GMB bosses in looting spree

HARARE - Top management at the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has been fingered in a looting spree as the company struggles to service a $108 million maize import debt.

Documentary evidence in possession of the Daily News shows that GMB general manager Albert Mandizha and his two deputies, took personal possession of luxury company cars without remitting payment to the struggling government entity.

Mandizha is noted to have taken possession of an Isuzu, Toyota Prado and a Jeep Cherokee in 2013, acquired by the GMB.

The vehicles, worth more than $250 000, have remained unaccounted for, while only $860 was paid out for one of the cars.

“On 19th April 2013, (Mandizha) acquired an Isuzu (Reg no ABE 4201) which had been acquired by GMB for $28 076. 92 on 25th August 2010 and there is no disposal value realised by the GMB for that transaction,” read an official document seen by the Daily News.

Mandizha went on to take a Prado which had been bought by the GMB in 2005 before he joined the parastatal, which he also did not make payment for.

His deputy general manager in charge of operations, Lawrence Jasi, is on record as having received a Mazda B2500 on August 19, 2009 and a Toyota Hilux on April 19, 2013.

Not to be outdone, deputy general manager human resources, Sibongile Muchirahondo, on April 19, 2013 acquired a Mazda Eagle for a residual book value of $860 and on May 6, took  possession of a company Toyota Hilux, also without making payment.

The document indicates the vehicles acquired were allegedly used by Mandizha and his subordinates for business purposes.

Claims in excess of $3 000 per month were then made against the GMB for maintenance of the vehicles.

Mandizha was not  answering his phone when contacted for comment, while Jasi declined to answer questions posed by this newspaper.

He  referred the Daily News to the corporate communications manager Muriel Zemura.

The company spokesperson, claimed the vehicles had been sold to the three, in line with their respective contracts, a position he claimed was approved by the GMB board and tax collector Zimra.

“Their contracts provide for the acquisition of vehicles at the end of five-year contracts and the three have completed their contracts and are on their second terms. The contracts provide for the acquisition of vehicles at ex-book value plus depreciation,” Zemura said.

She however, did not cite how many vehicles they were entitled to, how much the cars were sold for and if the three top management officials paid for them.

Agriculture minister Joseph Made, who controls the parastatal, professed ignorance over the matter.

“I am only finding out about this from you. You can call me tomorrow or the day after to find out after I have made investigations into the matter,” Made said.

A 2012 audit of the ailing parastatal’s books by the Comptroller and Auditor-General, revealed that GMB failed to account for more than $1 million and about 20 000 of its assets.

Last year, GMB was failing to pay some 3 600 workers amid reports that top management had purchased top-of-the-range Toyota D4D off-road vehicles.

The government entity currently owes local farmers more than $6 million for last season’s grain supplies.

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the Directors and their Ministers are all just thieves, what can the minister say since he is also eating from the same pot. Obviously he will profess ignorance

Zinyane Lesilo - 12 February 2014

surely the country has gone to the dogs, when are we going to stop hearing about this rot, this is a disgrace even in the diaspora we are now associated this whole bullshit.

Zinyane Le Silo - 12 February 2014

Haiwaovo, zvishoma zvamuri kutaura izvo!!! Some years back "GMB" won a tender to construct silos in Zambia and GMB managers decided to form a shelf company which was then paid by the Zambians. At the end of the day money which was supposed to go to GMB went to the managers and government got nothing out of that deal. GMB employees were then sent to Zambia kunoshandira company yemamanager. Varume ava pakuba vanoita kurura chaiko.

Nesongano - 12 February 2014

Whoever wants to get information about corruption pattern in our badly wounded economy, they should talk to the generality of the nation. Whoever attempts to do that will be shocked by what the people know. In most casses with 95% accuracy of facts. The media is just scrapping on the surface.

mambo - 12 February 2014

GMB saga is a connection of all the top brass in Mugabe government.For instance the huge bill that GMb is failing to pay is a product of Gono,Biti,and mandizha with their partner company in crime called ASP Marketing based in SA.the three would be seen in the sunny beaches of capetown enjoying apparently sealing these deals at way above stipulated grain prices.How can they talk of cars that they take now its not important.Thank you for your watchdog role and personally look forward to this sagga as it spill the beans.Gono was advanced grain to start and feed his so called Lunar Chickens and until now he has not paid his credit of Over 4million dollars.Where do you think Gono got the money to start this business its him ,Mandizha and Biti.Biti is not even clean during his tenure as the minister he facilitated payment in order to get 1million kickback.this country has gone to the dogs regrettably Mugabe is too old to handle these issues.Sorry our beloved Zimbabwe

mdlano john - 12 February 2014

How I wish I was still in Zimbabwe to steal like this.

Peter - 12 February 2014

Thanks to Prof Moyo for initiating the SALARYGATE. Manga chena yakaparira parere nhema. May this search for corrupt officials also visit Hwange Colliery, ZESA, NRZ, to mention just a few key entities who are paramount to the development of our country and economy.

