Muchinguri denies ever dating Chimbetu

HARARE - Oppah Muchinguri, Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development minister, has denied ever dating the late music icon Simon ‘Chopper’ Chimbetu.

She also refuted rumours that she was once involved in a cat fight with Grace Mugabe, the Zimbabwe first lady, over earrings.

Speaking for the first time at a meeting organised by Women in Politics Support Unit (Wipsu), Muchinguri said she wondered where the rumours emanated from.

“People say I dated Chimbetu, but where would I have seen him he was not on my level?” Muchinguri said.

“Some said Muchinguri fought with the first lady over earrings. Such stories are not true.”

Muchinguri went down memory lane, speaking to young aspiring women politicians at a mentorship programme held in Harare.

Rumours of the alleged relationship between Chimbetu and Muchinguri erupted in the mid-90s when the late Dendera  maestro penned a song in which he extolled the virtues of an imaginary woman by the name “Oppah”.

“She is like an angel sent for me,” Chopper sang.

Media reports in the late 1990s claimed Muchinguri had a public scuffle with the first lady at the Harare International Airport over earrings allegedly bought for her by President Robert Mugabe.

According to the reports, Grace then ordered Muchinguri off the plane, bound for a foreign trip, the report claimed.

This is all false, according to Muchinguri.

She said the rumour mill went into overdrive when she divorced her first husband, Tapiwa Rushesha.

Muchinguri said the divorce came through after five years of intense media scrutiny.

She is now married to a reverend. 

Muchinguri said she has since developed thick skin.

“We need to change our attitudes,” she said.

“Why do you believe in such stories? I have developed thick skin and you also need to develop it if you are to survive in politics.”

The young women politicians were interested in Muchinguri’s story as she outlined her journey since the liberation struggle.

Muchinguri said tough times for young women in politics was now a thing of the past due to the various laws that have been put in place.

“So, today, women face a better chance through platforms like Wipsu and our political parties,” she said.

“As young women, you can learn about government structures, Parliament roles and functions following debates in the Hansard. Therefore as young women, you should take this opportunity to become educated, literate and relevant in your field of politics.”

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Is a reverend supposed to marry a divorcee? And is a divorced women supposed to re -marry again? If the first husband is still married? Which Bible do people read? God calls for total obedience to His word. We must NEVER compromise.

Christian - 29 January 2014

Is a reverend supposed to marry a divorcee? Is a divorced woman supposed to re-marry? If the first husband is still alive? Which bible do people read? God calls for total obedience to His word. We must NEVER compromise.

Christian - 29 January 2014

blah blah blah. Who cares. ZANU PF, So caught up in the past. Some one tell me something new our future, Rwanda has the highest number of women Parliamentarians in Africa, why not emulate them?

taps - 29 January 2014

Ahh Daily News. A "denial" about a rumour in "the 90s" as the main thrust of your story? You may have fallen for tabloid sensationalism and missed key issues at an important seminar.

spraga - 29 January 2014

Is there ever a person in high position admitting to an "affair?". Chimbetu was not on her level. What level? If a high ranking official's wife can be "intimate" with her garden boy, why not the "high level" lady. It's nature!!

Joseph Mudyariwa - 29 January 2014

Aiwa dzangova zhira dzokuzama kuvhara vapenyu nokuti Chimbetu azorora wakadii kutipakurira Choppa usaphila tovhunzisisa tihwe ka . Isu chatinozivisisa waiva mhambo yaChoppa saka usazvinetse nezvinhu zvakare makatamba nhabvu zvakapera . Tinozviziva ikozvino wakaura asi kare kwako waifamba uchizhezheudza manhamba swegudo so tinoiziva yose

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 29 January 2014

Malevel amakutaura amai munoaziva here ? Your husband the reverend must ask himself if he did the right thing by marrying a divorcee...he needs to reread the bible again .

Tapi Tapi - 29 January 2014

What exactly does she mean when she says he was not at my level------stupid bitch.

Uri Benzi - 29 January 2014

Muchinguri which level are you talking of.Remeber most of the time youwere always under his chest in bed.ipaiwo kutenda kana makanakirwa and plz stop insulting the dead.Ana reverend makungodya" ma left overs" typical with most ZANU PF women"Mai Mahofa Style"

limwaz limbex - 29 January 2014

Daily news mashaya nyaya yekunyora here? Tinokumbirawo maserious.

studio77 - 29 January 2014

Oppah haunyare, aren't you ashamed to lie like this? You once even dated the most highly respected man, you would leave your husband in the middle of the night to go and entertain him, is that also a lie??????? Remember your ex said so. It in the court records too. Haunyare haikona!

