Mangoma where do you stand?

HARARE - His name is Elton Mangoma, Deputy treasurer general of the Tsvangiai-led MDC, member of the National Council and Standing Committee and former minister of Energy during the government of national disunity (GND).

Yes this man has been at the forefront of MDC policies together with Tsvangirai, our party president, vice president Thokozani Khupe, Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa, Douglas Mwonzora, etc, the top echelons of the movement.

This man called Mangoma had the tenacity through his wisdom or lack of it or both to put forward a proposal asking Tsvangirai to step down as party president, how ironic and confusing at the same time.

Clarity Cdes.

Firstly Mangoma you need to be clear on where you really stand, are you now working with Zanu PF to derail the people’s project if not, where did you get the money especially if reports are true that you got $3 million to push  Tsvangirai out of office (Mangoma has since denied dangling the $3 million carrot).

I am personally glad that Tsvangirai refused to be a Judas Iscariot; he refused to sacrifice the hopes and aspirations of the whole nation by accepting tainted money from power hungry people. It’s weird that you seem to shoulder all blame on the party president, what about yourself?

It is unfortunate that top leadership cadres like Mangoma want to use clandestine methods to fast track their way to the highest post in the movement without offering alternative leadership qualities or simple proposals for us the povo to even consider their wishful dreams.

My only advice to you Mangoma, yes it is your democratic right to dream, but don’t do it to the detriment of the whole nation, keep your dimes and let the movement proceed, freedom is coming, and very soon, it is wise however, to contest against Tsvangirai rather than putting the leadership into “contextual renewal.”

If you really believe you have the support within the party structures, why not prove it constitutionally rather than clandestinely writing articles that undermine the party leadership and put the leadership into disrepute for no reason.

If you really want to lead the party then why not table your ideas, show leadership credentials, show us your grassroots support, show us how are you going to outwit Zanu PF, we can’t start just by removing someone without having a better alternative except dreams. We don’t run a country through dreams.

I am actually very disturbed and saddened that Mangoma failed dismally to improve his political awareness or education over the years he has been actively involved in party leadership let alone policy formulation.

Mangoma let me remind you that politics is a game of numbers especially in a democracy, not night meetings. It is very clear, Mangoma that Zanu PF fear Morgan Tsvangirai in a post Mugabe era.

Who else in Zanu PF will stand a chance against Morgan Tsvangirai come 2018, the two dark horses in Zanu PF succession race, Ngwena and Teurairopa know very well, come rain or thunder they won’t defeat Tsvangirai in any democratic election.

This is why there is a desire to see the back of Tsvangirai beforehand and parachute the likes of you and other overzealous cadres who are dreaming to be the commanders-in-chief tomorrow.

Zanu PF is already in campaign mode for the 2018 Presidential elections and their number one agenda is to split the MDC like what they did back in 2005, they successfully used Welshman Ncube and cohorts but MDC remains steadfast and stronger and I have no doubt ngoma ndiyo ndiyo (let’s maintain the status quo) this time around, the movement lives on.

So calling for Tsvangirai’s removal is a misguided initiative and lack of political wisdom at its best.
Our elders taught us that haurashi mbereko nekufirwa (don’t lose hope).

Mugabe is a political dinosaur when it comes to political organisation and party leadership. He acquired the skills over 40 years.

For once I give him credit for managing Zanu PF well as a party leader contrary to his performance as chief executive of our nation.

As such MDC leaders like Mangoma must learn how to manage party politics, failure is a collective thing not pinpointing. Mugabe was humiliated in 2008, he regrouped, trusted his wartime cadres, rigged elections with them and now everyone has a cabinet post.

That’s what I call party political wisdom, so Mangoma what we need now is not frogmarching Tsvangirai to Buhera, people will beat him for neglecting them, we need to regroup under his leadership, guard against Zanu PF infiltration and most probably bringing back the likes of Job Sikhala in the fold, rejuvenate the youth through offering sound policies not blame game.

What you did shows extreme leadership weakness, as part of the executive such issues remain locked indoors, kubata hana pachivanhu (let’s keep it to ourselves).

We can’t afford another split, as it is the plot is already in motion to decimate the movement and hope this is not another master plan.

Instead of calling for Tsvangirai’s head, it is vital to put more resources to support Luke Tamborinyoka and Douglas Mwonzora to disseminate information to the restive populace, though internet, newspapers, constructive writings to counter Nathaniel Manheru, Jonathan Moyo, Psychology Maziwisa etc.

It is vital at this moment to inform the nation that indigenisation mantra was a dead donkey flogged around to win votes, promised civil servants salaries will never come to fruition because the nation is broke, Beam is dead because Chiadzwa revenues are nowhere to be seen.

Yes we need to counter Zanu PF propaganda outside ZBC and its possible, very possible.

People are not asking for Tsvangirai’s removal that’s a myth, all they want to know is where the nation is heading from now on.

So we have a mammoth task to give hope to the nation, not giving credence to Zanu PF’s evil project to destroy the people’s movement.

