Tsvangirai slams Mujuru

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said yesterday acting President Joice Mujuru must stop threatening newspapers and nameless detractors for exposing corruption.

Tsvangirai’s comments come hard on the heels of Mujuru’s shocking remarks, seemingly condoning corruption.
Mujuru made the controversial remarks while addressing the party’s Mashonaland West provincial women’s conference in Chinhoyi on Saturday.

Mujuru, reportedly leading the stakes to succeed Mugabe, who turns 90 on February 21, said the media must back off the scandal.

“Nyaya idzi hadzitongwe mumanewspaper; inyaya dzinonyatsogadzirwa magadzirirwo adzo,” she said adding that the way the scandal is being reported suggested other motives beyond fighting corruption.

“Unozoona mamhanyisirwo adzinoitwa mumapaper wozvibvunza futi kuti haa saka vanotaura kuti inyaya dzekuda kupwanya hurumende nekupwanya musangano weZanu PF zvechokwadi vari pamwe chete nevanhu vari kuita izvi.”

So far, the media blitz on corruption, has sucked into its vortex insolvent broadcaster ZBC, Premier Services Medical Aid Society (Psmas), and ailing airliner Air Zimbabwe.

At Psmas, Mugabe’s top aide George Charamba, has also been fingered as a recipient of staggering allowances as a board member of the struggling health insurer for government and council workers.

“Now the president’s own spokesperson has put his hands in the till and his own deputy, in her capacity as acting president, has threatened newspapers and nameless detractors for exposing corruption”,  Tsvangirai said.

Mugabe, who returned from Malawi yesterday, has not commented on the issue and only the acting president  has given an expectant public a sneak view into the thinking in the highest office in the land, regarding white collar crimes that involve top officials.

Tsvangirai said although Mugabe talked tough on tackling corruption soon after his swearing-in last year, he alleged the veteran Zanu PF leader was not prepared to “walk the talk and the nation should not expect a mosquito to cure malaria.”

“There is lethargy on the part of Zanu PF to deal with this scourge because everyone in that party will be in jail if we become serious as a country on graft and unmitigated corruption,” Tsvangirai said.

“The president banged the table when this Parliament was opened, mentioned names and threatened action on those who were stealing diamonds but no-one has been arrested.”

Mujuru claimed the media expose had deliberately targeted parastatals in a bid to destabilise them because they were seen to be critical to the country’s economy and Zanu PF’s agenda in government.

She claimed that there was an enemy inside Zanu PF, targeting to destroy the ruling party from within.

With this kind of thinking, Tsvangirai said, it was highly improbable that Zanu PF would act on rampant corruption.

“We cannot expect action from the same party in which ministers and other senior officials claimed they were 100 percent disabled so they could loot the War Victims Compensation Fund (WVCF),” Tsvangirai said.

The WVCF was suspended pending an investigation amid reports high-level government officials and their relatives looted more than Z$112 billion or an equivalent of $450 million.

Tsvangirai said under Mugabe’s rule, corruption has become a culture which is difficult to deal with because ministers have perfected the “art of stealing.”

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vanhu ngavabatwe handineyi namastatements hobho-hobho.

mashotopiyana - 12 February 2014

If Tasvangirai is not also corrupt, he must expalin to the nation where he got usd300 000.00 to pay off Lorcadia. He intends to buy his current residency in Highlands for a staggering usd3 million.Whre did he get all that money from?I think Tsvangirai should be the last person to condemn corruption if he is not able or unwilling to explain the source of his wealth.We dont condone corruption from whatever source it comes from

ignatius - 12 February 2014

ndanakirwa, hanzi you cant expect a mosquito to cure malaria. Its true, kikiki

mudetractor - 12 February 2014

And where did Mugabe get money to buy a house worth US$5mill in Hong Kong (a daughter's pad for that matter)? Everyone is free to talk about this corruption that has been a way of life in our country since 18 April 1980!

