Tsvangirai plot: Details emerge

HARARE - Top MDC officials, Western countries and Zanu PF have all ganged up to topple MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai amid fresh details that some of his senior party members financially crippled and sabotaged the party ahead of the 2013 elections.

A month long investigation by the Daily News has revealed stunning details that Tsvangirai and the MDC had a budget of only $120 000 to campaign for the elections while President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF reportedly had a $100 million war chest.

Among those that have already come out in the open demanding or persuading Tsvangirai to quit as MDC leader are treasurer general Roy Bennett, former organising secretary Elias Mudzuri and deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma, who was in charge of the purse before and during elections.

Unconfirmed reports say secretary general Tendai Biti sympathises or works with the group that wants
Tsvangirai to quit but he has in the past denied the allegation as hogwash.

Western diplomats working with the MDC officials have also been putting pressure on Tsvangirai to go and have also stopped helping the party with financial resources.

However, the Daily News has it on good authority that the donors are channelling their money to the group in the MDC which wants to topple Tsvangirai.

So serious are the divisions in the MDC that only last week, there was a highly-charged meeting of the party’s top hierarchy where the group that wants to oust Tsvangirai reportedly pushed for an extra-ordinary congress to try and boot out their leader.

But a pro-Tsvangirai group led by organising secretary Nelson Chamisa fiercely resisted saying the MDC did not need leadership renewal but “organisational” renewal meaning they argued that the party needed to strengthen all its structures.

With infighting in the MDC now intensifying, some loyal MDC officials told the Daily News that some top officials within the party effectively gave away victory to Zanu PF in the July 31, 2013 elections through internal sabotage, especially the stifling of funding that almost derailed Tsvangirai’s campaign.

Insiders in the MDC told the Daily News that Zanu PF is now taking advantage of the internal plot to remove Tsvangirai by infiltrating the party.

It is now believed within the party that some top officials helped Zanu PF win the contested July 31 elections as they actively sabotaged Tsvangirai.

Last week, Bennett reportedly hosted a meeting in South Africa of top MDC officials who want Tsvangirai out and they came out with a position paper where they are demanding that their leader should go.

A senior MDC insider said: “When the MDC officials returned from South Africa, they were doling $3 million to Tsvangirai saying if he steps down he would take every penny of the money.

“The group that wants to oust Tsvangirai is heavily funded by the West and we suspect they have opened an account which the party leader has no access to.

The two people being targeted by this group for purging are Tsvangirai and Nelson Chamisa because Chamisa has stood by Tsvangirai since this war began and is believed to be the president’s (Tsvangirai) pillar.

“MDC is broke and almost on its knees. But the group fighting to oust Tsvangirai is loaded with cash. On Friday last week, electricity at the party’s headquarters was switched off as the party struggles with a serious financial headache.

“The president of the party can’t conduct the party’s programmes because he has no access to money. Does that make sense? They are sabotaging him and in the process the party.”

The plot to topple Tsvangirai however, has little to do with his electoral defeat — if anything it can be traced back to the party’s congress in 2011, where there was a plot by the same group to remove Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai dismally lost last year’s harmonised elections to Mugabe amid allegations of massive vote manipulation by the Zanu PF and the Registrar General’s office.

Besides the “dirty” tactics used by Zanu PF to win the elections, a cursory comparison of Zanu PF and MDC election resources shows that the latter was least prepared.

This meant Zanu PF took advantage of the internal fights and pounced on the unprepared party which shockingly had no funding amid indications that it was a ploy to sabotage Tsvangirai.

Contesting against Mugabe’s Zanu PF which had a war chest of about $100 million dollars, printed 12 million T-shirts, bandanas and other campaigning regalia, Tsvangirai’s party only had $120 000 for the campaign and printed only 250 000 T-shirts of poor quality.

Said another top MDC official: “The MDC house was on the rocks in the run-up to the polls with Tsvangirai plunging into the contest hoping to ward off an inside threat to his throne through a positive outcome — he got none of that, and instead is now blamed by his opponents for going to elections without thrashing out necessary reforms.

