From democratic to vampire movement

HARARE - When Welshman Ncube broke ranks with the MDC and vowed never to reunite with Morgan Tsvangirai many of the self-proclaimed democratic forces and civil society accused him of betraying the democratic dream.

In fact, Tsvangirai fanatics were quick to label Welshman a CIO operative with the conspiracies escalating to opaque levels of claiming he had been given $6 million to split the party.

MDC heretics and apathetics are at it again, postulating Tsvangirai is in fact a saint who neither believes in, nor commits violent acts.

If ever one doubted the intelligence and stance taken by Ncube, it was just a matter of time as events at the dreaded Harvest House which can now be aptly called “Violence House” proved beyond doubt that violence has been firmly institutionalised as a convenient tool to deal with critics.

Journalists were last year bashed for daring to set foot at the axis of violence which is the headquarters of a movement that claims to usher democratic values based on tolerance and accepting the otherness.

A party which claims to be democratic should never condone the silencing of dissent and all party members should behave in an exemplary manner and desist from using pseudo repressive apparatuses.

An effective leader of a party should be respected by followers and if he or she says no to violence, then it’s a NO.

When rowdy and drunk supporters commit acts of violence or threaten such acts in the presence of the leader especially to those questioning his leadership credentials many conclusions can be made.

The most common ones are that the leader is acting in cahoots with the perpetrators to instil fear in his critics and cling to sacrosanct infallible power.

It does not augur well with decent mental faculties for a party that claims to be democratic to be seen to be applying medieval barbaric antics of using knobkerries and machetes to settle internal disputes.

It’s actually a fallacy and a shame for the MDC heretics to insult the citizens’ intelligence by calling itself a party of excellence.

It has also come to the fore that those who are vociferous for power and freedom can be the worst enemies of the values they themselves purport to serve.

The bashing of Elton Mangoma has shown the hypocrisy of those who want to always gain international sympathy for being victims when they are the chief architects of intra and inter political violence.

When party members can unleash violence on their leaders then what more on political opponents?

This culture of factional intra-party violence is detrimental to the country as it can easily become contagious.

The reports of intra party violence and crackdown on senior members who dare criticise the leader is an affront to all those who want a peaceful, prosperous and democratic society.

It is also a strong warning that power should be entrusted in the hands of those who can use it responsibly.

What then are we going to conclude from these crackdowns in terms of democratisation processes in Africa?

What many people see as viable opposition parties are after all self satisfying projects of individuals who are fronting alien interests for personal gain.

If indeed the MDC is a genuine political movement with the sole aim of serving the public interests, why should leaders fight viciously to cling to lead a movement which by nature is supposed to continue going even beyond the lives of the founders until democracy is refined and continues to go on.

The habit of seeing shadows everywhere is cheap talk. For a leader to claim that his party has been infiltrated is a mockery to people’s political literacy and a sign that it has no detective measures to weed out such infiltrators.

If truth be told, the fact remains that fallen no more to rise is Morgan Tsvangirai, forsaken with no one to raise him up!

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tsvangirai akasara, we no longer vote for these unseducated violent morons.

educated registered voter - 20 February 2014

Violence is deplorable but if one looks are at broader picture of African politics the the above analysis ought to be highly recommende.However politics is a struggle for power and numbers hence very much associated with some forms of violence malice and intimiodation those in it need to raise above the ordinary and behave otherwise.Expecting MDC to be very pure is quite unrealistic because all political parties go through this metamorphisis remember the Nhari rebellion ,the post independence disturbances and the current succession issue in ZANUPF.Where Mangoma erred was to discuss party issues in the media synonymous with washing dirty linen in public.Moreso some people feeel that the is a hand agenda to destablise the opposition so that when a new face takes over from rgm they start on the same page.So to Biti and Mangoma my sincerest advise is beware of being misled politics is a game of number not of degrees. Humble yourselves your time will come.

Aluta continua - 20 February 2014


Mukanya - 20 February 2014

If Mangoma, Biti and company they should work within the constitution, have elections in 2016 and not use education and intelligence to topple their leader. If Tsvangirai is wrong let the congress judge him and not a few individuals that is undemocratic no to factionalism

P B - 20 February 2014

What congress are you talking about, Tsvangirai should not hide behind this congress thing are you not the ones who are saying President Mugabe should pave way for new elections to be held is this 2018 ngaachienda Tsvangirai taneta naye

Nyamhangambiri - 20 February 2014

With due respect to the author of this article, both his arguments and writing are weak. Why does it all come down to Tsvangirai and not and Biti, Mangoma and the other leaders?

Musorodamba - 20 February 2014

Should Tsvangirai just go because Mangoma wants the leadership? The constitution is clear. His term is not over plus isu tinomusupporta. Isai sviMangoma svenyu muone muchiita seMDC-N very fast. Why do you want to do coups? Are you afraid of an elective congress?

Tongogara - 20 February 2014

These guys are hiding something now I want to think they sabotaged the project. In Politics there will always be elements of violence. People talked about Weslhman saying he will never work with Tsvangirayi again but that does not make him a saint, where is MDC-N? I gave an example of football teams, they don't want violence but the way supporters react to a ref's decision is out of their control. Tsvangirayi could not have been in control of the youth who pulled not assaulted pulled Mangoma's shirt. These guys have destoryed a people's project by the power fights now what we Zimbabweans want is a new clean opposition party without this dirty things called MDc-T MDC-N, NCA, and MDC-99, no we want selfless people who are after Zimbabwe's success. I looked in ZanuPF I have found none, in MDC-T none, in MDC-N none and MDC-99 none leaving us Zimbabweans stuck to theis corruption perfectionists a.k.a ZanuPF.

Maita Manyuka - 21 February 2014

Nyamhangambiri, MDc congress is in 2016 and elections are in 2018 giving whover wins 2 years to organise. What these guys are doing is just muddying each other at the end of the day its MDC which is muddied and they will find they are now leaders of a dirty muddied party which nobody wants. They should strategise the party so that whoever takes over does it on a clean plate not kutanga masvibisana. The truth is Mangoma was assaulted (pulling a shirt is assault) but was not battered and was not supposed to take it this far but because there is a hidden vendetta anoisa plaster pasina kutyoka. Was he not there mazuva a Trudy? But because he did not want Tsvangiryi to go he was quite? Even in MDC-N when those guys defected from it there was an element of violence, but because the aim is to destroy Tsvangirayi they ballooned pulling to battered.

Maita Manyuka - 21 February 2014

Nyaya yako Welly inoda kuti isangane, balanced ngechingezi; uye ute iya inonzi investigative journalism, izvi zvinoita kuti unyore zvine punch, nyaya dzematongerwo enyikaadzine ma angles akasiyana. Rega nditaure ndichiti Mwari ngavakubatsire kuti manyorero ako aite nani- unless if you were just throwing spanners in the works.

Muprofia - 21 February 2014

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