My life is in danger — Kereke

HARARE - Munyaradzi Kereke, the Bikita West legislator, has sensationally claimed that people claiming to have been sent by Vice President Joice Mujuru and former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono tried to kill him.

The maverick businessman also claims Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) director-general Happyton Bonyongwe had hatched a plot to harm him.

The controversial  lawmaker also claims that Mujuru secretly held meetings with chiefs from Bikita and top Zanu PF officials just before the July 31 harmonised elections to scuttle his bid for Bikita West.

In a letter dated December 2, 2013 addressed to Mujuru, Kereke claims that gun-toting men threatened him and “uttered suggestive words allegedly purporting that these men were acting on the instructions of  Gono and yourself (Mujuru).”

“I am highlighting this to you so that you may be alert in case those thugs are abusing your name to tarnish your image,” Kereke said in the letter.

He alleged Mujuru convened a “kangaroo court” in order to scuttle his plans to stand as Zanu PF candidate during the July general elections.

Yesterday, Kereke told the Daily News that he could comment on the matter because it was subjudice.

Kereke claims that Mujuru met with Zanu PF heavyweights Simon Khaya Moyo and political commissar Webster Shamu together with chiefs from Bikita in order to discredit him ahead of elections.

Kereke claims to have stepped on the toes of political “gods” in government, who include Bonyongwe, the head of the country’s secret service.

In the letter, which is copied to President Robert Mugabe and police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri, Kereke claims when he reported Gono for allegedly selling state secrets to “hostile governments,”
Bonyongwe turned the tables on him.

“Instead (of investigating), Bonyongwe started to deploy his team on me, almost hunting me down, culminating in the direct declarations by the provincial intelligence officer for Masvingo, Ms Zindi and district intelligence officer for Bikita, Ms Huni, who both openly declared that ‘our superiors have said Kereke must be diffused.’

“General Bonyongwe is seeking to cripple me so that Dr Gono’s matters are not prosecuted as he fears this might cripple him,” Kereke said.

The Gono-Kereke legal feud has taken a nasty turn, bringing into the public a riveting political drama playing at the courts and threatening the very fabric of the state in general.

Kereke claims that Gono provided Bonyongwe “with millions of dollars from State funds at the Reserve Bank via a commercial bank through a company called Brinsky Investments (private) Limited for his own use.”
Gono denies the allegations and has sued Kereke for defamation.

Kereke claims Bonyongwe was in on the plot.

“I wrote to Bonyongwe several times and he ignored me, only responding through passing back to Gono and launching surreptitious and overt operations on me,” Kereke said in the letter.

“Zimbabwe was not liberated for fellow countrymen and women to torment each other through abuse of the machinery of the State.”

In the letter, Kereke tries to explain to Mujuru the doctrine of separation of powers and for good measure advises the vice president on the attributes of a good leader.

“Hon vice President, when we, the people you lead and govern feel that executive powers vested in our leaders have been turned into cannons of fire on the people, we feel very unsafe and constitutionally violated,” writes Kereke.

He warns Mujuru, widely seen as the frontrunner to succeed Mugabe, that acting against the people, “is politically ruinous to one’s ambitions.”

Efforts to obtain comment from the VP were futile yesterday.

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shon corner - 14 January 2014

We are really tired of Kereke. Dai akatsvairwa he has a big mouth. He is attention seeking and not representing the interests of the people of Bikita. Get rid of him. Nonsense yemunhu. Every newspaper is about him. It is becoming clear that he is drawing public sympathy to fight his personal battles. Hazvinei nemhuri yeZimbabwe nyaya dzaKereke idzi. The attention he is getting from the media is to divert attention from his rape case

kmsaungweme - 14 January 2014

ndiwe wakazvikanyira wega. ndiwe wakazvitosvora wega. nyaya yako yekuzviedza gamba......singing hangu system tazvida

silent assassin - 14 January 2014

Kereke you are right expose the corruption. Taneta neku svetwa simba nevamwe vedu vatema.