“Tsvangirai’s opponents in the party now describe their leader as a “damaged product” and want him out — in this they have support from the Western countries — which now want a radical leader to lead the MDC formation.”

At the tense meeting of top officials last week, fist fights almost broke out while one top official cried when he was accused of illegally benefitting from a roads tender together with a Zanu PF minister.
With the pro-Tsvangirai officials coming out with guns blazing, the top official openly wept and tempers flared.

According to the MDC sources, the conspirators almost fooled Tsvangirai into an early congress this year, instead of 2016.

Sources said the group pushing Tsvangirai’s ouster, sweet talked their leader into believing that the congress would be a platform to reassert his support when in fact they intend to pull the rag from under the former premier’s feet.

“Tsvangirai does not have any money and these men want to rig the elections using money just as Zanu PF did in the 2013 elections. If there is to be an extra-ordinary congress, it has to be on Tsvangirai’s terms,” said top insider close to Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai’s backers, who include deputy president Thokozani Khupe, organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and deputy national chairperson Morgen Komichi could have none of it and attacked the renegades.

Instead of going for an early congress, the group supporting Tsvangirai wants a reorientation of the party in order to strengthen the structures.

To make matters worse for Tsvangirai, he has been deserted by most of his traditional funders both internally and externally.

Having failed to defeat Mugabe in three elections, there is a general consensus among the donors that the MDC leader does not have anything to offer in polls.

Moreover, Tsvangirai is bogged by serious personal problems, giving fodder to his opponents.

The Daily News could not establish claims by the insiders that the named officials are also working closely with Zanu PF with or without their knowledge.

The named officials are said to be presently plotting Tsvangirai’s demise and continue sabotaging the veteran opposition leader.

Hit by a donor fatigue and exasperation over Tsvangirai’s endless bedroom woes, some traditional MDC backers are now pushing the 61-year old out with a hunt for a new leader on the cards.

Biti, Mudzuri and Mangoma have been touted as possible frontrunners to succeed the embattled leader.

Don’t miss your copy of the Daily News tomorrow when we reveal more details about the Tsvangirai ouster plot.

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A month long kkkkkkkkk--- zvipiko this story was written kare ne kwamwe ka papa mutown kkkkk Dead News Morgiza is finished

munhu - 27 January 2014

i would rather vote zanu pf than those other mdc comedians, thats if they managed to ouster Cde tsvangie

cde numero - 27 January 2014

save is mdc t.those who dont like him please leave the larty and form yos

mukanya - 27 January 2014

Biti,Bennett and Mangoma, please live our movement in peace just like Ncube,Themba Priscilla and patners. We love morgan and we are prepared to die for him.Hands off our president please. Just start your own political party with those funders, you can be better off.

adrianne - 27 January 2014

My vote will also go to ZANU PF should these guys go ahead with their plans. Moses led the Israelites from Egypt though he did not reach the Promised Land. Tsvangirai is still fighting with the Pharoah of this land.

Gushungo - 27 January 2014

This is a tired story. Most of the information contained in the story was written by the Zimbabwe Independent, Standard and Zimbabwe Mail

mudhara weNorton - 27 January 2014

Yesterday you were saying Zanu pf rigged elections, now you say MDC-T heavies sabotaged each other. Which is which?

machakachaka - 27 January 2014


GOCHOMBA - 27 January 2014

Save ndizvo. Asvotwa ngaabude

zii - 27 January 2014


GOCHOMBA ZVAKARE - 27 January 2014


GOCHOMBA ZVAKARE - 27 January 2014



@ Gochomba That is why Zimbabwe will never go far. You cant even respect the views of other people. Still even kana ndiri duzvi..zvandataura wazvinzwa

