Mujuru must resign

HARARE - Acting President Joice Mujuru must resign for “condoning corruption” in government and State-owned enterprises, media experts and political analysts said yesterday.

This follows her “outrageous” call for the media to stop covering the obscene salaries of managers of State-owned firms pocketing millions of dollars in pay while the economy stutters.

Besides outrageous salaries, bosses at State enterprises are also involved in massive corruption in procurement where they inflate invoices for personal gain.

Mujuru said the media campaign that has riveted the nation was part of a crusade by enemies within Zanu PF working for the downfall of the party.

She made the controversial remarks while addressing the party’s Mashonaland West provincial women’s conference in Chinhoyi on Saturday.

“Nditeererei madzimai … Iyi nyaya yatiri kutaura iyi yehuori hwemaparastatals muchenjere kuti ndeimwe nzira yaunzwa nevanhu vari kuda kupwanya nyika ino iyi (Please listen to me ladies, regarding reports about corruption in parastatals -— be careful — it’s another tactic being used by those keen to destroy the country),” she said. 

In thinly veiled remarks seen as targeted at Information minister Jonathan Moyo, who has been spearheading an anti-graft campaign that has won kudos from many Zimbabweans, Mujuru said this was a campaign meant to ensure the party implodes.

“Regai kuzoti vanhu vacho havasi veZanu-PF, aiwa, zvinonzi kana usingagone kumukurira unomujoina, worova uchibva mukati make, saka mochenjera (Do not say these people are not Zanu PF … it is said that if you cannot defeat them join them and attack from within; so be careful).”

Moyo has tapped into genuine concerns in the ruling party about the money gobbled by perennially loss-making State companies and said corruption was  “allegedly rampant among the 78 parastatals and State enterprises and the 92 local authorities in the country”.

Now dubbed the “Salarygate scandal’, it has sucked into its vortex ZBC and Psmas, the State-run health insurer for civil servants and the Harare City Council.

Mujuru, reportedly leading the stakes to succeed Mugabe, who turns 90 on February 21, said the media must back off the scandal.

“Nyaya idzi hadzitongwe mumanewspaper; inyaya dzinonyatsogadzirwa magadzirirwo adzo,” (These issues should not be dealt with by newspapers. We have a way to deal with the issues)  she said adding that the way the scandals were being reported suggested other motives beyond fighting corruption.

Brian Mangwende, chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Editors Forum (Zinef) said the media was duty bound to expose corruption.

“With all due respect to the powers that be, it is the media’s role and duty, lest it is found wanting, to expose corruption and abuse of office by public officials, who thrive on tax payers’ money,” Mangwende said.

“Let it be made clear that, the exposure has no malicious intention but to bring sanity to otherwise errant public servants.”

Foster Dongozi, secretary general of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, sarcastically suggested that the VP was probably misquoted.

“I don’t think it is true that the VP said that,” Dongozi told the Daily News.

“The vice president is a patriotic person and could never have said that. The media is there to do exactly what it did. The media has done its patriotic role of exposing the rot in the high corridors of power, with all due respect, I would like to think that she was misquoted. It doesn’t make sense because everyone is agreed on the issue.”

After winning the disputed elections last year, Mugabe told journalists to bring evidence of corruption, even to the State House, and Mujuru’s remarks are seen going against the grain.

Although Mugabe is yet to make a public statement on the salary  gate, Moyo, has said the veteran leader was dismayed by the scandal.

Pedzisai Ruhanya, Zimbabwe Democracy Institute director, said Mujuru’s utterances were politically corrosive to the standing of the government as a whole.

“What is important for Zimbabweans to note is that the ongoing corruption is State and government-sanctioned,” Ruhanya said. “It also tells us without any shadow of doubt that Mujuru should not be allowed to be the next president of Zimbabwe; she is not fit for that job because the State will be a huge crook.

