Bona's 18-hour wedding

HARARE - The wedding of President Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona, is going to take a breathtaking 18 hours, with security and logistical hurdles likely to throw a damper on the nuptials.

Guests are expected to be seated by 12 noon tomorrow with the wedding expected to end on Sunday at 6am.

It will be held at Mugabe’s plush Borrowdale home, which is popularly known as Blue Roof in the Borrowdale Brooke neighbourhood because of the massive house’s blue roof.

While Mugabe’s daughter Bona is set to walk down the aisle and tie the knot with Simba Chikore, a pilot with Qatar Airways, it will not be smooth sailing for those lucky to have been invited.

For instance, guests should arrive at Heritage Primary School to park their vehicles and then proceed, probably by shuttle, to the blue roofed residence of the First Family and be seated by 12pm.

Shuttle buses will carry guests from the school to the plush residence.

Heritage Primary School, which lies diagonally opposite Mugabe’s residence, is perched near a creek and motorists who will not be keen on the shuttle buses will have negotiate passage, on foot.

Reports indicate that a new foot bridge has been constructed for guests including foreign dignitaries, who might decided to walk rather than use a bus for the distance of more than five kilometres.

The foot bridge, which is close to the famous Borrowdale Brooke Golf Course is new to the geography of the area.

Vehicles are not allowed at the premises.

Security will be very tight.  No kids are allowed at the wedding. For ladies in heels, this will be punishing given the many hours they will spend in the residence and in view of the fact that because of huge security requirements, it will not be easy to leave the premises.

The wedding ceremony will start at 2pm sharp.

Gatecrashers will not worm their way into the wedding as only those holding the bar-coded invitation cards will be allowed into the opulent residence of the country’s president. Invited guests were given bar codes which they activate through mobile phones that invitation cards will not be necessary.

Cameras, Ipads and smart phones which take pictures are banned from the much-awaited event, which competes favourably with weddings of billionaires.

And photojournalists will only be allowed in for 10 minutes to snap their shots and leave.

Event organisers have been busy preparing for the big, fat wedding.

Mugabe recently said the wedding preparations have been taxing everybody in the First Family.

Incessant rains might have damaged the country’s roads but do not expect potholes on streets that lead to Mugabe’s home. A new layer of tar has been topped up, with construction workers labouring around the clock to ensure that the 90 year-old and his wife Grace give the first daughter a befitting send-off.

Workers from a local events management company, have been working 24 hours a day this week pitching up tents.

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It's tough being a Mugabe. It's even tougher being an invited guest to a Mugabe wedding. Weddings are supposed to be events where people relax and enjoy themselves but with these restrictions a wedding may end up appearing like a funeral!

Teabag Masamba - 28 February 2014

I guess some of you have never been to a wedding kwedu ku Masvingo...Only last year pa Ancient City Lodge we had a wedding yakabva 10am Saturday morning ndokupera Sunday masikati at 2....We also had ma Benz,BMW,Range Rover,etc.....We also had strict security invitation only and no photos....saka apa hapana kana nyaya

wezhira wezhara - 28 February 2014

taura hako wezhira

Nzou - 28 February 2014


Ziziharinanyanga - 28 February 2014

Those who have NOT been invited but but want to give away anything, give it to your nearest orphanage or the Mukosi Dam flood disaster. Those who DO NOT want to go to the wedding and have been invited, give the present to the nearest orphanage or Mukosi Dam flood disaster. Those who have BEEN invited and are GOING, do NOT give anything at the wedding but please DONATE the present to the nearest orphanage AND the Mukosi Dam flood disaster. I thank you.

