Kudos to media

PRESS STATEMENT - The full spectrum of the mainstream media, without any exception, should be commended for the excellent job it is doing in the coverage of the abuse public funds and assets by some boards and management elements in some public enterprises.

So far, the media has done justice to its expected national role as the public’s eye.

It is indeed refreshing that the media is speaking with one voice in both the public and national interest against the scourge of corruption highlighted by some obscenely corrupt salaries paid by some parastatals and local authorities.

As the saga of corrupt salaries in public enterprises unfolds, it is important that the ensuing narrative does not become either a witch hunt or a cover up, as neither would be in the public or national interests. 

The national discourse on this issue that has become too public to be ignored should be based on and driven by facts which should be allowed to speak for themselves.  Any witch hunt, and any cover up, will itself be corrupt and therefore not different from the bane of the crude salaries in question.

In the interest of good corporate and national governance, and indeed in the interest of rooting out the cancer of corruption from our country’s  political economy, the only way of avoiding witch hunts and cover ups is by ensuring that both media coverage of—and the policy response to—what some are now calling salarygate are driven by due process of the law and principles of good governance without being contaminated by the whims and caprices of vested interests which may themselves be corrupt or at risk of being seen as such.

Against this background, it is important to note that parastatals and local authorities under the spotlight have not only been afflicted with the scourge of corrupt salaries but also corrupt allowances, corrupt procurement procedures and corrupt prices.

In other words, we have obscene salaries, crooked allowances, fraudulent procurement procedures and distorted prices. This syndrome of quadruple corruption, which has become the ugly face of dollarization, must be dealt with in a comprehensive manner in accordance with the due process of the law.

It cannot be swept under the carpet without systematic resolution because it has very dire consequences on the national economy, particularly on the welfare and wellbeing of ordinary people whose livelihoods are facing grave risks because parastatals and local authorities are required in terms of the law to provide front line goods and services to the ordinary people.

As Zimbabweans we have a duty to resist the quadruple corruption of obscene salaries, crooked allowances, fraudulent procurement procedures and distorted prices not only because we owe it to ourselves but also others, especially our Continental brothers and sisters as well as others in the progressive world who have been inspired by President Mugabe’s iconic leadership on matters of principles expect us to lead by example.
In fact, the outside world should be forgiven for thinking that our parastatals and local authorities and the civil service are run by “little Mugabes”.

This because of President Mugabe’s widely respected  ideological stance that our sovereignty over the commercial exploitation of our God given resources to benefit our own people means that we must have zero tolerance to corruption.
While many in the leadership of the civil service, parastatals and local authorities are wont to be the first to mimic President Mugabe’s stance at level of slogans, they are in fact the last to practice those slogans in their specific responsibilities at their workplaces.

The time has come to judge the leadership in Government, the civil service, parastatals and local authorities not on the basis of what it says but on the basis of what it does.

In other words, the time has come for the leadership in these sectors to be little Mugabes in both word and deed.

Hon Professor Jonathan Moyo

Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services

Sunday, 02 February 2014

Comments (14)

Come on Minister, what do you say on a reinstatement by Chombo of Harare town clerk before due process of law ? Is this 'little' Mugabes in both word and deed ?

chokwadi chokwadi - 3 February 2014

Chombo case is the cover up Jonathan is talking about. The herald of all papers descended on him this morning. There is a massive cove up going at town house. Chombo cant win this war. He is corrupt to the core and he want to be seen as the boss even against national tide

chombo - 3 February 2014

Hon Minister please dont take us for fools. We know you are spin doctor but these scandals are beyong spin and we want you and your comrades to serious. Why did Chombo reinstate Mahachi who had been justly suspended for hiding the schedules of senior managers? Mugabe knew what was happening but has been too busy himself looting to beat his retirement deadline. A lot of us who have worked at parastatals have at one time or another witnessed shocking cases of looting by line Ministers but there was nowhere to report. So with all due respect, Mugabe is not going to do anything here because any action against the perpetrators will also sweep him away.

