TB Joshua predicts power tussle in 2 African countries

HARARE - Renowned Nigerian Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, popularly known as TB Joshua, has predicted a leadership tussle in two southern African countries actuated by “sickness.”

In a televised message delivered at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), TB Joshua said the alarming prophetic message was for Nigeria, Africa and the international community.

Joshua, whose many forensic prophecies about events and people have been proved correct, said on Sunday, southern Africa would be plagued by the same challenges like other parts of the world.

“Two of the nations there (southern Africa) will face a leadership tussle because of sicknesses and disease,” he said. His remarks have fuelled speculation on social media.

In 2012 Joshua landed in hot water for an accurate prediction of the death of the late Malawian president Bingu wa Mutharika.

There was suspicion about the preacher’s ability to have foretold the event with such accuracy and some have even suggested Joshua had a hand in Mutharika’s death.

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how come no one has commented let hear your thoughts people

hahahaha - 12 February 2014

I have no doubt that one of the countries is Zimbabwe.

josefa chinotimba - 12 February 2014

yes zimbabwe but not gushungo but save vekusasiyana ne simbi dzechi off layer. zvakatotanga manzwa koti mwonzora atiyi nhasi ?

kokorigo - 12 February 2014

This paper is proving itself to be useless and rubbish, fit for toilet use. You are reverting to the same gutter journalism whereby prior to the elections you relied on the idiotic baba jukwa. Be serious.

reason - 12 February 2014

HAPANA zvataurwa APA. We all know we have sick leaders both physical and mental - as demonstrated by Her Excellency VP Mujuru. And we know the s..t is already hitting the fan, what with all these fights being escalated by Jonhso in as much as he is doing a good thing exposing corruption, Jonso is clever in furthering own agendas as they say kill 2 birds with one stone. Expose the rot, and nail the backers of the rotten " Captains of Looting" in Zimbabwe. Am surprised Josefa you have to predict what everyone in Zimbabwe already knows shamwari. I can also stand and prophecy on sickness here and grab limelight because everyone knows kuti varwere ndovazara muno muZimbabwe.

Mhofela - 12 February 2014

You have no respect for the prophetic. Why use the word "predicts" as if he is guessing? learn to respect the prophetic if you want it to work for you.

Mandela - 12 February 2014

@reason you prove to lack reason in every newspaper.why do you force yourself to read this paper in the first place?cant you see you are making a fool out of yourself by reading it and commending on stories there in?foolish reasoning.

gulaz - 12 February 2014

it is obvious that Zimbabwe is one of the countries, no doubt about it, let happen sooner than later

Zinyane lesilo - 12 February 2014

Prophecy. kkk More like observations. Its a well documented fact Africa is led by sick leaders, Zibwabwe is no exeption and Political unrest is also common in Africa. How about real Prophecy to end radical Islam in the form of the extremely violent anti-Christian Boko Haram sect? Do your Country Nigeria a favour, prophecise a bomb threat and save lives for once.

taps - 12 February 2014

We pray for healing who ever this prohesy is for may the good Lord save them from distruction

morokododo - 12 February 2014

We pray for healing who ever this prohesy is for may the good Lord save them from distruction

morokododo - 12 February 2014

Zimbabwe should never allow leaders who will want to die in office again. Look at the desparation and enxiety in our country today. Everybody in Zimbabwe wishes only if this happens in Zimbabwe.

Ziziharinanyanga - 12 February 2014

Taps you are correct these Nigerian crooks assess a situation then try to make it a prophecy

Observer - 12 February 2014

its Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Spectator - 12 February 2014

when is this expected , anybody who watched joshua giving the prophecy?

kemisi - 12 February 2014

Indeed the leadership in Zim is sick. First, Mugarbage is sick of old age whilst Mujuru is mentally retarded.

Haruna - 12 February 2014

"There was suspicion about the preacher's ability to have foretold the event with such accuracy and some have even suggested Joshua had a hand in Mutharika's death." This statement should rather read "ZANU PF was suspicion and worried about the preacher's ability to have foretold the event with such accuracy so much that JONATHAN MOYO suggested THAT Joshua had a hand in Mutharika's death."

Chirima - 12 February 2014

ndiuyo nauyo ndavaona kkikikikikii

ININI PADANDE - 12 February 2014

Lets wait n c time is not jealous

King Dzimbiri - 12 February 2014

Zimbabwe and Zambia

inini - 12 February 2014

Zimbabwe is not one of them, eat your hearts out. Zambia and mozambiue

erizabeheta - 12 February 2014

Truly,is this a prophecy? The sun is going to rise in the morning, thats my prophecy

DANDARO - 13 February 2014

kufa hakuna member, pidigori waenda wainyanya kuvhaira singing

captain - 13 February 2014

Taps a prophet does not choose what to prophecy on if he does he becomes a hapurakatapura like the ones we have in Zimbabwe. TB Joshua's prophecies have come to pass. They may not be favourable to you but its a prophecy. As for this man woman called reason I don't see any reason he still reads and comment on this paper.