Rejoice Ngwenya - 28 February 2014

Truth be told, Mugabe vakumberi... Its expected he is the head of state

Robby - 28 February 2014

No photos!! - it is a shame - How does treasure for life such an ocassion. Its a pity, I'm very shame stereki

s shumba - 28 February 2014

apawo i support bona apinda murudo she should enjoy her love as it is what she desires , murume anokosha askana . all the best royal girl.

florence mubisa - 28 February 2014

You dnt know how it feels to be touched by a handsome pilot askana , whoeva despises this wedding is cursed cos God is going to put these two together if u rebuke u will be cursed .

florence mubisa - 28 February 2014

Thanks to Ezekiel Guti and the Zaoga church for finding a guy to marry Bona. The grooms parents & relatives will have a hard time in enjoying themselves. I hope the marriage will stand the test of time. Its like the woman is the one who has proposed love to Simba. - 28 February 2014

makorokoto kuna Bona wemajealous taurai zvamunotaura it will change nothing its HER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

madhuwe - 28 February 2014

Bar codes at this level mean nothing, absolutely not fool-proof. Elections can be rigged so what!!

lorenzo - 28 February 2014

Samba chikore not with Qatar airways he's with EMIRATES AIRLINE, dailynews now become

Zimba - 28 February 2014

Munotidako here tiri kuno kuTokwe- Mukosi. Asi mototumira chikopokopo, kwete neaka Ubheti. Kana kuti motumira maRange Rover matsva, ndoda kuonawo Koffi. Pamberi ne musangano.

Tokwe Mukosi - 28 February 2014

its your day young lady may God bless you best wishes

collins andrew - 1 March 2014

Simba ukwire mwana iyeye until ataura kuti "baba mazvitadza siirayi nyika kuna tsvangirai " . usambomunzwire tsitsi .

Boorangoma - 1 March 2014

Enjoy your day sister may god bless you and the entire family. There is no point to be jelous here.

deeds - 1 March 2014

Enjoy your day sister, may god bless you and the entire family. There is no point to be jelous here

deeds - 1 March 2014

Amhlophe Bona thina siyakujabulela okwenzileyo, zvinodadisa izvi, may you live a happily ever after and God blessed life nemukwasha. Zvinofadza fani

Wasu weku MZILIKAZI - 1 March 2014

First of all I wish to convey my belated Happy 90th Birthday to His Excellency, my hero and conquerer of the settlers. I wish him many more. Secondly, Congrats, makorokoto Bona na Simba matidadisa vana. Maita zvakanaka machata nhasi. Mwari akukomborerei!!!

Inno B. Chirawu - 1 March 2014

zvakaoma tinopona

chamboko - 1 March 2014

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn ! ! ! ! !

Dongi Donkey - 1 March 2014

Mwari ngaarumbidzwe nechiitiko chakadai, uvemucherekedzo wakanaka kwatiri tese, I salute you

Godfrey Tiger Karecha - 1 March 2014

How educated is Simba Makore? Does he hold a degree? I doubt very much. Why is that Mr Mugabe talks proudly of Bona's educational achievement but never says anything about mukwambo's education?

jonathiel moyowaonda - 1 March 2014

godo hamunyari...... kuraiwo mazimba...congrats the newly weds.....

zimbo - 1 March 2014

The murderous despot Matibili & Grace the 1st Shopper Prostitute are evil,callous,corrupt to the bonemarrow.They continue to loot Zim resources to finance their daughter`s wedding ,& quench their insatiable affinity/ penchant 4 lavish life styles whilst the majority of Zimboz wallow in abject poverty.Zimboz are well aware why Matibili& his Cronies continue to subvert&circumvent the will &wishes of the majority of Zimbabweans by violently&fraudulently clinging to the Presidency..To hell with Bona`s Wedding,to hell with murderous Matibili&DisGrace!


Congratulations Bona and Simba. We are all proud of you.

Tawanda Mushayi - 2 March 2014

Makorokoto to Bona & Simba mwari ngaakudzwe Amen.

