Makandiwa's private life exposed

HARARE - United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa owns a controlling stake in Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed Radar Holdings (Private) Limited (Radar) among other multi-million dollar businesses.

The popular prophet, who believes in the doctrine of hard work and servant leadership modelled along biblical greats such as King David, also owns a raft of businesses, including agricultural concerns.

As details of his private life emerge, the charismatic preacher who draws up to 50 000 congregants at his church services per week, also owns a huge stake in entertainment giant, Sterkinekor’s franchise locally and in Zambia.

Such is the man’s riches that Makandiwa is building a multi-million dollar house in Glen Lorne, which has often been mistaken for a hotel.

Prime Kufa, the UFIC leader’s spokesperson, confirmed to the Daily News that indeed his boss was building a mansion touted as a “mission house for foreign dignitaries and visitors”.

He however, did not rule out the possibility that Makandiwa might end up using one of the wings to the mansion as his house.

Said Kufa: “Yes, there is a building project underway in Glen Lorne and I can tell you it is not a hotel or boutique as reported earlier but it is a mission house to cater for our VIP guests who visit us.”

Kufa, who was flanked by UFIC finance director Elias Hwenga, told the Daily News that the ministry’s free-to-air television channel has resulted in a lot of international visitors coming into the country and some of those visitors, especially pastors, may want to have a place where they can interact with Makandiwa at the mission house.

Incidentally, Hwenga is also the Radar managing director, according to a 2013 Central African Stock Exchanges handbook.

Kufa said the project “was not a business venture but Makandiwa is using his personal funds in the project”.

There have been allegations that Makandiwa could be using church funds to live a wealthy lifestyle where he can afford to build a huge mansion and drive top-of-the-range vehicles, but Kufa insisted that Makandiwa gets money from his huge businesses.

“When people hear that the man of God is doing A, B, C or D, all what comes to their minds is that there are church funds involved.

“If that was the case, how is it possible that the man of God is our biggest benefactor and the ministry owes him a lot of money?

“In that respect, we feel that as sons, we have also let him down by not divulging some of the man of God’s sources to the public domain.

“He is a man who believes his private life is just that — private!

“Even UFIC members do not even know some of the information we will give you here. He is never one to go out and brag about what he owns and I am sure all of you in the media can testify to that.

This is why no one has ever been able to interview him as he always maintains that it is not about Makandiwa but about Jesus.”

“But we being close to him ought to have pierced part of that veil which makes the man a mystery and told the world the other side of Makandiwa that they do not know,” said Kufa.

Makandiwa’s spokesperson added that his boss is also undertaking other business projects locally and internationally.

“These are not just claims but information that can be accessed as it is available in the public domain.
“That has always been his philosophy from long back and I remember him quoting for me from Acts 20:33-34,” he said: “I coveted no man’s silver or gold or costly garments. You yourselves know personally that these hands ministered to my own needs and those of the persons who were with me” (AMP) as he was teaching me why I should embark on projects as a pastor,” Kufa added.

The spokesperson said it is folly for people to think that Makandiwa could  single-handedly build a 30 000-seater church, look after nearly 2 000 orphans, 300-plus widows and be constantly donating houses with his only source of income being the church.

“He has never come knocking on the doors of the finance office in search of money ever since but has actually helped the church to pay its bills.

“I cannot speak for him during his tenure at the Apostolic Faith Mission, as I was not part of his congregation but ever since the establishment of UFIC, we have never seen that,” said Kufa.

“He is one that believes in financial integrity to the effect that he invites all those members that wish to have a look into our finances to freely do so and many can bear witness to the financial prudence that prevails in the organisation.”

The close Makandiwa aide said “people ought to be fair to the man and not criticise him just because they do not understand him”.

“If what he is doing for the church and community at large is not enough to qualify him to live the life that he lives, I do not know what will.

“For example if he has bought his assistants and pastors Mercedes Benz vehicles, given out more than 400 cars, is it too much if he drives a Mercedes Benz himself.

“Show me a man that is doing more for his community and I will gladly pledge to be praying for him every day of my life.”

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Kufa said the project “was not a business venture but Makandiwa is using his personal funds in the project”.

