Shame on you, Joice

HARARE - Has Vice President Joice Mujuru given us a sneak preview of what lies ahead in the event she succeeds President Robert Mugabe?

If that is the case, then God forbid!

Mujuru, touted as a front runner to succeed Mugabe, appeared to take leave of her senses by attacking the media and her colleagues in Zanu PF for tackling corruption during a women’s meeting in Chinhoyi at the weekend.

Mujuru needs free lessons that journalists are members of the Fourth Estate and one of the major tasks they have is to expose corruption and be the voice of the voiceless.

For the record, this is not the first time that Mujuru has strangely blamed journalists in cases where they will be doing their job.

She came up with a howler at the memorial service of her husband, Solomon.

The vice president, instead of taking the initiative to ask pertinent questions about how the decorated war hero died, blamed journalists for probing the circumstances behind his death. What a shame.

In her reasoning, the rot in public enterprises and the obscene salaries should be handled privately by government without the media reporting on it.

This is just crass. And we repeat, it’s a shame.

Mujuru’s rant against the reportage of corruption and scandals by the media can only be as bad as it can get.

She has, without a doubt, showed the kind of leadership she stands for.

The Vice President believes the media has no role in exposing corruption and correcting the moral decadence currently pervading parastatals.

Does she need to be schooled about the watch-dog role of the media in a democratic society?

Why would she object to the media’s interest and subsequent reportage on corruption, a major scourge in our society?

Has she gone off her rockers?

Or has she inadvertently showed us why there has never been decisive action taken against corrupt officials, including some in the top echelons of the ruling Zanu PF.

Since the Willowgate Scandal in which top ministers were sacked and one committed suicide after breaching governance conduct through shady vehicle deals, nothing concrete has been taken to crack corruption.

National resources have allegedly been plundered by senior government officials and in some cases their acolytes.

Should we turn a blind eye to corruption because Mugabe’s office is handling the issue as suggested by Mujuru?

Why should we take her seriously when her actions are a clear and deliberate assault on her colleagues in government and journalists who have gone on an offensive to fight graft?

Clearly Mujuru has lost it and her actions do not inspire confidence, considering that she occupies one of the highest offices in this country.

It is unfathomable to understand what inspired her address to the women in Chinhoyi and whatever it is, there is no excuse for her conclusion.

There are many inferences that can be drawn from this rather unexpected incident.

It leaves her leadership qualities cruelly exposed.

Leaders do not make such howlers.

They know the ramifications of being caught napping, particularly when there is a lot at stake.

One fatal boob will change the course.

And this is one that will loom large in both Zanu PF and the general public – that one of a leader who got it terribly wrong.

It’s an own goal!

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So having read the whole article, I didn't come across what she apparently said in Chinhoyi. As the fourth estate you are meant to be the voice for the voiceless, yet this article doesn't explain why you seem so mad and have decided to ask if the Vice President has "gone off her rockers". This article feels more personal that OBJECTIVE. Which is what we would expect of you as the fourth estate. Shame on you Daily News, for failing to provide me (who's voice you are supposed to be representing) with the facts, and letting me choose my own conclusion. Instead you base your article on personal feeling instead of facts. This should rather be left for blogs that can be read by anyone, and not a NATIONAL publication that is supposed to be a positive vehicle. With reporting like this, what then is the difference between you and the other national papers?

EnsignTongs - 11 February 2014

You say that again!

Joe Banana - 11 February 2014

You can say that again!

Joe Banana - 11 February 2014

getaway joe banana,ino haisi nguva yekuramba muchiverenga manovels eshona zivai zvirikuita munyika atsano dont be so ignorant.

samaz - 11 February 2014

Those who didn't get the story kindly check yesterday;s Herald-they quoted her verbatim and its a shame that it was coming from such a high office.

Chris MuNdau - 11 February 2014

The media hasn't exposed any corruption over this Salary-gate scandal. No investigative journalism has been carried have simply been given what to write by Jonathan Moyo, who is just as corrupt as the rest of the cabal. I will dare any media house to do an expose on diamond looting at Chiadzwa or who killed Chindori-Chininga or who bombed.

