Indian envoy's wife launches cookery book

HARARE - Anita Bhagat, the wife to Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, has launched a book called Chilli Blooms.
The book, launched at a ceremony in Harare, offered recipes from India and Ikebana; and flower arrangement techniques from Japan. 

Bhagat said, “I started writing this book three years ago. My children had gone away from home and I tied up all my recipes and made my maid to try and prepare the dishes. I would take pictures of the prepared food from the recipes and kept them.”

Production of the book was done with the aid of Bhagat’s children.

“My children helped, the youngest one assisted with production of the cover,” she said. “I am very happy that I have managed to publish this book. It is being sold on at the moment.”

The book has at least 200 pages full of recipes and Ikebana. A colourful crowd graced the ceremony with a number of ambassadors in attendance.

Food prepared from some recipes in the book was neatly arranged on tables and people nibbled well into the night.

Bhagat brought a number of books to the ceremony that nearly sold out.

She said, “The recipes are easy to follow and they can be prepared at home.”