Piece of Mind - 6 February 2014

may God continue to strenthen his prophet makandiwa and bless him more and more for the wonderful deeds i see him and his family doing .thank you man of God you have helped us all indeed.

patience - 6 February 2014

only god knows the truth come judgement day

tonderai marime - 6 February 2014

all we hear in this makandiwa loyalist's statement is a clear defense of makandiwa and i dont what kind of jounarlism u practice at the news day coz if u dont ask the questions that people want to hear about this makandiwa fellow they why publish the article in the first place, the real question on people minds is not what bussinesses the pastor has now but what got him to able to buy stakes in stock exchange listed companies considering he has been a pastor for of his adult life, how much was he earning at a.f.m if was earning a curthbet dube kind of salary then its understandable if not please explain cause people like me are dying to know

tin - 6 February 2014

dear piece of mind have you not yet used your personal funds to fund a project which is not for business purposes? if not , you surely need a blessing .it happens quite often when you are blessed.

patience - 6 February 2014

The problem we have here is that the media and most people in the world look at everything from the world's perspective but the bible in Romans 8 from Verse 6 is clear that some things are never understodd from a worldly view. Can any person value the people who have received salvation alone from the word of God preached by Prophet Makandiwa? No one Can put a value to his life nor can anyone pay God for the value of his life ( Psalm 49 vs 7). Thus I see nothing wrong in the preachers like him driving expensive cars or owning many things. Owning a car like Mercedes Benz is also a matter of personal safety. I thank God for these men they have preached to me and I am saved working hard in studying the word of God and praying. My advice to all critics and children of God alike is study the word of God, Pray and be diligent in yor service of God and in due time he will lift you up, This is in The Book of James by the word. Do worry about what happens to your offer or tithes but concentrate on demonstrating or fulfilling your own obligations. God can deal with his own servants if they go astray. Finally I am fearful of always criticizing the servants of God as you may not know how they were called. I will personally not engage in criticising any servant of God even a Roman Catholic Priest, Pentecostal Pastor, Methodist, Mupositori etc because at the end of the day God says Touch not my anointed one. If you disagree just move away. You may find yourself in unfamiliar and dangerous personal territory where you are answering only to God and no one will rescue you.

peter juta - 6 February 2014

prophet makandiwa is a prophet .if you are dying to know where his money comes from the answer is simple ., the bible says , seek yee first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you .ALL THINGS.

patience - 6 February 2014

come on seriously we all know he is a thief. How did he start the business in the first place. What happened to gold flying down on the floor. This is all a cult we all know that. IF you would like to be rich start a church. but u first of all need to go learn the tricks of chinaija. How is it that noone ever knows anyone healed personally. He always heels people but why is it the congregation does not know them so where are these people coming from. open your eyes its a cult. a friend of mine put 2000 dollars into the preaching plate. he has a garage next to eddi kabab. He prayed with the thepreacher and he told him his car business will do better. the next week he sold five cars only to find them in makandiwas car lot more expensive. It is easy to bring people and pretend they are cripled. its easy to put money in someone hand bag or account when you are working with people. I can get three guys who pretend to sit next to u and ask you how are things and u explain everything and this information is given to the pastor who calls ur name and tells u ur problem. its easy to sneek money in ur pocket. but raining gold and raising from the dead i want witnesses not he said she said.

petros - 6 February 2014

I wish all the Men and Women of God could believe that they are also meant not to burden congregants. Prophet Makandiwa is a shining example and should be emulated in that he does not sit on his hands but engages in industriousness. Most of these upcoming ministers dont realise that. Some of them actually start ministries thinking that they can harvest big time from congregants. They themselves should be a blessing to their congregants and not expect to be blessed by them.

anita - 6 February 2014

its true that only God knows the truth buth the same bible also says that he reveals his secrets to those that fear him and also to his prophets

patience - 6 February 2014 mr hwenga should be investigated for insider trading?????ooooh zviya makandiwa is a prophet he just bought them and suprised mr hwenga ,because the holy spirit told him..AYAs

chokwadi - 6 February 2014


Jonso - 6 February 2014

Until one has a revelation then we will stop attacking These Men of God on their properties, why should he disclose anything about his private life business interest,"..silver and gold belong to the house of the Lord.." and to those who abide therein! I once visited the church to verify a few facts only to discover that "misery loves company" people were paying twumadollar dollar for offering and you think that can find church activities? And who are we to judge? Prophet Makandiwa pamberi nebasa Munhu waMWARI dzamare Satan anyara zve!

