We'll not lose sleep over Obama snub: Zanu PF

HARARE - Zanu PF has rubbished American President Barack Obama’s move to snub President Robert Mugabe, saying they will not lose sleep over the matter.

Obama plans to exclude Mugabe when he invites 47 leaders to a landmark US-Africa summit in August, seeking to widen US trade, development and security ties with an increasingly dynamic continent to which he traces part of his ancestry.

Obama will send out invites to all African nations that are currently in good relations with the United States or are not suspended from the African Union, meaning there is no space for states such as Zimbabwe and Egypt.

“There is nothing surprising from Obama’s actions,” Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo told the Daily News.
“They are very hostile. There is a war against Zimbabwe, they don’t recognise our elections and they imposed sanctions on us.

“We should not focus on these foreign countries but we should focus on what we do for do for ourselves.”

The Zanu PF spokesperson said rather than worrying about Obama’s stance, his party was seized with crafting policies that will attract investment.

“We should change our policies to attract foreign direct investment. As Zimbabweans, we should always develop a consensus so that we work together for the development of the nation,” Gumbo said.

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Yaaah! Gukurahundis pain is running deep neeh? They really love these Western countries - they are hurting badly. I can assure, there is nothing that hurts more than being ignored. Even war is better because it shows your adversary recognises you exist, you have some semblence of power, hence he engages in war with you to destroy you. But if the whole world continues to go about its business as if you are non existent - then it really hurts. In most economic research studies done by academics and economic analysts on Africa, Zimbabwe is hardly mentioned. Even at conferences, they simply ignored it. Economic Analysts long discounted Zimbabwe as a factor. In the earlier 1990s, 1994s, SABC used to included the Zimbabwe dollar after the Botswana Pula in its economic bulletins. They long stopped that. The country does not even have a currency of its own. What a pity - how the so-called mighty have fallen!!

PHUNYUKABEMPHETHE!!! - 24 January 2014

@PHUNYU may friend why are u so obsessed by this Gukurahundi isu which is a dead a buried issue. We are Zimbabweans and we are one as such we suffer as besides our tribal differences. Honestly do u think it will make sense for if the Shonas rise and say Ndebeles used to invade Mashonaland kill locals chiefs still livestock and all the beautiful woman so lets c justice prevail over that. Wake up might my friend Zimbabweans are united and can not be divided by few individuals who were not even born when this things took place. Talk of Zim and Obama issue which the editor published not the Gukurahundi issue shame on you

Pondaihenyumwanawevhu - 24 January 2014

Probably a blessing in disguise. Had they been invited 100 people would have gone with their wives and kids, shopping allowances, hotel bills etc would have gobbled up more cash

Ethan Hawk - 24 January 2014

Hanzi we should not focus on foreign countries but we should focus on what we do ourselves......which z ensuring that the revenue from diamonds is not properly accounted for, rigging elections, maiming and killing those that do not agree with us, persuing hopeless things like believing that pure diesel can flow from rocks. Why, we also have a very sharp tongue when it comes to bad mouthing the Blairs, Bushes and Obamas of this world. The list is endless yet none of these activities brings food onto the table of the suffering Zimbabwean.

Isidore Mutungagore - 24 January 2014

This is the proverbial case of SOUR GRAPES

connie - 24 January 2014

“We should not focus on these foreign countries but we should focus on what we do for do for ourselves...The Zanu PF spokesperson said rather than worrying about Obama's stance, his party was seized with crafting policies that will attract investment." “We should change our policies to attract foreign direct investment. As Zimbabweans, we should always develop a consensus so that we work together for the development of the nation,” Gumbo said. Does this man not see the contradiction in what he is sayin? How can the country move forward when it is led by such imbe-ciles?

Lt General - 24 January 2014

And by an infinitely greater margin no one in the west will give Zimbabwe a second thought never mind losing sleep you stupid Zanu PF morons.

Sabi - 24 January 2014

There is no meaningful investment certainly not to the level that Zimbabwe needs without DFI, so changing policies you must to attract the investment & so you will need to look at "these foreign countries" to get a strong, growing and diversified economy.

Lt General - 24 January 2014

@pondayihenyumwanawevhu What are you talking about? How does the mere mention of the word "Gukurahundi" divide people? Why are you bringing in the issue of Ndebele/Shona here - where is this coming from? As far as I am concerned, the word Gukurahundi pains you if you are ZANU PF or some self-appointed spokeperson of Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Perence Shiri, Enos Nkala and Sydney Sekeramayi. If you dont fall in any of the foregoing categories, I really don't see why it bothers you.

PHUNYUKABEMPHETHE!!! - 24 January 2014

Is Zimbabwe suspended from the AU , ndiudzeiwo ka nhai Vanhu. I was thinking about it , some day how Mugabe benefited from land reform , from all these indigenisation things Hapana chaakawana from all these things zvaaka implementa then Why akazviita thats my question, He did it for Us guys. Sending troops to DRC was for Africa, Guys tinofanira kufunga nezvazvo. I dont support any of the Parties in Zimbabwe, but sometimes I realize How much Colonized we still are , when I see people thinking that we have to be praised by The west for us to succeed . Some people are going to far so that the western world would see the as good. But we dont need that we need us to tell us that we are Good. Dont you ever think that every thing thats on CNN and BBC is true kana zviri pa Herald pacho. I understand that Some people abuse Human Rights in the name of Mugabe, We dont have to fight Our Country but we should stand up for our rights

ZimboGini - 24 January 2014

Who is this Gumbo trying to fool like when have you ever worked for the unity of all Zimbabweans? What change of policies are you talking about after-all!

