The lunacy of MDC's infighting

HARARE - With due respect to the warring factions threatening to tear the MDC apart, this is a pointless, idiotic conflict in which all the players involved are destined to lose.

In fact, it can be argued that Zimbabwe, and its nascent democracy, is the biggest loser as the madness within the MDC rages on, because the country has never needed a stronger, viable opposition than now — a time of worsening economic problems that portend the calamitous crisis of 2008. 

I will return to this point later, but first things first.

It surely does not require a rocket scientist to appreciate or work out the fact that Zimbabwe’s harmonised elections held in July last year were disputed amid allegations of rigging.

To that extent, and for all of the MDC’s myriad faults, there was always going to be one winner in that plebiscite — President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF party.

This was more so once the MDC — in its wisdom, or lack of — agreed to participate in the elections without all the key tenets of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) being fully consummated, as had been prescribed by Sadc, particularly South Africa.

It is important to remember Mugabe’s infamous rant against President Jacob Zuma’s foreign affairs adviser, Lindiwe Zulu, when she agitated for the implementation of all agreed GPA principles just before the elections.

So, just to underline this point, Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti and their battle-weary team were DESTINED to lose as dismally and as controversially as they did once they naively agreed to participate in ballot without implementation of the agreed reforms.

The MDC negotiators agreed to every demand by Zanu PF, including surrendering all powerful ministries to Zanu PF.

They know it, and the whole world knows this too!

The question to ask then, given the above, is why there is this baffling amnesia within the MDC leadership about what transpired last year. In addition, who is benefitting from these petty leadership squabbles and how are they meant to help solve Zimbabwe’s deepening socio-economic problems, one of the reasons that the MDC was ostensibly founded 15 years ago?

With regard to the leadership issues that are bedevilling the MDC, and which have close similarities to the factionalism raging within Zanu PF (is this a Zimbabwean political syndrome?), many observers are baffled by the reasons propounded from within the party for this chaos.

Just as Zanu PF blames the “evil” sanctions for their misrule and pillage of this beautiful country, a faction within the MDC blames Zanu PF and the country’s dreaded spooks for all of the party’s problems. Surely this is far-fetched.

Another faction fingers Tsvangirai, and says that removing him will solve all the problems that the party is facing, including, I suppose, dealing with Nikuv! Frankly only a nutter would believe this.

So, to recap, is Zanu PF culpable for some of the MDC’s problems? Absolutely yes, but not for all their problems.

Will removing Tsvangirai resolve all of the MDC’s problems?

Absolutely not, because almost all of the other leaders who now move stealthily in dark corners bad-mouthing him have been part of the strategic errors that the MDC has made over the past 15 years.

This is why I said at the beginning of this opinion piece that the warring factions threatening to tear  the MDC apart are engaging a pointless, idiotic conflict in which all the players involved are destined to lose.

If there are winners in these useless and internal MDC fights it is only Mugabe and Zanu PF.

As alluded to earlier, the MDC is the biggest loser.

One does not have to be an MDC supporter to realise that a strong opposition is good for any democracy.

The fear among most right-thinking Zimbabweans is that the tangible gains achieved during the years of the government of national unity are in grave danger of being wholly lost — and that anarchy beckons again for long-suffering Zimbabweans.

Surely the selfish MDC combatants, from whichever faction, who all claim to be operating in the interest of their party and the country know this. 

If they don’t, why are they even in the leadership of this worker-founded movement?

Shame on them all.

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This is a very good, sober and accurate analysis of the problems affecting the MDC. Let's hope that these guys have ears and are listening. Otherwise it is game over for all of them.

Mercy - 17 February 2014

Apa Group Editor manyora! MaZanoids vanoti bhora mugedhi!

Musorodamba - 17 February 2014

The realityis that we need a new party in zimbabwe.

bollo billings - 17 February 2014

come on mr editor do not be stupid do you think mdc is going to be destroyed by few individauls who are confused? This is not the first time that we had such problems in 2005 it happened and the party became more strong defeating zanu in 2008. watch this space the party is going to win next elections bcoz rubbish is peeling off which is going to leave the party pure. I mean even Africa 's oldest political party ANC in South Africa has and is still peeling off rubbish from itself and is guranteed of victory come election day.

Dibulaanyika - 17 February 2014

We see from afar this idiotic fight for the top post in the MDC-T party. Our senses tell us it is a dangerous party. Those individuals fighting to control the party are showing us that when in power they want all for themselves, not the people. If they are for the people they should be advising Tsvangirai how to negotiate some of the rough and tough stretches on the political road. Right now they should be strategising on how to wrestle power from Zanu P(ano)F(iwa). So guys there you are....MDC - T ....Mature Daft Children - (in)Training (for politics)...

Overman Sanatorium - 17 February 2014

Why did you see that zanu is dangerous party which masacred 20000 inoncet and defenceless people and you even voted for it

Dibulaanyika - 17 February 2014

"Nascent democracy" this Group Editor says! 33 years of ZanuPF brutal dictatorship and you call this nascent democracy - you must be on something very very strong indeed.

Musona - 17 February 2014

Let these morons fight a losing battle, some of us are are now at the station, waiting to board train ZUNDE.

Tungamirai - 17 February 2014

What a piece of nonsense analysed through the mind of a die hard supporter of an idiotic leader. ZPF has nothing to do with these MDCT idiots. At least in zpf THERE ARE A LOT OF STRATEGIST BECAUSE THEY MANAGED TO WAGE A DEADLY GUERRILLA WARFARE AGAINST A COMMON ENEMY THEN, and with the current MDCT puppets at each other's throats, one wonders how a sane person can compare ZPF WITH THESE MDCT MUGGOTS. Just waiting for another opposition party from mature Zimboz and not this circus of street kids. The MDCT party is gone just like other puppet parties, such as UANC and zanu ndonga just to name a few.

reason - 18 February 2014

The MDCT should focus on developing a solid nationalist economic policy for 2018. We need a solid alternative. It should not become a copy cat of ZPF including violence and lifelong leadership. In other countries a leader who loses an election resigns immediately.

Taka Mudariki - 18 February 2014

kutambisa effort kupa advice kuMdc let alone Tsvangirai.

muchaka - 18 February 2014


Andrew Keili - 20 June 2014

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