My hands are clean: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said his security personnel frantically shielded deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma from attack by rowdy youths, and rushed him to his Highlands house.

But Mangoma, who was roughed up and had his shirt torn-off, insisted he was assaulted by troublemakers who were hired by the party.

By end of day yesterday, Mangoma had still not made a police report on the alleged assault.

The party’s deputy treasurer-general alleged that Tsvangirai retreated as they stepped out of Harvest House, the MDC headquarters in central Harare after a meeting with district chairpersons on Saturday, disregarding the exit formula they had reportedly agreed on.

Mangoma claims the meeting with all district chairpersons, which ran for eight-hours, was convened to whip up emotions.

Mangoma is one of senior MDC officials who are calling for Tsvangirai to step down after controversially losing elections to President Robert Mugabe ostensibly because he was now a hard-sell candidate, but the MDC leader secured a ringing endorsement from all 210 district chairpersons last weekend.

“How do you take agents from outside the party and buy them beer?” Mangoma queried.

Asked if he was contemplating legal action against his attackers, he said, “I am yet to decide whether to go or not but I may go back to the party and ask for an internal investigation.”

Charity Charamba, the police spokesperson, said the force will act if there was a report filed.

“We are waiting for them to come and complain,” Charamba told the Daily News.

“They must come and report. If they don’t want to come in order to protect their party, then it is up to them. But we are ready to investigate if they come and report.”

But Tsvangirai, through his spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said contrary to “mistruths and inaccurate information being peddled in the media”, Tsvangirai rescued Mangoma and secretary-general Tendai Biti from a tense crowd outside Harvest House.

“Lost in the convoluted media narratives on the event are several important facts,” Tamborinyoka said.

“Firstly, an impression is being created that president Tsvangirai was complicit in the alleged violence and did not do anything to assist the situation.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. The president came down the building after an eight-hour robust and deliberative leadership meeting with all district chairpersons from across the country and addressed restive party supporters, imploring upon them to desist from harassing any member of the party.

“He told the tense and restive crowd outside Harvest House that there had been a frank and robust discussion with the grassroots leaders of the party on the national and internal party issues. He said there had been agreement and consensus by everyone on the way forward for both the party and the country.
“Then the party president’s security staff took Mr Mangoma to Mr Tsvangirai’s car, where some youths yanked his shirt as they tried to pull him out of the vehicle.

“They were demanding an explanation as to why Mr Mangoma was seeking to remove the president outside the democratic forum of a Congress.”

Tamborinyoka continued: “The party leader’s driver and security personnel drove him in his official car to Mr Tsvangirai’s house in Highlands. The driver and security personnel returned to fetch Mr Tsvangirai.

“Realising there appeared to be danger for Hon Biti, the president took the party secretary-general in his car to his house where they found Mr Mangoma with a tattered shirt.

“Upon arrival at his house with Hon. Biti, the party president asked Mr Mangoma what had happened to him, to which he said somebody had yanked his shirt as they attempted to pull him out of the party leader’s car outside Harvest House.”

Tamborinyoka said contrary to media reports, Biti was never assaulted as he left Harvest House with Tsvangirai.

“The picture of Mr Mangoma in his tattered shirt standing under a tree, which is being widely circulated on social media sites, was taken just outside the MDC president’s house where he had been whisked by the party leader’s security personnel,” Tamborinyoika said.

“Hon Biti and Mangoma then left Mr Tsvangirai’s house and the next thing we saw were pictures in the media and other social sites.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Tsvangirai has clean hands and a pure heart. He has never believed and will not believe in violence. He has no blood in his hands.

He is a democrat who does not believe in both violence and hostile take-overs.

“By way of emphasis, the youth who yanked Mr Mangoma’s shirt has to face the music and investigations are continuing on the issue.”

Dewa Mavhinga, chairperson of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition —  a conglomeration of more than 350 civic society organisations — said the MDC must take immediate steps to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for the reported assault of Mangoma, party youth leader Promise Mkwananzi and other senior members of the party.

“We condemn, in the strongest terms, the use of violence in pursuit of any cause, including in expressing or settling political differences,”  Mavhinga said, adding  the MDC leadership should “demonstrate commitment to democratic values through ensuring justice for the victims, while bringing the perpetrators to book.”

“Failure to decisively deal with the violence in its midst will greatly undermine the MDC’s integrity and credibility nationally and internationally,” he added.

