Corrupt parastatal bosses face arrest: Mnangagwa

HARARE - Justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has told Parliament that individuals implicated in corrupt activities at parastatals will soon be brought to book.

This comes on the back of massive revelations of looting at the state-owned institutions with top management earning abnormally hefty salaries.

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You are one of them and I am sure you are now willing to face justice.

Ziziharinanyanga - 12 February 2014

vakuru vaona gap following vp blundering, factionalism at play

baba jukwa 2 - 12 February 2014

lets see if the law can be applied non - selectively

Obert Nhoko - 12 February 2014

Lets be serious. The Munangagwa I know has no moral ground to open his mouth regarding this matter. Let him call for investigations into what happened at Zvishavane when a whole town was almost decimated by AMG Global (Afaras Gwaradzimba) having been "awarded'' the job by Chinamasa to "reconstruct" SMM. Had it not been for God's hand in that platinum was discovered and successfully mined and that Murowa Diamonds started operating profitably today a town called Zvishavane would be no more. I want people to think and put a value at such a town and imagine individuals looting to the extent of destroying a town.

Varidzi Venyika - 12 February 2014

Ehhhh sure Munangaguwa kkkkkk bophanani qalisani sibili

Nqwa - 12 February 2014

Embiciles like a certain cde Mzvinavhu who I prefered to call Mzvinambavha for obvious reasons, are neatly tucked away under their rocks now. We told them many times that they belong to a thieving party and we were all out to stop them- the shameless crooks.

Stop-a-Thief - 12 February 2014

Aah, Emmerson Mnangagwa , Jonathan Moyo and George Charamba happen to belong to the same ZANU PF faction vying for ascendancy to State House. If they continue this anti-corruption crusade, inspite of their involvement, they can redeem themselves and become acceptable to the people of Zimbabwe. In a normal environment these guys are loathed by the majority of Zimbabweans. But citizens may actually judge them to be less evils than the named and shamed looters. I know that Zimbabweans are quick to forgive and forget. So I hope Mnangagwa and his cronies are serious about action being taken against well connected thieves like the managers at Town House, ZBC, GMB and PSMAS. Ultimately, its President Mugabe's duty to rout all these miscreants from our midst. And the time is NOW!

Tinoziva - 12 February 2014

who has ever seen Munangaguwa smiling kkkk kanti kuyini sibili just like julius malema uyesabeka lobaba nyamazana

Nqwa - 12 February 2014

Iyemanje vazotenherwa Garwe haseki, ko Mai Mujuru vanorasikawo sa Tsvangirai, akati corruption yakaitwa ne MDC UK haina basa, coz aidyawo ana Lovemore Moyo vachitengerwa ma suit evharamuromo,,, tozvitaura!

Ngwechangwecha - 12 February 2014

Cdes.......what ever you can say on Ngwena its utter tosh and rubbish. The man is just doing his job. Why do Zimbos just want to tarnish and kushora zvinenge zvaitwa nevamwe...mese otherwise writing these comments are people and supporters Mujuru faction. Now you know what we call politics......muchamama chete muzita raJesu.......That's why we have the untouchables and in all places we have folks like that and one of them is Ngwena......and we shall support him kusvikira mese naAmai Mombe vanonzi Mujuru avo tavapinza paChimbetu ok...Leave Professor and Ngwena alone and muchamama mazimbwa,......we are watching you on a daily basis

Clemence Tashaya - 12 February 2014

Pointing fingers @ individuals doesnt help,this problem comes after poor mgt of the economy by zanu.Those bosses are jss leaves u the munangagwas you are roots so as long as you are there no hope for zimbabweans

Find the Problem - 12 February 2014

Let who is clean cast the first stone! Since when has justice being served on Zhanu BIG fish??? This is a big Joke. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!*

Mike - 12 February 2014

Mira uone vamwe vacha baya chete macdes..........mira check on the happenings...vachamama chete