Muzimbo Chose - 12 February 2014

Pray without ceasing for a devine solution to our problems. Mwari anesu. The Almighty God is greater than the Zimbabwean situation. Read 1 Thes 5v17

Pray! Pray! Pray! - 12 February 2014

this is just a disgrace these have no shame its so embarassing to say l am a zimbabwean. the sad part about all this is nothing is going to be done about all these scandals we see in the newspapers

Roland Rat - 12 February 2014

Joseph Made is one of the few privileged looters of the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe tractors and farming implements. Even if he knew about the rot, he would not take any action as the biblical saying of 'removing a log from one's eye first before removing a speck from another person's eye' would come to haunt him. Zimbabweans, you ain't seen nothing yet, worse things are soon to unravel as we go along. If every cent that was stolen from the country's till were to be recovered, there will be no need to go out with a begging bowl to anyone for assistance. When people rig their way and refuse to leave office, do not think that it is about patriotism, but it's all about the fear of being exposed. Haven't we suffered more than enough? We await the ALMIGHTY for an answer.

tomasi tohwi - 12 February 2014

When you write, "His deputy general manager in charge of operations, Lawrence Jasi, is on record as having received a Mazda B2500 on August 19, 2009 and a Toyota Hilux on April 19, 2013," have you taken into consideration it is normal for a manager to be sold the vehicle he was using at book value say after 3 or 4 years. Dont brew storms in a tea cup. To me it sounds normal not knowing the terms of his conditions of service.

Tichaona - 12 February 2014

As they get old, they loot more. Whether they think they will take money to hell is some serious imagination of idiots.

Ziziharinanyanga - 12 February 2014

mmmmmmh looks like there is looting in almost every parastatal.... topela tobona!

connie - 12 February 2014

Do you know that GMB employees haven't been paid for 3 months!

smoyo - 12 February 2014

The problem is that Mugabe decided to stuff all our civil service and parastatals with bum lickers who would do anything and everything for him and his party as long as they contributed to keeping him in power at all costs. Albert Mandizha is one of many of these shameless devils that we have to live with, courtesy of our once revolutionary and people centred president. My heart bleeds! I can assure you much worse will be revealed everywhere where these political deployments were made. But unless there is a complete paradigm shift, no action will be taken against these looters. Somebody suggested Gono and Biti are complicit in this. Maybe Gono but as far as I know throughout the subsistence of the GNU Biti and his colleagues in MDC were calling for transparency in these parastatals. They even called for impartial audits to be carried out. They did not get ZANU PF support, for all these abuses would have long been unearthed. Zimbabweans, let be objective and call a spade a spade. Lets not defend wanton and because it has unbriddled corruption simply been committed by or benefits our family or members of the political party we belong to. I don't belong to any political group. I am a law abiding, simple Zimbabwean who agonises over the rot that my beloved country has become a victim of through the actions of a few misguided individuals, Mr President, this is the time for you to wield the axe without fear or favour!

Tinoziva - 12 February 2014

Sorry for the typing error I meant "Lets not defend wanton and unbridled corruption simply because it has been committed by or benefits our family members or members of the political party we belong to." Thank you.

Tinoziva - 12 February 2014

Don't worry cdes and friends in the looting salarygate......soon we are launching what we call "Nyagumbo style" of just eliminating these cdes of our who have tarnished our liberation movement so called ZANU PF and l bet you are going to see it starting from next week since we are now going towards our independence. Apart from that.....Uncle Bob will bwarf whatever he wants during the celebrations of his 90th BIG BASH so to all those trying to let Uncle Bob open his obvious BIG's not possible coz we are just waiting for him to open up during his 21st Movement......sometime in the coming weeks.......So don't despair cdes and mhandu dzose dzeZANU PF please...Hold your horses

Clemence Tashaya - 12 February 2014

Macomreds why have suddenly gone quiet but you the ones who promised to fight corruption during the election campaigns. President Mugabe tarisai zvava kuita vana venyu. chibvai matanga kusunga Masimirembwa

TICHAONA - 13 February 2014

vaMugabe varikunyara mazuva ano saka imbovasiyai, Vakapumha Masimirembwa vakaona kuti haana mhosva, now zviri kuma top friends avo kuti vachitaura zvoramba manje. Mazuva ano varikufunga zvavakaitwa na Grace kuti ivo vachifunga kuti he is renting a house for his Bonna in HongKong Grace was in a deal with a chinese to purchase the house now the chinese is refusing with the loot saka baba varikunyunyuta kuti ma top friends arikuita loot, madam vakaita deal ku Hong Kong vodii manje. he can take advise from Mujuru just announce 'it is the work of the enemy within'

maita - 13 February 2014

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Irrrigation Matters - 13 February 2014

Nyika yedu, nyika yedu, nyika yedu Jesu. God please intervene, nyika yedu corruption yanyanya, Something must be done. Ini ndakarima chibage changu ndikaendesa kuGMB handisati ndabhadharwa zvinoitawo here. Musadaro imimi.

Tatenda - 13 February 2014

Wish you had checked your story first before rushing to publish this it. Do you know what their contracts say? What ever happened to investigative journalism? I'm not saying all is in order at GMB, but you really got it all wrong.

erizabheta - 13 February 2014

@erizabeta auditors are not stupid don't take their word bcuz y are brainwashed by these maggots

joe - 7 March 2014

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