Govt fails to bankroll civil servants pay rise

HARARE - Government's pledge to increase civil servants’ salaries appears to be a pie in the sky as it emerges that the increment has not been effected  as promised.

The civil servants were expected to receive their February salaries backdated to last month, according to a pay deal they struck with government, but they will have to wait a little longer as government has reneged on the promise.

Some civil servants, including members of the uniformed forces whose pay date is today, have received pay advice slips that do not reflect any increment.

Nicholas Goche, the minister of Public Service, confirmed that government employees were supposed to receive their salaries reflecting the increment this month.

Goche said he was not sure why the salaries had not been effected and promised to give a clear position after meeting with Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and the chairman of the Public Service Commission Mariyawanda Nzuwa.

“We have said civil servants will receive their salaries this month backdated to January. I am not  sure why it has not been effected.

“I will call you back after meeting with the minister of Finance today (yesterday),” Goche said.

He was not picking up his phone thereafter when the Daily News followed up on the matter.

Government and civil servants’ representatives last month agreed on a salary deal that was expected to see the lowest paid staffer getting three quarters of the Poverty Datum Line which they set at $505.

Another salary review was expected mid-year while the implementation of non-monetary and indigenisation benefits was scheduled to take centre stage in between.

David Dzatsunga, a member of the Apex Council  representing College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe, yesterday expressed dismay at the latest turn of events.

Dzatsunga said civil servants were going to regroup to map the best way to confront the challenge.
“It is not acceptable that government agrees with its employees and commit itself to improving our lot only to shift goal posts at the last minute,” Dzatsunga said.

“We are waiting to hear from them why they have not honoured the agreement so that we can regroup to see what course of action to take.

“We always felt that the employer was negotiating in bad faith and we had our reservations but for the sake of progress, we had to be patient”.

  The latest development around the issue of salaries for government workers has raised questions over the sincerity of President Robert Mugabe and his  Zanu PF party’s election promises that, once in power, they would improve civil servants’ salaries.

In the run up to the elections last year, Mugabe promised to increase civil servants’ salaries in line with the poverty datum line.

Under the previous administration, the party blamed its unity government partner, MDC, which was in charge of the finance ministry, for blocking salary hikes that it said it wanted to award to workers.

Civil servants make up the country’s largest workforce at about 230 000 and on average take home nearly $300 monthly against a poverty datum line figure of $560, which is the minimum set out for basic sustenance.

In his 2014 National budget statement presentation, Chinamasa said the salaries of civil servants alone were gobbling up nearly 75 percent of the state’s monthly income and that it was too high.

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How is the government going to pay the civil servants' when it sells 300 000 carats for 10 million dollars come guys don't take us for fools even at the lowest price of 100 dollars per carat you were supposed to get 300 million dollars. Sometimes when you read in the paper people saying Ian Smith was better they are right, with smith everything worked. With us blacks all we know is stealing, cheating, looting and destroying things, are black people even capable of anything everything we have touched as the black government for the people by the people has be laid to waste. We inherited the best performing economy in Africa now look at us a basket case, beggars, a disgrace even the President once said it when he was in South Africa that if you are being served by a waiter or waitress in a South Africa Hotel 9 out of 10 times it's a Zimbabwean. Nothing is working in Zimbabwe nothing no power, no water, no health care, no affordable quality education, no nothing.l am ashamed to even say l am from Zimbabwe.

Roland Rat - 11 February 2014

What can you expect in a country with such alarming corruption and the culprits are protected by powerful politicians like Chombo and his bosses.

Aluta continua - 11 February 2014

mazimbo musachema muri mabharanzi,Mati madii.Muchanyatsokuona mwoto.

WASU - 11 February 2014

Ma Illegal sanctions adya mari yevashandi vehurumende

Tozvireva - 11 February 2014

Biti said we have to eat what we kill and the ZanuPF zealots laughed and accused him of working with enemies and being a sellout. He also stated last week that the govt was broke and would be forced to reintroduce the zim dollar but no one took it seriously. Here is the first evidence that all is not well despite millions of dollars being paid to others for doing nothing. Unless you are also getting a lot of cash, anyone still chanting ZanuPF slogans is plain stupid because all the evidence is there to show the party does not give a fack about ordinary people.

Mazviona - 11 February 2014

Tsvagai news svinu tired of hearing about civil salaries this civil servants salaries that...

Chimusoro - 11 February 2014

Tsvagai news svinu tired of hearing about civil salaries this civil servants salaries that...

