Psmas' Dube fired

HARARE - Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) chief executive Cuthbert Dube has been fired over revelations  he has been receiving outrageously high salaries.

But  the Psmas board yesterday chose to be diplomatic saying he had been “retired.”

The board also relieved chairperson Meisie Namasasu of her duties.

This comes after publication of Dube’s obscene salary of $230 000 a month, as the society struggled to settle a $38 million debt as of end of last year.

In a press statement released yesterday, the Psmas board of directors resolved to retire Dube as he had “reached retirement age”.

“At its sitting of the 27th day of January Psmas board of directors resolved to relieve the current board chairperson, Mrs M M Namasasu, of her duties as chairperson, forthwith” the board secretary Cosmas Mukwesha said in the statement.

“In line with the society’s constitution, the board appointed the vice chairperson Mr N (Newton) Mhlanga, as acting chairperson until the appointment of a substantive chairperson.”

Meanwhile, other top executives at the society were earning between $120 000 and $200 000 per month.
Altogether, the top management at Psmas was earning  at least $1 million monthly.

“The board of directors would like to re-assure Psmas members that the society continues to provide service to all its members,” the statement reads.

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the entire board should vacate

beki - 28 January 2014

A dis allowance should be raised against the then CEO and the entire board for the overpaid salaries, allowances and perks.How do they justify a scenario where a member is asked to buy his/her own medicines after only consulting a Doctor. One can actually circumvent the Doctor by going straight into a pharmacy explain your condition then you get your medicine. Doctor prescribes the dosage. As the Society does it's cleanup, cognizance should also be taken of the plight of the contributing member, who always after seeing the Doctor is asked / told to go & buy remedial medication. It is my view that there is a misnomer here.

Parwaramunhumashokoanowanda - 28 January 2014

Retiring him because he has reached retirement age? Did i get you right? If so then we no longer have morals as a nation.What is this nonsense? Retiring a man because of his scandalous behavior.Do we still have leaders in this country? Let alone the police? Not high ranking officers but a section or squad of constables. Maybe it is because this man once poured a lot of money sponsoring our national football team the now famous warriors? I wonder. He earned that much but i guess other people in PSMAS are earning 300 dollars a month or less.May justice take it's course. We are waiting to see what will happen.

SHAVA - 28 January 2014

Cuthbert Dube has been fired over revelations he has been receiving outrageously high salaries. But the Psmas board yesterday chose to be diplomatic saying he had been “retired.” The truth is that Dube has been getting a corruptly approaved salary since 2012. The issue of retiring him therefore is unjustified. Instead he should be arrested and sent to jail with immediate effect. The PSMAS board which approved the salary or the executive should be dismissed, arrested and accompany Dube to jail. Taking advantage of the contributors who sacrificed their meg-re earnings for their health and someone or other people enriching themselves from such funds is devilish. Giving such people retirement packages is unthinkable.

chokwadi - 28 January 2014

PSMAS need a total clean up right from the whole board,top management to middle management.This is a clear reflection of corruption and rot in parastatals.

patriot - 28 January 2014

Truly speaking, I don't understand this saga. Are they telling us that Mr. C. Dube was the one who was authorizing his salary and salaries for everyone else? Where was the Psmas board? They should have noticed that on their financial statements or even on their general meetings when financial reports are tabled. I think its not the old man alone who was helping himself. They are some other board members who were benefiting too. Who knows, only God

Sibbs - 28 January 2014

Shocking, he is actually going to go on and receive a pension based on that outrageous salary, God forbid!!! The poor members go on to pay for it. I am leaving the scheme. I refuse to feed corruption.

Musa - 28 January 2014

Dube must return that money to the poor members. All Civil Servants and fellow Zimbabweans, lets demostrate until that money is recovered. This is the only way other like minded thiefs can be stopped. If Nothing is done to him then what will stop other people to try their luck when enstrusted with public funds?

Ziziharinanyanga - 28 January 2014

Am really disappointed by the way cashbert dube is being treated. Retiring means he is going to get a retirement package, may be based on the outrageous salaries. 230 000.00 per month is not a joke. I hve been receiving many shortfalls each time I and my family visit a Dr. That showed the institution is not financially sound not knowing there are few individuals headed by cash bert gobbling our subscription contribution that we are taking from our very small salaries. Corruption is in many ways and this one is one form of corruption , especially by the board who approved such outrageous salaries. They can not award such high salaries for nothing. They were benefiting so the law should take its course so that it becomes a deterrent to others who could be this corrupt.

alford mushu - 28 January 2014


Ziziharinanyanga - 28 January 2014

Leave this man alone, we get what we deserve. You reporters are also to blame, why does it take the Herald to give us these stories surely if you doing your jobs vana Zifa, Zesa, Zupco, Zim Cricket, Nassa vese…. should be in the limelight. We the people of Zimbabwe are all to blame we accept it. We get what we deserve.

We deserve them - 28 January 2014

i fail to understand this matter, if it is possible this man ,the top management as well as the board members should be removed and stern measures have tobe taken against them. a man cannot steal such amounts of money by himself and himself alone. rabishi mani

mkhoba wejotsholo - 28 January 2014

Don't you know George Charamba sits on the PSMAS? The board is therefore safe because Mugabe, ill as he is, cannot afford to ruffle feathers of the birds who sing him into sleep daily. Hohodo! Seka zvako muera Moyo.

chamu Kamurosha - 29 January 2014

True all what is said here , corruption in this country cascades from the top going all the way to the bottom. There is nothing new here , we all know that this government is corrupt to the core. but they do not allow any one to investigate any body , including the commissions , the judges everything smells rot in this country. Its a norm , I'm surprised you guys start to call for these people to be locked who will lock up in jail these people. its now become principle to still and go Scott free here in Zimbabwe , people you cry and cry but there is no single ear that will listen to your cries . Cry beloved country!

true facts - 29 January 2014

aaaa ACTIONS IS NEEDED HERE IN ZIMBABWE DEMONSTRATION, we are suffering yet others are feeding themselves .

gono - 29 January 2014

firing him is not enough .he should be prosecuted and the state should attach his properties...

cashback dube - 29 January 2014

we also wanna see his happy contract in your paper just like the Herald dd to Muchechetere's contract.... juss curious to see if the figures were justifiable

missy - 29 January 2014

zimbabweans must wake up and learn to stand up against tyranny . these are the results of a tranny we have allowed ourselves to leave with. vana vepatronage ava anaDube. wake up zimbabweans. budai mubutiro rekutya nenhamo rakakumoneredzai iro. wake up, wake up, wake up mhani, for christ sake!!!

Hondo yadzoka - 29 January 2014

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