Tongo - 11 February 2014

...yes, who bombed the Daily News printing machine

Tongo - 11 February 2014

It appears Mujuru thinks the salarygate scandal was exposed by Jonathan Moyo in order to weaken her faction. I am not sure who belongs to which faction but one van make an inference that most of the culprits in the scandal are in the Mujuru camp. Her main ally, Rugare Gumbo seems to also buy into this conspiracy theory.I shudder to think what will happen when Mugabe is pronounced dead.

ignatius - 11 February 2014

Some idiots like the first 2 commentators need serious medical help. Even street kids know what mai mujuru said about the media with regards to current reported corrupt salaries.

reason - 11 February 2014

Saka faction yake yakaora. Kusanyara.

gumbura - 11 February 2014

Ma factions ose ari corrupt but the other one is using its control of the media, including the private media to discredit its opponents (remember soon after his appointment JM went on a charm offensive with the private media.

Takura - 11 February 2014

zvavari amai hazvireve kuti havarasikewo vaireva the opposite

protestor - 11 February 2014

Mai Mujuru is done, she is gone, it will be a shame for Zimbabwe to be led by such a person who thinks corruption if done in her party is ok and must not be protected. Ensign Tongs and Tongo read the papers, they reported these scandals long ago. Read news everyday if you want to make comments because now in an opinion piece you want the story repeated. She is covering a toilet pa with food pot.

Maita Manyuka - 12 February 2014

Madoda asilungiseni ndawo zonke singa khangeli icele elilodwa kuphela.Vele yena othi kala corruption ngubani ?Abanye bayaqanjwa abanye bayatshiywa, seku hanba ngokuthi owakho ngubani.Lapha eZimbabwe""""" ngicela ukumbona omsula.Namhla nguwe kusasa yimi.Sonke e Zim sonakele.

mariyeti mpala - 12 February 2014

Joice for state house? No! Because she does not tolerate exposure of bad deeds. Saka mukatonga tonyarara zvakaipa here amai?

machakachaka - 12 February 2014

to be honest - the office of the president cannot do it alone without the assistance of the media - instead Mujuru must loud the media and work with it to succeed. am sure she intended to say the opposite.

TT - 12 February 2014

Ensign Tongs, you have missed the point! This article is an editorial comment. So an editorial comment is an opinion and does not have to go into detail. The story is at the top, titled Mujuru must resign.

james - 12 February 2014

So I'm appealing to you from one woman to another to restore the role that the children expect of us as mothers and from one Vice President to another allow me to quote in part Wangari Maathai from her book “The Challenge for Africa - A New Vision”. The realization of good leadership could start with an African President or Prime Minister stepping forward and declaring:” We have a problem in our country and as a people. We are cheating and undermining ourselves, we need to change. For whether it is a policeman accepting a bribe, or a government minister receiving a kickback in order to license that business - we are failing ourselves, our country, those who came before us and indeed future generations. I want us as a country to work on it and it will start with me, and I will do my best to fight greed and corruption. I will value honesty in whatever I do, I will genuinely put the people first”.

Ndaba K - 12 February 2014

She is just useless lady. Who can be led by such a useless woman president...Fokofo man....We are tired of just being led by senile leaders like her

Clemence Tashaya - 12 February 2014

Pray without ceasing for a devine solution to our problems. Mwari anesu. The Almighty God is greater than the Zimbabwean situation. Read 1 Thes 5v17

Pray! Pray! Pray! - 12 February 2014

Sure Shame shame wena mama wehlulekile kakhulu bengithi lelo khala liyezwa iphunga kanti hayi bo vele okubolileyo kuzihlalela phakathi kkkkkk

mamncane - 12 February 2014

Guys, Mujuru played the wrong button....the other faction new she would respond and respond in the public domain hence inenge ya "zvibaye wega restorant", she forgot that this is politics, she forgot that Jonathan is in charge of the media, now look were right in your comment because you were seeing politics, but you addressed the wrong Audience ......Bad politics chimuti pwaaka!

Gore Rino!!! - 13 February 2014

Mujuru haana kusiyana na Tsvangison in terms of mental capacity. In my own world very unlikely to be a strategic leader. I am just saying. Mai vanorasika ivava both in thinking, and actions. Underneath she undergirds corruption and above all she panics. A batch of nerves!!!!

Todini? - 2 March 2014

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