“Under normal circumstances, citizens should rise up and demand her immediate resignation from public office. That statement is disgraceful.”

Britain-based Zimbabwean journalist and social commentator Innocent Chofamba Sithole said: “Mai Mujuru fails totally to read the national mood on corruption. Against the background of a so-called succession race that is long on personalities and short on policy debate, utterances such as these provide telling clues about the suitability of some of these alleged front-runners in their bid to succeed President Mugabe.

“As a journalist, I am also deeply troubled by the VP’s apparent attack of the media’s role as the Fourth Estate. We’ve been waiting a long time to see a public media with real teeth, and just when they’re beginning to do so, we are told the media has no business exposing corruption?”

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Ko madzimai anga aakuudzwa nyaya yaCashbert vanga vatadzeyi zvavo. Vaakuita zvasekuru zvekungotaura zvinhu zviri out of topic nepandufu pese kuti tizive kuti chii chirikuvanetsa mazuva ano. kkkkk Kungoitwa president two days wobva watadza kutonga. Dai zvavo vaisa Cde Chinotimba.

Joe Banana - 11 February 2014

Hezvo ka!! you want to sweep all this rot under the carpet! then what???

Zuruvi - 11 February 2014

What were you expecting from Mai Mujuru? Is she in that position on merit or by mere favour? While i am surprised by the statement from the VP, i am more shocked by the prevailing feeling that people expected better from her. hapana zviripo apa.

Obey Chiyangwa - 11 February 2014

Yes the VP failed to read the mood in the country about corrupt but htere are many questions than answers to the ubiquitous nature of corruption in the country.Firstly his excellency has been presiding over a corrupt state so should he also take his overdue retirement.Considering that his red eyed boys over number civilian one would believe he wsa aware thus wev are not gullible as the learned professor would want us to believe that his was dismayed.Secondly what happened to Misimirembwas issue after the public uttterances by the president on the issue.People who should resign are those paying lip service to such highly publishied cases of corruption and Chombo should be the first.

Aluta continua - 11 February 2014

politics is filthy game. mungataure mogoropodza btndiani anozvitra hanya

momblow - 11 February 2014

Zim just needs a new breed of politicians who are 50 years and below.We cannot put our trust in these oldies.

Them - 11 February 2014

I dont mean to be rude, but one weakness with women is that most of the times, they belt out anything that comes to their mind without thinking much about it. Mamakisa party apa ambuya. Rinonzi bapu iri ramaita...

isusu - 11 February 2014

IT never rains but pours. our VP was assessed under War Veterans Compensation Scheme and had a 100% diaability and pockted thousands of dollars.she knows the veil will be uncovered soon and wants to ensure she silences all discening voices.There is urgent need to ensure all ministries are investigated without further delay and all those hiding behind sunctions prosecuted

bvondo - 11 February 2014

I still don't see any evidence of intellectual intelligent in Joyce despite her being a doctorate student. Something is wrong somewhere ???

martz - 11 February 2014

Jonathan Moyo ndava kumutyira tsaona dzemumugwagwa. Ngaafambewo mushe akazarura maziso

me - 11 February 2014

Obey Chiyangwa wandinakidza. It is very true. We put so much faith in these people we forget to see how rotten they are. That is why Zanu pf is in power for this long and we keep hoping. 33 years of hoping!!!!

Zari - 11 February 2014

Mai Mujuru might be under political pressure to end up saying the controversial remarks like this. Maybe she said it under duress. Can a VP with Presidential hopes can go offside to this extent? Maybe if the issue is well investigated you might notice that someone was pointing a gun at her. Under normal circumstances there's no normal creature that will promote corruption to this far.

Pradine Spears - 11 February 2014

She's lost it and she'll never be the President just like Tsvangirai. This is shooting self in the foot.

Shepy Tarzy - 11 February 2014

She needs a lecture on corruption by Hon. Chinotimba.