Simbarashe - 6 February 2014

magicians just cheat thru optical illusion in miracles Petros u are very correct

aristotle - 6 February 2014

But the Bible said businessmen are not preachers,prophets and even apostols,I wonder if this is of God.

comrade - 6 February 2014

i also wanna buit mansion for my foreign diginitaries me by buying ACCA video lectures 0772104011

Bambo - 6 February 2014

my country men and women, Zimbabwe is definitely under attack. Israel went under attack by Balaam, the false prophet and they sinned against God. Our Government is now possessed. Why Gumbura this, Makandiwa this and ACCZ doing that? I believe we are under attack and christians of all denominations MUST stand up against heathens. Let us not allow humiliation of our Prophets, Pastors and Evangelists takatarisa, No no no!!

Satan at it again!! - 6 February 2014

Speak my sister anita speak, according to the bible in Hebrews 7 verse 7, it is written "And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better" (KJV) .

evangelist kruger - 6 February 2014

This is surprising to other people and men of the cloth. We are used to the philosophy our traditional svikiros / n'anga who give concoction for riches and good luck but never experience such good life themselves. In Christianity the anointing has to be seen on the man of God first. This is a good example by Prophet Makandiwa. If he says "God will proper you" to his followers they will believe him for the example of his own life is there for all to see. Only that the Daily News wanted to maximise on sales with their headline otherwise its a god article. Abraham, Solomon, David prospered materially because of the anointing. It is not evil to be rich but a blessing. The bible does not say money is the root evil. It says the love of money is the root of all evil. '1Timothy 6:10' The bible also says money ansewereth all things. Eccl 10:19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. Also money take on the character of the beholder. If an evil person gets money we should expect bad results but if a God fearing person is blessed with money it means that God's orphans and widows will be looked after. May God continue to richly bless the prophet.

Joe - 6 February 2014

Vanity of vanities; saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. What profit hath a man of all his labor which he taketh under the sun?

Think about it.. - 6 February 2014

dear petros , a thief comes to steal , kill and destroy (john 10v10) but Jesus came to give us life in abundance, but of course you dont believe in the word of God but find it easy to judge the things of God . thats serious lack of wisdom .you call him a thief , have you stolen with him ? i am aiways with him , he is my father and i have never seen him steal.were have you stolen together please dont throw accusations towards someone you have never studied or even prayed to ask God himself about and yet you try to defend his people .I am a child of God and not a fool of God, i dont throw my money to a thief.

patience - 6 February 2014

AMEN PASTOR KUFA, we love Prophet Makandiwa, the most noble, humble, honest, God fearing, honest, straight, blessed of God, Prophet i know. If Priophet Makandiwa does not make it to heaven, NO one will. This Man is a TRUE MAN OF GOD, Critics will always be there but their criticism will not stop the work of God. Prophet Makandiwa is a giver, and with his level of giving and loving there is no way God would let him be poor NEVER. Abraham was blessed of God, David was blessed of God, Solomon was blessed of God and so is Prophet Makandiwa, and he that God has blessed no man can curse. LONG LIVE THE PROPHET OF GOD and he shall be lifted high amongst all peoples

Belinda - 6 February 2014

Patience, you are going to great lengths to defend the man of God Does it matter? People have their own poinions but it seems you never want them to air them. Why is that? I for one believe in God and Christ but not prophets because the Bible says beware false prophets. I am even more dubious when I hear sermons that do not preach of eternal life but of worldly riches, of congregants finding money in their pockets and bank accounts. Perhaps that is why there are 50 thousand people attending weekly. In a country like Zimbabwe, it is very enticing to believe you can get money just for attending the sermon. And I heard zvinobhadhariswa....the air time cards, the freee to air channel, the adverts, not to mention that religious organisations don't pay tax. Anyway, my point is anyone can come out and support or oppose the man. It's their opinions. What matters is judgement day, do not counter people's opinions. God is the great equaliser.

Omuhle - 6 February 2014

Abraham, whom the Bible describes as a friend of God, was prosperous. What do friends do? They discuss and keep each other partner. If this was so with Abraham, why not any present pastor, bishop, apostle or prophet? Why should Christianity be associated with poverty? In Saudi Arabia, the king, who is also a significant regilious figure, owns 40% of the country.

machakachaka - 6 February 2014

Oh please, can he please tell us how he got rich? Just like Bob, he cannot. Why? Because it is taken from the same pot of secrecy. Thievery. Makandiwa imbavha and those who are following him should just repent.

