Minister sells 48c house for $48 000

HARARE - Government minister Martin Dinha has resold a house he bought for 48 cents five years ago for a whooping $48 000, the Daily News can reveal.

Dinha, who is minister of State for Mashonaland Central, bought a council house for a paltry Z$0,48 at the height of the country’s economic woes.

The house is on a stand measuring  3 025 square metres.

Dinha confirmed to the Daily News that the house, in Bindura’s low density suburb of Shashi, had indeed been sold.

“I can confirm that the house in question has been sold,” he told the Daily News.

“Now, all of the money is going towards the underprivileged in the community.

“I left the house after I had bought another one. When I sold the house last year, I donated all the money to Hearts of Mercy, a charity organisation that takes care of the underprivileged.”

According to Dinha, the house was sold last year and when the Daily News visited House Number 342 in Shashi, the new owners refused to divulge how much they had paid for the house.

Dinha, a former mayor for Bindura, purchased the house at a giveaway price as part of his exit package and then refurbished the property.

Executive mayors are entitled to generous exit packages and golden handshakes.

Dinha said he was not the only one who bought a house for “peanuts” at the time, but could not give the names of others involved.

The sale of the house to Dinha was made through Ignatious Chombo, the minister of Local Government.

“I bought that house for that price because it was a negotiated price and it is not Dinha alone who benefited from the scheme,” the governor said.

“Every council employee then, who was staying in a council house, was given an opportunity to buy it.”

Yesterday, the Daily News crew visited the Hearts of Mercy charity and spoke to the organisation’s coordinator Michael Mtetwa, who confirmed the generous donation.

“We received about $48 000 from the minister and we are really grateful for his gesture,” Mtetwa said.

“So far, he (Dinha) is our biggest benefactor and we are assisting scores of children with school fees.

“We are also helping those living with disabilities and the elderly.”

Chombo’s involvement in the sale of the house to Dinha for ZW$0,48 is contained in the deed of transfer, which the Daily News has seen.

The deed of transfer partly reads: “…Japhet Kabanga as the town clerk of Bindura Municipality under the instruction from the minister of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development, (Chombo) dated 27 February 2008 and the said appearer (Dinha) that the mentioned property has been duly sold to him at half price with consent from the minister of urban development dated 27 February 2008 and that he in his capacity as attorney aforesaid hereby transfer to Martin Tafara Dinha.”

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Dont be always negative.This man gave all the money to Hearts of Mercy and Michael Mtetwa,the spoperson of the organization has confirmed that they are paying school fees using the donation. To be fair, your headline should have been; Minister donates usd48 000.00 to charity.Tendaiwo zvakanaka

Ignatius - 7 February 2014

The paper always look for something to tarnish the image of persons without seeing the humane side of it. Instead of putting a worthy cause story title???

Pablo - 7 February 2014

Headline should have been in praise of Dinha......maybe newspaper policy doesnt allow

rector josef - 7 February 2014

There is need to establish the nature of the relationship between Martin Dinha and the so-called charity organization, Hearts of Mercy. Hearts of Mercy may as well as a conduit through which Dinha performs his money laundering. Money may be put in but at the same taken out under one form of camouflage or the other. As Zimbabweans let us remain vigilant. To me it does not make sense for one to corruptly acquire a house then sell it and donate to charity !

Feldman Bandura - 7 February 2014

why do we always scrutinise everything even the good deeds that people do. For once it is refreshing to read of such a humane act. People like Cuthbert Dube should follow this example.

MAGABHA SITHOLE - 7 February 2014

I don't see anything wrong with what the minister did. I think we should be positive in our reporting if what has been done is positive. There are a lot of persons who got better houses than the one you are talking about for $0.00. What is worth the news from the story is the donation which we highly appreciate.

mambo - 7 February 2014

Havana asingazivi kuti. Dina itsotsi.Mbavha. Chai yo.For him to be mayor in the first place akagadzirisa birth certificate .Akaba mari ulema donors then had to seek refuge in Zano pf.Hence everyone is concerned

Samaita - 7 February 2014

It could be possible that the benefits were first transferred to Heart of Mercy then back to the Minister to cover tracks in case of any suspicion. There is need to audit the accounts of the charitable organization. Conclusions cannot be made based on things at surface level, find out how the money was used by Heart of Mercy.

Grand Master - 7 February 2014

Samaita if you knew what kind of a man Martin Dinha is, you wouldnt have posted your comments. You call him zimbavha can you name one person waakabira. Ma Zimbo lets learn to give praise where it is due kwete kungo garira kushora chete.