MUJIBHA - 11 February 2014

People are getting confused here. The issue of these scandals was discussed at a Cabinet meeting last week and Mujuru is merely repeating what the official ZanuPF position is with regards to this scandal. ZanuPF knows it is in a corner and their official response will be to blame others as usual. This is why Mugabe is silent and instead sending Mujuru and Prof Moyo to do the dirty work of lying to the nation. No one is ever going to be touched in connection with these scandals because doing so will bring down the ZanuPF govt.

Mamvemve - 11 February 2014

Media speak it all. where in this world people paid high salaries like in zim. Even president Obama is in the 30k. Media speak we want to read how corrupt the guys are in the name of revolutionary party. We all fought to liberate this country, give us chance we are tired of your fruitless rulling

deeds - 11 February 2014

Mai Mujuru should just resign, period. How can she honestly condone corruption to this extent-Zimbabweans have been taken for granted for too long and it is time the likes of her be shown the red door. Blaming Professor Moyo & Comrade George Charamba for the exposure will not solve the problem and the sooner she realises that the nation is in no mood for this nonsense the better. Chombo should be stopped this time round and hopefully His Excellency, the President, will give both Chombo & the VP the sack. All along, I have argued against VP Mujuru ascending to the Presidency and her utterances vindicate my position. Look at ED, he may be viewed as ruthless but he is shrewed and smart-he talks less and accomplishes whatever he is set to do. He saved ZANU from the jaws of defeat in 2008 and again in 2013 because he is a master strategist. I wish the opposition parties had someone like him within their midst because Zimbabweans are clamouring for genuine freedom and democracy. Ngwena has done very well at all the Ministries he has presided over re-Legal & Justice, Housing and Social Amenities, Parliamentary Speaker-he has visible and tangible results which no one can dispute and may be the ideal successor to President Mugabe if ZANU is to remain relavant post Mugabe era. He can lead a transitional administration with Morgan Tsvangirai as his Deputy.

Chief Charumbira - 11 February 2014

Political pressure is mounting uku kurotomoka

protestor - 11 February 2014

Its shameful,

hazvineyi - 11 February 2014


tapiwa chakanaka - 11 February 2014

What is clear is that Mujuru thinks the salarygate scandal was exposed by Jonathan Moyo in order to weaken her faction. From her rantings, it can be infered that most of the culprits in this scandal belong to her faction.Her main ally, Rugare Gumbo seems to support this conspiracy theory.These factional fights will actually turn bloody the day Mugabe is pronounced dead.

ignatius - 11 February 2014

why cant someone create a page which calls for mai mujuru to resign the we see the reaction of the masses which she purports to stand for.

reason - 11 February 2014

Imi vakomana, we have factionalised everything...saka ref akaridzira DeMbare ne Sunday ndewe ku faction ipi????????? Ko Jah prayza??????? Ko macdes ose akafira nyika ino????Mavakupenga

Don Wezhira - 11 February 2014

ishu wana Choyoshi tiyi kungowona zhetu.

matigimu - 11 February 2014

Amai Mujuru is also very corrupt hence she is now afraid of herself being fingered in this corruption. Guys some of you have short memory is it? Remember the Dande holdings which Chris Mutsvangwa openly divulged to the Presidum. Air Zimbabwe yese yakazara neDande Holding ichienda kuChina ichinzi its a Government delegation going for Zim/China business. She is also trying to protect her interests even kuZIMASCO, ZINWA and other senior officials at ZTA whose CV's has a reference for his husband, to us as whistle blowers although we are in diaspora but we can tell you chokwadi.....She must go. To Professor Moyo and Cde Crocodile, we are fully behind you please.....clean all those dirty people and put them in prison. Chimukadzi chino baya.....muchishaina muchiti mutambirisa Zimbabwe yese ne mari.....

Clemence Tashaya - 11 February 2014

And you blame sanctions.Shame on ZANU PF supporters.Door mates.

