Will the real Biti please stand up?

HARARE - As we long predicted, the brouhaha within the MDC over the ill-advised push by the party's deputy treasurer-general, Elton Mangoma, to oust Morgan Tsvangirai from the leadership of the movement was always going to end badly.

Mangoma has now been suspended, amid indications that Tsvangirai's supporters are baying for the expulsion of the affable businessman from the party altogether.

At the same time, party secretary-general, Tendai Biti, has said that the decision to suspend Mangoma is null and void, as it is allegedly in breach of the MDC's constitution — which in effect puts in doubt the famed lawyer's own position in the beleaguered party.

In the meantime, President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party are literally weeping more than the bereaved, falling over themselves as they seek to portray the MDC as an undemocratic and violent party — managing to say all this without any sense of irony or shame for a regime notorious for gross corruption, political thuggery and murders.

In this light, it has also come as no big surprise that the ZBC is salivating at the MDC’s internal strife, and for once, is giving Biti acres of precious prime broadcasting time that is normally reserved for lickspittle boot-licking of Mugabe and other Zanu PF heavies.

One of the pieces that ZTV has been running with, ad nauseum, over the weekend is Biti’s perplexing pronouncement at Thursday’s SAPES discussion in Harare where he seemingly conceded defeat to Zanu PF in last year’s disputed elections — saying the ruling party had a message that resonated with Zimbabweans while the MDC failed to connect with the majority.

This is shocking to say the least, seeing that this is coming from a man who, together with his other senior party colleagues, tried to move mountains last year, in their desperate bid to convince the world that Mugabe and Zanu PF had once again cheated in the elections.

The question that Biti must now answer, if his latest sentiments are indeed genuine and not merely informed by emotive factional politics within his party, is, why he and his colleagues misled Zimbabweans into thinking that Zanu PF stole last year’s elections?

Which is which Honourable Biti? Did Zanu PF cheat in that plebiscite or not?

If not, why did you allege then that they did?

What the nation remembers vividly is an angry Biti charging after the elections that this was the biggest electoral fraud he had witnessed.

Does Biti think Zimbabweans are fools with short memories?

What has really gone wrong with Biti?

What has changed between the period soon after elections and now when he says Zanu PF won fairly?

Biti even coined interesting pieces under the Wananchi title, telling the world that Zanu PF had stolen elections.

This is why we are saying let the real Biti now please stand up for his own sake and the MDC’s!

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you staff reporter or whatever your name is are the fool.zanu pf won square and good.biti was simply saying the elections were rigged at that time because he wanted the west who are the owners of the mdc project to keep throwing in money and maybe impose more sanctions on zimbabwe.but he knew the truth like everybody else tsvangirai,all in the mdc and even you reporter,that zanu pf had won fairly.now he is tired of being bullied by tsvangirai and after all the owners of the mdc party no longer want tsvangirai but biti himself,so biti is only telling the truth.he is also going against tsvangirai,knowing fully well that his masters are happy with that and will bankroll him.in any event the whites no longer want morgan,they want biti.so staff reporter,maybe you are a junior reporter,wake up and smell the cofee.i think you know the truth anyway

ndoda sibili - 9 March 2014

So, @Ndoda Sibili you are the "cleva" bunny who sees and hears no evil in Zanu-PF despite the well documented ills of that party's primitive thieving and political thuggery of the past 34 years. Shame on you.

Mntungwa - 9 March 2014

Let Biti form his own party!

Mupfana weBikini - 9 March 2014

I stil remember a video where Biti was charging to supposedly bussed people on ZUPCO busses who where ferried to Harare to rig election. It looks I was dreaming

GWEJE - 9 March 2014

Biti re-joined ZANU PF. But Zimbabweans Shall never do that.

Ziziharinanyanga - 9 March 2014

My feelings are telling me that Biti has been promised to takeover from Chinamasa . Watch this space he is headed for zanu pf to take over the job of finance minister. But people of Zimbabwe vomited zanu and they will not eat their vomit . Morgan and people of this country the struggle is on . We heard how Biti and Mangoma sabourtaged the people .'s project by underfunding the Morgan 's compaigns now the secret is out for every one to see thank god we have a true leader in the name of Morgan and our hope is on him with him we are solid no enemy can push us viva Tswangirayi

