Mangoma playing politics, alleged attacker says

HARARE - One of the five men accused of attacking MDC deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma has told the court that he is being targeted for being Morgan Tsvangirai’s follower.

Francis Mafimbidzofa, 38, Enock Mukudu, 31, Stefani Tafadzwa Jahwi,36, Samson Tumai Nerwande, 41, and James Chidhakwa, who is already on remand, appeared before Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe facing assault charges.

During a bail application, Mafimbidzofa said Mangoma had fingered him to settle political scores.

“This is just politics because I support Morgan Tsvangirai and Mangoma wants to be the MDC president,” he said. “I led the campaign to his appointment as deputy treasurer-general though he claims, in his statement, that he does not know me.

“I would want to stand this trial to shame Mangoma because he must learn to tell the truth.”

Mafimbidzofa said he handed himself over to the police and cooperated with law enforcement agents and has no intention of skipping trial because he is innocent. “Police left a list of names of people that they wanted at CID Law and Order in connection with this matter,” he said. “We handed ourselves over to the police aiming to clear our names off this matter. There is no way I would abscond trial. I don’t even possess a passport and besides I am very willing to tell my side of the story.”

The State is opposed to bail on the basis that accused persons do not own valuable property and are not permanently employed. It also claims accused persons all work at Harvest House and there is a high likelihood they will interfere with witnesses.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira alleged that on February 15, Mafimbidzofa, Mukudu, Jahwi, Nerwande, Chidhakwa and others still at large, reportedly waylaid Mangoma outside Harvest House and allegedly assaulted him with open hands and clenched fists.

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Mangoma needs thorough disciplining

Mukanya - 27 February 2014

Mangoma is a coward. He should just form his own political party. Shame on him

Zingozi - 27 February 2014

The cowards are those drunken thugs who assaulted him. He has every right to report the incident to the police. This Chamisa notion that the issue should have been discussed internally is idiotic. Address the issue of violence within your party and stop blaming the victim.

connie - 27 February 2014

Mangoma is a democrat, he does not need an discipline only that he has contrary views with Tsvangirai and those that support him period!!!

Nyamhangambiri - 27 February 2014

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Jonsor - 27 February 2014

Mangoma should learn that siding with the police and ZANU will not only see himm out of politics for good but is risking a total boycott of his business from Zimbabweans fighting for Democracy

Ziziharinanyanga - 27 February 2014

He is not a coward fine but he is a saboteur. Now I know why he was sometimes ago send to the gallows he is thick. He needs to be disciplined.

Maita Manyuka - 27 February 2014

Mangoma is now behaving like a sellout ,traitor ,yes its time Tsvangirai pass on the button stick ,but hatifumuri hapwa nhai Mangoma ,there is a way to do this amicably without running to all forms of media ,you are rather being destructive than constructive, kuZanu wakamboona tichiita bvepfe sezvaunoita here, Hauna hana mface wangu ,politics dzoda hana ,you hve showed us you are very much politically incorrect and imature

gindah - 27 February 2014

@ginda. You say you are a ZNU PF fellow so why are you reprimanding Mangoma ? Are you insinuating that the Tsvangirai group is a front for ZANU PF? Please explain.

Teabag Masamba - 27 February 2014

Pasi naMangoma akatadza kuisa tara frm Headlands to Chendambuya 4 e past 5years ngaabviswe muMDC.

isaacm - 27 February 2014

Muyouth ane 41 years.Kusanyara kushandiswa nevamwe varume kurova munhu akaremara asinga kwanise kuzviita defend.

Beyond - 27 February 2014

Leave me alone vanhu imi. Its my right. Ndini ndaka rohwa saka i cant just fold my arms. I gave MDC disciplinary team a whole week to deal with this and nothing was done. Let the law take its course. Who said Police is ZANU pf? A crime was committed and someone needs to pay for it. I was there when the MDC was formed. I didnt join it, i formed it. Will never quit nor forced out by thugs being bank rolled from the top. If the leadership think they are still popular, simple thing to do is organise an extra-ordinary concress to re-confirm their positions and we all move on.,

mangoma - 27 February 2014

varume mangoma hauna kurohwa iwe unochema kubvarurirwa hembe kuzoti isu tiri kuma cell takaitwa ma short sleeve tozotiiii sha vamwe vakafa kana wada zve musangano wotosimba kwete kungomhanya nepito segudo.ukazonatsa kurobwa un ozotiiii am not yu were supposed to be beaten but yu need to be strong