PMK - 11 February 2014

this is madness gone on a rampage. i used to think you were full of wisdom, you are just like the rest of them. u don't deserve to be president.

tk - 11 February 2014

chingavatadzisa kuba mari kana kusupporter mbavha chii ivo vakatibira mavote edu de a used to diz act .if dey a goin to resign dey should do so di whole zanupf crew .becoz wi a now sufferin becoz of deya riggin madness while dey cnt run di nation. for how long a wi goin to wait fo dem to resign, dis time let us secrifies ourself fo di benefit to doz who wil remain alive .lets fulfill our chisangano. MR Tsvangirai totambura here isu kuti vana Charamba vadye .

gakachu - 11 February 2014

This corruption of salaries is not a party thing Mrs PRESIDENT YOU MISSED THE POINT its not ZANU PF OR MDC T issue its a national issue madam president please....please....please take out everything including your glasses here , if you do not see something is wrong here then 2008 was beter lets go beyond "" do not cry for sanctions '' you are doing more harm to your economy than the so called sanctions becz all the diomond USA$ Is going for few people.Those who are strong must call for disolution of this GVT because they have failed the people of zimbabwe. ipai OBAMA atonge zimbabwe imi mablacks matadza kushaya nembavha imwe yamunosunga haaa.....munoshamisa its a bananana republic we do no have leaders haaaa......Iam very very disappointed senge kana ari ini handichakurespekitii handichakukudzei I Dot not respect you you all the leaders here you failed me

dofo - 11 February 2014

ini Jonah uye ndave kutomufarira heavy.

jonso - 11 February 2014

Very stupid woman. Kadegree wakaita kekutenga. Mboko mauraya nyika.

Mboko Goritoto - 11 February 2014

How can anybody never mind a vice president say in public that the media should not public display these kind of bad behaviour and the huge salaries some senior managers pay themselves while so many simple civil servants have not been paid for months. how can these bosses go home and sleep when they have received their 20 and 50 and 230000 us per month while the little guy is waiting since November for his 297 US. These is something wrong the way politics works. The president , the VP should at this point stand up and be the first ones who must point a finger, uncover who and punish the guilty ones that is what the people want to see don't try to cover up the obvious. come and condemn and prosecute publicly all the seniors involved for Zanu Pf, MDC no matter where they are from and see how the voters will support you the next time around.

theo - 11 February 2014

jonathan unongoita semhepo muno mubeliever ndiyo nyoka chaiyo look at his history after betraying the voters who believes you

rugare nhamo - 11 February 2014

Vamwe vanhu you are just good at bucking like iye Mujuru....l told you kuti Dande holdings ichabata even vana Gono and l will tell kuti Kereke anenge arikutaura chokwadi. Baba Jukwa vari pi vakomana......Amai ava ticha vanwisa muchetura chete gore rino. For Professor Moyo to me he is very very and very safe coz iye naEDM or Ngwena kana small boys musingazive..........we are not sleeping kuti Amai ava vabaye kwamupfiga nebwe chaiko like his husband. This is Chimbabwe like the Chinese call it. Amai vanoruta vachisiya vana vane nzara,....Go to Dande Holdings and see kuti who is who unless vamhanya kuno chinja maShareholders.......Ko tender yeSecurity at theHarare International Airport....muchamama chete muzita raJesu

Clemence Tashaya - 11 February 2014

Mai Mujuru wadenha mangwiro saka itokwinya. The corruption you are condoning has caused enormous suffering over the years. Whole generations have no hope today because of it. Lives are being lost because of it. We will now expose you and those who protect you. Ndozvinoitika kana wadenha mangwiro. If you want to unleash anything, beware of the backfire. Wadenha mangwiro. If the other faction condones corruption like you, tinovafumurawo as they are also very corrupt, more than your lot perhaps. We are sick and tired of the likes of you who think it is your birth right to #fuck us up.

