Angel back in Zim

HARARE - Prophet Uebert Angel, the popular Spirit Embassy founder and leader jetted into the country yesterday after more than a month in the United Kingdom.

Angel's arrival put paid to widespread speculation that he had relocated to London.

Zimbabwe's social media had been awash with the reports that Angel had fled the country but his aides insisted that he had merely routinely travelled to the UK.

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mbavha iya yadzoka. He needs lots of money to stay in London so i can tell he decided to make more church money from zim and take it to the UK. He failed to make his UK church work because they are not as stupid as zimbabweans back home who believe he can raise the dead miracle money and all that crap. Cause poverty and hope follow christianity where we have a society that wants free stuff to live. Hard work the bible says not this miracle money stuff.

petros - 20 February 2014

"Not as stupid as Zimbabweans back home..." SMH at your myopic conclusion Petros.

Fatha - 20 February 2014


dzvombi - 20 February 2014


dzvombi - 20 February 2014

The gullibility of human beings is astounding. Anybody who cannot recognize this fraud is beyond help. In hard desperate times, the need for "miracles" is intoxicationg.

James Moyo - 20 February 2014

Yes the Major Prophet is back and the devil is in trouble. Basa ngarirohwe and vhangeri ngarifambe

Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka - 20 February 2014

Ignorance of foolish men describes people who are willfully ignorant of God's truth, foolishly disobedient to God's Word and are criticizers or critics of Christians. Those who speak against Christianity are ignorant and foolish. They take a foolish and ignorant position and attack the truth. Preach Black man preach

Emmanuel - 20 February 2014

Noble thinking produces noble living. High thinking produces high living. Holy thinking produces holy living.

Major Son - 20 February 2014

The cross of Christ can sweeten the most bitter experience of life. To get rid of weeds of anger, dig out the bitter roots. A change in the heart brings a change in behavior. Major Emeritus make Jesus Famous

Major Daughter - 20 February 2014

Its so amazing how people rush to comment negatively on spiritual things they do not understand..I once saw Prophet Angel in first street where another Evangelist by the name Muparinga was preaching Kingdom message.Such humility baffled my mind and led me to go the scriptures and relook at what other people like Petros,Dzvombi,James Moyo postulate.People who say high sounding words which are empty and devoid of truth.May Jehovah open your spiritual eyes to see what God is doing through his prophets,as prophesyd by Prophet Joel on 2vs 28.

WISE OBSERVER - 20 February 2014

I wonder why people calling themselves christians bt they always against other christians... They said there are no prophets... They want money but if you go their churches every service their pastor call for offering.... So offering from other churches are not offering but their church is a real offering.....

Cde Sona - 20 February 2014

wise obsserver like seriously. Did you know one of the highest rates of money laundaring are in churches. The bible says they will be many false profits. Why do u selectively read the bible. Jesus himself said sell all ur belongings and follow me. Its hard for a rich man to enter heaven. Money is root to all evil. Worse still ur pastors dont read the full chapter just pluck out a verse. Jesus was offered all the riches of the world but he refused what lifestyle are these pastors u call papa father giving you. God in heaven is our only father not a rich man on earth. He takes from the most provish people and driving expensive cars and u all follow to give him while he does his nigerian tricks. Where in the bible did you see a phrophet offer someone money or earthly gifts where and i will show u a liar. People in zimbabwe are desperate with poverty and anything to help them of promises lets them donate hoping for a return. The problem is u listen to these thieves and not read the bible . I read he raised someone fro the dead OMG

petros - 20 February 2014

Muprofita haana nzvimbo yaanonzi ndooyaka, munhu anofamba achiita zvaakanzi aite namwari, why should he stay here nor in the uk?

Graciano - 20 February 2014

Welcome back Father cant wait to see you doing the best you can.

Lanasond - 20 February 2014

Major Prophet s back yedede yedede, we on fire this sundy.

Webikita - 20 February 2014

This is a true man of GOD. I love you Major.

Simbarashe - 20 February 2014

Petros: Surely i am not well vested in politics but that is where money laundering is at its highest. in churches i doubt because no one is forced to give. if you give grudgingly God does not like it and it is not giving at all before Him. Their private lifestyle should not make you lose sight of the good things they do. After all these have invited people to openly come and do the collection of tithes, offerings and pay the church expenses and see if they are taking money from the church. If its of man it will not last but if its of God you will not be able to stop it.

Razaro - 20 February 2014

Welcome back Major Prophet I love u Man of God ...