Matombo - 7 February 2014

He is sanctioning the forceable removal of people from Mazoe in order to give the land to the first lady. Most recently his signature facilitated the grabbing of Interfresh land by the first lady. Make up your minds about his morality.

connie - 7 February 2014

I smell a rat

Robsugar - 7 February 2014

Yah I hate Zanu PF but to be honest here Daily News you missed the plot. The heading is completely wrong and to talk about how much he paid when he bought the house was not even necessary in this case. The story was supposed to dwell on Dinha's acts of good deeds. This is not good Daily News.

Exile - 7 February 2014

zvakanaka zvakadaro !

chimwala chome - 7 February 2014

Hearty of Mercy ndeye mudzimai wake, Mercy Maruva, ndaipinda church navo...saka conclude by yourselves kubatwa kumeso kwatakaitwa apa ma zimbabwean, takapusa

Chokwadi - 7 February 2014

How can he buy a House for 48c when at that time private buyers exchanged plots for not less than 100k Dollars in other similar Areas? And recently he robbed land in Mazoe under the genuine of charity for which he never paid anything nor developed or invested anything.

Emperor - 8 February 2014

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magnum - 8 February 2014

Daily News, the appropriate headline is Dinha Donates $48 000. Are you so dump as to miss the bigger issue in your story?

machakachaka - 8 February 2014

From all indications Dinha got the house legitimately at 48 cents. A fact. Like an wise person he sold his house at a profit. Who wouldn't? Compare Dinha's charitable donation to the once-upon Prime Minister Tsvangirai's robust desire to force the government to sell a national property for his personal and private use. Where does dodgy Tsvangirai expect to get the money?

Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 8 February 2014

Lest we forget. The lady who started charity work in Mazowe, now it is an exclusive private school! Watchman is watching. Cry my beloved country

Watchman - 8 February 2014

And we still have many street kids in town.

Maita Manyuka - 10 February 2014

Nyundo ko Tsvangirayi auya papi panyaya iyi? He legitimately got it as a token appreciation and he can use it as he likes but we all know that these guys have used some institutions for money laundering, like one here already says the Mercy Home is his wife's so there is a catch. I can win a price of a car and sell it and that is no crime at all.

Maita Manyuka - 10 February 2014


HUHU - 10 February 2014

Even if its depreciation. how can a house be sold at 48 cents????? I think people should wake up and realise that these people don't work for the interest of those who chose them. Why is Chombo always off the hook? Ladies and gentlemen we should refrain from using the terms 'heroes' or 'freedom fighters' to these people. I believe the correct term for those who go to the war for the sole reason of looting should be 'MERCENARIES'.........

Mayaya - 10 February 2014

If the house was bought during the $Zim dollar era and if converted to the current $US could be that value.

Tapiwa Machakire - 11 February 2014


never machecheche - 11 February 2014

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cartridgegallery - 11 February 2014


mariyeti mpala - 11 February 2014

Iproblem yethu siyakubona singa phandle kodwa singa ngena"madoda iqhisiso lihle who does not want that" wants you get that opportunity amanga mabi, uyawela kuphela.Leta be realistic

MARIYETI MPALA - 11 February 2014

Indaba le inje ngomdlalo we bhola,uma ungaphandle uyidlala kahle inguqu kodwa unga ngena azodlala amasimba kuphela. We need the creator"s intervention only""""""""""""

mariyeti mpala - 11 February 2014

This story has had undue criticism. Mviro mviro dzemhanza mapfeka. What is lacking here is investigative journalism. The story omits to say criteria upon which House of Mercy was chosen. Cuthbert Dube was donating to ZIFA and the press never questioned where he was getting the money to sustain such generosity. This story and headline is spot on but falls short in making connections and delving into material detail. Question even the practise of selling off institutional properties to office incumbents as if he or she is the last. These office bearers must separate their office from their personal lives. That is a serious governance issue.

Unhu Mambo - 11 February 2014

haiwavo zvimapepa zve MDC izvi.always negative.shameless.manje dinha donated the money,what are you still on about? and in any event,he got the house as an exit package,he didnt steal it.shame on you puppets,shame on you kwaramba,your editor and whoever owns your paper

ndoda sibili - 12 February 2014


mandinzwa - 13 February 2014

Is it correct to rob city council so as to donate to charity in personal capacity without mention of the council, pane nyaya apa

Tsotso - 14 February 2014

iCharity Organ chaiyo here iyi uye ndeyaanani ?

mashoto - 14 February 2014

Dina imbavha.Period

Samaritan - 17 February 2014

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