Dibulaanyika - 9 March 2014

Biti has totally exposed himself just like a monkey that thinks its clever as it steals tomatoes from a garden and climbs a tree exposing its private bottom parts for the public to view. An reason person cannot betray his party like what he is doing .But some of us who have seen more betrayal than this are not much surprised at all. Biti has betrayal matches that of Morrison Nyathi who led the Rhodesian army to massacre innocent people at Chimio and Nyadzonya in Mozambique. Biti needs to be given but must leave the party and join his group because he lacks leadership qualities. I now suspect he was an inplant of ZANUPF and is being told what to do by his paymasters. Very soon his constituency is going to call to explain his utterances. People expect him to other MPs in debating against corruption he has chosen to destroy MDC-T. The suffering people of shall continue following Morgan Richard Tsvangirai without doubting him. He is their leader, the supported him yesterday ,they support him today and they shall support tomorrow. The people of Zimbabwe a true government that is free from corruption,nepotism and arrogance .ZANUPF and its media are trying to divert people's mind from real issues such as corruption, salarygate,the failing economy and a host of oher ills associated with its poor governance. Today Cde Chinotimba ,Chikwinya and a few brave ones are lone voices in parliament bravely calling the dismissal of all corrupt people. Biti should have continued using his wananchi articles whatever it means to criticize corruption I do not doubt that even Mr Bennet. Mr Cross and those who supported him are surprised by what he said about the stolen election .

jonathiel moyowaonda - 9 March 2014

Because he has failed to destroy Tsvangirayi he is now destorying himself..what informs this madness? Of course this is the end of flirtation wiht politics as known for Biti but that does not save Tsvangirayi either..if anything it speeds up his fall as well. And to think Zimbabweans invested lives and limbs for these idiots?

gutter poet - 9 March 2014

kkkkkkk Nango ke sakhula vele kuthiwa bango thathekile imota ze Shabanie inhliziyo zabo ziyalenga. WENA BITI UYASIJAYELA bona lokutshontsha kwabo kkkkkkk kodwa bazithi bafundile

Nqwa - 9 March 2014

vanhu vapi vanoda kuti Va Tsvangirai vatonge.Zimbabweans dzipi.Vanhu ngatitei maserous.Biti is saying without politicking.Vazhinji vakaba varimo mumajere.ukati wakba anoti ndinonzi ndakaba.Kana azobuda anokuudza kuti hameno chakandibata.MDC suppoters must just kep quiet and wait for 2018 ASI.

nyasha - 9 March 2014

Judas Iscariot is Judas Iscariot no matter how he can pretend .Now Biti and Mangoma and all the secrets they had been doing with zanu are out. Now its the end for these guys bcoz zanu uses people and dump them like used condoms its over for you guys Indlozi le ndlala linjalo ma selifikile kuwe vele uthola ungasatsheleki uBiti vele usezibona eseyinkalakatha yenkunzi engabusa izwe leli hawu mado!!. Now we know why zanu was boasting that Morgan will never be president of this country it is bcoz they were working secretly with our SG . Luck bcoz Morgan is a strong leader hence Biti and company hit the brick wall

Dibulaanyika - 9 March 2014

The same bafoon, mbiti, has yet to explain to Zimbos what exactly he is going to do representing the ZanuPf thief of thieves called gono, a man who clearly played a pivotal role in denying Zimbabweans freedom and even making sure some died through impoverishment and the SG of a Change Agent has to be his lawyer, One day Mbiti will be co-accused with gono, mark my humble prediction!!!

matombo chiremba - 9 March 2014

Biti and degree. He knows when the game is up

Musa - 9 March 2014

The whole Mangoma charade is a Biti baby. Biti considers Tsvangirai so lowly that he cant wait to get onto the MDC presidency. This was a palace coup designed to make Biti the King. Now that things have gone bad for the messenger Biti has to do something. Sad. Welshman can use more of your kind Biti and Mangoma, please go quickly. There is a party presidency there for the taking.

Tutume - 10 March 2014

The Zim political circus continues with Biti on the driving seat now. Last time it was Madhuku but now its the SG. I am not sure the reason behind this but i think he has seen the writing on the wall. That's I why I admire Ncube. When he saw that he could not work with Tsvangison he packed his bags straight and went away and formed his part. He is a really man. He was confident of his leadership not zvana Biti. Gono has to becareful panyaya yake because akaita zvakutamba anonyudzwa ne flip flopping irikuitwa naBiti iyiyi. This guy is now history. He is demaging his political career.

Bruno - 10 March 2014

Biti's message was clearly misunderstood. What Biti meant was that the opposition needs to simplify their messages so that they are quickly understood by the electorate. At no time did Tendai Biti say that ZANU PF did not rig the elections. It' s a tragedy that some journalists fail to understand simple messages.