Chimusoro - 11 February 2014

How can you expect in a country where one person, Cathbert Dube, can give each civil servant at least USD2.17 (USD500 000/230 000 civil servants) per month from his own salary. Its a mockery. In a country where Cathbery Dube can pay 990 (USD500 000/505) civil servants per month from his monthly salary. Its shame to be in such a country. Here we are only talking about Cathbert Dube; who is just a baby in this high salary earning trend because we have the likes of Mugabe who earns more than 2 million per month then think of the rest of his team. Aiwa in such a country nothing will ever work.

Exiled - 11 February 2014

If that turns to be true then it confirms why some people will never trust a ZANU government in place. This must be a first phase experiment. Next time civil servants be warned, you'll get to the bank and get absolutely nothing. The Cuthberthies of this world would have wiped everything.

Regalia - 11 February 2014

MaCivil servants rambai maka shinga

jonathan Moyo - 11 February 2014

Isu hatidi zvese izvo tipeiwo mari dzedu

protestor - 11 February 2014

This corruption of salaries is not a party thing Mrs PRESIDENT YOU MISSED THE POINT its not ZANU PF OR MDC T issue its a national issue madam president please....please....please take out everything including your glasses here , if you do not see something is wrong here then 2008 was beter lets go beyond "" do not cry for sanctions '' you are doing more harm to your economy than the so called sanctions becz all the diomond USA$ Is going for few people.Those who are strong must call for disolution of this GVT because they have failed the people of zimbabwe. ipai OBAMA atonge zimbabwe imi mablacks matadza kushaya nembavha imwe yamunosunga haaa.....munoshamisa its a bananana republic we do no have leaders haaaa......Iam very very disappointed senge kana ari ini handichakurespekitii handichakukudzei I Dot not respect you you all the leaders here you failed me

dofo - 11 February 2014

Do not listen to whoever says there is no money to pay maincrements.Mazitumbu arikubvepi kana kuvhara mazipi havachatogoni, idyai mose hapana asina nzara ,time to revolt against this satanic system.

NJOMBO - 11 February 2014

Do not listen to whoever says there is no money to pay maincrements.Mazitumbu arikubvepi kana kuvhara mazipi havachatogoni, idyai mose hapana asina nzara ,time to revolt against this satanic system.

NJOMBO - 11 February 2014

VaMugabe munoti kudii increment before year end which year did you mean 2020?????????????

MUCHADURA - 11 February 2014


MUCHADURA - 11 February 2014

Muchamama chete mazimbo. When zanu plant their mangomas in MDC you swallow the shit. Till you wake up. mamai

facha - 11 February 2014

The truth will always come out,,

wallace - 11 February 2014

Zimbos are unique no matter what they will survive. Bhora mberi nenhamo.

Gwenaz - 11 February 2014

Now the fruits of Nikuv trees are begining to ripe. Biti and Company once stated that they have no idea in running the economy, we are going back to 2008, if you check some one once mentioned that "those are just figures that are announced but the fact is that this Zanu government has got no money to pay the servants". A prophecy has been fulfiled. If one will be alive in the few months to come you will find out that it will be figures on the pay slips but not reflecting in the banks Bvunzai vanhu be Hwange Colliery, vakatojaira. ZANU is a party ful of promises and lies. Hendei nayo tione Yakakoora moto iyi. Mugabe come out and say something

tobias - 12 February 2014


Wezhara Wezhira Wezheve - 12 February 2014

"macivilservants muchafa nemari' said grace mugabe on one of mgabe's campaign star rallies

rmunemo - 12 February 2014

Roland Rat, I agree with you 100% that Ian Smith was far much better than the crop of leaders that we now have

Nyamhangambiri - 12 February 2014

mari yacho ichiripi yakalooter kare nemabig fish. rule of law hatina in this country. you are promised today and tomorow nothing comes your way. this is now the order of the day

robinsen - 12 February 2014

there issue of salary increment its not about sanctions,do you know the meaning of sanctions this is the mismanagement of ZANU PF GVT,in 1980 Smith was able to survive serious sanctions and the Zim dollar was equivalent to a pound what does that mean,so this is your question who is better Mugabe or Smith

chamunorwa - 12 February 2014

All the money in this country goes towards the salaries for chef Cuthbert and his Megacash tribe. Where do you think Chinamasa will get the money to pay the civil servants?

machakachaka - 12 February 2014

Kasbet arikutambira half ye million pamwedzi varume! $500 000 isu vamwe tichidya nhoko dzezvironda. Pakadii apo! We died for this country macomrades kikikikikikiki!!

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 12 February 2014

mati madiii , izvozvi mapurisa akutonyimwa ma loans kuma banks, tichakaura

vamayaya - 14 February 2014

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