Kereke's letter to Mujuru

HARARE - Munyaradzi Kereke, the Bikita West legislator has made sensational claims that thugs who claimed to have been sent by Vice President Joice Mujuru and retired Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono wanted to kill him.

He also accuses Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) director-general Happyton Bonyongwe of plotting to harm and destroy him.

Kereke wrote an explosive letter to Mujuru making the allegations.

The MP claims Mujuru’s business ally David Butau, attempted to extort cash from him “so he could help ‘diffuse’ the false (rape) allegations.”

For the past few years, Kereke has been viciously fighting off allegations that he raped an 11-year-old girl four years ago.

Kereke claims he refused to pay Butau a bribe.

The maverick economist also claims he has been targeted for vindictive treatment through punitive taxes imposed by Zimra at his Rock Foundation Medical Centre in Mt Pleasant.

He has made a range of scurrilous allegations against Gono.

We reproduce the full text of Kereke’s damning letter to Mujuru, which is copied to President Robert Mugabe, police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri and the prosecutor-general, Johannes Tomana.

Also mentioned in the letter are Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and the party’s politburo member and minister of Information, Communication Technologies, Webster Shamu.

Box CY 298 Causeway
Tel:+263 4 783078/9
2 December, 2013

Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Harare

Dear Hon. Vice President


1. Hon Vice President, I write to bring to your attention that I did open a Police Report at the Harare Central Police Station under IR113148 to formalise my complaint against three men (two of them armed) who violently attacked me at around 10:40 pm on Saturday the 30th of November, 2013.

2. Of the three men, two had AK 47 rifles and one of them uttered suggestive words allegedly purporting that these men were acting on the instructions of Dr Gideon Gono, former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor and yourself Hon. Vice President. Pertinent details of the circumstances are with the Police.

3. I was butted with the back of an AK 47 rifle and was told that I would not live for the next 6 coming days before the men sped off after they realised oncoming cars approaching the place of incident.

4. I am highlighting this to you so that you may be alert in case those thugs are abusing your name to tarnish your image.

5. The Zimbabwe Republic Police is investigating the matter further and I promise that I will update you any material developments on this very heinous and intolerable primitive act by these merchants of terror.

6. I will in the meantime continue to pray that God punishes those among us Zimbabweans behind this barbaric act of incivility.


7.1 Hon. Vice President, may you also kindly know that I hold on file signed minutes which summarise your meeting with the chiefs from Bikita in your office in the company of Hon S K Moyo, Hon W Shamu and one Mr Maramwidze on 21 June, 2013.

7.2 What is explicit in these minutes are the following key points that came out in that meeting:

7.2.1 That you Hon Vice President invited Mr F Maramwidze, whom it is alleged you introduced to the chiefs as the father of the minor child who falsely reported that I raped her at gun point in 2010 in the presence of my wife, her mother and brothers!

The minutes also say you then gave Mr Maramwidze the opportunity to lead his “evidence” in the false rape matter to the chiefs in your office in what had turned into a kangaroo court.

7.2.2 That you Hon Vice President vowed that I was soon going to be arrested and, hence, was not to be participating in the then forthcoming general elections.

7.2.3 That I was not known to Zanu PF and hence was also not qualified to stand in the then forthcoming general elections.

7.3 Hon Vice President, I am sure you must be aware that the Zimbabwe Republic Police, together with the Prosecutor General have long made averments to the effect that this rape matter had no legal facts to stand on as it was a clear stage-managed callous act of malice towards me.

Evidence is abound clearly showing that Hon. David Butau, whom I understand is very close to you in terms of business, was fully aware of what was happening leading him to ask for money from me so he could help “diffuse” the false allegations. Of course I refused to pay as it is against my own principles.

7.4 There is also irrefutable documented evidence that there were yet again presentations in Politburo meetings to the effect that I was to be barred from participating in the general elections “because of many cases” I allegedly had.

As facts stand, however, I know of no criminal case that is before the courts against me.


8.1 Hon Vice President, I wish to draw your attention to the provisions of the Constitution that have an entrenched bearing on the matters at hand.

8.2 Section 2 stipulates the Supremacy of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Specifically, Sections 2 (1) and 2 (2) State that: “This Constitution is the supreme law of Zimbabwe and any law, practice, custom or conduct inconsistent with it is invalid to the extent of the inconsistency.

The obligations imposed by this Constitution are binding on every person, natural or juristic, including the State and all executive, legislative and judicial institutions and agencies of government at every level, and must be fulfilled by them.”

8.3 Section 3 outlines the core Constitutional values that form the bedrock of the Republic of Zimbabwe, some of which are: the rule of law, observance of fundamental human rights and freedoms, recognition of the inherent dignity and worth of each human being, recognition of the equality of all human beings and due respect for vested rights, among several other imperatives.

8.4 Hon Vice President, Part 4 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe stipulates the Declaration of Rights for all individuals in the Land, which include the Right to Administrative Justice (Section 68); the Right to Human Dignity (Section 51); the Right to Personal Security (Section 52); the Right from Torture or Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (Section 53); the Right to Equality and non-Discrimination (Section 56); the Right to Privacy (Section 57); the Right to Freedom of Conscience (Section 60) and the Right to Political Rights (Section 67) to mention but a few.