maita - 13 February 2014

It is so saddening to note how we have resigned our selves to fate and destiny when it comes to our political future. We have become so desperate that we have left everything to fate. We now pray and hope for the death of our leaders as all avenues to remove them from leadership have failed. More saddening though is that our so called leaders seem not to care even a bit about it. So SAD

mosquito - 13 February 2014

A Prophet is GOD driven,if it is false it will show.wait and see before dismissing.kana zviri zvaMwari zvinoitika.asi kana uchitenda you wont doubt

horeb - 13 February 2014

Prophets of God are specific and time oriented .We don't want generalised prophecies God knows everything becoz he is God if he speaking through prophets he is accurate and sure becoz he is God the creator of heaven and earth and he should not be mocked or taken for granted .

analyst - 13 February 2014

nhai wedenga hamhutionewo here chokwadi tahwa namugabe

jane ongesa - 13 February 2014

Dandaro a prophet in the Bible prayed to God and the sun stopped for three days!!! Another prayed and there was no rain for three years!!! You can't certainly tell if the sun will rise tomorrow because it's all up to God learn to read the Bible and you'll learn to respect prophets! TB Joshua doesn't assess situations, what's your comment about his prophecy on the typhoon/cyclone that hit the Philipians?

Regalia - 13 February 2014


shaddy - 14 February 2014

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Forbes - 14 February 2014

kurwara kunotadzisa kutonga here ,President havarwari,ko Biti akamboendawo public here ne status yake kana ari mutngamiri wamagwana.anogona chingorwarawo

mike - 14 February 2014

Zimbabwean are used to prophecies like, your cell no. is so so and iam seeing in one room cooking on a parafin stove. kkkkkkkk

simon - 14 February 2014

"Predicts" is a wrong word... This guy has prophesied a lot of stuff that came to pass, saying "God told him...". On the Other hand Saying Man City will revenge and beat Chelsea 3-1 in the FA Cup tomorrow (Saturday) is a prediction.

Coolage - 14 February 2014

Its interesting. All the staff at Daily news did not see the folly of running with such a story. No wonder the election was stolen the opposition is staffed with half wits.

Cde WhiteRabbit - 14 February 2014

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CARTRIDGE GALLARY - 14 February 2014

Jehovah God said if a prophet speaks in my name and that prophesy come to pass i would have send him/her to say such but if it does not happen he/she will have said it his/her own,my fellow country men beware on what you comment if you have nothing to say just keep quiet rather than inviting the anger of the lord on yourself. If indeed TB is it on his own God will surely judge him for fooling people. I have said my own.

Chirasha - 14 February 2014

nhai va journalist dd u hear e prophecy yoself , coz on e official website yake ts nt written, .

concerned - 14 February 2014

Nonsense! Ko what happened to the other hyena who said Mugabe would die on 2nd Feb? This business of depending on divine revelation is a sign of kuepererwa. So what if you know there will eb a powrr tussle? So you don't keep your money in the bank, so you flee Zimbabwe in advance? So you also start looting? These prophets don't bring any value to the suffering in our lives. Zvirriritire wega nemhuri yako.

Omuhle - 14 February 2014

Stupid prophesy, prophesysing obvious things hameno vanotsvaga chiporofita munongorohwa nespsyocology, madununu asina kudzidza kunyeperwa. Yes god is there but open your eyes do not be deceived with people whi love money , who talk of events that are naturally already there. Its obvious, we do not need a prophet nokuti zviripachena nokuti ndizvo zvichaitika.

salvation - 14 February 2014

The prophet should tell us a way forwad, TB Joshua should pray for those African countries.

Christiana Gokyo - 14 February 2014

its South Africa and Zimbabwe,in South africa Jacob Zuma slept with an HIV positive woman,in Zimbabwe President of the opposition has had too many affairs without protection

Chikwama - 15 February 2014

Zviroto zvatanga.

Kuraira - 15 February 2014

if i read well this prophecy it talks of obvious the head of state.not an opposition leader.

obidience - 16 February 2014

You really believe in these bogus prophets. There is a big difference between prophecy and divination. Which "many"prophecies did he predict. The way I see it, if you hear that so so is sick then you say he gon die from sickness, does that mean you are a prophet ? Don't be gullible. That prophet once predicted that Zimbabwe would be convulsed withan earthquake. What happened ? Cmon man stop hoarding fables and nonsense.

bollo billings - 17 February 2014

CHIRASHA satan haape kuti munhu ataure chinoiyika here? akakuudzai kuti munhu akataura zvinoitika 7 tyms watova a prophet of God kiiiiikkkkkkkk muchashamiswa chokwadi chotaura chega

dzvombi - 18 February 2014

mmmhh!! tibvirwe apa!!! kutarisira kufa kwevamwe ndo chii....

cyhle - 20 February 2014

hakuna zvakadaro

taguta - 20 February 2014

I watched TB Joshua on Sunday and before that he gave a prophecy on Nigeria where he said the super party being challenged. Musatiwozve kana munhu ataura zvamusingafariri moti inhema.

tongongara - 21 February 2014

i need anointing water /delivery service of any spiritual material from emmanuel team email us at: pastortbjoshuaprophecies@gmail.com


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