But Tsvangirai restated his position that violence was never tolerated in the MDC; a party he said “has always been the victim, and not the perpetrator, of political violence in this country.”

“President Tsvangirai unreservedly condemns all acts of violence, of which he has personally always been a victim,” Tamborinyoka said.

“The role Mr Tsvangirai played to ensure the safety of the senior leaders of the party has been lost in the media madness of the moment. Instead, he is being portrayed not as a saviour but as having been complicit in this needless and senseless act.

“These diversionary matters must be dealt with so that national attention reverts back to the key issues facing the people of Zimbabwe.”

Comments (41)

This saga is now confusing most of us. What really happened there and is there more to this sorry story than meets the eye? The leaders of the MDC must explain this now.

Mercy - 18 February 2014

Mangoma and Biti should be fished out of MDC.These are two kids which have grown big headed and now starting to act like adolescents male geladas.The National Councel of MDC must expel this two cowards so that they can form their party.

peter - 18 February 2014

He was lucky to have escaped with a tattered shirt,in other organization he could have been promoted to eternity via "accident".

Mukanya - 18 February 2014

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Irrrigation Matters - 18 February 2014

I advise Biti and Mangoma to just leave MDC if they feel the electorate wants them more than Tsvangirai. We will wait and see if they will survive a day before coming back to beg Tsvangirai for reinstatement. Ask Prof Ncube-he is now history. Very soon he will be applying for a job at UZ.

Professor - 18 February 2014

it buffles me there is only a tattered shirt no blood and the jacket on top is in tact How was he battered ?the other peolple who are presumed to hv been assaulted are no where in picture or to date they have not reported to police.The media and general public must guard against bestoring heroism to Mangoma for nothing.he must quit MDC and start his own party ,do date he hasnt said who is he standing for and who is paying him for his arrogance.Mangoma please go in peace

chamboko - 18 February 2014

Wanhu wachiri kuda Tsvangirai.saka Mangoma akarohwa ,hapana akatuma vanhu ava.Tsvangirai for President.

True Democracy - 18 February 2014

This just gives me enough reasons to go back t ZANU PF Tsvangison term was limited two now he wants to continue as president..where is leadership in that..I didn't want t think MDC is supported by brainless people like ZANU ANC if that's the case ZANU irinani cz atleast the top brass ine ka funds mbichana compared to MDC...

Dzvened - 18 February 2014

Your hands are dirty Mr Tsvangirai. You are playing the nice guy by telling the world how you rescued Mangoma? Why did you not call the police since the menacing crowd was there throughout the holding of the meeting? Why did you not step forward to protect Mangoma since you knew that the man could do little to protect himself given his physical condition? Instead you stepped aside and let the pack of jackals attack Mangoma.

Feldman Bandura - 18 February 2014

Daily News, if you want to promote Tamborinyoka's explanation mobva matitaurira, does his statement makes any sense at all, infact ur article shud have gone a step more by giving an analysis of the purpoted happenings by Luk.

Wacho - 18 February 2014

The case of overzealous youth giving a stern warning to overzealous party leaders that the partys presidency is a straight jacket.

Aluta continua - 18 February 2014

At least Mr Tsvangcry now you have learnt something that you might be falsely accussed for organising violence usina kumbozvironga, just like what you used to say about Mugabe

Mafirakureva - 18 February 2014

Mangoma is going for broke, what is his agenda. You only need to know the people he talks to in the 'dark'. I am worried Biti (I believe Biti is truly democratic-correct me) is being dragged by Mangoma without fully appreciating Mangoma's full agenda. I dont shed a tear for Mangoma, but my heart goes out to Biti who has chosen a wrong path, despite the potential.

Tariro - 18 February 2014

Tsvangcry shld nt hide behind the fingure n say h protected Mangoma ,h is the 1 who set up thugs t terrorize Mangoma then pretend t cum n defend him wen h had already been harrassed n terrorized. ICC ngaiuyeka iite investigation on Tsvangirai.........