zii - 27 January 2014

It's a tragedy that journalists are being used by some pro-Tsvangirai to divert attention from the real issue. The real issue is whether Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is the best man for the post of MDC president. In my humble opinion, Morgan should not be the MDC president. During the GNU days Morgan exposed himself as an indecisive leader. On one occasion he had appointed Roy Bennett as deputy minister only to be vetoed by Mr Mugabe though Mugabe had no mandate on the matter. As MDC president, Morgan must shoulder the responsibility of taking the party into an already rigged election with no voters' roll. Why was Morgan receiving millions of dollars from Gideon Gono to renovate his official Highlands home? Why was the ministry concerned not handling the money? Is it reasonable for any fellow to be the president of a democratic movement for 15 years? Modern democratic leaders must demonstrate moral uprightness. Was Morgan, a grandfather in his own right, being exemplary by sleeping with every ZANU PF woman of loose morals? Was it a coincidence that the women he was involved with were mostly ZANU PF or was it a honey-trap by our enterprising CeeTens? Now that both the Treasurer General (Roy Bennett) and his Deputy (Elton Mangoma) have passed a vote of no confidence in Tsvangirai we must pay attention. Indeed Mangoma put it diplomatically as a "question of misuse of funds". It's time to send Morgan into retirement!

Sigmund Mazhanje - 27 January 2014

varume weeee Tsvangirai uyu murume ndiani anozoti akarobwa anomira pavarume ava am telling yu if these guys try to stop him akangomira ne party yake anoinda kure so far people want Tsvangirai ,like wat mugabe was in 1980 he was ireplacble

WEZAKA - 27 January 2014

I will rather vote for Zanu PF if Tsvangirai is removed .I will do this to make sure that those who want Tsvangirai ousted will also not succeed. Come 2018

trymore - 27 January 2014

I was in MDC courner for a decade of my pathetic life. But now i seriously believe the solution for zim doesnt rest with these bunch of losers headed by a clueless Morgan. Enda unorima iwe ku buhera and let young blood do the job,

zero - 27 January 2014

Have been commenting the evil doings of Leaders who blocked aspriring candidates in the name of Women reservation and Tsvangirai supported tht notion before mdc-t primary elections yet it was a litmus test for u it happened to other so follow persuit step down for a women non other than Khupe.Tsvangison ndiwe wakazvi parira wenga we once told u kuthi u have hug a python

ANALST@BYO - 27 January 2014

Well it seemz politics is not only dangerous but it is funny as well thanks to clowns and the media.

Busto - 27 January 2014

Have been commenting the evil doings of Leaders who blocked aspriring candidates in the name of Women reservation and Tsvangirai supported tht notion before mdc-t primary elections yet it was a litmus test for u it happened to other so follow persuit step down for a women non other than Khupe.Tsvangison ndiwe wakazvi parira wenga we once told u kuthi u have hug a python

ANALST@BYO - 27 January 2014

"Plot to ouster Tsvangirai has little to do with the electoral defeat". Are you out of your mind?! You ve got to be kidding me. And we should take you serious as an un-biased writer? It has EVERYTHING to do with the electoral defeat dummy!

simba - 27 January 2014

Yes ,and there will be blood bath if Mr Tsvangirai is removed from power.Fine,those so called funders who are funding the rebels,keep your money,i know one day you will come back to Mr Tsvangirai with your bags full of cash,and that is when we will say No to it.Only Provinces and the youths can remove Mr Tsvangirai from power okay.Right now I shall be starting to campaign for my dear leader in all Provinces to show support for him.Infact those in the leadership who feel they don't want him should next time express themselves by raising their hands up in the air kuti tivazive,okay. Hatidi vanhu vane musikanzwa mu Party yedu.Very soon I will reveal myself to Mr Tsvangirai and Chamisa,I will give them my real email address,because ma rebels aipa manje.

josefa chinotimba - 27 January 2014

the movement wont be sold for $3m. Tsvangirayi chete, usacheuke muridzo sa Mangoma, Bennet, Mudzuri