Tongogara - 12 February 2014

mudetractor unoda kuti save vakuudze kuti besides politics vane mabhizimisi here??

hwende - 12 February 2014

Im not moved...nxa

puppet - 12 February 2014

its the work of the british,tony blair and george bush who secretely awarded parastetals ceo huge increase to distabilise our peoples govt and zanu pf rulling party. heheheheeeee dheeeee.its the work of sangishens futi.pasi nezvimbwa sungata.

soko mukanya - 12 February 2014

Chematama should just shut up, he is part and parcel of the gravy train. Ngaatonyarara zvake because he is clueless. Why did he have to wait for the Prof to work fearlessly - its because he was busy screwing and yachting around the world. We don't need you chemaz, this is a fight for patriotic zimbabweans and not idiotic puppets. You wasted our time.

reason - 12 February 2014

Reason, you are worse than Chematama because you were also quiet when your party was busy looting and this is still going on. Why do you want to act as if you are more patriotic than other ordinary Zimbos. Our problem in this country is that of failure of leadership.

tomasi tohwi - 12 February 2014

mapfumo wakaimba karekare kuti kwahi korapshen korapshen........... akamanya kutiza kuenda amerika waive azvivona kare

morokokododo - 12 February 2014

Bhora remapepa mughedhi remashanga

mambo - 12 February 2014

Collegues pliz do smell the coffee. It it true by saying that those who want tp publisize thius want to destroy the party from within. She is actually tring to tell you the truth. Pretty Sunguro, the Permanent Secretary for Civil Service Commission earns about $71 000 far from what teachers get. In actual fact she does not get the whoel of it as a certain percantage goes to the ZANU PF Party. This also applies to Ca$hbert Bube and his counterparts in stealing.

J. Chinotimba - 12 February 2014

Tsvangirai should just SHUT UP. He leaves a lot to be desired morally, ethically and principally.

Moyo - 12 February 2014

Amai ava mawoko anenge asina kuchena

Mashura - 12 February 2014

Chaisapera Chaitoshura chete... 1 after the other vese vachabuda pachena... Hanti tose tave kuziva kuti Zobha ndiani...... Kikikiki

Sugar.. Tapi Tapi - 12 February 2014

valani mani okuyinto kwenu lokhu so called online discussion asilincengi dont tell us what say in our comments you are also thieves ,

Nqwa - 12 February 2014

Chematama ndiwe mumwe wacho iwe urikurambira pachigaro, pamaive mu GNU makadi kuzvitaura, zvikomba zvinosekana mundiro ye nhopi!

Ngwechangwecha - 12 February 2014

@ignitius above, you are amazing but entitled to your oipinion. All I will is that let it be...if Save himself is found guilty of corruption, he is as bad as Cathebet Dube & Zhanu PFsh...but what we all know is that Cathbet is a satanic corupt CEO, the spokeperson of the highest office on this land ws a beneficiary of the corrupt activities...we also know that Mai Mujuru thinks its enermies who have sneaked into our parastals to destabilize (isnt this foolish) and we also know that Ngwena thinks all corrupt bosses from parastals must be brouight to book! we wait for action!!!

TaTanga - 13 February 2014

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Irrrigation Matters - 13 February 2014

VaTsvangirai chiitaiwo muchibva ku Highlands..ndiyo imwewo nyaya iyo!

imiwe - 13 February 2014

please look into NASSA as well coz dzimwe mari dzirikungorohwa isu vaicontributer tichikwangwaya

samaz - 13 February 2014

toda kuona gore rino the most corrupt between Zanu people and mdc people, Zimbabwe yotapira manje, hanzi na amai Mujuru corruption hai investigetwe thru press, hehehehehehehehe chegore iro!!!!!

Romina - 13 February 2014

This corruption thing just to distract peoples' attention nothing ever will be done about it in this country! Talk about 2 million jobs, closing firms, indiginisation and civil servants increment to PDL period!

Regalia - 13 February 2014

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