Clemence Tashaya - 12 February 2014

People, politics is all about being shrewd and charismatic. If Ngwena is able to play his cards tactfully and outsmart his opponents then leave alone. Therefore if fighting corruption is one of those tactics that enables his ascendency to the highest office in the land so be it. Don't mix factionalism if there is any with current salary-gate saga. Batayi munhu

comrade mwana wevhu - 12 February 2014

We need clean government, and this exclude people like munangwaga. He is trying to score political points and yet he is one of the dirtiest politicians in the country if not the African continent. Zimbabweans please don't be fooled by the likes of Munangagwa as they try to sanitize themselves.

connie - 12 February 2014

Tsvangirai haaiti,Mujuru haaiti,Ngwena,Munangagwa futi haaiti. Saka angaita mutungamiriri wedu mangwana angava ani,ndiudzeiwo

me - 13 February 2014

Guys.....let's face it. The Croc us right, they need to be arrested. I get surprised by people who just want to make noise, let's judge action. The issue of factionalism is not unique to Zimbabwe,it's world over. If the Mujuru is caught pants down, let them be kicked. Who cares? The arrests will have to start somewhere.

Tshepiso Nare - 13 February 2014

mnangagwa must persecute himself first - 13 February 2014

arrest yourself first sir. you know it well that if any of the zanu guys are arrest for this corruption, you and even the president are go into prison also. so stop telling us lies and i am so disappointed that even the mps who listened to that rubbish had applaud that. thess guys are not serious. chamisa thank for that question, but we people want you to ask in a better way next time. are you going to follow it up.

s - 13 February 2014

i have a feeling that this is a campeigning gymic, in direct opposition to what Mai said. Ngwena makes sense but like all the words, the programmes and the policies, implementation is key. Till that day when Ngewna's words become action will I believe him! We know the Zanu PF people, they say this, but go a different direction altogether. Even the preseident once talks strongly against corruption at party conferencies...but nothing comes to action. Its all talk, talk & talk! It should be simple really, convict them, sell all thier assets and return the money to the parastatal to pay for debts and for recapitalisation. Psmas has a credit of over 38 miliion dollars, if all cathbet Dube's assets he acquired thorugh the intense corrutpion were to be sold, and all other exercutives's assets too, I am sure money recouped there will go a long towards repaying for the 38 mil bill! But all we see is talk talk, propaganda day after day, rivalrism! At the end of the day all the corrupt a scot free with more money, but the nation bleeding like hell! So Ngwena, till people see action on your words, they will not believe you and the countru will continue to sink...sandikuminya

TaTanga - 13 February 2014

Munangagwa was involved in the Gukurahundi massacres so his hands are dripping with the blood of innocent civilians. How dare he stands up in front of the people and declares that thieves and not murderers will be prosecuted? Is he trying to gain mileage for his ambition to succeed the old limping donkey?This guy is a cold blooded murderer.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 13 February 2014

Welcome to the Republic of Salary Manufacturing Zimbabwe. We are a net exporter of salaries country.

maita - 13 February 2014

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Irrrigation Matters - 13 February 2014

We have asked for action so I am waiting to see if this happens, but of course I am not holding my breath. Come on Mai Mujuru time to fight fire with fire. Let the games begin!!

saundy - 13 February 2014

Cdes and friends let us not be hoodwinked by these murders ZANUPF has failed this country and an alternative needs to be persued.Simba Makoni seems to possess the qualities but his major undoing is his asssociation with them in the past.Munangwa is politicking he needs to answer to Gukurahyundi,2008 violence (he was the architect of the violence) and his luitenant is responsible for the 2013 rigging so please spare us.Avawo amai takangozvinzwira she is not presidential material at all.Succintly put Zimbabwe is not monarch so we should not think that its only ZANUPF which has the right to rule this countryother political parties also can rule as long as they manage to endear themselves with the electorate.Fellow Zimbabweans of course we owe it to the gallant sons for emencipating us from colonial bondage but some of them especially the leaders have lost the cause.Every leader in ZANUPF is guilty of corruption if investigations are opened you will realise that the published cases are only the tip of ther iceberg.