Vashe - 6 February 2014

In reply to Joe:Solomon and David were Kings in Israel with anointing which was different from Prophets.Why do you not mention Prophets like Elijah, of the house of Levi whom god said they do not have inheritance on this earth and would live among their brethren doing the work of God.Do you remember Elisha refusing Naaman's gifts and even went on to say it was not the time for Prophet to enjoy material things on this earth.That is the reason new testment preachers,apostols,prophets,evengelist and teachers of the word and even Christ never ventured in material goods of this earth.It is not a blessing for those who preaches the word when they start to venture into businesses and wealthy of this earth,in fact it is the departure from the word and really shows their spiritual origin.

comrade - 6 February 2014

To the last comment saying prophet makandiwa imbavha are u insane? How much did he steal from you? Where is the police record? why do you speak of things you do not know. To those asking where he got that money well we save a God of Miracle Money remember , Our God supplies from any source he feels. Prophet receives large amounts of money as gifts from people on hes birthday alone even ministers and members of parliament were sending huge amounts of money .. What are you talking about the people who have the money know this man deserves the money some of you are busy commenting rubbish here and you are the most broke of all humanity, Ministers presidents people you respect in society die to see prophet makandiwa and give him large amounts of money we not talking of $100 we talking thousands and hundreds of thousands. Rich people understand spiritual things some of you are too poor to even understand spiritual things. you need to be born again and get to know the gospel of salvation and what salvation is all about Jesus did not just die there for nothing he became poor so we become rich... Prophet Makandiwa is going to increase mati madii ... mirai muone ... baba vedu ndovacho uyezve isusu vana vacho tisu anhu acho ... you all critics will remain broke isusu we gtting rich like our father watch us ... we hope to find you in heaven .... if you dont get born again you are not going to be there ... if oyu born again please stop criticizing the man of God oyu are fighting against your team ... ndatenda

tinashe - 6 February 2014

In reply to comrade iwe comrade DAvid is a prophet please read oyur bible again

tinashe - 6 February 2014

The problem is you dumb asses being taken for a ride by anyone at any chance.

CdeWhiteRabbit - 6 February 2014

The Deaths of the Apostles and other saints... 1. Peter, was crucified upside down on an x-shaped cross, according to Church tradition, because he told his tormentors that he felt unworthy to die the same way that Jesus Christ had died. 2. Andrew, according to legend he travelled to Greece and preached in the province of Achaia. There he became a martyr and was crucified on an X-shaped cross. 3. James the Greater, a son of Zebedee, was a fisherman by trade when Jesus called him to a lifetime of ministry. As a strong leader of the Church, James was ultimately beheaded at Jerusalem. The Roman soldier who guarded James watched amazed as James defended his faith at his trial. Later, the officer walked beside James to the place of execution. Overcome by conviction, he declared his new faith to the judge and knelt beside James to accept beheading as a Christian. 4. John was boiled in a huge basin of boiling oil during a wave of persecution in Rome. However, he was miraculously delivered from death. John was then sentenced to the mines on the prison island of Patmos where he wrote his prophetic Book of Revelation. The Apostle John was later freed and returned to serve as a bishop in modern Turkey. He died an old man, the only Apostle to die peacefully. 5. Philip, according to tradition he went to preach in Phrygia and died at Hierapolis, nailed to a cross, by the hands of a strange Phrygian cult .

Born again - 6 February 2014

"If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven."

Jesus - 6 February 2014

Thanx pastor Kufa ,nekupindura vhangeri pamberi naro ,chitsike satan

gava - 6 February 2014

To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Isaiah 8:20

Mahlon - 6 February 2014

While i came for service on one particular Sunday morning, the offering was called for and everyone willingly dropped their love offering in the buckets as usual. (no searching of the pockets) and on this day the Prophet asked the leaders to count the offering before everyone in the auditorium and guess what the amount was not even enough to pay for a single City Sports Centre booking. Now tell me if you people claim this guy (Prophet Makandiwa) is living a wealthy lifestyle off church funds, which one? Prophet Makandiwa is so transparent believe it or not, way above what the reporter alleges and those that buy his story. If you can verify the facts the better.

