Mangoma guns for Tsvangirai's post

HARARE - Elton Mangoma, the MDC deputy treasurer-general, says he is ready to become the next MDC president if elected.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Daily News yesterday, Mangoma, who is experiencing a backlash from party members after he wrote a damning letter calling for Morgan Tsvangirai to step down as the MDC leader, was quick to point out that his ambition was not what motivated him to write the controversial letter.

“I know the way to the presidency is not by writing letters, it’s by being chosen by the people,” he told the Daily News.

“So if the people want to choose me, I’m not going to say no, but that is not the motive for the letter.

“The motive of the letter is that it is my duty to give advice to the president, advice that I think will serve the party, advice that will save him and his legacy.”

He added: “If I wanted I would simply go to the structures and say they should choose me as president because the people who choose the president are the structures.”

The former Energy minister was however, quick to point out that he had not gone out to canvass for a social base, a basic ingredient needed for one to ascend to the presidency.

Mangoma also quelled rumours that he was working in conjunction with self-exiled treasurer-general, Roy Bennett and Western donors to unseat Tsvangirai.

“If anybody knows me, they know that I am my own man, I don’t need to be used by anyone. I have never been used by anybody, my own history shows that I have my own individual achievements, so why would I now want to be used as a puppet of anyone,” he said.

Asked where he secured the $3 million which was reportedly offered to Tsvangirai for him to step down, he said there was no offer made to the MDC leader.

He said the figure was merely planted and was meant to dilute the contents of his letter which clearly calls for Tsvangirai to step down and allow for democratic processes within the party.

In his letter, Mangoma says Tsvangirai should step down because he failed to cause reform when he had executive powers during the inclusive government, that he  has been at the helm of the party for 14 years, his peccadilloes in his private life and alleged abuse of donor funds.

Tsvangirai however enjoys popular support at grassroots level and all other MDC organs. 

Yesterday, the party’s Women’s Assembly reiterated their support for Tsvangirai.

“As the assembly, we are fully behind Tsvangirai”, Theresa Makone told reporters at Harvest House, the party’s headquarters. “We believe there is no better leader than Tsvangirai.

There is a deliberate attempt to shift the focus on the economic crisis to the MDC and this will not work.

“The issue about leadership renewal is a non-starter. We will not sit back and watch our party split for the second time for no good reason.”

Makone said there was no need to go for an extraordinary congress, as there was no leadership crisis.

“As the assembly, we believe those elected in 2011 should carry on with their mandate to 2016. Nothing of importance has occurred that calls for an emergency congress. The party must be rejuvenated but this should be done in an orderly manner,” Makone said.

She further said senior party members discussing leadership renewal in the media should be punished, a precursor to disciplinary action against Mangoma.

“MDC is a democratic party and we agreed to discuss leadership renewal agenda within the structures,” she said.

“As the assembly, we are therefore worried how the letter purportedly authored by Mangoma found its way to the newspapers.

“The chairman should investigate this and those who are guilty should face disciplinary measures.”

The Women Assembly said Tsvangirai cannot take the blame alone for the electoral loss.

“Why should Tsvangirai take the blame for going to elections without reforms? Everyone should shoulder the blame.

“The National Council, National Executive Council and the Standing Committee should also be blamed because it was not a one man show,” Makone said.

*Additional reporting by Lloyd Mbiba

*Don’t miss your edition of the Daily News tomorrow for a full interview with Elton Mangoma.

Comments (26)

Failed leadership is the surest way to the demise of any enterprise/organisation. And that there is failed leadership at the helm of MDCT is evident even to the most politically blind person. Let this pathetic excuse of a democratic party replace Tsvangirayi with whoever they so deem most meritable. And mind your language you fool. You have just shown us how cheap and stupid you are. Baboon.

Kobe - 28 January 2014

Mangoma, you are hungry for power. Mari dzawakaba dzakapera asi? why are you not waiting for the elective congress and forward your name then uone kuti pane anokuvhotera here? Moda kuita zvekupinda oachisimba nechikiribidi...hativhoteri mbavha dzakaita sewe isu! enda kuZanu kwako shasha!

Tongogara - 28 January 2014

If Mangoma wants to be the next MDC T's leader , then a lot of people will not be voting for MDC T again . Who is Mangoma anyway???? MDC T is Tsvangirayi. Failed leadership is not just Tsvangirai only, it is the joint failure of all top leaders of MDC T. They all failed including Mangoma. Do not just blame Tsvangs , blame the whole lot. Mangoma, Chamisa , Biti , Khupe, Mudzuri. Bennett , etc. , they all lost the plot. Why did they (MDC T leadership ,all of them) all go for elections without reforms being implimated by ZANU PF???? So do not blame Tsvangs alone, blame the whole top boys and girls of MDC T party.

Clepelobis - 28 January 2014

Mangoma should go and join his fellow friend, Prof Ncube or form his own party. Kuhumana hakurambidzwi asi apa wanyanya Mangoma. If you go on to form your own party you will be very lucky to win a single seat in 2018 general elections. You can join hands with Eng. Mudzuri and leave our Tsvangirai alone.

studio77 - 28 January 2014

I thought yesterday we were promised the second part to the 'month long investigations' expose by the Daily News? What happened?

yemurai manunure - 28 January 2014

There is evidence in what Mangoma is saying, hate him or what but what he is saying is true and the way you MDC people are taking it is wrong and you are going the same way ZANU PF did. Tsvangirai is supposed to take this advice seriously and start surporting whoever the people choose as president.Tsvangirai be careful of these Makones see how messy the relationships that they led you into.