85. I wish to respectfully place it on record that all of my above rights have been violated.

For instance, that you Hon Vice President as a very senior member of the Executive Branch of government summoned chiefs from Bikita and Mr Maramwidze into your office and you proceeded to then run a virtual kangaroo court wherein I was “tried” and found guilty as charged in the alleged false rape case, and this in a matter long dismissed by the competent systems of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the prosecutor general as frivolous is clearly an extreme breach of the Constitution in respect of reported cases and how they are to be hanfled at law.

8.6 Hon Vice President, you will agree with me that intrusion by the Executive on matters that are best handled by the police and the prosecuting authorities has the undesirable demonstration effect of exerting unbearable and destructive pressure on the police and the judicial systems to drift in certain directions as subjectively desired by the Executive to the detriment of the rights of those accused of falsehoods as a is the case here.

8.7 You may have gathered that I am now mysteriously expected to appear in court to answer for how the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Prosecutor General work and why they found this falsehood case unprosecutable.

Is this expectation on me constitutional? Is this due process?

Are my rights being respected as jealously protected by the Constitution? I leave the issues for another day.

8.8 On 21 November 2013, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, from nowhere slapped my family hospital, the RMC Hospital with a $3.2 million tax liability which is completely baseless as it is fictitious and they proceeded to place garnish orders against the medical facility at the detriment of the welfare of patients admitted in the hospital.

All this is being done at the behest of powerful individuals wanting to exert punishment to me for their own desires, yet our hard-won Constitution clearly stipulates how as Zimbabweans we must relate with one another in a dignified way.


Comments (32)

l think VPhas nothing to do with all this,nyaya iyi ndeya kereke na Gono chete so dai masiya amai kunze

Sa Brett - 16 January 2014

Just read between the lines of how those so-called ZANU pf stalwarts resettle anyone down who goes against their machinations in ZANU Politibro. Guys, Zimbabwe wake up!! I believe this is what happened to one of our own Pastor Gumbura. He wanted to become MP for Mabvuku Tafara against one mischievous diamonds swinddler tycoon Masimirembwa Satanwills. Gumbura refused Provincial chairmanship post and Chairmanship for Marange Diamond Board!! Look at it guys!! Pastor Gumbura's human rights were violated in broad daylight. Kangaroo courts were held at Morris Depot by Mai Mujuru's directive. Thats her business that woman, see see!! Gumbura was charged 20years imprisonment and his church banned from practising Christianity using ACCZ - Ndanga the mother's boy!! Same style, same tactics doen against Kereke here!! What leadership do we have in our country? Mai Mujuru should study her bible in the book Psalm 2 and she will understand her fate in there period!!!

Gumbura Case Chaiyo chaiyo!! - 16 January 2014

Munyaradzi , unofanira kunyara chose pamashoko auri kutaura pana Vice President.why talking in the media. show respect for others, you nearly fighting everyone, mangwana tinonzwa wotaura zvaBob, uchakuvara

D.Chikanga - 16 January 2014

kereke ari kutaura zvakataurwa ne varume vatatu, vaviri vacho vane ma ak47. hatizozivi kuti ichokwadi here kana kuti inhema dzoga dzoga. hanzi varume vatatu ava hanzi ndivo vaiti tabva kwa vp na gg.

HONA - 16 January 2014

Ngazvipedzerane. Pachavo vanhu ivava.

honai - 16 January 2014

This boy dzinenge dzakatamba nepwere uyu. He is playing in muddy waters now. Its a matter of time before there is a funeral in Bikita

mafikizolo - 16 January 2014

Kereke is neither deranged or insane. This is simply the succession battle playing out. He is a pawn in a bigger game of chase. Ngwena behind Kereke's bravado

alter ego - 16 January 2014

I strongly believe Dr Kereke is now playing in deep waters! He is now crossing a line he should not cross. The Song here is Lord I am coming Home!. Dr Kereke im sure doesnt want to live anymore or he is loosing his memory or brain! He should aslo guard against being used by these so called factions which are prevalent in Zanu PF. Anyway, thats what happens when you are bloody rich with bloody money. As for me with no employment and nothing on the table, alas i dont have a table , anything in fornt of me to eat , i would not follow those dirty things. Akadya mari yengozi uyu, zvino akupfukirwa!!!!

MNK - 16 January 2014

Kereke is trying to raise alarm with false hoods so that when he gets punished by those he really pissed off he does'nt go down alone but with those who has brought his humbwa pachena. Leave Mai Mujuru alone and Gono. If you wanted to be Governor why didn't you tell the President at that time and then run the office. Ndiwe wakaba mari iwe wavakuda kuti upike jeri nevamwe vasina mhosva wavakavenga zvako iwe. Mira nenyaya yako yawapihwa and clear yourself chete and not roping in vanhu vasipo. If they have isuues to answer to they will be reported and reigned before the courts on their own without you pretending to help. Kana tisina chatawona pavari tisiye takadaro!! Hatina kumbokukumbira kuti utiwonese. I won't be surprised that it is you who gave this reporter a copy of your letter just to cause confusion. Gono haaite zvakadai worse Amai havana nguva yekuita zvekupenga kunze kwako iwe.