Rubbish - 3 February 2014

Mr. Rubbish you sure rubbish. You are childish, what did Mugabe loot? I hope you are not the former colonizer!

dungas - 3 February 2014

Honourable Minister Moyo should be commended for a job well done. He is definitely showing his fellow Ministers the way to handle issues of graft by parastatal bosses and Council Officials. Chombo's reinstatement of Mahachi is in bad taste-is Mahachi a sacred cow? We expect tougher action against Mahachi and his fellow Directors at Town House and Chombo's complicity cannot be condoned by anyone worth his salt. Please Minister Moyo help us to clean the rot at Town House because the responsible Minister is equally culpable.

Chief Charumbira - 3 February 2014

Tomana has said there is no case to prosecute, Chihuri will NOT move while the minister sings "whims & caprices" - we want to see some action. Round up those thieves, take them to court then we will believe your sincerity.

Mapurisa - 3 February 2014

They are indeed 'little Mugabes' if they steal!!! They are only following their leaders: they are dictators in the speheres, they go on so many trips, live on the praise of cronies and steal so much from Zimbabweans!!! Something that Mugabe has been good at for the last 34 yrs

Mugabe - 3 February 2014

The problem wth zimbos like all other blacks is we do not know what is good for us. This scourge of corruption has to be tackled by all and sundry. Everyone should contribute in their own small ways to end it by reporting any abuse, execces they witness. Wake up Zimbos & smell the coffee. Johnso might harbour presidential ambitions but believe u me the wave he is riding is the correct one and lets all get on board, ilizwe ngelethu sonke

Charles Hondoyi - 4 February 2014

Moyo though used to be a purpet, l have been following him of late he is being objective. Guys what good is good moyo is not condoning corruption here but rather praising the media for unearthing bad behavior. lf anyone is against my opinion fuck you.

pachedu - 4 February 2014

Thank you Prof Moyo. At least you are trying to do something unlike others who just keep quiet. You will probably fail anyway but history will record that a Prof Moyo did try to motivate the nation towards a new movement against obscene salaries and allowances. We can not just sit down and do nothing because corruption is impossible to eradicate. Those salaries and allowances are just unbelievable Prof, jokes aside. I am one person who had sworn never to like you ever but I now believe you are a truly intelligent fellow. You seem to be very effective at what you do, like the way you crippled the press in 2000-which I did not like. But currently you are winning public opinion in massive doses with the way you are trying to maintain momentum on the obscene salaries and allowances. Your resume is getting pretty good Prof and I think any intelligent Minister should grab the opportunity for a new paradigm shift in the politics of this country. People want a rebirth of our conscience, a new brand of politics which promotes hard work and honest earnings. We do support you and wish you more energy and God to protect you. There will be quite a spirited fight back. But I am starting to like you buddy.

EX-PSMAS WORKER - 4 February 2014

A leopard never changes its spots! Jonathan is just diverting pple from issues affecting them and diverting anger from ZANU towards a few individuals. Some of us wont be conned by Jona ever again. We want the 2 million jobs promised. We want rela indeginisation, not ndoaganisation yaMugabe and his fellow zezurus.

Tongogara - 4 February 2014

Why does Mr Moyo only offer two options of a witch hunt or a cover up? The latter is of course a very real possibility. Why not ask for proper investigations involving independent accounting companies, Zimra & the ZRP. You have opened a can of worms Minister so let them all out.

saundy - 4 February 2014

This stance by Professor Moyo is rare within the ranks of ZANU PF. At least at has dawned to a very few in zanu pf who thought violence and spilling of innocent blood was the best strategy to employ in order to hang on poor. People are not blind but they perceive and have been seeing the corruption in the roads, at the Passport Office, V.I.D and other parasatatals and state institutions. At least for now Jonathan Moyo you have said sense but ......

Grievance Mafunga - 4 February 2014

You are in top form today Prof Moyo. I chuckled at the rebuke you directed at Chombo for attempting to cover up corrupt practices. The biggest rebuke was directed at our iconic leader who has allowed "quadruple corruption" to flourish under his watch. It must be remembered that our iconic leader has been in charge during the past five years when Gorden Moyo then a minister was ignored at the instigation of zanuPF ,for asking for salary and allowances schedule from all parastatals. Zanu PF now wants pretend that what is happening in parastatals and local councils is wrong, but the reality is it stealing and abuse of public funds has always been wrong and it is revealing that zanu PF supported these same corrupt people they are now sacrificing due to public outrage. Stay on course Prof Moyo you may just be able to redeem your name.

wadyenhiri - 4 February 2014

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