wezaka - 27 February 2014

Iwe Mangoma hatisiyani newe kana uchida kutiurayira musangano wedu. Pasi newe, pandinokuona ndinokurinditsa nezvibhakera. Form your own party. Unofunga kuti unovhoterwa nani iwe, stupid yemunhu. Hapana anomboziva kuti kune chituta chinonzi Mangoma. Kana uine nharo enda kumaruzevha undovhunza kuti unonzi ani, uone kana pane anokuziva. Usazvinyepera kuti pane vanokuda. Paunoita President weMDC, tose tinobavatatovhotera Zanu. Wakatumwa neZanu iwe, mbawa yemunhu. Tsvangirai ndizvo. Vakakurova havana kukugona, tinokupamha mufanha. Hamba, kure, mutengesi.

Professor - 27 February 2014

Mangoma usarota masikati machena .....haufi wakatonga MDC ,chitobuda ,ko ndiwe nhasi womhanyira mapurisa aaaah nhasi vanaka nokuti unoda kutora simba ne "advising the President " kkkkkk hausvodi muronda tsimba ,ibva apo iwe,manje vacho vaunoti vakusiye ndiyo MDC yacho ,enda fuck you

sinyoro - 27 February 2014

shame,zvakaoma,if only MANGOMA was busy with Gods work like Noah..eish,,ko vakafunda sana Mangoma munozvinetserei nemutambo unotyisa uyu? Uya tinamate Mwari shamwari. Even Mukanya sang about the dangers of politics...i feel for you..As for me,ndakatambura zvakakwana nguva yehondo..handidi kuva dead hero vabereki vangu vachitambura...siyana nazvo izvi iwe Mangoma...

geo - 27 February 2014

Mangoma you are foolish and you make people suspect our education system. You cannot learn from Gwisai, Sikhala, Ncube etc. Why then don't you learn from your friends in Zanu PF like Mavhaire. You do not have the ability. You do not have support. You cannot get 100 votes. Mavotes awakawana ndeaTsvangirai. Pasina Chematama hauna kwaunosvika. He has his weaknesses but they did not result in the election losses. Never! In any case if it was a failure you also were part of senior MDC-T and must resign as well. I am not an MDC supporter and can clearly see this. Wake up and be sober and see the reality before you sink in the dustbin of politics. You are foolish. Use your head to think and not just carry your hair.

Mangoma Foolish - 27 February 2014

Its strange that a party that claims to be the champion of democracy is now resorting to violence because one of its own has voiced about leadership renewal. If Tsvangirai knows that he still enjoys popularity amongst the supporters where is this uproar about Mangoma coming from?Why are you people attacking Mangoma, ndimi makarohwa here? If there is democracy in this party allow the man to speak kasi pane chamuri kutya here!? Practice what you preach...... Mukuru wenyu needs to conduct himself in a manner thats befitting for a leader. Courage is not the only quality that maketh a leader.

Nyakudirwa - 28 February 2014

In REPLY TO Nyakudirwa; Mukuru wenyu needs to conduct himeslf in a manner that befits a leader,not a genocidal maniac

scar face - 28 February 2014

Kana padare rekumusha hatidaro, Mangoma,s approach was very unprocedural

Padare - 28 February 2014

@ scar face love him or hate him Mugabe does conduct himself better than Tsvangirai. Vana sikana vopera ne murume uyu Tsvangirai. I shudder to think of what would happen if he ever ruled Zimbabwe.

Nyakudirwa - 28 February 2014

mangoma should form his own party or kuteera wana mutambara nana ncube i ruubish ye munhu haiko

ADM - 1 March 2014

Any normal and patriotic zimbabwean can never compare Morgan and Mugabe . Morgan has never killed a single zimbabwean has never destroyed anybody 's home ,has never displaced zimbabweans infact he is trying to build a better zim so that those displaced can come back home and live without fear or tribally discreminated.While Mugabe killed 20000 thousand zimbabweans , people like Rashiwe Guzha disappeared for ever . He threatens zimbabweans in rural areas during elections using retired soldiers and policemen so that he can win elections So zimbabweans know their enemy and it is not Morgan but Mugabe . Mugabe is a well known sigebenga .

Dibulaanyika - 1 March 2014

Mangoma was nikuved in Makoni constituent that is why he is bitter. Instead of trying to strategies for 2018 ,he is on ZANUPF's payroll for the an attempt destruction mdc-t

jonathiel moyowaonda - 1 March 2014

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