Aluta continua - 13 February 2014

Nothing new here- even the Head of State of State and Government and commander in chief of the Defence forces once said Msimirembwa will face the music for the six million dollar corruption deal but its almost a year he has not even had a statement taken, talk about anti corruption drive.

MAPANCHO - 13 February 2014

Its high time Zimbabweans unite and fight this dangerous monster-CORRUPTION.

joshua mhino - 13 February 2014

Cde Minister, I find it very difficult to believe you because some of the Cabinat Ministers have already jumped on to protect their subjects. If you are serious about what you are saying lets have independent commisions to make investigation starting from Local Government institutions such as Harare City then other critical sectors of the economy. Why only arrest this poor lady leaving out the big fish who are swimming in public funds in clear waters. We are tired of being taken for granted. We demand real action and not this lip service you have been doing for years on end. We now know who the real thugs are and time shall catch up with these corrupt individuals.

felix - 13 February 2014

We don't mind them in jail, what we want you to do is to collect our cash and put it back to its coffers, if they cant give us back , sell all their assets equivalent to our defrauded revenue. after that put them in jail. Make them help you investigate them, they are mature and educated thieves.

think - 13 February 2014

MUNONYADZISA vamunangagwa vati tibate vanhu makudududza zvakare aiwa muriimbwa dzine miswe yerata imi. maida kuti kumatebeleland kuendwe nemarekeni nemipinyi idzo mhondi dzaiva nepfuti mbwa imi kusafunga. waida kuti ivo vaiviga mhondi idzi varegererwe ipo paisava nemusiyano, taurayi zvinemusoro. munoti panorira pfuti imi moenda nemvimvi kurai. ngwena bata waro vose vaitora diamond vachiti mari yangu yakawanda kunge mashizha yemiti isu tichifa nenzara 2008 pliz kunge ndivo vakanga vairwira voga zvino vana vekutembwe , chimoio ne nyadzonya havana kufira kuti ugarike uri one. bata ngwena zvawakaita wakaratidza Britain kuti there was no room for a diveded independent Zim even Nkomo in his grave knows kuti ndiye akange akanya zvose izvi a mere 9% kuda kutonga 91% kikkkkkk lol mwana wevhu. the history tels us that zanu had a revolutionary solution to the white settlers and zapu had advocated for a tabbled solution but see what brought independence

dzvombi - 13 February 2014

This is typical politics. Mnangagwa is just capitalizing on the slip-up by his main rivalry to the presidency (Joice)

Dereck - 13 February 2014

You got jokes! Mnangagwa you are turning on your own kind?! the crocodile eats it's own!!

Sabi - 13 February 2014

Kuchovha nguva... All these guys have a tag that reads ZANU PF. I suppose Zimbabweans no that monster, it is born out of dirty things, and true to the saying ' Let he who is clean cast the first stone. Ngwena ungari kanda iwe? Iwewe here ngwena?

Nyashanu - 14 February 2014

Ngwena for presidency VIVA

arrow - 15 February 2014

It is said 'opportunity knocks but once'..... Here is the best chance for Zanu PF to repair it's image. Instead of this public question and answer session, some people who of late have been on a diet of roast chicken, T-bone steak pork chops and salad should long be eating matemba asina muto or cooking oil, clad in khaki fatigues, facing a barricaded door whose lock is bolted from outside, wondering how on earth roles have suddenly changed. Ahoy!

Overman Sanatorium - 15 February 2014

Igore ripi paida kumboedza makonzo kusungirira katsi bhero? Kwakazi chii zviya nerimwe racho?

Overman Sanatorium - 15 February 2014

Igore ripi paida kumboedza makonzo kusungirira katsi bhero? Kwakazi chii zviya nerimwe racho?

Overman Sanatorium - 15 February 2014

Aiwawo zvipiko?? Just trying to play the good boy here after his rival scored a classical political own goal. Havasirivo veku evictor families in Chirumhanzu kuti vavake mansion yavo here?

Mayaya - 17 February 2014

Iwe munangagwa ndiwe unofanira kutanga kusungwa

Tindo - 19 February 2014

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