Teachers threaten strike action

HARARE - Teachers have threatened to go on strike, if the government does not honour the backdated salary increment promise they committed to last month.

Raymond Majongwe, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary- general, told the Daily News yesterday that civil servants are still waiting for government to fulfil its pay promise, failure of which will culminate in a crippling strike.

He said: “We are very worried but we are not panicking because we do not want to be tempted to think we are being led by a government of crooks who speak with a forked tongue.

“As civil servants, we discussed with government and we know our salary increment is coming this month.

“Well, they have not paid the army but we are teachers and we are not paid from the same pocket as they (army) gets paid from — the Army Paying Records, while we are paid by Salary Service Bureau (SSB)."

“We are still hopeful but should they not honour their promise, I can tell you my friend, a crippling strike will ensue. “It remains an option and the doors are wide open for that.”

It was widely expected that government would award civil servants a pay increase but the uniformed forces whose pay date was yesterday have not  received any increment, raising fears that the government is reneging on the promise it made last month.

Government and civil servants last month signed a pay increase deal that would see the least paid government worker getting a  $79 salary increment.

This would have seen the lowest paid government employee (Grade B1) getting $375 up from $297, a month.

The increment, according to the deal, was supposed to take effect this month but backdated to last month.

Sifiso Ndlovu, Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association chief executive expressed fear that government might have taken them down a garden path.

“There are indications that the government will not fulfil its promise. We are very worried about this and we demand that the government explain to us why it is indicating right and turning left,” Ndlovu said.

“This is a bad omen not only for civil servants but for the whole nation. This is a sad matter and the government must come forward and tell us what is happening.

“Only then, will we map the way forward.”

Nicholas Goche, the minister of Public Service, confirmed that government employees were supposed to receive their salaries reflecting the increment this month.

But he said he was not sure why the salaries had not been effected and promised to give a clear position after meeting with Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and the chairperson of the Public Service Commission Mariyawanda Nzuwa.

“We have said civil servants will receive their salaries this month backdated to January.

“I am not  sure why it has not been effected. I will call you back after meeting with the minister of Finance,” Goche said.

His secretary said yesterday he was not in the office.

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The government is clueless .They rigged elections but cannot rig the economy.What can you expect when you entrust an old man with the captaincy of the country.Are the sanctions responsible for the corruption in parastals cdes.Gallant nad ilustrious sons of the soil should be turning in their graves.Shame!Shame!

Aluta continua - 12 February 2014

we have now one for more than half a year in a clueless government. they promised the country 2 million jobs. factories are closing down everyday. sometimes I wonder if the manifesto was trying to say 2 million juice card vendors. posts in the civil service are still frozen and now the armed forces have not received their increment on their pay advice. as a college lecturer getting a salary way below that of a general hand at a university but having a degree and a teaching qualification its a wake up call to look for greener pastures and forget about the new government and zimasset especially considering that my monthly contribution to psmas is also being abused and the abusers walking scot free. something must be done to improve the welfare of civil servants and stop blaming sanctions. we have diamonds in our country. Botswana is thriving from its diamond industry. whats wrong with our country's system.

College Lecturer - 12 February 2014

Teachers have every reason to go on strike if promises are not kept. They should also include in their demands that the PSMAS board and top managers be FIRED...It is in their interest that this is done. This suspension of the board meeting is an insult.. a big one!

gutter poet - 12 February 2014

Pray without ceasing for a devine solution to our problems. Mwari anesu. The Almighty God is greater than the Zimbabwean situation. Read 1 Thes 5v17

Pray! Pray! Pray! - 12 February 2014

Chances are high that in 2 months time the Government will be failing to pay anything to civil servants. So dreaming of ever getting an increament is just another hole tunnel.

Ziziharinanyanga - 12 February 2014

Teachers have been threatening on strike ad infinitum. They should not be surprised that no one takes them seriously any more. They will be bounced like a yo-yo between Goche and Chinamasa till kingdom come.

Will - 13 February 2014

teachers unions are the ones who negotiated down the salary proposals after the Politiburo had directed that the lowest paid must get $540. If the politiburo had already directed so ,was there any need to negotiate. teachers are a dump lot.

tichaona - 13 February 2014

Gentle man, if Chinamasa is saying he does not have the money now. Where is he going to get the money in April. We are fools. By April each one of us will be owed up to $320, 00 an amount equal to our salary. In that respect are we seeing our employer having the capacity to pay 2 Bonuses in one year. If you get the increament be rest assured that you are not going to get your bonuses.

felix - 13 February 2014

what happened to increament before year end, token of appreciation, poveverty datum line salaries. so these were all lies. munhu anonyepereyi

hamawe takashandiswa - 13 February 2014

Promises should be Fulfilled in order to restore confidence in the people.

t mundava - 13 February 2014

You can cry till heavens open but the truth of the matter is the government doesn't have money period.

captain Jovos - 13 February 2014

Are these so-called teachers unions a haven of fools? They are being duped and body swerved every now and again by the same people. Who are they fooling we know what game they are playing. Lets wait and see...very soon they will be fighting by themselves because they can't agree on the strategy to take to counter their employer. Just wait!

Regalia - 13 February 2014

MDC ministers broked a reasonable civil servants pay rise,Biti arikuramba nemari , is HE still Minister of MARI, asi VaChinamasa vaMDC KKKKK, Bhora mugedhiiiiiiii, neZANU PF, hatisati tinomama chete, but if we call fo election 2moro they win, shame GOD ,help us pliz

pmoyo - 14 February 2014

Khawurai maCivil , makaVoter muchifunga kuti zvichamufambirai

mwanawakanyi dumbu - 14 February 2014

muchadya izozo

mwanawakanyi dumbu - 14 February 2014

(Muromo hauzarirwi nerwizi. Umlomo kawugcwalelwa mfula) Zanu and Mr Mugabe always talk but never walk the talk. They write very flashy and colourful documents like Esap, Zimasset etc but with very little to show for them at the end. Our President is very incompetent. He does not know that there is no money in State coffers. He has no clue how to solve the problem and any other bedevilling the country. Education and health standards have plummeted. Poverty and hunger are the order of the day. Our dear President only concerns himself with his obsession for power. He is so incompetent people loot Government institutions willy nilly while he is galloping around the world and does not have a clue. The word President is derived from the word preside. How then does he claim to preside over a nation where corruption, looting and other serious crimes occur under his nostrils. That is incompetence at its best. If this level of incompetence is exhibited by one of us at our work places we wouldn't last another day at the office. With each passing day our nation is slowly becoming one of the worst when it comes to governance, development, civilisation, democracy etc. Its so SAD

mosquito - 14 February 2014


V - 14 February 2014

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