Fatso - 20 February 2014

Some people dont fear the God In Heaven. You will criticise everything and everybody under the earth and even GOD in Heaven. Ahh. You should be careful as you can find yourselves on the wrong side of the Word of God. I will give you a few examples 1. The Bible says touch not my anointed one. Now if you are not sure about his stature i advise it is safe to just not criticise servants of God. Very safe, dont criticise even Mapositori, Roman Catholic, Methodist, ZAOGA, FOG, Makandiwa, Wutawunashe, Guti etc becase YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY WERE CALLED. Just dont go there if you are not happy than to write all these things you write. Malachi 3:16 says you will be called to account for all thse things you communicate with one another 2. In Acts the Council of the Jews were persecuting Christians and they met to ban them after criticising John and Peter. One man called Gamaliel, a prominent lawyer and Teacher of the Law advised them bacareful to fight these men. He advised them to leave them alone because if it was not of God it would self destroy but if it was of God you might find yourself fighting God. Thus be careful with all these things you write pereadventure you might find yourself fighting God. If it is not of God it wont last Finally THE FEAR OF GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM

PETER JUTA - 20 February 2014

Those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh.” Unsaved, fleshly people have an unsaved, fleshly mind-set. They think as fallen, unredeemed people. On the other hand, “those who are according to the Spirit [set their minds on] the things of the Spirit.” Their renewed minds are focused on spiritual truth. Consequently, “the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace” (Romans 8:6)

Emeritus Junior - 20 February 2014

Haha sefofane se gorogile...its going to be POWERFUL,THE devil IS IN TROUBLE!!!!

kgotso - 20 February 2014

The battle is not first in the field of action; it is in the field of thought. Transport yourself to the pasture, consider the cow chewing her cud, and learn that lesson from nature that the psalmist learned. Your delight must be in the Word of God, and in His Word you must chew your cud day and night. If the battle is lost, it is lost because you do not meditate on “ these things.”Welcome back Prophet Angel

Karikoga Gumiremiseve - 20 February 2014

The devil is under our feet!!!Amen..... Welcome general

Michael - 20 February 2014

So who has access to the funds Makandiwa and angel have. This noncensce of they are called by God they can also be called by the devil using Gods name. Many people will say Lord Lord but i will say i dont know you. Look at all the signs they do not show of the spiritiual blessing which are things like love patience etc readur bible and not let these satanists pollute your mind by telling you that donate 1000 and u will recieve blessing of 10000. Look we buy 500000 dollar cars cause we blessed. By telling us all things will be given unto u those blessing are spiritual not monetary. God has said several times about money and the evils. Who regulates what happens with the money. ITs their church they can do what they like with the money. Also the clients that sit on those sofas donate 50000 from criminal activities or corruption like poloticians and they get it back when it is washed clean by the church and these guys are given contracts . It happens in nigeria all the time and south africa. These are not man of God its like going to watch a magic show when u go to their services. The people who get healed are bused from villages far away. noone knows a single person personally why?. Why cant any of u say this person we know he is crippled for 10 years he was healed. If makandiwa or angel can heal HIV trust me they would be billionaries. google how many people have been to TB and still die of AIDS. All money making if u want to part with ur hard earned money so someone drives a 100000 car be stupid.

petros - 20 February 2014

Only one RACE twill soon be past, Only what's done in Christ will last. Welcome back Major Prophet Angel

Komboniyatsva - 20 February 2014

You are one of a kind-designed to glorify God as only you can

Ray - 20 February 2014

Humble, candid, teachable minds receive the word, and are made wise unto salvation. Things hidden from the wise and prudent are revealed unto babes. The persuadable grow wise, but the cavillers continue fools. Welcome back

Mafriq - 20 February 2014

As a law or plan the Word of God converts, and then as a testimony it instructs; it is not enough for us to be converts, we must continue to be disciples; and if we have felt the power of truth, we must go on to prove its certainty by experience. The perfection of the gospel converts, but its sureness edifies; if we would be edified it becomes us not to stagger at the promise through unbelief, for a doubted gospel cannot make us wise, but truth of which we are assured will be our establishment.

Byo 747 - 20 February 2014

Letters of the alphabet (even when they are learned from the Bible!), the mere ABC, cannot make one wise for salvation; the sacred writings can! It is "the testimony of Jehovah" and His "commandments" which make a man wise (Ps 19:7; Ps 119:98;) Welcome Back MOG

Biatso - 20 February 2014

We were waiting for you. Welcome

Welcome - 20 February 2014

@Petros Those who only sample the Bible never acquire a taste for it.

