Zanu PF wants street named after Mbeki

HARARE - Zanu PF legislators want a street to be named after former South African President Thabo Mbeki for bringing stability to Zimbabwe after helping negotiate terms of a power sharing government.

MDC legislators are against the proposal, accusing Mbeki of having propped up Zanu PF.

Reuben Marumahoko, MP for Hurungwe North,  tabled the motion in Parliament on Thursday while debating the Presidential speech.

He urged MDC MPs to support his motion.

“My contribution is targeted at the icon of Africa, son of the soil, a principled man whose name is Thabo Mbeki, the former President of South Africa,” Marumahoko said.

“We owe an appreciation of Thabo Mbeki. He made Zimbabwe to be what it is today after the difficulties we went through during the 2008 elections where the regime change agenda was at play.

“The enemies of Africa and Zimbabwe were ready to pounce on Zimbabwe.

“Thanks to him, he came and assisted in resolving conflict.”

Mbeki was deployed by Sadc in 2008 to be the mediator in the political dispute between Zanu PF  and MDC — leading to the formation of an inclusive government which lasted for five years.

Marumahoko said Mbeki lost his presidency for helping Zimbabweans.

“His crime was that he assisted Zimbabwe to come together and form a government of national unity,” Marumahoko said.

“Mbeki is known for his quiet diplomacy, which did not please the enemies of Africa. It is important also as a country that we try probably, to name one of our roads after him like we did to Nelson Mandela and other African leaders.

“It is a pity that when he had finished the mission assigned to him to bring together Zimbabwe’s political parties, he discovered his party had recalled him.

“We know why he lost his presidency in South Africa — not that people of SA did not want him, but the enemies of Africa did not want him.”

Marumahoko said it was important that the MPs support Mbeki, saying he stood by Zimbabwe.

“He is a man that all of us, including the opposition, here should appreciate and support for the good work he has done,” Marumahoko said.

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I think recognising African icons and scholars like Thabo Mbeki is important and relevant. In a country which still has colonial milestones like the Vic Falls and David Livingstone or Robert Moffat, it will do our country a lot of good to accord recognition to our very own heros. To the discerning who analyse African thought accross partisan or tribal politics, Mbeki is a bulwak of the new generation of leaders in the mould of Kwameh Nkrumah et al. He stiffled geopolitical western interestly in a shrewd and stuborn African way in which he told the expansionist western manipulators that we can read your greater regional plan; to sow disharmony in the region by planting pliable leadership slowly, purposively and assuredly from Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Mozambique, Nambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and ultimately South Africa. Mbeki as an African political scientist was aware that white capital detest with a passion KANU, Chama Chama Pinduzi, UNIP, MPLA, Flelimo, ZANU, ANC, SWAPO etc and will do all it takes to remove and replace them. They use all the mighty they have; International Institutions, Global Financiers and media to attack African consciousness. Ask yourself why Moi became a villain, Patrice Lumumba, Museveni, Kaunda, Machel, Nujoma, Mugabe etc. Its all about new methods of expansionism; colonialism achieve its purpose, coldwar made its mark, globalisation broke frontiers, now its figthing from within using cutting-edge technology to entrench domination. White capital is never about jobs, its never about the future, its never about environment-its is about power, class and profit. Mbeki is a hero, a scholar and scientist. He must be recognised. Its not about Zimbabwe simplistic political gerrymandering but about Africa and the black movement. Its about lasting identity in the global space.

Dr Mandrax - 16 February 2014

Dr Mandrax; your comment is longer than the story itself.....

snowden - 16 February 2014

Dr Mandrax,have you been smoking something?

vukani madoda - 16 February 2014

Why recognise Thabo in Zim when he recognised in Sa

Pfumo - 16 February 2014

Name a street in Hurungwe North after Thabo Mbeki for all we care.

WekuZimbabwe - 16 February 2014

Busy kutaura zvekuchinja enzira mazita Muparamende pane kutaura zve economy yenyika zvinotiramisa. Uri munhu rudzii nhaiwe Marumahoko? Tinodya Mbeki isu here

Bruno - 17 February 2014

If an MP can actually plan to put accross such a debate in parliament whwn there are a lot of burning issues that need to be debated,then we indeed Hurungwe people have no MP

chimuti - 17 February 2014

Typical ZPF to want to celebrate incompetence. Isn't this the same man who denied the link between H.I.V. & A.I.D.S. thereby causing the suffering & deaths of millions of his own people. So yes by all means let him join the many others of his ilk who had streets in Harare named after them. One must of course exclude Nelson Mandela, the greatest African leader, from this list.

saundy - 17 February 2014

The things that these silly ZANU goons concentrate on surely makes the povo forever angry and in permanent mode of regret. Now they can even pay BEAM and spend a lot of money on a 90 year ol's birthday party! Unemployment is increasing with company closures, power, water, sanitation, health, infrastructure, hunger, starvation, poverty and all these problems facing the citizens....they dont even care about that but to celebrate Mbeki for assisting in rigging the 2008 result! We are forever doomed! Pple in Zhivi South are at great danger of flooding nenyaya yeTokwe Mukosi. The gobvt should have resettled perople a long time ago. They just dont care about anyone or anything but celebrating fools like Mbeki who caused death of millions of South Africans denying them ARVs and giving them beetroot! nxa!

Lotshe - 17 February 2014

Mbeki is made of wood..leave him alone. What has Mbeki ever achieved besides worsen situations..his record as a mediator in Africa speaks volumes..Naming a street after him is an insult to all of Africa..this guy is mediocrity writ large.

gutter poet - 17 February 2014

that's a splendid idea- actually overdue. Thabo Mbeki is Africa's icon beyond the Harare negotiations. Kana mastreet akawandirwa, we would rather strip Nelson mandela for CDE THABO MBEKI

cdetongai - 17 February 2014

Haaaa, its all so clear now, thanx to Marumahoko. Only that Marumahoko should just clearly explain why his party is so grateful to Mbeki. I dont think it is a question of the people of Zimbabwe recognising Mbeki for the good he did for us, but Marumahoko's party happy that Mbeki did something for the party, and Marumahoko must clearly tell us what it is that Mbeki did, not the half truth he has said.

Tariro - 17 February 2014

I don't see any problems with that! It's a befitting honour for what he did in abating a raging storm that would havee seen us at war. I'ts not a party issue

Patriot - 17 February 2014

I think they should talk about repairing the roads not renaming them

Concerned Zimbabwean - 17 February 2014

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Irrrigation Matters - 17 February 2014

haha kupenga uko. ko VaMuzenda nanhasi hatisati tava nestreet ine zita ravo Seiko? uyo ari kutaura zvecolonialism ndohistory yacho zve

ranga - 17 February 2014

tangai magadzira marodzi acho iye Mbeki angavuma kuti zita rake rinamirwe kumagoronga emigwagwa yemuno.

porongi - 17 February 2014

You have Churchill Street in Harare. Why7 not Mbeki St?

Gerald Kithinji - 2 February 2015

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