Threesome - 28 January 2014

Mangoma..not so fast. You are not known. You have no grassroots support. Ambuya vangu vanongoziva Tsvangirayi kwete Mangoma

Shuto Shuto - 28 January 2014

Pamberi naComrade Tsvangirai, anotirwira kuti tigute. Mangoma akaba mari yapera zvino. Tsvangirai we love, don't loose sleep, we are behind you. I am in USA and tinokutsigira zvakanyanya. Panyaya dzevakadzi, hapana asingade murume kana mukadzi. so don't worry about it. We want your brains thats it. Be blessed Tsvangison.

Supporter - 28 January 2014

Mangoma hauna grassroots,and hauzivikanwi.Better kunyarara kana usina nyaya.Your name is now know cz of Save.Nomatter yu speak zvinemusoro,but for the moment mukoma Mangoma,just understand kuti Save is still popular kwese kwese.Why do yu want to blame him alone for the loss.Ko pamakapinda pamaelections pasina mareforms maiti munoitei.Handiti maida kuti murambe muri maMPS.Even kusoccer,the team win as a team and loose as a team.Just stop the childish game and move on.

nyokanhete - 28 January 2014

Mangoma wava kutopenga coz you should accept collective responsibility for the MDC loss. You & Biti were the MDc's Chief Negotiators and you endorsed the holding of elections without any tangible reforms & now you have the audacity to heap all the blame on Save-what a shame? Tsvangirai is the face of the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe and please leave the party alone if you are no longer comfortable with MT's leadership. Hauna grassroots support & you will suffer the same fate like Welshman Ncube if you split. Akupa zano ndewako.

Chief Charumbira - 28 January 2014

Ana Mangoma tanga tichikuremekedzai chazvo tichiti mukafamba naMorgan tonosvika Isreal. Manje makuda kutova ndimi vatungamiriri mosiya the one we wanted you to assist. You can go ahead together with whoever you are working with. Let me warn you, I foresee other welshmen not just a welshman. Musazoti hatina kukuudzai.

Chokwadi - 28 January 2014

iye Mangoma uyu akambo whina here wu MP akuda kuita President.kana aka loser MP zvewu president achazvikwanisa here. Mr Mangoma ask your former colleague Welshman. he is now nowhere to be found

zimbabwean - 28 January 2014

Mangoma is being used by Mdc-t Vice President tht agenda has been in motion frm congress up to primary elections

@BYO - 28 January 2014

Kana Ngoma yoririsa yoda kubvaruka. Mangoma you are definately on your way out of the MDC party and out of politics forever like what Welshman Ncube did.

Ziziharinanyanga - 28 January 2014

Whilst Mangoma is roght but I think he did it wrongly. They meet everyday but to send a letter to Tsvangirayi and to the press is recklessness which cannot make him a leader. He has lost the plot. He may have very valid reasons but he did it wrongly. Yes Tsvangirayi may have to go so should the rest of the top guys because i don't think Tsvangirayi pushed them into this dirty election.. Instead of putting efforts to expose the theft and trying to close the loopholes on the next elections they are busy Tsvangirying everything.

Maita Manyuka - 28 January 2014

Akanyangira yaona. Please Elton read this book again. The guys who have been sabotaging the movement are coming out in the open now. We said it many a time that there are some senior people undermining the party and its able leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. Surely Mangoma is a day dreamer, in his shallow mind he thinks he can dislodge Tsvangirai???? He must resign immediately if he is not happy with the leadership of Chematama. 2018 ELECTION: Vote MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai for President.

Zvandasara Chikurubi - 28 January 2014

But seriously,MDC is now behaving like ZANU on personality cults.Even the surname of the Party is T.I dont see anyone with a national profile yekuti vanhu vangati ngaaite President.How about inviting Simba Makoni?

Observer - 28 January 2014

MDC T is Tsvangirai ,Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa not forgetting Solomon Madzore all these pple are wasting time noone will vote for them.

Shepy Tarzy - 28 January 2014

The notion of Tsvangirai is MDC is misplaced as is the use of vulgar language. You should be ashamed of your choice of words. Popular support is through the ballot box. What is so scary to prove your worth?

Mandla Ncube - 28 January 2014

Mangoma is just stupid.Unofunga you match President Tsvangirai politically? Enda unofoma party yako ugoona kuti hausi chinhu mu politics

chivadye - 29 January 2014

zviroto zviroto hazvirambidzwe vakakuudzai wani President

mutema - 29 January 2014

maiwee nhaiwe mangoma why have you suddenly decided to mrelegate yrself to the dustbin of zim history ,if you choose that path noone will think or even talk about you from now on ..umnnn kurasika hakutani vakomana chinja maitiro nemafungiro its not too late

hechoko - 29 January 2014

tsvangirai has failed the people's revolution. he is timid, non resolute and gets excited over little things. now is the time for opposition forcesto be led by leaders with real teeth who can face up to Zanu Pf machinations including facing them one on one on the battle field. Leadership in the MDC T is abusing the people's support by remaining inactive at a moment the nation is yearning for change by whatever means. purposeful leadership in the opposition is needed.

Time to take off the gloves - 29 January 2014

Tsvangirai may not be that educated but has gone through rough times to challenge Mugabe for the sake of Zimbabweans. What must be known is that MDC to the Zimbabweans is Tsvangirai and Opposition is Tsvangirai.

comrade - 29 January 2014

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