MDC 'roasts Mangoma'

HARARE - The MDC National Executive on Friday formally censured Elton Mangoma for secretly dropping his damning statement to party leader Morgan Tsvangirai to the media in a resolution that essentially branded him “MDC in name only.”

The top MDC organ voted overwhelmingly at its crucial first meeting of the year to censure Mangoma, who was described as having a “long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and pushing for changes best associated with Zanu PF.”

The MDC’s governing body resolved not to suspend but censure the former Energy minister for leaking confidential information to the press.

The alleged leak was a letter that Mangoma wrote to Tsvangirai that disclosed controversial proposals for leadership renewal.

This letter, widely circulated in local newspapers, outlined claims that Tsvangirai must step aside to give the MDC fresh impetus ostensibly because confidence was plummeting, and there was need for the party to freshen up.

At the time of the leak, the grievance was still under internal discussion.

The document was presented at a meeting at the Mandel Training Centre attended by Tsvangirai, vice president Thokozani Khupe and secretary-general, Tendai Biti.

There was a feeling that Mangoma had breached the confidence of the governing body’s executive session.

“The issue at hand was confidential,” a member of the national executive told the Daily News on Sunday.

Mangoma was said to have rebuffed the accusations at the meeting by stating that as the primary accused subject in the grievance, he did not make the letter public, and suggesting that it was in fact Tsvangirai who leaked the letter to the Press.

Mangoma is said to have protested that the executive was trying to silence him and said he took the censure as a badge of honour because he was sticking to the truth.

According to officials, Mangoma had violated standing rules, which states that only when all national executive parties consent, will such an issue be discussed in public.

Officials also mentioned that ultimately, it is the decision of the governing body whether or not the information discussed in closed session remains privileged.

After receiving guidance from Tsvangirai on how to proceed, the governing body agreed to draw up the resolution to censure Mangoma, and Khupe was reportedly appointed to chair an internal disciplinary hearing that will look into the matter.

While members of the national executive reiterated that as leaders of the MDC, they were obligated to fully support the party and its candidates, it was felt that only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure out leaders. The party was faced with both.

It was also noted that the leak has been disastrous and harmful to both Tsvangirai and the MDC.

There was a sense that Mangoma has abandoned the MDC’s core values and has been eerily silent against Zanu PF, yet publicly reprimands Tsvangirai, a position that is at tangent with the general mood in the party.
Officials said during the meeting, Biti remained silent.

In his damning letter to Tsvangirai, suggesting that he quits the MDC leadership, he argued the former trade unionist had dismally failed to push through reforms while in a four-year power-sharing government with President Robert Mugabe.

“It is my unbending resolve that leadership renewal...could be the only avenue to restoring the credibility of the party lest it risks being confined to history,” Mangoma said.

He also accused his compatriots of amassing huge disproportionate wealth during the subsistence of the unity government formed after a disputed election in 2008.

The meeting resolved not to entertain calls for an early congress ostensibly because there was “no leadership crisis” now, but the issue will be tabled before an MDC national council during its next sitting, party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said.

The party will go for an elective congress in 2016, as planned.

There are sharp divisions in the MDC over whether to field Tsvangirai — who has lost three national elections against Mugabe — in the next vote in 2018.

While the party accuses Mugabe’s Zanu PF’s of vote fraud and political violence to retain political power, some MDC officials say Tsvangirai’s sex peccadilloes have damaged him badly.

While he has reunited with his wife Elizabeth, it remains an open question whether the uproar will now subside sufficiently to allow him to swing attention back to affairs of the MDC, notably his new alternative policy proposals of supply-side reforms to boost the sluggish economic recovery.

Healing the rift with his wife was a “necessary decision” to clarify a situation that had become the subject of “voyeurism for too many people.”

Meanwhile, Mangoma faces a formidable array of challenges, underscored by a demonstration against him outside Harvest House on Friday and calls for him to step aside.