SAPURENI - 27 January 2014

Kuti Tsvangirai ndiko kuti Zimbabwe kana manga musingazivi,pavakabatana neZanu maroads akagadzirwa uyu zvinhu zvaifamba,now mavapo maroads amira kugadzirwa ,vana 1million havachaendinkuchikoro .Tiri kungozvinzwawo hedu

ndewangu - 27 January 2014

Morgan Tsvangirai is the MDC for now.Those who want to take over from him are dreaming. Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa are the only people who have the guts to influence leadership change in the party, but not now. If Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa want to be the next Presidents they must wait a bit so that they can get Tsvangirai's support once he retires. Nelson Chamisa seems to read it correctly. So by supporting that Morgan must remain in charge at least for now, he is not wrong.Tendai Biti is also afraid of Nelson Chamisa ascendancy come the year 2021 when obviously Morgan Tsvangirai will retire. So Biti's wish is for Morgan to go for now so that he is well positioned to take over and become the presidential candidate come 2018. The danger is, Biti , Mangoma, Mudzuri and others who want Morgan to resign has no support base to win elections if congress is to be called for even today. They have the money but they will not win. So they want to use unorthodox means to get rig of Tsvangirai.

adventure - 27 January 2014

I have never read such a load of rubbish in my like. It begs the question "how much did they pay you to publish this trash?"

Ndabaningi - 27 January 2014

This is an honest assesment and advise to those who are crying for Tsvangirai's ouster.If that ever happens , what it means is that they have helped ZANU ()PF) to remain in power and have suceeded in deflating the aspirations of the 95% of the Zimbos who are seeking not individual fame but TRUE DEMOCRACY. Follow the scandals that are being exposed on all our Parastatals which are well known by the povo but somehow being kept under wraps by those in power. Only if we can turn away from our sins and confess to the all mighty , only then can He heal our land.

mambo - 27 January 2014

Many people prematurely ended their political careers by underestimating Tsvangirai's popularity & thinking they could topple him or form alternative MDCs eg Mutambara, Welshman Ncube, Job Sikhala. For now, MDC is Tsvangirai & Tsvangirai is MDC. Everyone knows that Tsvangirai is more popular than anyone else in Zim politics so what more do people want. The fact that he didnt win the election is a collective failure by the party

tatenda - 27 January 2014

Stupid article. People are attacking Tsvangirai because he's a useless and clueless leader not because of any other reason. Wake up Daily News.

jephat - 27 January 2014

there are factions and divisions both in zanupf and mdct,,i'm smelling a civil war..people are power hungry to serve their personal greedy rather than serving the welfare of common people.TSVANGIRAI REMAINS prezident at heart,,its clear he is popular and wanted by the mass crowd

rebellious terror - 27 January 2014

These Daily News pseudo-journalists who are being used by Nelson Chamisa, an evil schemer who is angling for the Presidency. Poor Morgan doesnt even realise this? Remember Gift Phiri's 'love letter' to Nelson Chamisa where he was eulogising him for 'amassing degrees' and toting him as the next President of the movement? Can the writer of this article answer the following questions? 1. What is wrong with leadership renewal for a party that purports to be a democratic movement? 2. If Elton Mangoma and company where sabotaging MT's campaign as you allege, why did he not use the $1.8m that his ZANU PF harlot Elizabeth disappeared with when she deserted him? 3. How many houses, farms, plots of land does Morgan Tsvangirai have and how did he acquire them? 4. How much were you paid by Chamisa and company to do this PR work?

Yemurai Manunure - 27 January 2014

That article was written by the Prophet NELSON CHAMISA. Shame on you Nelson!

Pumzile - 27 January 2014


Forbes - 27 January 2014

Removing Tsvangirai would effectively spell the death and demise of the MDC-T and, together with that, the death of the hopes of millions of hungry zimbabweans.None of the guys cavorting for his ouster are worth to untie his shoe.Ngavasazvinyepere,THEY NEED TSVANGIRAYI, whether they like it or not.

true zimbabwean - 27 January 2014

MANGOMA, MUDZURI, BENNET AND BITI ARE NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL. Look at Biti and Mangoma during the life of the MDC these guys were never harassed by zanu pf. These guys are traitors. Morgan ndizvo and he fought a good fight.

