'Fire entire Psmas board'

HARARE - Legislators have demanded that the entire Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) board members be booted out to restore confidence amongst subscribers.

David Parirenyatwa, the Heath minister, was on Wednesday taken to task by legislators on why the entire board was not sacked.

Only Cuthbert Dube, the former chief executive officer of Psmas and his board chairperson Meisie Makeletso Namasa were fired.

Temba Mliswa, Zanu PF MP for Hurungwe West, opened the debate during the minister’s question time in the National Assembly yesterday.

“Why did you leave the board and what confidence do you still have in them?

In America, they say you cannot claim to kill the sheriff, when the deputy is alive, this is the case of Psmas; we want the whole board to resign,” Mliswa said.

The legislator got a standing ovation from the house.

Parirenyatwa told the MPs that government had opened investigations into Psmas.

“What was happening at Psmas is shocking and unfortunate and we are urgently dealing with the matter,” Parirenyatwa said.

“I have met with the entire board  to find out what was happening. We are now carrying out our own investigations. The decision to fire Dube was made by the board, but we shall also make our findings public.”

He also denied that he had approved Psmas board members’ hefty salaries and encouraged subscribers to continue making their contributions to the medical aid as government had moved in.

Dube was reportedly earning a basic monthly salary of $230 000, with other eight senior directors earning $60 000 each per month, at a time the organisation owed service  providers $38 million.

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how much were the board members getting as allowances. Please publish the full list of board members.

Mavis Charamba - 31 January 2014

Aproval normally comes from the Permanent secretary of the relevant ministry, hence find out who aproved and obviously also benefited from perks from the organisation.

Civil servant - 31 January 2014

We home Gvt will recover the money and not only fire people. Money should be recovered and Dube and his team's assets have to be sold to recover the stolen money. How can somebody eran 7 times higher than the President of the USA?

Ziziharinanyanga - 31 January 2014

Its an old politicians trick to promise to look into/investigate/leave no stone unturned scandals of this nature.. Of course the reality is pretty soon there will be another scandal to excite the public and for the board and "management " at PSMAS it will be business as usual when our collective memory forgets about the current outrage. David we are all interested in knowing how much board members were getting! You see there is the little matter of of proportionality, if the board agreed for Cashbert oops sorry Cuthbert, to get 230k. How much did they as board members vote themselves as allowances from the the PSMAS membership FUNDS? How many people sit on this board? Mr Editor you do us disservice by giving us such a bare boned story!

wadyenhiri - 31 January 2014

@wadyenhiri; good analysis. the statement 'we will investigate the issue and find out what was happening' is quite familiar. we need people who can take action. i doubt if this parirenyatwa guy can do something about this issue. obviously, temba mliswa and the like are new to the game and i bet the old guy is saying, 'vafana ava vachine bfepfe, vachadzikama.' wait until their hands are greased then yu will understand what i am saying. the economy will bleed until matumbu avamwe atanga kudhuuka nemari dzenyika. on a serious note, how can someone earn 230K yet we have people dying of hunger? nyaya inorwadza iyi varume.

jonso - 31 January 2014

the people of Zimbabwe has been crying for a very long time as corruption and abuse of public funds has become the norm of the day. corruption and abuse of public funds has been legalized by the gvt as evidenced by its unwillingness and slow movement to take action to stop them. recently the PSMAS send a correspondence to its subscribers that monthly subs has been increased from 7.00 to 20.00 for a dependent. this change surely was going to fatten the pockets of the heartless cuthbere dube and company. can anyone explain why does it need one to wake up as early as 0100 am to que for a passport or ID card which i am supposed to be issued with by the public officer since I am the tax payer as well as the citizen of this country. this country is on auto pilot. our gvt wants to act when there is a public outcry. why. are the ministers responsible commuting from other countries where they resides cause it seems they are not aware of the squandering. these are the same ministers whom we voted for yesterday as MPs and today they are ignorant of burning issues of the countries. this nation needs serious audit and we are going to be surprised with the outcome.

ndataurawo - 31 January 2014

this issue needs a holistic approach. the public should from time to time be informed of how much the public officials are being paid. the president,prime minister, the ministers and civil servants' salaries should be published from time to time to avoid such corruption. now only civil servants' peanuts are published. how much are the directors, perm secs, ministers and their deputees, the mps, the president and his deputies geting. please inform the public.

kupenga - 31 January 2014

i) its obscene to recommend a salary of $60000 for the CEO when a psmas main plan member is given only $400 as drug money per year. ii) the gvt is failing to pay a good living salary to its workers, but the very workers are asked to pay towards $60000 /month iii) Dr Pari think again iv) recommendations for the psmas salaries CEO $3000, the rest of the top brass between $1000 - $2990

hooter - 31 January 2014

It all a matter of patronage that feeds the corruption. The placing of incompetent people in responsible positions. This is what is called responsible government - shades of Ian Smith.

vortex - 31 January 2014

Where are MDC mps? Maakurara zve nyika ichibirwa zvakadayi! You shuld be on the front demanding action and details

makarau - 31 January 2014

Is that reasonable to assume that David Parirenyatwa got the bulk of what Dube earned. The man is trained in Nigeria for goodness sake

john moto - 1 February 2014

3000 dollars a month is enough for a CEO to get given the size of our economy.

solo - 1 February 2014

Be reminded that Mr Dube was earning nearly 150,000 under the MDC-T Minister of Health Madzorera. Be reminded that City of Harare was Mucha Masunda's domain. No need to be party political about this one. There is a crop of people of mixed political allegiances whose attention to detail is out of the window.

mutongi gava - 1 February 2014

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