Regalia - 24 January 2014

Are there any compassionate doctors out there help ZimboGini!

Regalia - 24 January 2014

Kikikikiki vanaGumbo taurai zvamunoziva uye zvamunogona kuzomirira kana mavekubvunzwa. If you don't care then why did Chinamasa take his begging bowl to the US? Why is Chinamasa fighting hard to have sanctions removed? These double standards are what cost you Zanu PF you don't think alike. Each Zanu PF person represent themselves chi party chakafa ichi. Hapana kufunga as one team. Shame of chi party ichi there is no coherence at all. Chimwe nachimwe pachinovhura muromo wacho chinobweshuka chichitaura zvachinoda. Chakafa chi party ichi.

Exiled - 24 January 2014

End of Robert Mugabe The current president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe will die on Monday, the 3rd of February 2014. Actually I had a dream on the 20th of January 2014 that Mugabe will die on his sleep. This death will not result from poisoning, gun shot, physical strangling basically there will be no foul play and it will be strictly natural death. This prophecy concludes that Mugabe will demise as a result of natural causes. Ndini; Tichatonga Mambo Tichatongamambo@yahoo.com (Zimbabwean)

Tichatonga Mambo - 24 January 2014

@pondihenyumwanawevhu, why do u say gukurahundi is dead and buried? wasa there a fora by the current government whr the issue was eva resolved? are our beloved ever going to come back again? don't mind the bandages you are dressing on the issue, the wound is still fresh, just wait and see what will happen............ as long as the killers are walking free, the truth will be told ......... we need justice on all the perpetrators!!!

tongai tione - 24 January 2014

I so look forward to a day when at least one of the so called successful Afrikan countries will get to invite all the European and leaders of North America to their own soil to discuss how they will be accepting them to trade with their successful Afrikan nation. 47 Afrikan leaders parading to go to the US, and we the citizens of Afrika are throwing stones at the leaders that have simply lifted their heads!!!

Jinda raMambo - 25 January 2014

which country is

donemore nabasi - 25 January 2014

all great economies and all aspiring economies look up to USA...

snowden - 25 January 2014

haiwavo tibvire kumhepo rugare gumbo, asingazivi ndiyani kuti robert aifudza mombe dzake oga asinga kendenge haatozivi zvakanakirei inyayayenyika kwete humbimbindoga seDacha remumunakamwe.

chipazhamongo - 26 January 2014

munochemei musina kurohwa. why do yu comment on things that do not worry yu rugare gumbo. warwadziwa ndiye anotaura. kana zvisingakushaisii hope sei kuchema ne masunctions zuva nazuva. so yu guys are not genuine with your cries. this could have been a good opportunity to share ideas with the world's potential investors. zvana chaina hazvitibatsiri. chingai maitiro enyu vakomana, zvichakuputikirai izvi.

bhekincu - 26 January 2014

you thought destroying Matebeleland meant independance Eheeee zunguzayi mazakwatira sibone snub them Obama amasela lawa

mamncane - 26 January 2014

Obama, Obama, Obama, we dont need your vampire smile and blood invitation. Chengeta nyika yakabva baba vako. My foot.

Patriot - 26 January 2014

Gukurahundi isn just like the Liberation Struggle,,its engraved in our hearts some of us who feels the effects for eternity...no closure yet hence the hotter the issue will still be.

Goerge Banda - 27 January 2014

Gukurahundi is just like the Liberation Struggle,,its engraved in our hearts some of us who feels the effects for eternity...no closure yet hence the hotter the issue will still be.

Goerge Banda - 27 January 2014

USA President &the world`s most Powerful man did the right thing by snubbing the illegitimacy Prsidency of Matinjili Matibili ,the murderous despot violently&fraudulently clinging to the ZimPresidency since 1990.Rugare Gumbo should shout the fuck up,after all he is a dinosaur&an empty vessel in the evil Zanu pf party.Rugare Gumbo was part of the evil Karanga axis of evil that connived to assassinate the brilliant Herbert Wilshire Chitepo,Zim/Southern Africa`s first black Lawyer in Zambia on 18March 1975.

Dr ZVICHAPERACHETE - 27 January 2014

They are not at war with the people of Zimbabwe but are at war with ZanuPf which is lacking in consistency. They lack discipline and are extotionists. USA does not want to deal with such people. They may call it a non event but it has a huge impact on our country development wise except if we want to stay in the 1950s we are in now.

Maita Manyuka - 27 January 2014

Why would you lose sleep, you are busy stealing and misappropriating the country's resources. Look at the ordinary man and woman, for those who lived under Ian Smith the truth is that Zimbabwe is not comparable to life in Rhodesia. To the ordinary person, if this is why people lost their lives in the war then they died for nothing.

Bingo Wokwa Gutu - 29 January 2014

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