You need me — Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says President Robert Mugabe should swallow his pride and approach him to help find solutions to the escalating economic crises which is spiralling out of control.

Tsvangirai, who co-led a coalition government with President Robert Mugabe between 2009 and 2013, held a state of the nation address last Friday and emphasised on the need for stakeholders meeting in order to find relief to problems bedevilling the nation.

The coalition government, itself a by-product of protracted talks between the ruling parties Zanu PF and the MDC,  is credited for steering the country from the edge of a precipice — through stabilising the economy and breathing life to key sectors such as health and education.

“While the MDC and I have done our national duty of forming a coalition government to save the people and got betrayed in the process, it is my sincere belief that the political dialogue will assist in developing national consensus on how to move the country forward.”

“Faced with a similar crisis in 2008, we engaged in dialogue and we carved out a home-grown solution to the problems bedevilling our country. There is no substitute for dialogue. As MDC, we believe that meeting of stakeholders from different backgrounds would be a positive start,” said Tsvangirai.

However, Zanu PF dismissed Tsvangirai’s overtures. Zanu PF’s spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, said the opposition should follow proper channels.

“We should not worry about that. He should address his issues through the president; his state of the nation address does not really make sense.”

Zanu PF is underpinning the country’s recovery on its economic blueprint, the  Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset), which among other issues seeks to create employment.

ZimAsset is a Zanu PF economic turnaround strategy, which identifies four major pillars to rejuvenate economic performance namely food security and nutrition, social services and poverty eradication, infrastructure and utilities as well as value addition and beneficiation.

But Tsvangirai tore into the blueprint saying the programme is anchored on the controversial indigenisation policy, which he said promotes capital flight rather than investor confidence.

The MDC says the achievements of the coalition government are already crumbling — with a massive liquidity crunch at the centre of the country’s economic woes.

Government estimates that one million children will drop out of school this year, while millions of the country’s citizens are now faced with starvation.

The economic outlook is bleak, with more industries expected to shut down and thousands of people being thrown on the jobless heap, estimated at 80 percent.

Tsvangirai said Zanu PF is clueless, and does not have the mettle to tackle the country’s social and economic woes.

“It is important to appreciate that the underlying cause of our current predicament is the disputed election. The solution is unconditional dialogue. But that dialogue must be cognisant of the inherent mistrust created by Zanu PF in the days of the inclusive government,” said Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai agreed to form a coalition government with Mugabe to help save the economy after the 2008 elections in a process facilitated by the regional Sadc grouping.

The MDC has always complained that the power-sharing deal heavily favoured Mugabe who also refused to implement key provisions relating to reforms that would help ensure free and fair new elections.

In his address Tsvangirai said he was open to a new dialogue with his rival but insisted he would not be cheated again.

“Of concern is, even if an agreement is arrived at, who is going to guarantee its implementation? But there is no doubt that our situation demands sincere dialogue by a broad section of stakeholders, from political parties to the church, labour, industry, students and civic society, among others.

“Some of us have been involved in dialogue before in order to save this country and we appreciate the importance of dialogue,” said Tsvangirai.

Along with Mugabe, Tsvangirai was accused of excluding key groups when political parties negotiated not only the ill-fated coalition government but also the new Constitution.

But now the former trade unionist, is proposing an all-inclusive national dialogue.

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tsvangirai you have failed the people's revolution and you must stand aside. we want real man who are ready to fight not you the timid teaboy.

gandanga - 27 January 2014

Tsvangirai is now seeing the light. His party leadership does not want him anyomore, and the only card left for him to play is dialogue with Bob so that Bob can rescue his political career. The only problem is he says Bob needs him, when actualy Morgan needs Bob. Save, endai usiku musingaonekwi nevanvhu ve MDC-T kuna Bob and talk to him nicely. He might actually help you. He is a nice old guy. But if all fails you can remove your initial from the party's name togoona kuti vanoiti chii. MDC-M? (Mangoma or Mudzuri)

machakachaka - 27 January 2014

The truth is, all political leaders should swallow their pride and work together for the good of the ordinary Zimbabweans. We are all Zimbabweans and our desire is to see our country forge ahead.

Rev Johns - 27 January 2014

Zanu PF does not need you. Mdc-T does not need you either nor does your 'wife' Elizabeth Macheka.... You are on your own loser....

admire musingarabwi - 27 January 2014

Zvapressa Save! Ko Baba vaJukwa varikuti chii?