Nyahoe - 3 March 2014

FEBRUARY: President celebrates 90th birthday in style. A gala costing thousands of dollars is held at a stadium in Highfields. A stone throw away people of Highfields are wallowing in poverty. Most of them spend days without eating a decent meal. FEBRUARY : President hosts thousands of people at his birthday reception. Thousands of dollars are spent at the function. Gvt resources are consumed limitlessly. 300km away Tokwe people are drowning in heavy floods caused by poor planning by the President's Gvt departments.Meanwhile the President drowns himself in pleasure while they sleep in rain, are homeless and some have fallen sick as result. FEBRUARY : The President hosts a lavish bachelors party for his future son in law. Thousands of dollars are spent. All this happens in a country of serious poverty. FEBRUARY : The President holds one of the most expensive and luxurious weddings ever seen in Zimbabwe for his beloved daughter. Thousands and thousands of dollars including taxpayers money is used. Gvt departments are all involved in preparation for this wedding. Meanwhile civil servants and the general workforce of the nation wallow in poverty. MARCH ; The President organises a Hollywood style Honeymoon for his daughter and son in law. He blesses them with thousands of dollars to enjoy themselves. The President is very rich. How much is he earning from Gvt. How much is his net worth. How many businesses does he have. Where did he get the money to build this empire. That is Zimbabwe for you.

mosquito - 3 March 2014

people should know when to separate issues.this is simply an innocent wedding and not politics,afterall it was not bona`s choice to be the president`s daughter..May God bless this marriage.

j ganyiwa - 4 March 2014

May The Good Lord Bless their Union Congrats to Simba & Bona,

Godfrey Sibanda - 4 March 2014

A zvimwe hazvinzisiki chokwadi. President became Prime Minister at 56 years ndokuti ndiwo makore avakashandira nyika. Ko iwe neni tinemakore mangani atashanda uye chii chekuti tikamira paruzhinji vanhu vachitaura kuti zvaitwa. Ini hangu kwandinobva zvininzi asingatende muroyi. Uye kuchechi tinikurudzirwa kutenda kana mweya watinofema chaiwo. Please google see billionaires in the World as we speak a 24 year old Chinese is a billionaire. If all those in Zimbabwe above 24 years had worked hard enough to be billionaires were would we be. Pachishona kana munhu akarega imba ichidyiwa nemuchenje mhepo ikauya ikaidonhedza munhu anoenda kun'anga achiti mashura nekuti imba haipazike munogara munhu. Mumwewo ndewekuti anoberekerwa murume navamwene otadza kuchengeta mwana orwara neKwashi oenda kun'anga kana madzibaba hanzi mwanaroiwa navamwene. Its high time we look at ourselves to see what me as an individual has contributed to my family before saying bad things about others. Nungo negodo hazvibvumurwi ngatishande nesimba. If other countries have billionaires at 24 years of age why cant we do it. Lets not waste enegy negatively please ngatitende zvakana zvinenge zvaitwa nevamwe ini ndinoti Bona naSimba maita zvakanaka mwari akukomborei. Vechidiki tarisai zvakanaka moitawo zvakanakisisa kuti tienderere mberi. Lets start at family level or even at individual level to develop ourselves before going to the next person. Usaone tsotso iri muziso remumwe usati wabvisa danda mumaziso ako. Vamwe mai vaiona tsvina pahembe yepamba pevamwe vasingatarisi tsvina iri pamawindow avo. Vakazoona kuti mbatya dzakananikwa dzakachena vagezerwa mawindow nemurume wavo. Ndapota ngatishande kuti nyika ienderere mberi. President vaita pavo. If only we could do a quarter of what he has done hameno kuzoti 100% tinenge tapfuura nyika dzekumadokero. Ngafarire zvakanaka zvaitwa nevamwe. Food for thought to all of us who are so negative about the first family.

martha - 6 March 2014

Mwari akuitirei nyasha

godknows mhatiwa - 24 March 2014

Mwari akuitirei nyasha

godknows mhatiwa - 24 March 2014

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