There are attempts to sideline him, amid reports a fundraising committee has been appointed by then national executive, to be headed by Khupe.

There was a feeling that Mangoma can no longer be trusted to fund raise for the party.

In an earlier interview with our sister paper, the Daily News, Mangoma denied that he had sabotaged the party by withholding campaign funds.

Comments (27)

movement for dictatorship change,yesterday it was MDCT primary elections nhasi the mangoma issue...imi moti hee democracy..nxaa.

kirau - 2 February 2014

Why would Mangoma write a letter and take it to Tsvangirai to discuss about it in private and then leak the document to the media you MDC people you think Zimbabweans are dull not to see whats happening.Mangoma is 110% right and you will realise it come 2018 when you lose again to 94 year old if you put Tsvangirai as your president.

Jojo - 2 February 2014

Why does it appear that the likes of Mangoma are fighting Save harder than they are fighting the dictatorship of the nanogenarian and Shake Shake House?

Musorodamba - 2 February 2014

Leadership renewal is not only about SAVE but all those holding keys positions including Mangoma, Biti, etc. Why Save only? If Save failed , all have failed. Moreso Mangoma etal were the ones on the negotiation table so they allowed this mess so that they blame Save. Be serious guys

murondatsimba - 2 February 2014

It appears this MDC is not concerned at all about what happened in the just ended elections. If they were real concerned, this should be the time to strengthen the party and not this hobbling about leadership change. There's no time for baby play in Zimbabwean politics. If you can't stand the heat please you better move aside and let serious politicians who have people at heart take over!

Regalia - 2 February 2014

I fully concur with Murondatsima that all MDC Leaders are equally culpable because Save cannot wage a lone battle to dislodge a dictatorship. If Save has to step aside, then all Members of the National Executive and Standing Committee should do likewise otherwise Mangoma is being hypocritical. The MDC can only move forward as a united family-let us not heap all the blame on Save when we all know that the lections were massively rigged. Pamberi na Save but we also expect him to be decisive and lead by example. His women issues are a distraction and the sooner he resolves them the better for the democratic struggle.

Chief Charumbira - 2 February 2014

"The meeting resolved not to entertain calls for an early congress ostensibly because there was “no leadership crisis” now Really?

Prosper Chinamhora - 2 February 2014

Mangoma said the bitter truth that Tsvangarai should way for another leader if the MDC(T) is to form an effective opposition. Whether Mangoma and other executive members also leave the leadership is another matter. The fact is that Tsvangirai is a comprised leader precisely because of the reasons outlined by Mangoma.V

Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 2 February 2014

On the leadership change as proposed by Mangoma . He is 100% right if is included . He dhould know they made decisions together so they failed as an exective unless he wants to tellus now that Tsvangirai was doing it solo .A thing which he could complain long back . Dzvene hatiridi makatadza mese budai mese. M8sengi . Isaac

Musengi Isaac - 2 February 2014

Come what may,Tsvangirai is our President,He is MDC wheather with a'T or not

me - 2 February 2014

Come what may,Tsvangirai is our President,He is MDC wheather with a'T or not

me - 2 February 2014

The MDC should keep Changirai as it's leader, we in Zanupf love him so much. We will give him another beautiful woman this time with 5 kids with different fathers

Bwonmik - 2 February 2014

Cdes Mangoma belongs to us in the mafia system and why should you give him problems...The guys is hired and is full time on our payroll. You should all shut up and fuck your asses ok. You are all fools like my other brother said.....this time we shall give Mr Morgan ka chembere from Buhera since kanevana vakafanana naiye......iko kari ka small gogo. he is just hungy for sex Morgiza zvimwe zvese kanganwayi mese.. Anokudza mboro chete

clemence tashaya - 2 February 2014

The MDC should not undervalue the benefit of having Tsvangirai at the helm. What are the alternatives Biti? no grassroot touch and immature. Mangoma , irrelevant. The one thing that the party should do is wean itself off donor funding rely on its membership.