Chikwaka - Mbano - 16 January 2014

Inyaya ye-Succession iyi. Mirai henyu muvone. Gore kuchazvagwa mwana asina vhudzi.

dick mboko - 16 January 2014

If the allegations of people saying there were sent by VP and GG, how daft could they have been to mention the names. Isn't it that they could have carried out their assignment quietly?? The fact that you reported the matter to the Police was that not enough? You have then written to the VP for what reason? The next thing you avail copy to the media, again for what reason? Dr. M.K. you are not yet ripe for the game of politics. Maybe you were promised a ministerial post if the stable you are fighting from wins. We shall keenly be following this.

Gushungo - 16 January 2014

"....very heinous and intolerable primitive act by these merchants of terror". Really?? Dindingwe rinofara kanarichakweva rimwe, kana rokwevewa roti mavara angu azarevhu. Indeed ichasvika nguva yokuti all those who have been comiting barbaric acts brutalising innocent people, raping and destroying their property with impunity simply becoz they hold different political views shall have to answer for their evil deeds. Kereke zvoradzaka?

Sounding drums of a social revolution - 16 January 2014

Asi ndinoshamiswa kwazvo nevanhu vanoda ku defender Mujuru panyaya iyi. ngazvibude pachena haana here kuita ma kangaroo meetings. huye hunu hwe zanu tinouziva hunotangira kumusoro soro kuzvika zasi. Kereke taura iwe haunyuri wega.

ndozvireva - 16 January 2014

Kereke is a brave man. He is exercising his right to free expression. Whether its tru or not, he has given the VP his piece of mind.

Upenyu - 16 January 2014

kereke ini ndinoona kunge mathugs aya arikutamba nezita raVP

hilary - 16 January 2014

Wakutambira kunonyundza wangu!!!

Gushongo's Son in law - 16 January 2014

kereke is being honest,brave and believe you me hapana zvavachamuita,mujuru has been exoposed but nyaya ndeye succession ne factionalism,regai kamudhara kati dhii,muchaonerera.kkkkkkkkk.isu zvedu machinja will be watching from a distance.

wekuzhazhata - 16 January 2014

Kereke is a suspect I can reveal to you all that sometime last year kereke came across a friend of ours who was having drinks in a bar with certain ladies, kereke knew one of the ladies and forced her to abandon the guy she was with to be with him, she refused but he persisted to the extent that they left the bar and kereke drove around the whole night following them perusing that girl, he only gave up chase after they parked at a police station where they wanted to make a report of stalking , so I,m not surprised by this rape allegation and Dr Gono's claims that he is mentally unsound , guys this is a true story I,ve not been sent by anyone but I just remembered this story because of the media coverage kereke is getting fact this is true it happened so judge for yourself I think he must be tried he seems to know his constitutional rights yet he breaks the rights of others by stalking pple for a girl is that not abuse of human rights from a married man. I can tell you he is no saint from what he claims he has dirty hands somewhere , we will follow his stories,,,,

Panenyaya - 16 January 2014

Haaa chibenzi I hi

Pikerere - 16 January 2014

@Gumbura. Muri vahombe VaGumbura. Ende mune yese futi!

Feldman Bandura - 17 January 2014

Kereke uchimuka mhani. the people who attached yu were not sent by Gono and VP, but by your boss Munangagwa. unombonyatsoziva maitiro ayongwena here iwewe? vhura kumeso mupfanha. dont be used to fight some other people's battles

Deep slumber - 17 January 2014

Kereke mupini, demo tinoriziva. Having said that he is brave to expose the darkest side of ZANU PF. He could be Zimbabwe's Malema. I fear tax authorities will cripple him just like they did to Malema. Because you are brave, I support you for exposing ZANU PF CORRUPTION. Hell!!

Tambatamba - 17 January 2014

workup kereke pane munhu angataure iye apiwa mari kuti ndabva kuna VP or Gono ,usashandiswa machewe-e we kana iyo grade two dropout angapusa kufunga kudaro zvaunoti wakadzidza wani act like one

Sa Brett - 17 January 2014

kurwarwa kwega kwega

jimmy - 20 January 2014

more to it than meets the hearings. its unfortunate

B. Hwata - 20 January 2014

these guys are bloody rich out of their root management at RBZ, its neither here or there.

yassa mbiriri - 21 January 2014

Kereke nyaya dzako dzinonetsa kutevera. dai wangosiyana nazvo. Uri kuside kwaED tozviziva while GG & Elias Msakwa ari kwa JM - perid. but for yo life's sake - siyana nazvo izvi udye upfumi hwako nekuraram life yako.

obert chibvoto - 22 January 2014

Well - a prominent prophet prophecied about the downfall of many many rich people in the year 2014

George Marenda - 23 January 2014

Pre-emptive tactic will work. He is no longer killable because to do so will be obvious. Morgiza and Mbiti also enjoy the same kind of immunity

Tshotsha - 23 January 2014

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