Tinechaba - 11 February 2014


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 11 February 2014

Foster Dongozi aita zvaita mai Mujuruwo samunyori wenhau anonyadzisa. Angati sei havan kuzvitaura ivo manzwi avo akatapwa! Foster wakateerera here zvava kataura zviripo? Zvaratidza kusagona kwako basa uye kutipa pfungwa dzekuti ndiwe wevamwe vanyori vanopiwa mari kunyora nyaya. Nezvawataura apa itosiya hako chigaro chako nekuti haungatungamiri vamwe vanyori venhau sekuona kwangu waratidza kuti chokwadi chiri pachena unoda kuvharidzira nyaya kana kuti haudi kutsvaka chokwadi mune zvaunotaura kana kunyora zvinova izvo zvinoitwa newese anganzi munyori wenhau.

Munhu - 12 February 2014

amai MUJURU u are not fit to be pamuri pachokwadi chokwadi,imagine kuita president akadai...zve Zanu zvakaoma. .

mbewe - 12 February 2014

julius malema

l - 12 February 2014

just forgive her please. tuharahwa netuchembere twakuda retirement home twapera paint utwu. kumwe kucha kuti dzavo dzakuzobudawo.

chokwadi - 12 February 2014

In the early 1920s, Cde Stalin duped Cde Trotsky, by giving him the wrong date of Cde Lenin's funeral, and recall, by then the former was lower than the latter. Since Stalin saw a window of hope to rise, he did what he did and Trotsky never recovered and his fate was marked in 1940, when he was found with a pick in his head in Mexico...the point is, politicians make mistakes, some of which are comical and laughable. All along, Joyce, was in the forefront in terms of general Zimbabweans, who perceived her to be a level-headed mother figure, but with this, she might have signed her epitaph written, 'here lies Joyce Mujuru's political life, which had so much potential, but chabuda hapana.' You have shot yourself in the foot madam and am not sure if you're to recover from this; ko, kungonyarara zvakangazvinei?

nemburungwe - 12 February 2014

Mai Mujuru you were spot on, that this unelected MP Jona is destriying the revolutionary party from within. Its only a matter of time before the party goes burst. Remember the Dingane Saga, this is the same Jona you are dealing with and you keep drawing him close. You will cry forever one day.

Member - 12 February 2014

This woman knows a lot in relation to these corrupt organisations and I afraid she might be involved that's why the panic and unplanned statements.

mashyline - 12 February 2014

mujuru is defending cuthbert dube and all the corrupt chefs in parastatals becoz they belong to her faction,kikikikiki.hokoyo joice,haulume pahupresident apa

ndoda sibili - 12 February 2014

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cartridgegallery - 12 February 2014

zimbabwe ngaitangidzwe.. iyi hatichaida

bomdiggy - 12 February 2014


shaddy - 12 February 2014

This is all joke! one mistake Mai has made is to believe the lies and propaganda it has gotten to these hieghts catches everyone by surprise since everyone thought that Mai is a bit level headed...if this is the kind of leadership to succeed the current crap then Zim as a nation is doomed for 'another eternity'

TaTanga - 12 February 2014

There is nothing wrong with Jona Moyo exposing corruption. This has nothing to do with destroying Zanu pf. Can the VP be this blind? How does naming Muchechetere or Dube or this Airzim fraudster destroy Zanu pf? Corruption is dirty, and should never be condoned even in the smallest measure. Endai zvenyu kumusha amai zvekurunner govt hamuzvikwanisi, if you are soft on corruption.

machakachaka - 12 February 2014

Our leaders have lost a moral compass let alone an understanding that they put there to serve not to be served. They are using citizens' money and don't realise anymore that they are accountable to them. This mentality of treating the children of Zimbabwe as if they are house pets with no say to their destiny must honestly end. We need a generation of credible, 'conscienced' leadership to steer Zimbabwe to where it really belongs on the world map.

Mabhunu akapera - 12 February 2014

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