-T with leaders stealing party funds. The MDC-T leaders do not provide a moral compass to society by engaging in reckless and condomless sex. Tsvangirai himself is a good example. The MDC-T constitution has been thrown out of the window in order to perpetuate the rule of Morgan. It's tragic.

Zex Chenduru - 11 March 2014

Mutero Karanda, what kind of a beast are you? what MT does in his private life is none of your business. Remember what happened to Marufu?

Zingozi - 11 March 2014

It never stops to rain for the mdc clue less idiots, how can you keep talking of zanu pf and yet these are your internal squabbles? Surely these idiots are a minority in this country , and that is why the don't even know how they lost the elections. Zimbabweans are too smart to be cheated by fools masquerading as politicians and as a result the MDC will remain in the doldrums of politics as along as the leadership and following continue to display their idiotic nature.

reason - 11 March 2014

biti ngaaite mushe.lets work together as a team.we as MDC supporters we want a change and a solution to our country thats all

mashiriyapungana - 11 March 2014

People have to think properly without involving emotions but take stock of trends. why was there a split in MDC in the first instance? its because the party constitution was violated by someone who wanted it to suit his ambitions. Who married to a Zanu Pf family? you know who and who has failed several times to unseat Zanu PF? obvious. Who gave Zanu PF a lifeline and formed a govt of national unity? Morgan. Then l think the party needs a Joshua not a Moses to take people to the promised land!!!

Open Minded - 11 March 2014

I agree with zex. has tsangirai not woken up to the fact that 'remove zanu pf' no longer motivates anyone? What will motivate people is policies that build the nation.

wordwriter - 11 March 2014

Shame you are acting just like zanu pf shame. Let there be proper politics anyone can want to be president there is nothing wrong with that. If you dont have candidates what happens when aids catchs up with Morgan the way he is going. The party will die

percy - 11 March 2014

please we need leaders who are capable of leading the part with Tsvangirai as the president.If Biti and Mangoma are gone but we can not loose more leaders like the Madzore Paul because it will kill some strong holds of MDC T ie Glenview

blessing katsande - 11 March 2014

please we need leaders who are capable of leading the part with Tsvangirai as the president.If Biti and Mangoma are gone but we can not loose more leaders like the Madzore Paul because it will kill some strong holds of MDC T ie Glenview

blessing katsande - 11 March 2014

please we need leaders who are capable of leading the part with Tsvangirai as the president.If Biti and Mangoma are gone but we can not loose more leaders like the Madzore Paul because it will kill some strong holds of MDC T ie Glenview

blessing katsande - 11 March 2014

Hey my dear Zimbos, Biti and his group have been exposed for who they really are. MDC make it a policy to read comments, analysis and submissions posted by these ordinary folks in forums such as this one in my favorite newspaper, The Daily Truth sorry News. These Bitis have been on ZANU payroll for years. Thank God who loves us so much and has exposed them.. Zimbabwe will be free very soon and that will be so sweet since some people will not expect it to happen let alone so soon. VaSave, lead the nation in humility, dignity, love, respect and the fear of the Lord. Keep your eyes on the ball. Young Chamisa....hey soldier! I salute you and hope to meet you in New Zimbabwe.

Zimpolitics - 11 March 2014

Mr Tsvangirai is not a vibrant leader at least not vibrant enough to remove zanu from power. leadership renewal is of great importance to the survival of mdc. tsvangirai has lost too many times. What morgan should do is facilitate an enviroment in the so called mdc tent that welcomes a new vibrant leader that can change the fortunes of mdc, a leader that has a vision and a clear mind set. The sooner the leader is given a chance the better for mdc. As for biti it is the leader of the mdc mr tsvangirai who has failed to put a leash on the loose canon. Tsvangirai failed to put his house in order and leadership renewal is vital if mdc wants whats best for zimbabwe. A leader that allows people in his party to say what they want publicly clearly shows that the party is in shambles, a leader should put his foot down and learn to face the bull by its horns. solve the leadership renewal issue chematama asap

romeo - 11 March 2014

My assumption is that when Tendai Biti sided with Gideon Gono, that's when he blundered. Or, maybe he was under duress, we'll never know. Come to think of it, Terrence Hussein that lawyer who always represents the government and ministers and rarely loses a case... Why Gono chose someone who is considered an enemy in his party. The fact is Biti was a threat to both Gono and Zanu PF so diluting his powers seemed inevitable. But Gono and Biti seemed not to see eye-to-eye... Deception by misdirection. Biti succumbed to Gono pressure. Which means also that he could be fed with the information of what to do next. By wish or command, the guy is working under distructive powers from who only God and his prphets know.

Coolage - 12 March 2014

l'm realy surprised with the mentality in MDC. lt seems u don't have anything bt to blame ZANU Pf in everything , thus where u lake vision and focus and how can someone in his rightful mind say Biti is being used by ZANU PF. Biti is through and through MDC his adeas and thoughts are opposite ZANU PF.lt is very foolish if u have problems with ur wife or children and u blame ur neighbour.Let us mature in politics and every house or institution has got its problems. Let us focus on the points being raised by Biti and analyse them and see how Tsvangirai respond to them and see who is wrong and then try to bring the one who is wrong into the right path.Dont support people for the sake of supporting them whether is right or wrong otherwise more division will come. The part has got a constitution and everyone must follow that dispite u are the presidant or not, or whether u are the founder or nt that is the bases of democracy bt it seems people they just support lndividuals simply they like them and if we keep on doing that MDC will colapse.

anubi - 12 March 2014

Born into poverty, Lincoln was faced with defeat throughout his life. He lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown. He could have quit many times - but he didn't and because he didn't quit, he became one of the greatest presidents in the history.

mwanakomanawalimbonga - 12 March 2014

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