Godfrey Gudo - 27 January 2014

Mr Tsvangirai is the only one who can rescue the country from a comatose.indeed Mugabe must swallow his pride and start talking to Mr Tsvangirai right now or else the country wil find itself going to the dogs.

josefa chinotimba - 27 January 2014

Mr Tsvangirai's advisors should help him with the concept of consistence. Just six months ago you were talking of President Mugabe's struggle with legitimacy and now you have made a U-turn and you talk of dialogue with the President, what is it you really wish for Zimbabwe? I am sure if Mr Tsvangirayi had simply shaken President Mugabe's hand in congratulation on August 1 2013, our beloved Zimbabwe would have been a totally different place all together. We must learn to be principled and fight for a better Zimbabwe since we are all children of this beautiful land. Lets stand together for a better Zimbabwe, all of us. Politics has damaged our country enough

Nyarudo - 27 January 2014

When people realize that their political opponents have better policies & solutions than theirs, they always resort to personal attacks. Zanu pf is finished

tatenda - 27 January 2014

The fact is that, life is very tough for ordinary Zimbabweans, we love Mugabe so much but things are not working for us who depend on education for a future. we need someone who can bring hope to us too. Not all of us are entrepreneurs or thieves please. So if including Tsvangirai can help us please do so, swallow your pride...

Thobela - 27 January 2014

we need to do more than zimasset,remember why we rearched the worst in 2008. policy on its on is not development, we have seen people squandering resources into their pockets at the expence of the careful while the situation will be like that of 2008.if someone z able its not bad to appreciate,tsvangirai did a lot to the revival of the economy

RUNESU - 27 January 2014

i wish we could stop our childish behaviours. even right now, i am typing this but i am afraid because i dont know what they will say to me because of airing out my view. my desier is that we can learnt from other countries. we all know that Zim has a high prevalence of HIV, but another govenor fired MSF from his area, what will happen to all the community people who were depending on them?? its like we are being rulled by people who dont care about us... the money ius going to the hands of people who are self centered, greedy, stingy, always want to be ,more and more rich. We might think we asre better than South Africa, but SA is better than us because it can take carte of its own children and old people. Yesterday i saw a certain minister being beaten by a blind woman because of talking badly... what kind of leadership is that????

MAJAIVA - 27 January 2014

Hello fellow Zimbabweans. I hereby sincerely ask you to help me. It's been a long time now since i have been reading your political discourse. I have read your comments, discussions, opinion, through hard copies and soft copies or electronic. Most of the time it will be about MDC and mr M.R. Tsvangirayi. We try to blame him all the time but what would one do in such circumstances? It was easy for vaMugabe to lead an armed struggle because any white person was an enemy and these people were not our relatives at all.Now some one not employed living in abject poverty will tell you that things will be okay.Who is allowed to go on strike{demonstration/mass action}. As coward as we are people always say tinouraiwa tikada kungotaura. So what must Tsvangirayi do. People who help ZANU PF to win elections are well known from soldiers to chiefs. 2008 people voted for MDC-T but what happened? So now tell me what must this man do?Do not go on blaming. Now offer solutions.This confusion may also emanate from ZANU PF for they know MDC is the people's party

SHAVA - 27 January 2014

its so hard for us mr president tsvangirai becoz zanu wants a 1 party state. we have given them yet they keep blaming you even when you are in government. rugare, humble yourself and try to hear what people are saying especially those who are playing a different tune. in fact they are not singing what you think they are singing. listen carefully. they can hear what ugly song you are singing but i dont think you are hearing this interesting song they are singing. so take time to listen to them.

zim - 28 January 2014

@josefa chinotimba uri murwere mese natsvangison wako.

Hlongwane Spinach - 28 January 2014

In the aftermath of the cheating of people in the July 31 electoral fraud it is imperative that all conceivable stakeholder groups participate in the envisaged dialogue! There should, however, be no mistaking of the desired goal of such a dialogue- free and fair elections for the country!

Alois Matongo - 28 January 2014

I support u comrade shava. Cde Morgan Richard Tsvangirai myt not hold the leys to unlock our potential greatnes, but including this guy in the gvt's top mking decision body, he acts as a catalyst, things will change for the better. vanhu vari kuba mari ava ana Cuthbert dube and other thieves, they r zanu pple, bcoz they head ma zanu parastatals, no mdc hold those offaeces, dead bc happyson zi zanu guru, bt nw that vapedza kudya vaakungoita zvekupoterera vachiita sokunge vanogadzirisa musha and yet they r together, why not probe, kasukuwere and obert mpofu, big thieves.

ari ben menashe - 28 January 2014

Zimbabweans come on we One .The truth is known someone has overstayed his welcome,and only Tsvangirai stood up amid violence,ridicule, trap and death threats,false treason allegations and a lot of defamation TO SAY MR MUGABE YOUR TIME IS UP AND UP but he forced in trickly and that was inevitable to tose who know that jail was waiting menacingly for so many so called top comrades.Relax time is ticking and your place Save z God given.Never can this earth cycle human beings,Zanu is gone.Tsvangirai ndiwe Wega Save wakati kwete zvanyanya.Takusvika ngatisungei dzisimbe in the face of a collapsed economy.Rwendo rwuno vanopatiza vazhinji zvakunoti nsii zvekare.2018 kupinda Save,riggers have realised what it means to their lives and families_POVERTY

Jones jones - 28 January 2014

Mr Tsvangirai you need to sort out issues in your own backyard before you think of going into talks with Zanu pf. You leadership within your own party is under questioning yet you still think you are relevant within the national politics. Morality is one of the main key elements of a good leader which you seem to be lacking....

Nyakudirwa - 29 January 2014

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