Mai Charamba did not deserve Nama award

EDITOR — I see no reason why National Arts Council of Zimbabwe should defend Olivia Charamba’s award.
I recently wrote to you saying I was very disappointed with her win and I maintain that, Mai Charamba shouldn’t have won that award.

For your own information Nacz, I am not the only person against Olivia’s award.

I did a survey of my own and many people were taken aback and actually shocked that Olivia’s 2009 album made her win — to me it is called delayed reaction.

I have nothing against Mai Charamba but let’s call a spade a spade because my argument which I raised before still stands.

Why not give upcoming artistes a chance and motivate them.

Nacz said that “the criteria to choose the Best Female Musician won by Olivia Charamba (Mai Charamba) was not based on who had a recent hot album but considered the musician’s contribution on the showbiz circuit,” — point taken Nacz but I have a question for you.

So you mean that all the winners of the recently held National Arts Merit Awards have “contributed tremendously” to the arts industry?

Were there no new comers in the industry who actually won because they are truly gifted?

Well, if you really wanted to give Mai Charamba an award for her contribution to the showbiz circuit why didn’t you just give her an achievement award without anything to do with being the Best Female Artiste because in my own opinion she is not the best at the moment.

Perhaps a survey of your own would prove me right. Give awards to people who deserve them.

Jah Prayzah scooped four awards and he truly deserved them and for the same reason, he also got the people’s award.

Nacz claimed Mai Charamba was “active stage wise” really? So you mean to tell me that other female artistes were not active stagewise? Zvakaoma!


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I was extremely dissapointed by NAMA for giving Mai Charamba the said award.I agree 100% that the artist has contributed tremendously to the music industry especially on the female side but the fact still remains she has not come up with a new album in almost 5 years.The message NAMA is sending to other nominees in the category is you have been producing rubbish for the past five years.This is not fair at all.Come on MAMA be real.Vanasikana vemuZim are doing very well in this industry,talk of Edith,Rute Mbangwa,Prudence,Pah Chihera,Cynthia Mare the list is endless.Thats why most of these artists do not bother submitting their works for consideration,they have lost faith in you NAMA.Even Olivia wacho was surprised when her name was called up. Maybe you should have awarded her an achievers award like you did to Tuku.

shumba - 19 February 2014

This was a stupid move by NAMA. There might be individuals here who were corrupted by some of the so called winners. Olivia is a yester year musician. Her music is in the dust bins. we have so many tallented ladies sweating it out and their reward is a middle fingure that you are all rubbish. Come on Guys, what do you take zimbos for. Olivia should quietly return that award and it should be given to a deserving individual. Mahumbwe ega ega mu zimbabwe, from politics, sports, arts

chifamba - 20 February 2014


Sly - 21 February 2014

Just giving an award to someone in 2014 based on works of 2009 is dumb and stupid.

matavire - 21 February 2014

It just proves what I have always believed... The National arts council is privy to its own inner circle and is far from being a group that is capable, fair and honest in it's managing and promotion of the arts in this country! What a joke!

Sabi - 21 February 2014

Mai Charamba should have refused to take the award, both for the sake of safeguarding her dignity and Christianity.

innocent African? - 22 February 2014

Nhai vanhu vemuzimbabwe, tipeika mazita acho evanhu vamunofunga kuti re better, haikona kungowawata. Give us the name as evidence

Piece of Mind - 22 February 2014

Key lessons for NAMA, you do not try to defend a position that is so wrong in the eyes of your audience . NAMA, SHOULD JUST ADMIT THAT THEY ERRED. NAMA should just acknowledge feedback from the public and all lol the dust to settle then move on. The Awards are not a popularity contest but effort individuals have put within a defined period. The NAMA award categories should be public information the public. The selection Committee for these awards need to learn that just one mistake in selecting and awarding a winner kills the credibility of these awards and some aspiring members will not participate in the awards killing the objective that NAMA is trying to achieve. Finally I say well done to the NAMA awards Commitee . You can only but improve next year. For 2014 the did has already been done..yours truly The Judge.

The judge - 23 February 2014

Fungisai is better than Mai Charamba

Ndozvitaura - 24 February 2014

hello good people. lets not always complain, complain- chakanaka chakanaka. To you ndozvitaura, Fungisai is never and will never be better than mai charamba. tirikurarama munguva dzenyasha, nyasha- favor dzakaburukira kwamai Shalom Charamba, ak for that favor from God. favor haiuye neshamwari, favor haiuye nemari akaimba Mathias Mhere

mary - 25 February 2014

"THY KINGDOM COME" That is how, in part, Christians ought to pray but this is how people are conversing daily in Marondera. Marondera residents are yearning for more of Mugabe's kingdom in general and his person in particular to visit the provincial town frequently after the kingdom's presence during the 21st February movement brought a new face to the town with key roads linked to the focal point of the event received face lift a few hours before the kingdom entered. This is at the ugly backdrop of an unchecked dilapidation of infrastructure since time immemorial in the town which reasons were attributed to lack of resources by those entrusted with the welfare of Marondara. Indeed it was resources lacking, as shown by the neat work done to usher Mugabe--- so neat was the work that a raft of stars would have been attracted if the work was done by a 1st grader. However, the resources which were in short supply, according to the view of this author, were neither material nor financial in character but wholly attitudinal. So my interpretation of the current talk of Marondera of wishing if Mugabe was able to visit the town weekly is not that the residents are already missing this elder barely a week after he was driven off but is to wish if those in authority could sustain the attitude they adopted at the eve of the 21st February movement. May be as a fellow resident, let me add few words to the prayer of our moment before i log off- Amen

Taurai Mbonyeya - 1 March 2014

if u pple dont have anything to say just keep quite....olivia is the best whether her bestness were based on year 2009 album, it doesnt matter. it simply defines that even if those whom u wanted to win havatombogoni kusvika ipapo, coz its incredible kana song ichiita more than 5years iri p heat,,,ndokuti kugona ka...bvisai ma feelings enyu nema personal issues , l beg she really deserved it

mutasa - 24 October 2014

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