Hungwe Mauruka - 18 February 2014

I have seen some "loved" leaders resigning as a result of such happenings!!!!!!!! I like our leaders whether they are still in power or resigned / defeated in an election

Mai Svodai - 18 February 2014

we now know who was responsible for 2008 violence. iwe mangoma kana wakarohwa for sure, then why didn't you report. we condon violence.batai vanhu

hiplevel - 18 February 2014

No no no. He cant be clean when some people had to be whisked to his residence. Something is definately wrong here.

jah - 18 February 2014

Tsvangirai is a foot. tsvangirai is not a paragon of democracy, he is in the same mould with idi amin, he is a brute and thug, you disagree with him at your own peril. in 1977 amin disagreed with his foreign affairs minister okere in a cabinet meeting and the minister on his way out of the meeting was abducted by some thugs. the next thing his body parts were found floating in nile river mauled by crocodiles. this is the same thuggish style that tsvangirai used on mangoma, if he was in power mangoma would have been history now. thanks to zanu pf for preventing this brute monster from coming to power, they saved us from another idi amin. all progressive forces in mdc and zanu pf should now unite to come up with a United Democratic Front to fight for democracy. achasara with daft characters such as morgen kmochi, morgen femai and the not so intelligent lawyers gutu and mwonzora, of nachamisa who is angling for biti's post.

Cde Churucheminzwa - 18 February 2014

I for one don't believe Tsvangirai's hands are as clean as he would want us to believe. We are told Tsvangirai is a man of God but is ruthless when it comes to those who challenge his inept leadership.

Musona - 18 February 2014

Save rovai vanhu hazvina basa kuti Mangoma Chirema kana muchida vaponde call us ndiko kubasa kwedu

Colonel - 18 February 2014

Biti and Mangoma's agendas have now been blown open. Where to now ?

Musangano - 18 February 2014


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 18 February 2014


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 18 February 2014


Rabison Nyundo ( THE HAMMER) - 18 February 2014

It is extraordinary the amount and extent of shallow account of events we are being given. Mr Tamborinyoka used to be such a breath of fresh air with his incisive analyses and contributions. But now he talks like village headman and not a political scientist and public relations practitioner. 1. Mangoma and Tsvangirai walked out of Harvest House together-fact, 2. What happened for him to suddenly disappear, not knowing what happened to Mangoma but rescuing him all the same? 3. So you want us to believe security personnel attended to Mangoma, drove him to Highlands for say 2-3 hours turnaround time while Tsvangirai remained...with no car or security. 4. While Mangoma was being driven to Highlands, where was Tsvangirai, Biti et al., and the following day at a rally in Glen Norah- why did the party president declare that no action will be taken on the perpetrators who beat party leaders? 5. Was it because they were ZANU Pf infiltrators?

Dr Mandrax - 18 February 2014

continued...? Luke- democrats do not act this way- calling this meeting in itself was a show of force-thats what the US does- it flexes its muscles for competitors to see and be warned. The meeting was selfishly called to make a statement-democracy does not work this way- unless it is African Democracy. If Tsvangirai was not involved in this pre-planned assault and a democrat-he would have been speaking publicly that the MDC as entity was bigger than him. He must recognise that the smoke emerging is the beginning of a sure internal revolution. Revolutions by nature cannot be stopped-Barack Obama breached the internal and traditional myths and practices in US politics to march to the White House, the biblical king Nebuchadnezzar spiritedly attempted to stop the tide of destiny and failed. We admire what Tsvangirai has done- His achievements should not be measured by what he has failed to do- but by the milestones that he originated- establishing for the first time proper, serious and lasting liberal political space. He managed to change the national narratives- from that of fear of being free- to responsible exploitation of freedom. He has achieved so much- but the end has come-the court of public opinion that brought him in, is clearly saying the end has come- make way smoothly, gracefully and with dignity. Populism will not help.

Dr Mandrax - 18 February 2014

Tsvangirai is violent and a meciless dictator who believe he is the only one with rights to life. Remember his careless press utterance about the accident where he lost his wife. i quote, "Main actor haafe ", meaning his wife was weak and she deserved to die in the accident. What on earth were drunkard youths doing at Harvest House vakuru vachiita meeting. Who invited. I have never never seen ZANU PF Youths gathering at Jongwe Headquarters VAMUgabe vachiita Politiburo meeting. Tsvangirai ndihwo hunhu hwake tinopera kufa muno munhu akaita President uyu. Thank GOD hazvife zvakaitika

Pondaihenyumwanawevhu - 19 February 2014

Those who are disputing Tamborinyoka's version may you give us the correct version of what happened, that is; how did Mangoma leave Harvest House and end up at Tsvangirai's house? Since some of you seem to have accurate information how many people were in involved in assaulting Mangoma. Why has Tendai Biti not confirmed being assaulted as reported by media. Something is amiss here. @ Cde Churu.. comparing Tsvangirai to Idi Amin shows your personal hatred of the man. Idi Amin killed a lot of people through the firing squad and can you tell me how many people have Tsvangirai killed. Your viws are therefore void of any facts and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. @ Dr Mandrax since you dispute Tamborinyoka's account kindly narrate to us what happened when Mangoma and Tsvangirai stepped out the building.

