Chihuri bans cops from owning kombis

HARARE - A board of inquiry commissioned by police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri has found that eight percent of commuter omnibuses are operated by police officers, and the police boss has reiterated his edict that no police officer should operate omnibuses.

Paul Nyathi, the police spokesperson, said contrary to assertions by  Cosmas Mbonjani, chairman of the Greater Harare Association of Commuter Omnibus Operators before the parliamentary portfolio committee on Monday that 50 percent of Harare commuter omnibuses were run by police officers, the inquiry found that only 8 percent of commuters were run by police officers.

“The correct position is that 459 police officers in Zimbabwe own a total of 647 commuter omnibuses which constitute only 8 percent of Harare’s commuter omnibus population currently standing at 6 000 commuter omnibuses,” Nyathi said.

“Cognisant of the board’s findings, the commissioner-general of police has thus directed that with immediate effect, no police officer will engage in any form of public service vehicle passenger carrying business.

“This measure is meant to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with the officers’ constitutional mandate as provided for by the Constitution of Zimbabwe.”

Mbonjani told the parliamentary portfolio committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development: “There are many police officers who are now commuter omnibus operators and I can tell you that half of the commuter omnibuses in Harare are owned by police officers.

“The problem we then experience is that some of them (traffic police) can be deployed to supervise routes where their own commuter buses operate and in such circumstances they give hell to our drivers and cause unnecessary delays to ensure their own vehicles benefit more from the business.”

Nyathi emphasised that banning police officers from operating omnibuses was aimed at ensuring that officers do not engage in corrupt and other nefarious activities associated with transport operations and related vices.

“Whilst corrective measures are being taken by the police command to ensure there is no conflict of interest, we challenge Cosmas Mbonjani to bring to the fore statistical figures and names to substantiate this claim,” Nyathi said.

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The question is how is it going to be executed considering that we are dealing with clever people who can simply register their kombis into their relatives or friend's names

Chris R Mashaire - 29 January 2014

am a combi operator. i need to join this commuter operators organisation. anyone with information where their offices are or Mr. Cosmas Mbonjani"s contact, please assist.

total package motors - 29 January 2014


taps - 29 January 2014

Anogwara unoda kuvharira varombo vaiite mari , the biggest Kombi Mogul is your close colleague Commissioner Levy Sibanda ,who have more than 20 kombis zvatinoziva isu so tanga naye ikoko . Makombi aShefu Levy haabatwe azere Byo neMasvingo kana uchida basa . Ukaona kombi yakanzi L. Sibanda ndeaCommisioner hazvivhunzwi

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 29 January 2014

its a well known fact that they own the kombis. all they wil do is change ownership to relatives, how will the piolice curb such practise. food for thought

msongelwa - 29 January 2014

Is this the 1st time the Commissioner has banned police officers to own Combis? The problem with the Zimbabwean authorities is every time there's an outcry from the public about some issue, they verbally put remedies in place. Nothing is followed up and as a result, everything dies a natural death. If u look at the age of the Combi drivers and the way they will be drunk(as early as 7:am) it's frightening.

Kapouya - 29 January 2014

Hapana chinyowani apa !!!How many years have you being saying the same thing without any concrete action taken ?

Tapi Tapi - 29 January 2014

most of them will no use their spouse names to register these kombis so it still will remain difficult plus who will police the police yet its their mandate

j mufunda - 29 January 2014

most of them will no use their spouse names to register these kombis so it still will remain difficult plus who will police the police yet its their mandate

j mufunda - 29 January 2014

While I upload the move the commissioner general is putting in place to curb this corrupt act.I do not see any change it will bring.I concur with the first writer that they will simply register in their friends or relatives names.How then will you monitor that.?

concerned Citizen - 29 January 2014

Haiwavo zvinongoperera mukutaura chete izvi, hapana chekumborumbidza. Ndiwo maitiro emaZimbos. Saka tototanga tachinja maitiro zvakataurwa nerimwe bato rezvematongerwo enyika kuti zvifambe.

studio77 - 29 January 2014


GUMBURA M - 29 January 2014

Now they must look at these policeman that smuggle cigarettes and assist the smugglers to escort their trucks to the borders where we Zimbabwe are losing millions because of this corruption

adam - 29 January 2014

yes adam you are right, at least they have got rid of Baloyi to start this cleanup of corrupt police, how much did he make out of escorting these cigarettes

matasa - 29 January 2014

Is it legal for the Police Commissioner-General to just wake up one morning and say all Kombis operated by police should be banned? Does he have that authority, and in any case why do police have to put their hats on the kombi dash boards to deter the other offending police criminals? I see lawlessness as the root cause of the evil? How can police be allowed to steal nakedly just like that? Can't the road worthiness of cars be left to CMED who should make sure any defective cars are not registered to drive on the roads? Basa remapurisa is then to check for the unregistered vehicles and allow every other registered vehicle to move without harassment from the police. Zimbabwean motorists have tones and tones of productive man hours wasted by unruly police, who should be protecting the citizens, instead the police have chosen to terrorise its citizenry, what a curse from the devil!!!

PEACEMAKER - 29 January 2014

The problem is not about police not owning kombis but to stop them from harassing other kombi operators. I know a DZ cop who when his daily takings take a dive he orders other kombis to be accosted and his pass through with no harm, so I am saying remove corruption because Chihuri akambobhana ma cellphones kuma purisa asi iye akazobirwa cell phone kuMbare sei aive ne cell phone? Do we now have ranks along Robert Mugabe way by the way or the police are sleeping on duty or these are the police's kombis making the corner of Julius Nyerere and Robert Mugabe way an impassable road as they shout Ruwa ruwa msasa.

Maita Manyuka - 30 January 2014

Gore ringatangewo here Commissioner wasina kumbotaurawo ? LMBBAF How many combis does Chihuri have?

Ndichihera weGogwe - 30 January 2014

Commissioner General vane a failed business ravo re transportation rainzi KIDSDALE - ndivo vanga vane marori akatuta ivhu regomba re foundation yeJoina City!!!!! Vaka inspire his juniors...

Toots - 30 January 2014

Its not fair at all! The commissioner should address real issues and not attempt to cure symptoms. We talk of empowerment and practice dis-empowerment at the same time. who has the right to enter into transport industry? Which business should our officers engage in to cushion their meager salaries? officers are human beings like Cuthbert Dube, Chihuri, Tsvangirai, Tawanda Muparati etc. Lets address issues of corrupt traffic cops who have tarnished not only the image of police but of the country. lets do away with national traffic branch/province. why cant we revert back to traffic being a section under a station as in the 1990s? we have seen the danger of people who overstay in offices and the bottom line is: Chihuri you have overstayed in that position both constitutionally and even in your age (you now lack efficiency and effectiveness). its time to pass on the button.

mike - 1 February 2014

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