Chombo reinstates Mahachi

HARARE - There was tension yesterday as Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo reinstated suspended Harare town clerk Tendai Mahachi in the presence of Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni.

Mahachi was suspended on Thursday pending investigations into allegations of failing to discharge his duties and furnishing council with the salary schedule for Town House bosses.

The three-month suspension came after media reports that Mahachi, together with 18 managers, took home about $500 000 monthly.

Manyenyeni had said the suspension will be for a period of three months and was done in terms of Section 13 of the Urban Councils Act.

But Chombo told a press conference in Harare yesterday that Mahachi was bouncing back as he could not be used as a sacrificial lamb because of a schedule whose origins were unknown.

He claimed Manyenyeni had consented to Mahachi’s reinstatement, a statement immediately rebuffed by the mayor.

“The two gentlemen have shaken hands, I was the referee,” Chombo said, with Mahachi beaming.

“I expect they will from now on work together well for the city. From what I have heard from both parties, there was a lot of mistrust.”

But a visibly annoyed Manyenyeni interjected, saying, “On the suspension issue, I beg to differ. I said let us engage further. So, to say that I have said the suspension has been lifted, is untrue.”

Chombo retorted: “The permanent secretary is drafting a letter to that effect, which he is yet to receive…. If we really think the city is going over board, that is where we come in, like in this case.

“There are many unsaid things. Already, you can tell that there is something being concealed. So that is advice being availed to them in written form, which makes it official.”

Chombo, twice during the press conference, threw the ball to head of human capital, councillor Clement Chingombe, to defend the obscene salaries and disclose Mahachi’s salary.

“As of March, TC (town clerk) was earning $13 000,” Chingombe said.

“They (the managers) then went without benefits from March until October. The publicised figures are back pays, not salaries. We are currently yet to receive the December salary.”

According to media reports, Mahachi was said to earn $38 000 per month while top subordinates took home about $37 000 each.

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The stench of corruption in this entire "intervention" by Chombo is suffocating. It puts paid to any notion that our nanogenarian tinpot dictator and his party are remotely interested in dealing with or ameliorating the unacceptably high levels of corruption in Zimbabwe!

Musorodamba - 2 February 2014

Harare Residents should protest against Chombo and demand to know where their money is going. Its time to confront Corruption headon. Chombo is benefiting from all this and is one corrupt Minister who should actually be killed if ever things change in Zimbabwe.

Ziziharinanyanga - 2 February 2014

I think we should investigate if all these highly paid white collar criminals are paying tax and of course look into their examine how they spend such huge salaries, I would not be surprised if our Un-honourable Minister is getting some kick backs from all these criminals bleeding Zimbabwe dry.

taps - 2 February 2014

This is shocking. It actually frightens me.This is the worst form of governance. Dictatorship at it's worst. This is worse than Hitler or Mussollin the anti Christ. If a cabinet minister behaves like this is there any hope for a change in this country? What does this really mean? Is this a country for a few? Council employees have not received their salaries for three months. Mr Chombo be told that when Zimbabweans start their uprising or spring not amount of force will stop them. No bullet will stop them. Your prison will not be enough to accommodate them.Your bullets and canons will not be enough to kill us all. One day tables will turn and you will regret all your action. Why won't you respect us? Are we not human beings like you? Are we not Zimbabweans like you.

SHAVA - 2 February 2014

President varipi zvose izvi zvichiitika? Busy aquiring more farms? Corruption, corruption, corruption. So imbedded it will take the Grace of God to undo. Sad to see our Beautiful Zimbabwe withering and turning from green to brown like a tree under harsh winter conditions.

Rungano - 3 February 2014

President varipi zvose izvi zvichiitika? Busy acquiring more farms, the very reason farms were taken away from white farmers. Corruption. corruption, corruption, so imbedded it will take the Grace of God to undo. Sad to see our Beautiful Zimbabwe crumbling before our very eyes and lawlessness being rubber stamped by the very people who are supposed to be the law enforcers. Mwari nzwirai Zimbabwe nevana vayo nyasha and rescue it from itself.

Rungano - 3 February 2014

Chombo is right, get the facts correct first before rushing. These mdct idiots running the councils are inexperienced and half educated.

reason - 3 February 2014

Chombo is the most corrupt person in Zimbabwe. Igaroziva!

Tiringindi - 3 February 2014

President ndi Khulez vangu

Chombo - 3 February 2014

hahahaha ndosaka......... Chisingapere chinoshura. Muzukuru waSekuru zvichapera. Ungware kuti magumo azvo achakugwadza.

Ndichihera weGogwe - 3 February 2014

“The two gentlemen have shaken hands, I was the referee,” What a crap.Was it about them or its about us ,people of Zimbabwe Mr Chombo?.Mr mayor don't be fooled or be intimidated.Kandai chimwe chekutanga chakarova ichi.The agents of satan will fall this year. People of my country be firm.Unravell them from every corner we are a team in this fight. What about head on with these corrupt inhuman beings?

ZVICHAPERA CHETE - 3 February 2014

After all is said and done, I still want anyone to clearly state if the alleged salaries are wrong. From the statements by Chombo et al, they seem to confirm my really worry, the numbers are correct and Harare residents of all parties are being taken for a ride indeed.

chokwadi chokwadi - 3 February 2014

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