son of the prophet - 6 February 2014

While i came for service on one particular Sunday morning, the offering was called for and everyone willingly dropped their love offering in the buckets as usual. (no searching of the pockets) and on this day the Prophet asked the leaders to count the offering before everyone in the auditorium and guess what the amount was not even enough to pay for a single City Sports Centre booking. Now tell me if you people claim this guy (Prophet Makandiwa) is living a wealthy lifestyle off church funds, which one? Prophet Makandiwa is so transparent believe it or not, way above what the reporter alleges and those that buy his story. If you can verify the facts the better.

son of the prophet - 6 February 2014

Who should have more money, Tiger Woods, who just hits a golf ball and follow it, or Prophet Makandiwa who has led hundreds of thousands to Christ, is feeding over 500 widows, is sending over a thousand orphans to school, 65 orphans to university, has been used to deliver thousands from cancer, HIV, barrenness and even poverty. Its easy for someone who has not even bothered to visit the church or carefully put things into perspective to just rush to comment on things. Where have you looked for those who were healed and could not find them. Please don't comment from a point of ignorance or just for the sack of commenting. Very soon you will need a miracle yourself or someone close to you and because of shame and pride you will have closed the door to your healing. Myself I can show you over a hundred people whose lives have been transformed by the grace upon Prophet Makandiwa. Is it evidence that you want. Be honest with yourself Petros.

Rufas - 6 February 2014

Tinashe! King David was of the tribe of Jude and all the Prophets were of the tribe of Levi,maybe you did not understood my comment.

comrade - 6 February 2014

you may say wateva u want but want yu to know prophet Makandiwa is a true man of God..he is my father and i love him,,,,,imi mukushora yu are busy commenting bad things abt him while he is busy working and praying hard to make money iwe wakagara uchicomenter nonsense,iye zvino hauna kana motor, kana dhora ekuenda kumba hauna ..shame on u!!!yu rily need devine intervension people munoda nyasha imi,,,,,,TO MY FATHER PROPHET MAKANDIWA I LOVE YOU,LET THEM KIP ON PERSECUTING YOU BUT WHAT I KNOW IS GOD WILL KIP ON BLESSSING YOU********more love****

rue - 6 February 2014

Prophet Makandiwa bought me a car,a residential stand. He is renting me a house where I stay. Everything including food and clothing he is doing it for me and for free. I am a pastor in the ministry. Never been to the bible college ,but he qualified me. Right now I am living a better life because of this man. He is the President,MP and prophet of my life in my own world in Zimbabwe. He is everything that I live for as I am serving Jesus. Heaven has already started here on earth. Thank God for leaders who leads by example I mean sharing not those corrupt leaders who are selfish!

Brighton Bakasa - 6 February 2014

6. Bartholomew, also known as Nathanael, was a missionary to Asia. He witnessed about our Lord in present day Turkey. He was whipped to death for his preaching in Armenia.

Believer - 6 February 2014

7. Thomas was speared and died on one of his missionary trips to establish the Church in India.

Believer - 6 February 2014

8. Matthew suffered martyrdom in Ethiopia, killed by a sword wound.

Believer - 6 February 2014

9. James Alpheus the Just, the leader of the Church in Jerusalem and brother of Jesus, was thrown down more than a hundred feet from the southeast pinnacle of the Temple when he refused to deny his faith in Christ. When they discovered that he survived the fall, his enemies beat James to death with a fuller's club. This was the same pinnacle where Satan had taken Jesus during the Temptation.

Believer - 6 February 2014


Anonymous - 6 February 2014

10. Jude, another brother of Jesus, was killed with arrows after refusing to deny his faith in Christ..

Born again - 6 February 2014

11. Simon, called the Cananean or the Zealot; according to legend, preached in various places in the Middle East and suffered martyrdom by being sawed in two. In art, he is depicted with a saw, the instrument of his death, or a book, symbolic of his zeal for the Law

Believer - 6 February 2014

12. Paul was tortured and then beheaded by the evil Emperor Nero at Rome in A.D. 67. Paul endured a lengthy imprisonment which allowed him to write his many epistles to the Churches he had formed throughout the Roman Empire. These letters, which taught many of the foundational doctrines of Christianity, form a large portion of the New Testament.

Believer - 6 February 2014

. Matthias, the Apostle chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot, was stoned and beheaded

Believer - 6 February 2014

14. Barnabas, one of the group of seventy disciples, was stoned to death at Salonica

Born again - 6 February 2014

15.Mark died in Alexandria, Egypt, dragged by horses through the streets until he was dead.

Believer - 6 February 2014

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