Cabinet needs reshuffle: Dongo

HARARE - Outspoken former legislator Margaret Dongo has called for a Cabinet reshuffle to get rid of ministers that were superintending over parastatals offering “obscene” compensation to chief executives.

Dongo’s comments may fuel the uncertainty facing President Robert Mugabe’s government as it tries to fix an ailing economy and curb corruption.

A reshuffle could increase tensions in the ruling Zanu PF party, which has struggled to deal with graft and factionalism.

But some supporters of a reshuffle say it may be the best way to disarm criticism of the government’s record in tackling corruption by giving Mugabe a bigger stake in the ruling party’s success.

“It is not too late or too soon to do a Cabinet reshuffle,” the ex-freedom fighter told the Daily News yesterday.

“We have indicators to call for an investigation of all the parastatals, thanks to Jonathan Moyo who first brought out the rot at ZBC.” 

The former Zimbabwe Union of Democrats (ZUD) president said “the fish rots from the head” so the ministers should be sacked.

The media has in recent weeks exposed sensational details about managers of State-owned firms earning millions of dollars in salaries while the economy stutters,  among them Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) paying its chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube close to half-a-million dollars a month.

The former MP for Harare East said the parastatal bosses were earning way more than their entitlement 

She spoke a day after the Daily News reported that junior doctors in government service earn a paltry $283 a month.

“Does Zimbabwe have a salary structure for private and public entities?” Dongo asked.

“What would a graduate have to do to make sure that he would be paid that much? I calculated the ratio and established that graduates are being paid a ratio of 1:94 to these chief executives.”

The lack of proper salary structures was leading to abuse of the system, Dongo, who hoped to oppose President Robert Mugabe in the 1996 presidential elections but did not meet the minimum age requirement of 40 years, said.

“People who are selfish and greedy have exploited the system,” she said.

“They are stealing within a legalised position.

“But what surprises me is that there are people who processed the salaries of these bosses but they never spoke about it. Someone could have blown the whistle but there is an element of fear of the unknown. The civil servant or officer automatically feared, the fear of uncertainty. The system is wrong.”

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vaiba mari vachisevenzesa shoko rokuti salary kuti vasasungwa

cde chaperachapera - 7 March 2014

Hey, Margaret Dongo, even the shuffler himself is overdue for reshuffling. It's a rotten system!

Teabag Masamba - 7 March 2014

Zimbabwe has to peg the us dollar appropriately so that the money has value because we do not print the money. If one senior guy earns all the money that we dont print, the market is then dried up and makes it difficult for others to transact, hence the liquidity crisis, also lets award tenders to our local people to avoid US dollars going out, lets stick to our principles of indegenisation and at the same time flex on foreign direct investment, lets revive Industry for exports and local products, through imports we also part with the money that we dont print, Government, Industry and all stakeholders must converge in good faith to discuss positively about the economy without any prejudice as this affects everybody, stamping out corruption is a positive step as we navigate to a safe landing, as Zimbabweans, we must provide for our families, eat what we want, wear what we want, drink what we want, live where we want, buy what we want.

tichaona - 7 March 2014

What is needed really is a total government reshuffle. The whole bunch of them should just go en masse because they are all pathetic and none of them at all appears to see that we are in deep filthy quagmire of a life and all because they are all just a useless clueless lot!

Pretty - 7 March 2014

Vabatwa nenyaya must step down, even if it means the new banches step down, we dont mind until we come to the right leaders. They must hand over like zacheus the overpaid salaries and allowances in the state of cash or the purchased assets. The returned assets must be accepted by treasury who will fairly redistribute to the poor nation.Vanagonzo vanogutira mudura taneta navo! Handizvo zvatakakusimudazirai. We are quiet, but we see you and God sees you too.

think - 7 March 2014

Maggie might have a point..A reshuffle will give the government much needed breathing space! Of course there are some who have become permanent fixtures who will rpobably fight this!

gutter poet - 7 March 2014

It is the system which is wrong.A cabinet reshuffle will not change anything.It is the mindset which needs correction.If we are serious about corruption the big guys should be locked up in jail not this system of sacrificing lower ranked officers.

Zacharia Mateta - 7 March 2014

But my question is who is exactly in charge in this country? Obviously its not Mugabe. I have traveled and lived in many countries and what i noticed is that the president appears on television at least once or twice per week talking issues of national policy and governance. These presidents will be talking real issues and taking action which is very tangible and citizens really feel that the president is working. Now when i came back to Zimbabwe i was very shocked to notice that the president only appears on national television at a gala to celebrate his own birthday and after that the nation have to wait for another birthday. Now birthdays come only once in a year. Most surprisingly all issues which the nation feels must have come from the president instead come from his spokesperson. What is this and who is exactly ruling this country? Why does it seem like this country is ruled by ministers in their own capacity which make it have more than twenty rulers as we have more than twenty ministers. The nation has every reason to be worried Mugabe is not doing the job that the people of this nation entrusted him with. As long as we have a situation where the president doesnt say anything this country will continue to die. For those who know please help me; who is ruling this country? Who is running the show'? I havent been around here for many years but i feel i have lost touch with how this country is run.

Exiled - 7 March 2014

Madam Dongo ZANU PF is like a cancer, it must all be destroyed nothing must remain.One day somebody brave enough is going to rise to challenge the dogs and when this person does he will say all the rite things that people want to hear and do all the rite things that people will follow him even to death.That time is coming soon coz l can tell you l for one have had more that enough of this bullshi******t

roland dube - 8 March 2014

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