Dube still in office

HARARE - Cuthbert Dube, the retired Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) chief executive officer (CEO) is still in office despite being fired by the medical society’s board, the Daily News has learnt.

The Psmas board on Thursday reportedly convened a special meeting to try and come up with modalities to have the Psmas CEO vacate his office.

Dube, who was taking home close to half a million dollars a month at a time the medical aid society was failing to settle its debts, was till yesterday due to be advised when he would vacate office.

When the Daily News visited Psmas headquarters yesterday, Dube, who is now nicknamed “Cashbert”,  was still in his office.

According to top sources at Psmas, a letter was also written yesterday instructing the FROM P1
former CEO to stop reporting for duty.

The letter had by lunch time yesterday not been delivered to the beleaguered Psmas boss who is also the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) president.

Cosmas Mukwesha, Psmas group legal secretary, confirmed that an emergency meeting had been convened to try and work out modalities of Dube’s departure.

“The board met yesterday (Thursday) and reiterated and reaffirmed its earlier position that Dube is retired,” Mukwesha said.

“It was resolved that he must be instructed to stop reporting for duty immediately and come Monday, you will not see him here.”

Mukwesha insisted that there was no acrimony between Dube and the board.

He hoped Dube would accept the board’s resolution.

“He is likely to be handed this letter today (yesterday) after the chairman appends his signature. I do not foresee any problems thereafter,” he said.

Having been relieved of his duties ostensibly because he had reached retirement age, it was expected that Dube would stop reporting for duty.

But employees at Psmas said they were shocked to see him continue with his duties as if nothing had happened.

Company officials told the Daily News that Dube might refuse to go as he had done nothing illegal.

Frantic efforts to reach him for comment were futile yesterday as his mobile phones were unreachable.

“Dube is still at work and does not seem to be preparing to go any time soon,” said a Psmas employee, speaking on condition of anonymity for professional reasons.

“He has even told his close lieutenants that he would resist any attempts to force him out.”

The development comes after it emerged Dube was earning $230000 each month at a time Psmas was struggling to pay service providers, resulting in members, mostly civil servants, being forced to pay upfront for healthcare.

In total, Dube is reported to have been earning $6,4 million annually when his generous allowances are included.

Psmas is jointly managed by the ministries of Health, Public Service as well as Finance.

After Dube, other top earners were group finance manager, Enock Gwinyai, who earned a basic salary of $200 000 a month, and group operations executive Enock Chitekedza who earned $122 000.

Group managing director Farai Muchena was being paid up to $190 000 monthly.

The top eight managers at Psmas were gobbling at least $1 million in basic monthly salaries at a time the State enterprise was reeling under huge debts.

As at December 31, the society owed service providers $38 million in unpaid bills for medical services rendered to its members.

Dube joined Psmas as internal auditor in 1986 and rose through the ranks to general manager in 1992.

He was appointed group chief executive in 2001 following a restructuring exercise.

He is also president of the insolvent Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) which relies on his cash hand-outs, and has been heading off frantic efforts to unseat him from the post.

Comments (13)

He has lost his his conscience honestly. Under normal circumstances somebody will just resign in shame. Honestly this man should be charged with fraud

Ziziharinanyanga - 2 February 2014

Bad news like that. Kunonga style. I bet you an investigation will actually reveal the man was probably sharing his salary with highly placed backers or else why would he be growing such big balls.

taps - 2 February 2014

Not until the labour act is followed, Cuthbert Dube still remains at the helm. Whether the sun rises from the west to east

Chaporonga - 2 February 2014

It was never going to be easy to prise him off that 230k sinecure without a messy fight. I suspect he might be tempted to claim he negotiated for and was awarded the salary by the board of directors.I cant see how they will deny endorsing this obscenity unless they admit to failing to supervise PSMAS management. In either case natural justice in a normal country would indicate the entire board ultimately has to answer for this shameful abuse of PSMAS members funds. But then again we do not live in a country where rules and integrity have much of a following among our rulers.

wadyenhiri - 2 February 2014

We are against dictatorship, but this is one case where you would wish Mugabe would just intervene with Presidential powers and kick the guy off the face of the planet! We are awaiting leadership from you Mr President, your people are up in arms over this guy.

simba - 3 February 2014

Most typical of black africans. Greed and stupidity....viva africa viva all you idiots.

Fred Forskin - 3 February 2014

Dube earns about US$1500/hr assuming he works the whole 8hrs per day throughout the month taking the weekends off. Is this fair fellow Zimbabweans? I am just wandering because my dad goes to work even on weekends as well, and earns less than this figure...Unreal.

Kauchy - 3 February 2014

The PRoblem is that, he knows where he has been donating the money and he knows how ZANU PF collegues benefited. Mugabe himself is afraid to condemn Dube for he knows how he helped the party. What a bunch of corrupt people?

onslo - 3 February 2014

batai munhu kwete kuswero tenderera panyaya iri pachena iyi. Ari kurambira muoffice nekuti hapana action yekubata munhu

sjambok - 3 February 2014

Please Zimbos, lets leave the BIg man alone. What a shame to some people who evil mind. Dube was even bailing out the so-called madhouse- ZIFA from his pocket and you were quite but only celebrating is it. Dube has no case what so ever in this case. Regai adye mari yake nokuti imi even some corrupt ministers Havana mari yakadaro, Varoyi vevanhu. To me Dube is very innocent until proven guilt. and l will tell you he will even be rich than you ram shackles

clemence tashaya - 3 February 2014

Mr Cuthbert Dube is an extremely clever and intelligent person. He is also very likeable and charming. if he decides to fight it then we will see how ugly the situation will become. He has the money to sustain a long ugly fight. He has nothing to lose now, he has lost his reputation anyway. So the board has to take its time to make sure it is not exposed.Unless if the whole board is removed. But even then, as long as he did not approve his salary outside board resolutions like he did at ZBC-then his case is water tight-emotions aside. The board will have to negotiate a gentleman sunset arrangement that does not leave him humiliated otherwise he will humiliate the whole board, Ministries supposed to supervise PSMAS and the whole Govt. Unlike Minister of Information who did his home work well, Ministry of Health is well organised. Mr Dube has lost morality on the issue but that does not translate to being illegal. As emotions die down, the true legal facts will start to be distilled from the mess. He will have the last laugh. PSMI has vast interests in real estate, this means Mr Dube stands to earn millions if he has to be bought off his 20% in PSMI.

EX-PSMAS WORKER - 3 February 2014

Meant to say:Ministry of Health is NOT well organised.

EX-PSMAS WORKER - 3 February 2014

Where was gvt and the auditor general's office all these years.Auditor general's office also need forensic audit

xjap - 3 February 2014

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