This is a response to Mangoma’s letter above. Mangwengwende is an independent political observer and MDC activist.

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haiwa tibvire apo ,rega dofo iri riende.Tsvangirai must learn to manage his zip first then he can think of managing zim.

democrat - 28 January 2014

Writer ...i wish people like you could replace people like E Mangoma in the MDC T Leadership....

Shuto Shuto - 28 January 2014

Mangwengwende wakaoma sando dzako.

chitova - 28 January 2014

This article enlightened a number of people. Well done, Mangwengende. The likes of Elton Mangoma and Elias Mudzuru need to read Shakespear's MACBETH!!

Gushungo - 28 January 2014

If Mangoma really poses no threat why are so many people getting their panties in a twist over his inconsequential letter?? Is it because if we truly subscribe to democratic principles we must begin to openly discuss the issue of who should succeed MT esp in light of last year's July 31 setbacks?? Or do we borrow from ZANU kuti dear leader can not go until the 'stuggle is complete'??? LOL!! Zimbos love to keep putting their finger into the fire..Can you not see we are making another little RGM in MT?????

wezhira wezhara - 28 January 2014

Thank you very much Mangengende. How can a person we look forward to as a leader ask for retiring the person we hired him to assist. Do what we hired you to do or ship out. Have you ever immagined your relevance or that of the MDC T in the absence of TsvangiraI. You won in your costituance not because of your own popularity but because of the name Tsvangirai. We love morgan.

Chokwadi - 28 January 2014

Some of the people also lost in their constituencies. MDC supporters should be wary of these wolves.

Jori - 28 January 2014

The very same guy who negotiated the GNU agreement ana Tendai Biti. Tendai Biti who is now defending Gono! I smell a set up!

Mukanya - 28 January 2014

Mufana Mangoma listen carefully .. and very carefully. We Do not want another Welshman. Welshman as we speak is in hibernation . The face of this struggle is Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai is NOT yet President and is the most acceptable face to the Electorate. You know very well that the election was rigged. Suppose Tsvangirai had won , would you be calling for him to go ? You are calling for him to go because an election was stollen under everyone's nose yet you do not want to take the blame. Instead of sitting down and working out how you can combat the rigging methods of ZANU you think a change of top player will combat the rigging methods. ? Grow up Mangoma . You should have learnt from Welshman...and never be fooled. The face of opposition struggle is Tsvangirai . Just as in RSA it was Mandela. Hani and the likes never called for M,andela to step down as he led ANC for those years before he became President. Saka tidzikamire hako Mangoma.

Mupinyu Wasvotoka - 28 January 2014

Is this not the ELTON who paid millions of dollars to a fuel dealer without the fuel. What happened to his ZESA. This man is bad news. Like our other dear friends you may go your way

RAYMOND MHLANGA - 28 January 2014

Thank you MR Mangoma for the contribution so far, we wish you well in your new endeavors. The people's project will continue without you. A Train will never stop on barking dogs.

RAYMOND MHLANGA - 28 January 2014

It is surprising that Mangoma is seeking leadership renewal as though he is not part of this leadership. It would have made a lot of sense if this was coming from the grassroots ( which it is not) rather from a disgruntled member of the leadership. It clearly show the calibre of people in some MDC leadership positions.As Tsvangirai has already refused to be bought out, let's wait to see the Tsvangirai vs Mangoma and Mudzuri contest

Chokwadi chokwadi - 28 January 2014

MDC should learn from the DA in South Africa.Get Simba Makoni to lead.

Observer - 28 January 2014

Mangoma you are a day dreamer you will never have my vote. You never compete with zanu pf forget you are a junior politician zip up your mouth

deeds - 28 January 2014

It seems to me that there is an attempt to paint Mangoma as power hungry. Where in his letter did he indicate that he intended to take over the leadership? The truth of the matter is that he simply asked for an elective conference. But what has happened is of major interest to true democrats. The reaction from those whose power is threatened by the prospect of an election is verging on paranoia. I am learning a lot out of this. It's blatantly obvious that power has gone to Tsvangirai's head and he refuses to be accountable. What is also of interest is that Zanu controlled media are keen to keep him in place because he is so incompetent. If Zimbabwean thirst for change, it's time to hold leadership accountable. Tsvangirai thinks he is bigger than the party. His behaviour has become more like a dictator than a democrat. He must be accountable for taking the country into an election without even the most fundamental checks and balances like checking the voters roll. He went into that election against sound professional advice of experts and governments (South Africa included). Now the messenger, mangoma, is being turned into canon fodder and being insulted left right and centre. Under these circumstances, it is becoming more and more obvious that Zimbabwe is so loaded with undemocratic intolerance that it now has the regime it deserves and Morgan Tsvangirai played a misguided incompetent roll in facilitating Zanu's theft of that election. Tsvangirai was so clever (by half) that he thought he did not need to inspect the NIKUV concocted voters roll because he believed he could win a rigged election. If you continue to support no accountability and poor quality leaders, you get what you deserve - Zanu dictators