john Moyo - 3 February 2014

Death of Mugabe The current President of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe will die at exactly 10.00pm on Monday, the 3rd February 2014 while asleep at his official home. He will be found dead by members of his family, this will be a natural death, already decided by god. Regards Tichatonga Mambo (Prophet)

Tichatonga Mambo - 3 February 2014

This mdct thing is hogwash, that party is dead. We have no opposition currently in this country. Its now a one party state as long as you have these mdc stooges in the political scene.

reason - 3 February 2014

There is need of Harmony so that you move as a united front. Mangoma is behaving like Welshman Ncube who caused a break away when united was the only option for a change. Mangoma should just move and start his party no problem. Do not confuse the all nation, we know that you are being used by ZANU PF so that your charges during the Minister of Energy and Power Development are droped. This ia the payment to ZANU PF. Please go peacefully and join them like what others are doing.

bob - 3 February 2014

We need to mind our language if we are to contribute meaningfully to national debates of this magnitude. Please.

Mambo - 3 February 2014

Apart from the politics of MDC can I ask Mangoma to give us the salary schedule of top management at ZESA? All parastatals are accused of paying abnormal salaries to top management, so I would like to know if the former minister had oversight over his board. If he was then he was doing his job well. In that case he would be qualified to say others failed. Please go ahead and leak the salary schedule to the press the same way you did with your letter.

Stanford - 3 February 2014

anamangoma na biti tangai yenyu mdc - m/b.matuzvi evanhu. tichakumamisai.

kushata - 3 February 2014

Hahahaha, MDC, Tsvangirai lost three elections when conditions and all cards were on his side, He will never win another election Zanu has re-grouping and continues to, Tsvangirai thinks TB Joshua prophesy wl make him President, Shame And imagine who is more ZANU, Mangoma kana Tsvangirai, come to think of it Tsvangirai's wife is ZANU, shame

wacho - 3 February 2014

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Irrrigation Matters - 3 February 2014

I agree with u Wacho; Thats the culture we can not condone, ZPF wz quick t fire Mavhaire, his statement could have changed a lot, differencies improve manageial skills. It z wrong really for a party full of learned pple to think that the first person to lead the party gets indefinite terms in the office and is immune what ever the case. We dont elect leaders to claim ownership of the organization the next day. If someone has bundled for too long they must go as per procedure. Whats wrong with all these learned leaders. Come to think of it, Tsvangirai actually date Zanu women, and he is currently married to a ZANU woman, how then do you condemn your in-laws. Vanhu ve MDC makavata, hope chaidzo, u will not get into power anytime soon, not in this generation.

Citadel - 3 February 2014

mangoma has failed us the blackout we are experienceing in zim is as a result of mangoma mismanagement .he must also go for good if SAVE IF HAS FAILED.

tatendataona - 3 February 2014

I knew it! I knew that at some point the MDC will lose focus. It appears Mangoma and the like-minded believe that Tsvangirai failed (ignoring the principles of collective leadership and collective responsibility). Does anyone, I mean anybody, including Mangoma, honestly believe that Mugabe can be removed by democratic means? March 2008 is a clear case in point. haaa varume, musadheerere CIO,

I Knew - 3 February 2014

Mangoma is right and wrong . He should not blame the loss to Save alone the entiter ship lost it at sea and sank, if save is to go then all the executive members should go including him, he does not even qualify to be elected the president of the party.He is wrong because this is not the time to fight each other but to have faith in each other, i still want him in the MDC but lets mature guys,when zanu lost elections they never saked Bob to go instead they regrouped and strategised that what we are supposed to do now

farayi mhere - 3 February 2014

MDC u must mature now changing your leader is not the answer, change your strategy. Cant you see that the next elections are nearby, your attention has been diverted, start campaigning now, do something for the people, ask yourself this question, will your opposition not be much happier to have a new leader for MDC and a further split. Its high time you became wise, listen will you. Pray always for your leaders.

Muprofita - 6 February 2014

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