Harare mayor turns down $200 000 Merc

HARARE - Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni claims he turned down a $200 000 mayoral car.

Manyenyeni said his priorities lay in improving service delivery before council could get him a pricey vehicle.

“I refused a $200 000 car a Mercedes Benz S350 and told them I can do with a car that costs for less than a $100 000,” he told residents at a consultative meeting with the Combined Harare Residents Association (Chra) on Tuesday.

“Anyway, I don’t need a car right now when there are other things that need the city’s attention like roads.”

The mayor already drives a Merc ML.

“I have seen decent cars at showrooms for around $30 000, I can even get that type of car. It does not need to be a Mercedes Benz, any car will do,” Manyenyeni said.

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we need more people like you good sir.I thank you!

phlawless - 20 February 2014


macky - 20 February 2014


robinsen - 20 February 2014

Keep on doing the good works guys ndivo vanhu vatinoda kwete mbavha dzevanhu

patricia - 20 February 2014

lets hope that US$200,000-00 will be used to good use.

tonderai marime - 20 February 2014

lets hope that US$200,000-00 will be used to good use.

tonderai marime - 20 February 2014

Try Chombo and see if he will refuse! He will ask for each for his many wives!

Tongogara - 20 February 2014

@Tongogara, it's girl friends.

Semhalo - 20 February 2014

I suggest that these public vehicles should belong to the office and should be allocated to the incoming official rather than as a present after leaving office.

JACKSON Mushayapokuvaka - 20 February 2014

The previous council spent a lot of money constructing a hold zone for kombis that will never be utilised. The planning was very poor. There is a small entrance that can only allow one car at each given time. Are you sure mahwindi will be patient enough to such a chaotic arrangement. Mark my words, rate-payer's money thrown in the bin. Investigate the tender in such deals

piripiri - 20 February 2014

Apa wagona, asika vamwe tinotenda tavona saThomas. Kana ukavhara makomba atekeshera mumigwagwa yeHarare yose, uye kutipawo mvura yekugeza zvayo zuva parabudira kwedu kuWaterfalls uko nemuHarare yose unenge waritidza humhare hwako. On the other hand, if we continue seeing uncollected garbage, burst sewer pipes and all the ills that have plagued City of Harare we will surely label you a complete failure. To some of us it will not mean anything that you spurned a $200 000 mercedes benz.

Nesongano - 20 February 2014

uchazozvidemba mangwana, idiva kamwe dziva iri (lol) haa ndapa kutenda unotokundira dzimwe hama dzinonamata vane material faith. keep that standard manyenyeni deno maconcuncillors aidarowo manje hey zvatova nematama pamwe kudya mabanana emaillegal vendors.

Chidondova - 20 February 2014

This is what we have been praying for as a nation, to have decent and sober people occupy high positions. My God bless you

tafadzwa jera - 20 February 2014

zvekuramba mota hazvina basa. give us service delivery which is good and we will be happy

elius - 20 February 2014

lets hope this is not just a gimmick to get the hearts of the people. Please continue with this kind of mentality and see how will the residents will support you through paying our rates.

Nyorodo - 20 February 2014

You better continue being modest like that because if you become greedy mukoma Gina will make a meal out of you in an instant

Kelvin Moses - 20 February 2014

Both Harare & Byo mayors are ex Old Mutual workers ! The `outgoing` Hre mayor has been the chairperson of Old Mutual for the past fews yrs!! Interesting?

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 20 February 2014

Thanks Mr Mayor for setting a good example for your MDC colleagues who should have done likewise when they were in government.

saundy - 20 February 2014

This shows a man who has his heart in the right place..200k can go a long way in plugging the whole left by Mahachi and his merry bend of looters. The Mayor needs to be more bold than this by asking his colleagues to walk away from council for a day around the city centre in protest against being forced to work with thieves by the Minister. The city residents can join them for a walk-about the city. They should do this at an appointed hour like lunchtime everyday till Mahachi and his merry bend of thieves have accounted for every red cent they stole from citizens. He has to make a BOLD STATEMENT one way or the other..We cant go on like this.

gutter poet - 20 February 2014

ndokuti a leader ka uku but plz mr Mayor walk the talk n bring wisdom to those who dnt have it kuti haisi nyaya ye personal benefit bt serving th nation n benefit later thnx a million times a real example of a leader

joe - 21 February 2014

I hope you are sincere bhururu and you don't want to just make a political statement. But anyway its a commendable gesture.

S. Takarwireyi - 21 February 2014

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Roof Repair Solutions - 21 February 2014

Mvura kuZimre. We haven't had water in Zimre for almost a year now and nobody seem to care. Not even the mayor, the MP or council. I don't know how the authorities think we are surviving

Zimre Res - 21 February 2014

Thats the good thing about giving positions of responsibility to people who have their own things. So aspire for such positions and hope to get their first car and house from them. Thanx Manyenyeni.

Taurai - 21 February 2014

.....Some aspire

Taurai - 21 February 2014

I love this, I love this this is focused leadership. You might be helping create a new culture munyika.. muno mune chirwere Chekuda mota dzakanaka dzinodhura. Eish zvakabva kupiko izvi

Sesel Zvidzai - 21 February 2014

Iwe Mayor, urambe wakadaro, tipewo mvura mumatapes edu kuMsasa Park, totenga mvura here when you are supposed to provide me with water sekodzero yangu. Mvura mumatape Mayor.

Jey - 25 February 2014

Hon Mayor That's what I can call ethical conduct, it is integrity, being socially responsible, to me, you are outstanding and I wish if all in power and occupying public offices could read the shame and expose you evened upon them so that they turn back to behave like mere public practitioners. Stewards and not bosses Thank you Hon. Mayor

VIVA MANYENYENI - 26 February 2014

you are cultured my man ;man of the people God bless you

joseph mufunda - 26 February 2014

you are cultured my man ;man of the people God bless you

joseph mufunda - 26 February 2014

you are cultured my man ;man of the people God bless you

joseph mufunda - 26 February 2014

Kwaniko, agara arikushandisa ML yakasiiwa na Masunda, why would he need a new one. After all he is just a ceremonial mayor so he does not take it with him after his term .kunatsa Nhema . He went on an international trip on council business at council 's expense with his wife. Something Masunda never did and guess what he left behind the technocrat , engineer Phillip Pfukwa . Mubvunzeyi Mr "strait" Bernard munzwe Kati anoramba here ? He spent $10k of council monies on a honeymoon . SUKA

Dondo - 26 February 2014

NO to evil workers

mafira kureva - 27 February 2014

Tinozvitenda baba lead as a example in our society

Chihwa Wekumupata Pachivaka Bikita - 27 February 2014

Well done. Good example for others to emulate.

Chicco - 27 February 2014

haiwa zvinokudzwa,asy mota yacho yakazopihwa any?

samido - 27 February 2014

Hats off to you shamwari, you are one in a million. Ramba wakadaro despite what haters will say. I SALUTE YOU!!!

Gaba Rinocheka - 27 February 2014

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