Tulani - 29 January 2014

So if you are not able to raed between the lines then your days at school were wasted, he acknowledged that he will contest Tsvangirai, iye naMudzuri, na Bennet have teamed up to betray the part. Mangoma failed to handle the Chisumbanje ethanol project, one reason the part lost in Chipinge, how on earth can one look at 4000 workers being laid off because of a simple logistical issue, that is why he was almost beaten up kwaChecheche, zibenzi mukadzi was Bennet 'chupeti'

Tulani the fool - 29 January 2014

The writer says "dont do it to the detriment of the whole nation". Is Tsvangirai the whole nation? I dont understand these people who think Tsvangirai, or even Mugabe, are the whole nation. Whats so special about Tsvangirai. What is wrong with Mangoma aspiring to lead his party? People in political parties, Zanu PF, MDC or any other party should be allowed to lawfully fight for power, to lead their parties. Where is the problem?

machakachaka - 29 January 2014

Mangoma is politically dead.Ngaabvunze brother Gwisai naSikala kuti vanhu vanokuita sei kana wafunga kuti wakura.

chivadye - 29 January 2014

well said Mangwengwende!!!

willard payne - 29 January 2014

PASI naMangoma. He should know the platform to advance his interests!!

M. Zvenyika - 29 January 2014

PASI naMangoma. He should know the platform to advance his interests!!

M. Zvenyika - 29 January 2014

PASI naMangoma. He should know the platform to advance his interests!!

M. Zvenyika - 29 January 2014

This is amazing. The same people who are threatening Mangoma for exercising his democratic rights of freedom of speech and association are the same people who continuously cry that Mugabe has overstayed his welcome. Tsvangirayi aspires to be like Mugabe thus this Hadiende attitude. This MDC has become a party of incompetent, violent and corrupt bunch. It is a aparty of ZANU PF wannabees.. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Tsvangirayi is not GOD. He has overstayed his welcome.

connie - 29 January 2014

I feel sorry for Elijah Mangwengwende and all who share his line of thinking.Elijah the fact that someone calls for someone to step down from a certain post doesn"t mean that he or she is vying for that post.Calls like that are done after certain observations.Let me correct your myopic thinking that zanu(pf) is scared of Morgan,nono my bro there you are wrong,actually zanu is afraid of the masses.MDC is not founded on personalities but on the masses.

Beyond - 29 January 2014

Cry the beloved chinja.Words which we used to identify with pf are now a common vocabulary in the Mdc top hierachy words like white rodies.pasi nanhingi.tsvangirayi chete,imperialists,handiende,barking dogs,day dreamers,zip up.

beyond - 29 January 2014


REAL DEMOCRACY - 29 January 2014

mangoma first ask povho haudiwe nevanhu iwe mutengesi iwe tsvangison munhu wevanhu saka yu are wasting tym va mangoma

bibo - 29 January 2014

We have the whole of Zimbabwe asking for investigations on public institutions management salaries, tese tobva tati yipee, tobva tati all CEOs should be given limited terms of office tobva tati yipee asi kana zvave kubata isu toti kwete,,, Tsvangirai two terms dzake dzakakwana,, ngaaende,,, pake akaita,, atove Mugabe we MDC,, ndiye ega anogona kutonga here? Mumwe akasumudza musoro anzi wave mutengesi,,, chiZANU chaicho, as long as Mugabe is alive hapana anotaura kuti achamugara nhaka ndiyani,, kupenga chaiko

shuus - 30 January 2014

iko kumanicaland kwapindwa nei kwabuda namutambara nhasi avakungoti mazizuda nyeku nyeku achinyara kuti akatengesa zimbabwe . Mangoma i think he wants to divide the party who can be charismatic leader like Tsvangirai among Mudzuri , Mangoma and son of colonialists and racists Roy Bennet. Look at NCA cde MT used to lead that organisation before it was left it power hungry vampire Madhuku. There no splits when Tsvangirai chaired ZCTU and toi toi yaitwa kusvika mugabe awedzera salary. Iwe shuus Mandela led ANC in struggle for how many years but he stayed in power for how many. Isu hatina basa nemabritish ana Bennet we look for other sponsors or our MP s will only maintain status in society Chiangwa ari kudyiwa wani nemari yake anzi hee masponsors hachade morgan zvavakasponsor mdc ndivo vakazoivhotera kusvika ihwine 57 seats in parliament by 2000. Asingade morgan ngaanotsvaka chiparty chake se NCA kana kunotsvaka nyika yake afome party mumdc ngabude. Zvekuda kutevevedzera vana Bennet vane pfungwa dzekuda kudzosera kuvarakasha kwatakavaita nemadzibaba avo kuChimurenga. kana waguta nyemba woti woda kubvisa tsvangirai manje tinaye tsvangirai

tinofira chinja - 31 January 2014

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