lionel - 27 January 2014

Bennet should never be in the forefront in steering our politics because he is a thief, he was mining diamonds at his farm without declaring them. Their ship will sink like the Madhuku ship. Its not about your degrees and monies people want a people centred person to lead them. I will not vote for any of those guys for they are corrupt and driven by greed all they want is money. I will go back to zanu

lionel - 27 January 2014

Well, I wouldn't wonder. Daily News would rather be pro- Mugabe since they need to win Jonathan's heart. Just like they ousted Nyarota , now they want to oust Save. Save ndizvo!!! I useed to support Biti's Facebook blog which begins with "Wanachi..." but now I have discovered that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

James - 27 January 2014

This story does not make sense.How can the party has a budget of $120k only yet Morgan was able to pay out $200k settlement to Locardia.

Baba Tap - 27 January 2014

Greetings to you all. We really need to help each other, on this very crucial plot to oust our icon Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai is a hero and he deserves a great honour. If it was not of him and people like us who are very loyal, the majority of you would have died in 2008 by hunger. We fought hard to raise Zimbabwe on its feet again. You all know about it, even ZANU-PF agrees with me. The problem with Zimbabweans is that, tine hutsinye chaizvo, we are very cruel. Tsvangirai has worked very hard for the party and some sell-outs within the MDC are now sabotaging our hero Tsvangison. All these guys who are campaigning to remove Tsvangirai, have no leadership qualities. They are empty bells. Why not contribute for the benefit of the MDC Party? Removing Tsvangirai is not the solution, talk about removing Mugabe, then I will listen. Why remove the icon of democracy? Elton Mangoma and your friends, you have shown us your true colours. I hope you are not planning to kill Tsvangirai? A sign of power hungry only, you have shown.. Never ever shall I vote you guys, tsvina dzakadaro kana mukabvisa Tsvangirai. Everyone knows the 2013 elections were stolen, so why blame one person? You sell outs, should grow mhani. Roy Bennet, remember you still white????, People should use their brains, not magaro. Pamberi naTsvangirai Thank you.

Chombo - 27 January 2014

Fungi Kwaramba is a friend of Hwende , a close ally of Chamisa. They have lived together in unit K chitungwiza. we know that Nelson does not want anybody to take over from MT. He wants the issue of succession to be resolved after 2016 when he will be 40

chinja - 27 January 2014

Khupe she is behind all this vana Biti and Mangoma thy r just being used

@byo - 28 January 2014

Daily news, where do you get your data and how do ensure impartiality when you consolidate your data into a story. This is the epitome of rubbish.

Kobe - 28 January 2014

Zanu pf budgeted $100 million whilst MDC-T budgeted $120 000 (Cashbert Dube's 2 weeks pay) for the elections. Zviri pachena hapana kuriga kwe Zanu apa. MDC-T treasury rigged the elections in favour of Zanu pf. Ngatichinyarara nyaya iyi. Next elections Morgan chengetera mari yako muhomwe kwete kupa vana Bennet naMangoma vanokudhingura wanzwa here?

machakachaka - 28 January 2014

Makuita mahumbwe manje mungabvise Tsvangrison . lmbondiudzai kuti pakati penyu anamudzuri angamire kunge Chematama ndiyani. Kana masvotwa fomai enyu maparty . wamni ana Ncube nana Skala were men enough to form their party. Don't try to disturb our hopes. Ana Biti last year kutouya kuno kuJoni kuzoti addressor muchiziva zvamakananga uchingotitaurira chirungu chisina basa that's why une 3rd class degree.