Mudhiniwe - 29 January 2014

Hure rinonzi OPPAR ngaritinyararire apa .Why is that u have no been able to hold down a marriage since divorced from RUSHESHA.What level yaunoda kutiudza pachihure?U r so disgusting.Time is up

samaita - 29 January 2014

Ndizvo zvega here Opah zvaunonyeperwa? Ko ve level yako havoka vakazokurovesa pa airport? Wako munyama here hanzvadzi? Ko ma 85% disability claims as war victims compensation are mere rumours again? A! Asikana kubva imbondogezwai munyama ( ndokuti munawo)

J. Wechokwadichoga - 29 January 2014

Ende maZimbabweans mune shavi mese munoti level yipi? Pamuri po ndiayani anga natso kunyenga Oppar ari serious? Hanti munoziva kare kuti hamukwanepo!

skuzapo - 29 January 2014

Is this news a zanu pf comfort woman revelling in her payout.

john moyo - 29 January 2014

I might not remember the year, but there was a zbc interview which Oppah gave in Mutare and Chopper was in attendance. If he was so low to her how come he was so comfy in her own home. Shame. Why talk about it kana usina kubvunzwa, siphendamlomo!

Charles Hondoyi - 30 January 2014

Sure! this is shame, as long as the other spouse is alive! No devorce and Re-marriage according to the Bible, kumwe kusatoziva,the so called reverend, zvimwe vakatorambavo mukadzi wavo, so its a case of two blind people leading each other eventually into Hell!, may our Lord Jesus Christ help!!

The Truth - 30 January 2014

Sure! this is shame, as long as the other spouse is alive! No devorce and Re-marriage according to the Bible, kumwe kusatoziva,the so called reverend, zvimwe vakatorambavo mukadzi wavo, so its a case of two blind people leading each other eventually into Hell!, may our Lord Jesus Christ help!!

The Truth - 30 January 2014

A minister of the gospel is not suppose to marry a divorcee, that's the bible (whether the man is alive or dead). The bible strictly says, he marries virgins only. Minister Oppah wants to wash her tattered life using this platform. Yes, she developed thick skin. The bible says, 'munhu akaoma musoro semhanza yeHure' says Prophet Jeremiah. If any man marries a divorced woman with a living husband, He is living in adultery. They are in an abominable state before God and land. God hates divorce, period. Divorcing and re-marrying is like leading an indecent life influencing the girl child to become arrogant and promiscous. Minister Oppah should explain why NOW and NOT THEN, when Choppa was ALIVE. This is taking advantage of the dead to survive the politics of life, as she arrogantly put it. Look at her trying to accuse one accused Gumbura who is reported to be married to 11 and neither failed one, on most women panels. Minister we don't want to be told your so-called 'TRUTH' of your muddy RELATIONSHIPS, Zimbabweans know very well who Oppah Muchinguri Rushesha was and is!!!

REVEREND - 30 January 2014

ana Oppah tinyararirei apa

captain - 30 January 2014

the ex-comfort girl wemashefu during war period in Moza. KKKKKKK

bitch - 30 January 2014

Times are that I have always wondered the convoluted way of thinking that humans at times engage in. You have heard it from the horse's mouth. Even if it did happen, what has it got to do with anyone anyway. Can you give her a break, she is only human.....and who's 'holier than thou' anyway!

Overman Sanatorium - 30 January 2014

Zvekuhondo ngazvisare ikoko,maida kuti aite sei yaive nguva yacho.

Doode - 31 January 2014

The bible you are all citing allows you to insult people in the process???

Tamuka - 31 January 2014

Guys musanyeperana pakuti reverend must marry a virgin. The bible allows partners to end the matrimony union if (a) either of them has been adulterous (b) either of them dies. I am not worried as to whether it is true kuti Oppah akambodanana nani kupi asi chandinoziva ndechokuti Mwari achatonga mhombwe nevanofeva

charles charingeno - 31 January 2014

Muchinguri what is your level. Man are hunters and that is why a gardener can date his boss' wife because he is a hunter. When we go hunting we can take on an elephant if we miss we can even go for the squeriel. That is why I street kid can go for a director and maybe even win her, or a managing director going for his maid, that is called hunting so when it comes to men Oppah we don't have levels we need tenacity.

maita - 31 January 2014

Dhemethi, munode kuzwi munonamata imwi murivanagumbura . Oppah na Reverend vake can not be compared to gumbura. 1000years in prison for gumbura

dhemethi - 31 January 2014

Not at her level? What level? Her level headedness? Whatever the case may be, she has never achieved half of Chimbetu's success, let alone fame.

Scholar - 31 January 2014


6 Figure Grid Reference - 5 February 2014

I think the minister lady was saying Chihure chayo nechaitwa naChimbetu chaiva chemalevels akasiyana. Maybe we should ask her whos chihure was more than the other becoz looks like they were all prostitutes

Nyorodo - 5 February 2014

Oppah iwe,ko zvainzi naChopper behind those mountains Manica valley ......... Oppah African girl.Chopper aisauya here paManica Bridge apo

evie - 14 November 2014

But mai vakabatana vaya. Dai ndaiva wezera kana level yavo ndaisva ndarohwa zvangu nemaCiO ndichivakumbira rudo.

Wezhira - 30 January 2015

Ko chero akadanana naChopper, Chopper aisava murume here. levels aside

Wezhira - 30 January 2015

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