Teabag Masamba - 10 March 2014

biti go and join the ruling party peacefully or even yo own party it seems as if yu too clever bt very soon yu wil be history in the politics of Zimbabwe

jj - 10 March 2014

Biti has with a stoke of a pen destroyed his own political ambition in MDC so he can try to form his party if he does not want to rejoin ZanuPF. He has said it clear, he helped confuse the population as he says. Chembere dzandinotaura nadzo hadzina kukanda bhora mugedhi dziri kutoshamisika nezvakaitika iye Biti oti chembere dzakanzwa bhora mugedhi dzikavhotera ZanuPF no that is not tru. Vapfna vandinotaura navo vaiziva kuti zanupf ikahwina vacharamba vari ma hwindi saka vange vasingaidewo so who is Biti talking about, tushamwari twake tuya twaive mu Zupco bus ku Mt Pleasant handiti. Sorry Bit you have complicated your story and now we can easily label you a saboteur. Ukaona wavekutsvagwa ne ZBC wabaya. Kudzidza uku kwaparira Zimbabwe.

maita - 10 March 2014

Biti must go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can start his own party for all we care. He has lost the Plot. W e are behind President Tsvangira all the way.

Tec - 10 March 2014

Biti must follow Mangoma into the wilderness. They can take a hike for all we care. It wont change anything. MDC is not Biti or Mangoma or Mudzuri. MDC is the people.

Changamire Dombo - 10 March 2014

Biti & company can go and join ZANU PF or form their own Political Party and see who will vote for them. They might as well compare notes with Welman Ncube &Job Sikhala

Changamire Dombo - 10 March 2014

Why did take so long for Biti to realize that their manifesto is complicated.This guy is just destroying himself.Zimbabweans can now see that these guys take people for granted. How do you explain this nonsense that at some stage you are saying elections were rigged and nine months down the line you have changed you are now saying our manifesto was complicated and theirs was very simple.

GWAI - 10 March 2014

tsvangirai is brave but doesnt have the brains, he is just like a parrot even if its its financial backup he was desiring for his party guys zvimwe zvinhu ndezvekuramba ,this guy doesnt have leadership qualities ,i remember arimuno isu mazimbo together wth him castigating homosexuslity in our nation within a period of 2 weeks he was in support wth the brits in promulgating homosexual saying its a right so we dnt wnt a leader wth a camelleon behaviour who doesnt knw where he stands, so its better biti to takeover tsvangirai will never rule zimbabwe kana mwari vakatoramba even his so trusted prophet tb joshua he told him if mdc wnts to rule in zim chnge yo leadership, dnt be short sighted, tsvangirai is a bag full of confusion, he doesnt have decisions of his own at the part chake inharo nekutaura zvisina musoro, not all of us vasingafunge leave that seat for biti better yu become his deputy.

aki and popo - 10 March 2014

Biti is right. His sentiments are no different from what Welshman's MDC said in the aftermath of the July 31 'drubbing'. Both parties have brilliant manifestos and ideas but these were not well articulated to the povo, particularly in the rural areas, in a way that appealed to this powerful majority.It is only the urbanites, people exposed to the independent papers and urbanised radio stations who really appreciated the MDCs messages while the povo were being fed simple zanu promises and propaganda day and night. The problem with the MDCs is that to the poor people out there they just appear elitist no matter how untrue that may be. They need to get off their high horses and get to the real grassroots. In doing that however they must be prepared to deal with and contend with the violent zanu foot soldiers in the rural areas. 2018 is not too far away.

Sikhosana - 10 March 2014

Secretary general vakatengerwa mansion kuAustralia worth millions of Dollars. He has to sing the right tunes in order not to be exposed by his benefactors. Just now muchanzwa kuti vapiwa farm.

Strategist - 10 March 2014

Just yesterday , in court , proving that the election was rigged Biti was saying that there were ,in hired zupco buses full of, people who looked like from north Africa who were voting .. suddenly now the zanu pf msg resonated with North africans as well..and zanu pf won fair and square.. ? Biti you are MONEY Hungry and very Corruptible. Look you got it all wrong when a few years ago you were in the forefront that Gono needs to be in front of a "Firing Squad" for looting this country. Suddenly you are representing him in court for stealing money. You are not consistent and history is littered with characters that fall by the wayside for such antics.