muchamama - 28 January 2014

Well! i honestly believe that the 2013 election was stolen by zanu pf. had it not been stolen, Dr. Tsvangirayi would be the Head of State and Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the ZDF. i honestly don't believe it is fair to let Tsvangirayi shoulder the blame of losing to ZPF alone. This man fought a good fight against a callous and cunning dictatorship. He was brutalised, battered and detained for leading the struggle against the cruel dictatorship. Under the circumstances, he attained the best a gallant hero would achieve. He persevered, fought on and continued to nurture the spirit of the struggle. Just as Mao walked shirtless in rain, climbed mountains and forded rivers, Tsvangirayi became the simple, the icon of our struggle thru unjust treatment, subjection to extreme brutality and persecution by the dictatorship. We all appreciate this. The struggle is not over yet. in fact it has just started. How can Biti, Mangoma and Bennet be clamoring for Algebra before they are through with the A E I O Us of early childhood? If they think they are above the struggle, let them form their own political parties. Honestly, if Tsvangirayi were to leave today, so would the MDC and the gains of the struggle to our beloved Zimbabwe.

Zingozi - 28 January 2014

All of us obviously have something to say, however we are diverting our attentions from the real issue at hand. "The economy" Neither Tsvangirai or The MDC are in power. ZPF are power and they have to fix it quick period.

Zuruvi - 28 January 2014

What's wrong with you Mr Biti if it's true that you as well want Tsvangirai off his position before the party rules Zimbabwe. Can't you see that the name Tsvangirai itself is now well known to the electorate even though the person himself bears some weaknesses. At one other point I thought you are the nucleus of the party together with Morgan and Chinamasa. Honestly I assure you that if you change the party president, MDC will never rule this country. Let him just hold the position, will the next election then convince him to resign as early as possible. He will be satisfied after making such a history. He has learned from Mugabe that ruling for too long will destroy well constructed history. If you disagree with these simply facts why can't you just form you own part and leave MDC alone. MDC people stop dismantling the part and just wait for the death if the dictator, he thinks that no one can rule this country besides himself not knowing that by the rule of nature he is going to be eliminated irrespective of taking refuge at state house or Singapore. The only mistake we have made is to leave Mugabe placing himself above Zimbabwean law. Let him leave and start a new Zimbabwe with obeyed rules and laws. If opportunity arises then after, swallow all the political parties and differences and form another party for interest of Zimbabweans and our economy. Innocent DNX

INNOCENT CHADOKA - 28 January 2014

Kuti MDC-T inge iri zvairi ndi Morgan Tsvangirai. Vanha ngavasiye MDC-T iri zvairi ivo votanga twavo tuparty isu tosara naMorgiza wedu. Tinomuda zvakadaro.

mazvita - 28 January 2014

I support comrade morgan Richard tsvangirai, this man died for this country whilst bennet escaped to self imposed exile, tsvangirai is the brains behind original mdc, tsvangitrai wil remain in pwer just lyk Mugabe, all those stupid evil mugots bizzy tlking rubbish endai munofa, u want to tke over pazvishandwa zva tsvangirai, u r mad. even President Mugabe, he loves tsvangirai, kana chinotimba chaiye ari kumirira tsvangson ku buhera kwake uko, stop prating prating, zvisina basa imbwa dzevanhu. morgan Richard tsvangirai wil remain head of state, commander in chief, chancellor of all univesitiez, prime minister and president of Movement for Democratic Change

ari ben menashe - 28 January 2014

kkkkkkkkk pwaaaaaaaah right right this is interesting very interesting, ZANU PF rigged elections now MDC T also riggiged the elections i feel pity for MDC N vakabirwa elections. The same emperialist ZANU PF hates so much are the same Imperialist which is working so hard to remove Tsvangirai kkkkkk how tables turn. Morgan's MDC is now broke behold new MDC T with white blood is imaging and loaded with lots of cash. They had a meeting in SA and Morgan was not even invited kkkkkkk. We hold the keys to the economy with whos money. MORGAN is finished mungangotatarika zvenyu. Varungu havaise mari pasina mwana wavo, Cross, Coltart, that woman ambassodor are on Bannet's side. Murungu wamasara naye ndeupi pwaaaaa. Zvapera varume come 2018 new Party will image and they wont even be stupid enough call themselves MDC. Bye Bye Mogiza bye byye Machinja. VIVA ZANU PF ndeyeropa

Pondaihenyumwanawevhu - 28 January 2014

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