Emmanuel - 20 February 2014

Wish I could be there!

NGWENU - 20 February 2014

When Christ's love fills your heart, the more you give, the more you gain

Snow - 20 February 2014

God never limits us to scheduled times for approaching Him. Each of us has a private line, an immediate connection that we can use without any preliminaries. The switchboard never gives us a busy signal, nor need we fear monopolizing God's time and crowding out someone else.

100% Die Hard - 20 February 2014

We need diligence in using our private line whenever the Lord prompts us, whether for ourselves or others. Everything that concerns us interests Him. The great antidote for worry, weakness, frustration, and disappointment is to pray about everything. Welcome back Major

Mfana - 20 February 2014

Prayer is the keynote of success. Neither a class nor an individual can succeed in Christ without it. Prayer is the breath of the Christian. We are commanded to "pray continually" (1Th 5:17).

Church Of Prayer - 20 February 2014

He who is not against us is on our side. - Jesus (Luke 9:50)

Kwedu - 20 February 2014

Welcome Back Prophet

Lee - 20 February 2014

Major! Major! Major! Major! Major!

Daughter - 20 February 2014

A true Prophet of God

Ted - 20 February 2014

Zvakabhadhara Kwedu

LeRoy - 20 February 2014

Welcome Back Papa

Tevez - 20 February 2014


Patrica - 20 February 2014

all u guys who follow these people are spiritually blinded and dont read ur bible but wait to be flashed with fake miracles and the desire for riches. I can assure u some of u will get to heaven and be shocked when you dont see u desired papas and u wont enter. The bible says HE (Jesus) has concured the devil and Jesus will put him under their feet not you my friend. He must enjoy his lif 30000 supports all give ! dollare or buy oranges at a dollar or bricks prayed for from a simple man and not God . He must go everywhere drive nice cars and enjoy his house at the brooke while u guys go back to ur one roomed house from being told that if u donate 5 dollars God will bless u with 50. For once pray to God to ask u to deliver u and show u the truth through the bible and not follow like blind mice listening to someone rich while u die in poverty. Work hard not wait for miracle cash. I hope he keeps stealing from u stupid people till u wake up from ur gumbura sleep. Churches are not taxed all those cars they bring are not taxed cause they are supposed to be non profit but hey u are taxed too bad.

petros - 20 February 2014

WELCOME BACK PAPA. Lets make Jesus famous

lee - 20 February 2014

Ignorance of foolish men describes people who are willfully ignorant of God's truth, foolishly disobedient to God's Word and are criticizers or critics of Christians. Those who speak against Christianity are ignorant and foolish. They take a foolish and ignorant position and attack the truth. Preach Black man preach

Emmanuel - 20 February 2014

mbavha iyi yadzoka imbavha idzi yauya kuzotora mari kkkk

jongwe - 20 February 2014

Our daily weaknesses, our daily wants, our daily fears, our daily dangers, our daily temptations, etc., call for our daily prayers.

Travaine - 20 February 2014


gumbura - 20 February 2014

joshua 1 vs 8 says meditate upon the word day and nite, it ddnt say upon the prophercy it goes on saying watchout for false prophets who come in form of sheep yet inside them they are ravening wolves ,this is the book of matthew and in chapter 7 vs 21 to 22 it says not all who say lord, lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven, it clearly and vividly says i shall deny them that i ddnt knw you workers of inquity m we have a problem of people who doesnt wnt to read the bible and who worship these fake prophets thats the reason why vane nhare you tell them the gospel of truth they deny it they cnt praise GOD kana pasina maporofita iyaya then what kana waitiswa mari etc wth these prophets JOHN the baptist begins his ministry buy preaching the gospel of remission of sin and salvation we also here our LORD JESUS CHRIST in matthew 4v17 saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand whch is totally deferent frm today's word .........if yu wnt this come to my church eish, the bible says seek the kingdom of GOD and righteousness then all yu desire will then follow, vana baba CHIWESHE vaiva munhu wa mwari asi hatina kuona zvatirikuona nhasi.......GOD loves you my brother ,my sister haikona kunotsvira yausingazive verenga shoko ramwari nokuti ndiro richakumirira kuti ubatsirikane read jeremiah 23 unzwe kuti mwari vakati kudii wth such prophets.

mr ibu - 20 February 2014

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