Mupinyu Wasvotoka - 10 March 2014

wena mtungwa,the supposed zanu pf thievery or whatever u want to say is off topic here.the whites no longer want morgan,they want biti.whites are the owners of the mdc in case u don't know.1.mdc lost the elections and they know it,the whites also know it but they came up with rigging stories to maintain relevance and save face and also to keep sanctions on.2.biti and the whites are now telling the truth beczuse they no longer want morgan and so to discredit him they are now telling all and sundry that he is a poor scheemer and maybe that biti is better.the whites havent read the mood that tsvangison enjoys more support than biti otherwise they wouldnt have pushed mangoma to do what he did.but it shows you who really owns the mdc.you mtungwa nd others of your calibre should simply leave the puppet party and join zanu pf.if u dont want,stay apolitical then

ndoda sibili - 10 March 2014

in my own opinion i think wat biti did is a commendable thing.mdc has all been clamouring for change since 2000 bt when the tym came wth the GNU wat dd they do?they enriched themselves and dd so lttle to bring the change they had been clamouring for and all this while, zanu was recording such and strengthening their front and devising strategies as vaBiti explained.vaMorgan was busy gallivanting the streets of zim vachitshinja vakadzi semapants vasingadevise mastrategies and eventually the election was stolen from them becos of their reluctance nd now if pple are highlighting his failures he s suspending them?thats exactly the mindset irimuzanu kuti vanhu avavumirwi kutaura chokwadi so mdc should put its house n order nd build NOW even morgans character nd some members'.Move to work for the people,Devise strategies now nd u will win f u are in order,Change the mentality u have votes are worked for nd plz revive the spirit of 2000 nd the 2017 elections are yours as mdc.Tsvangirai kusinwa kudedelwana,if u cant move the party forward give others a chance dont b lyk wat u are fighting against CHG

ichokwadi here! - 10 March 2014

biti used to lik u but eish apa watityora mabhonzo.wapiwa madiomonds here mufana

wangu - 10 March 2014

Imi munhu akataura maFacts ake atengwa here. Be considerate MDC says they are democratic but they suspended Mangoma after her said what he thought was right in a democratic party. Ko zvaipei thats democracy. Biti aribho in his sentiments and Mangoma aribho in his sentiments. Mukoma Mogi ava havana midzi ishizha rinoenda kunoenda mhepo. He is costing the hopes and wishies of Zimbabweans who thinks that change will come through MDC especially during his tenure. Tsvangirai is in a money project and all followers are his wheels to reach the money bag. If you see learned people sana Mangoma, Biti, Ncube, Misihairabwi, vachibuda that shows the destination of MDC then vanhu mopomera ZANU. In any way if ZANU is causing divisions in MDC it then means MDC leader is USELESS to allow his party get split by the opposition. He( Tsvangirai) cannot control his party and how does he expect to control Zimbabwe. Opposition is healthy in any political scenario but hey MDC is rotten and please respect the moving away of people who leave it after seeing that they are wasting time

Chihwa Wekumupata Bikita Chivaka - 10 March 2014

Party is supported basing facts not emotions, MDC has no leader, Mogi thinks politics is about talking and receive clap offerings, it is about being consistent. VaMugabe said Zim will never be a colony again some years ago asi nanhasi havachinji. Mogi tiudze kuti ukama hwako nevachena huri sei, aaaa wongoti this today, mangwana izvo, what of sanctions you dont have clues on your stance. On land reform the same, wakamboti vanhu vavakuzara pose sehohwa the following day woti noo we support the land reform. Ko ungochani, you say lets address most fundamental issues . A leader should provide answers and let the answers be consistent. SO KANA VANHU VAVA KUONA UDOFO HOSE UHU LET THEM MOVE OUT AND LEAVE THOSE WHO THINK ZIMBABWE ICHATONGWA NE DOFO. KO BENERT MUNHU ASINGADI A BLACK PERSON ANOMUDII. Thank you Mangoma for seeing the light.

Chihwa Wekumupata Bikita Chivaka - 10 March 2014

Bussing people to voting stations is not rigging. Its called organizing...BT now knows this...paya he was just emotional... MDC-T 2018 r going to defecate avocados when they lose yet another election to a semi comatose 94 year old Mugabe

wezhira wezhara - 10 March 2014

Mr Tendai Biti has fallen squarely in the Znpfc plot. The herald created factionalism in the MDC T just like they did with Welshman. After a few coallegues hinted that for sure you can take over, Biti thought he has the support. My brother you lost it. Morgan might be dull and somehow misses critical issues and lacks concentration and consistence but the mass knows he is the only one who can deliver them from the current problems caused by Znpf. People are hungry they need change. Its not about how best your brains are, its about how brave are yu to fight ZnPF. Anyone who appears to align with Zanu will not win

Ambola - 11 March 2014

What about the real Tsvangirai stand uu?He promised that if he losses he is going to resign did he resign?If thy rigg still the Mdc-t is going to win did he win?

MUTARE & MASVINGO - 11 March 2014

No-one should ever pretend to be clever than the boss...Biti is being charged for accepting defeat when accepting and not accepting are on the same yield. What then should he say if has an eye for the truth, he is not saying let's sit down rest but he is saying we were beaten clean. If that does not please your sponsors then you should teach him properly than making noise after the failed election.

Mbada Murenje - 11 March 2014

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