Gumbura's church summoned

HARARE - Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) has summoned  incarcerated Robert Martin Gumbura’s church, Independent End Time Message, to review whether to ban the church or allow it to carry its services.

Johannes Ndanga, ACCZ president, who suspended the church from carrying out services using a directive given by the Cabinet to regulate churches told the Daily News on Sunday that he has summoned the church.

“I have called for the leaders of Gumbura’s church. Now that the law has taken its course it’s appropriate that we see what we do with the church. Do we ban it for good or do we allow it to continue without Gumbura’s doctrine,” Ndanga said.

“Surely, we cannot allow that church to continue with acts of satanism. So l have summoned them so that they come and we discuss their fate. It is our duty to make sure that no-one is abused at church,” Ndanga added.

The ACCZ president said he was aware that the church was carrying out services under the cover of darkness.

“I understand that members of Gumbura’s church are carrying out services at their homes. This is wrong because we suspended the church. So they must come and explain to us why they are carrying out services under the cover of darkness,” he said.

Gumbura was last week jailed for 40 years following his conviction on four counts of rape and contravening the Censorship Act.

Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya sentenced the 57-year-old pastor to 15 years in prison on the first two counts of rape, while he got 10 years on the other two counts.

From the total of 50 years, Mujaya suspended 10 years on condition of good behaviour.

A further four months, which are to run concurrently with the 40-year prison term, were added on the charge of possessing pornographic material.

Gumbura, who initially faced nine counts of rape, was acquitted on the other five.

In passing sentence, Mujaya said Gumbura was a “wolf in a sheep skin” who preyed on girls and women for sexual favours.

“The core business of church is worshiping, not sleeping with girls or women and threatening them, claiming misfortunes would befall them,” Mujaya said.

“The victims must have been psychologically affected. They are going to suffer trauma and stigmatisation,” the regional magistrate said, adding that steps should be taken to ensure that the survivors receive counselling.

However, Gumbura has since appealed to  the High Court arguing that the magistrate erred in his judgment.

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Gumbura was not alone in the sex expeditions.There are similar churches like Gumbura's in Marondera, Chitungwiza, gweru all now operating underground.The guys are close friends of gumbura.

truman - 9 February 2014

This is a national disaster and embarrassment. A commission of inquiry must be established to find out what is actually happening in our churches. Rape, money miracles are so common.We only know the fate of Gumbura,it will be quite exciting to know the status quo of those affected and their families.I believe some of the victims have husbands and children.Do they know their HIV status,Gumbura as a leader must be challenged to disclose his.This will allow us to ascertain the damage done by the "the man of God" as they are affectionately called. I would like to know what qualifies one to be a pastor, prophet or doctor, the titles are easily available as they are even used by these rapists and conmen. I believe there is more to come,one day people will say enough is enough.

Tendai - 10 February 2014

I still get worried if God's word has to be registered. Who is Ndanga as far as the word of God is concerned. Every tree is seen by its fruits. This Gumbura church will die a natural death which does not need Ndanga. I don't support Gumbura but don't persecute a church because of its leader. Those who follow such churches have themselves to blame because instead of following Jesus people these days follow people, but as a human being which Ndanga is, he cannot determine the fate of a church but God himself. My advise to people is read the bible to see how the Church started and what are the basic principles of a church as at beginning then you can make an informed decision.

Maita Manyuka - 10 February 2014

Where was Johannes Ndanga, ACCZ president all this time while Gumbura carried out his terrible deeds? If you want to do something worthwhile then please do something about many of your suburban churches who disturb their neighbours more than once a week

saundy - 10 February 2014

Brother Devera - 10 February 2014

Ndanga should follow this link so that he sees the nature of pple in Gumbura's church

Brother Devera - 10 February 2014

Ndanga! Be warned! The Church belongs to God who purchased it with the Blood of His own Son Jesus Christ. Don't decide upon what you call 'the fate" of the Church of God. If it is the work of God that has established its existence you will find fighting against the hand of God but if it is an establishment of the Evil one it will not STAND for it is now near its destination to fall. I do not support Gumbura's acts for he is just an individual like you subject to temptation and misjudgment who need the Grace of God to overcome! Praise God if you are a righteous person and do not sin!

Dunguza - 10 February 2014

Brother Devera may i have your email address so that i will forward you leaked whatsapp yeladies dzaitaura about Gumbura sex escapades

mercy - 10 February 2014


an - 10 February 2014

Mr Ndanga are you clean in as far as these issue are concerned? I f you are then we should rejoice.

Kuraira - 10 February 2014

To be honest, this church has to be banned. It's not even a church to put it right.The country has its laws and they must be followed. I actually think we need to do some proper cleaning in Zimbabwe.

Joyce Mujuru - 10 February 2014

aaah mwari ndiye anotonga kwete munhu

ADD ADOLF - 10 February 2014

I am a bit concerned about Ndanga's group summoning churches. is this constitutionally supported.

zvazviri - 11 February 2014

There is a world of difference between a church and a cult. Let us not continue mixing names here. We may be inviting God's wrath.

mambo - 11 February 2014

certainly if u read that leaked whatsapp conversation, u can tel thats not a church at all. it shld be banned as of ystday. thats pure satanism. those women members of that cult need spiritual cleansing because i dont think they knew what was happening to them as they took turns to sleep with gumbura. its absurd, how can a girl sleep with the pastor inorder to be given a husband? nomal people will reject that. i am sure they were bewitched somehow.

cosie - 12 February 2014

whoever authorizes the registration of churches has his/her share of blame because the way churches are mushrooming one should be able to tell that more bad than good is now being practiced in these churches.

bright qoma - 22 February 2014

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