Mzwazwakankoviyo - 19 February 2014

Vana Mangoma mamboti madiiko!!!!!!!!!!!You thought by giving us some few coins to buy sadza we then going to sell the people's project? Forget!! The meeting you addressed us -the final push- where you were giving us details of how we were to kick out Tsvangirai- was your last!!! You were saying you have been given three million dollars by sympathisers-which ones, if may ask? Shinga Mushandi-Qina Sisebenzi

tshiki - 19 February 2014

I don't subscribe to violence and I am also of the opinion that Morgan Tsvangirayi must go but the process being taken by these guys are undermining the opposition and we will never see change through these guys whether it is Tsvangirayi, Biti or Mangoma because they enjoy running to the press. Mangoma had a tattered shirt a broken specs no blood but it is said he was battered.Wehn Chamisa was battered at the Airport we all so a battered person, now Mangoma was battered and did not go to hospital but instead went to Morgan Tsvangirayi's home ah zvekwaGumbura chaizvo zvatakuona pano.

Maita Manyuka - 19 February 2014

If your hands are clean.What was the so called district chairpersons and the thugs who attacked mangoma doing at Adelaide Acres before your meeting with them

Beyond - 19 February 2014

If your hands are clean.What was the so called district chairpersons and the thugs who attacked mangoma doing at Adelaide Acres before your meeting with them

Beyond - 19 February 2014

Zvakaoma muZimbabwe

dmutepfa - 19 February 2014

What is the correct story? Sure how was Mangoma 'battered',? Why did he not go to his home or police station but to his assailant's place? Whilst we are all in agreement that Tsvangirayi must go but we cannot dip him in muddy to remove him no ndaramba, let us not bear false witness to him. Yes there are some violent traist in our youths MDC, ZANUPF, Mavambo, Sikhala99, NCA name it and they will fight in the corner of whoever he wants. Tell me how much did Dynamos pay as fines because of its supporters but do they want what the supporters do? Morgan may not want what the youths did but he is also afraid they will turn on him. So much of economic stress is in our youths they can do anything to relieve themselves. Mangoma must know this, that is politics for you.

Maita Manyuka - 19 February 2014

Tsvangirai z our Mandela dont play around wit our GOD Mangoma unofa masikati .bt i dnt support what happened ,im jus advisin him not to play wit fire

gakachu - 19 February 2014

ndakambosiona ini bere richidhidha zvaro mumatumbu egirraffe yakafa asi zvakazoriomera parakapinda musango shumba yakanzwa hwema iyo isingadyi bere asi yakaritandanisa kusvika yariuraya ndokuzoona kuti ibere haridhiki asi iro ratofa.... kana matambira mutsvina minagezawo security hayairega kukubata vaitoda kunokurovera kumba kwemukuru pasina vazhinji ndosaka vakakupa mota vachisiya muridzi wadzo. shame dumbu rinosemesa.

Chidondova - 19 February 2014

I would like to advise Mangoma and Biti to form their own party.Look Job Sikala formed MDC99 and there is still space for MDC100 for Mangoma and MDC101for Biti. I wish these guys good luck!

Tichatonga chete - 20 February 2014

VaTsvangirai havana mhosva vasiyeyi vakadaro.Mangoma naBiti ndovane mhosva ivavo noti kungogara muchinetsa vaTsvangirai vasiyeyi tichikuvada kuti vatitunga mirire saPresident wedu 2018.

Pee - 20 February 2014

Listen all you people, the solution to MDC-T is not removing your leader, thats why Mugabe has continued to rule as people thought if he goes then all will be well. A word of advise for MDC-T is that zvibvunzei kuti if your leader is useless why does ZANU PF desperately want him out, as much as you desperately want Mugabe out. Imagine what would cross Mugabe's mind as he faces Mangoma pa Presidential election, it will just be a stroll in the park. Cant you see, by the next election the following should have happened: MDC-T should have been split further split, apa ku ZANU PF each faction should have consolidated its power bases,enough damage should have caused on the other faction. Zimbos all this drama will not bring Zimbabwe to its old glory, asi kuti Mwari chete ndivo vachapindira.

Muprofita - 20 February 2014

wakaona moto mangoma

gumbura - 23 February 2014

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