Chamangwiza - 14 January 2014

Any honest Zimbabwean would like to see corupt tion end by exposing people who are corrupt like Gono. Expose them Kereke we are behind you saka wakarova ZANU pama elections. We are with you all the way

Chamangwiza - 14 January 2014

Gono is right this guy must betaken to psychiatrist for evaluation. He might also be trying to confuse his rape charges. He is sinking and now he is trying to clutch on anything afloat

kokorigo - 14 January 2014

Gono is right this guy must betaken to psychiatrist for evaluation. He might also be trying to confuse his rape charges. He is sinking and now he is trying to clutch on anything afloat

kokorigo - 14 January 2014

pse govt,pay attention to what kereke is saying.why is govt turning a blind eye to such serious corruption issues raised.if govt can ignore president mugabe over claims that masimirembwa received 6k for bribes,poor kereke

soko mukanya - 14 January 2014

What is really wrong with Kereke.He is educated and a successful businessman.With his education he can get a good paying job anywhere in the world.This path he is following is dangerous.Please those close to him advise this guy.Yes we need corrupt leaders to be exposed but really guys do you think Kereke can do it alone? Munourayisa munhu varume.

chimuti - 14 January 2014

Surely Kereke must be out his mind. He wanted to be a ZANU-PF MP yet he is rubbing feathers with everyone in the party like that? Does he expect the highest office in the land to listen to him if it is that office he is attacking. The fact that Bonyongwe is the DG of CIO is enough testimony that the President likes him to be there. The same goes for Chihuri, Gono etc. It would have been made sense for Kereke to be fighting from the opposition's stable. He is too small and too young for such fights. He is now fighting against ZANU-Pf and not Gono.

Gushungo - 14 January 2014

this kereke is going too far,he lacks some kind of respect,if let go muchamuona avakubaya president chaivo maziso.take him to book

gondobwe regono - 14 January 2014

First things firts!!! Kereke is testing his own medicine. He should first answer the rape charges and infact start fighting for these feuds btwn him and Gono from behind bars. ARREST KEREKE NOW..........HE IS A RAPIST. “Hon vice President, when we, the people you lead and govern feel that executive powers vested in our leaders have been turned into cannons of fire on the people, we feel very unsafe and constitutionally violated,” Haanyare kutaura zvakashama kudai iye ariye akatanga nazvo. Mapurisa described him as a powerfull person and they even threatened the relatives of the rape victim.

Takaz - 14 January 2014

Kereke is right !!! anoti Kereke ari wrong idofo

charity charamba - 14 January 2014

ko imi makadyeiwo nhai vaKereke makutaura zvekudya mabuda mudura magutawo nemiwo.tangai imi kubuda pachena it begins with you - 14 January 2014

Tunana Kereke twakawanda muZanuPF. Twunozvitutumadza uye twunofunga kuti twagarika twusingazive kuti mabenefits epatronage ndeekuti today you have them tomorrow you loose them completely. Twana twecorruption, looting, plunder, impunity, humhondi, you name it. Mahumbwe amurikutiitira aya anaKereke. There shall come a time when you shall all pay for your sins and pay back what you looted from the people. Mese zvenyu hakuna anosara including sekuru.

Hondo yadzoka - 14 January 2014

Mese you are corrupt even iye Kereke wacho is very corrupt. Regai zvipasane chete isu we stand afar laughing our lungs out chete

Clemence Tashaya - 14 January 2014

Vanhu venyu mambo chionaizve vopandikirana . Ndinoti tiudze twese tizive humbavha nehumhondi hweZANU .

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 14 January 2014

Kereke is treading on trecherous grounds. Avakutopinda nemwenje mudziva. My advice to Munya, zvenyika siyana nazvo unozofa. In heaven they wont simpathise with political matyrs. Repent and turn to God you are puting your whole family in danger very soon we shall hear you are seeking sylum. Hatidi anozochema ndiwe wavatanga. !!! You are now a threat to them more than Tsvangirai

MAPINGIRE - 15 January 2014

"In heaven they wont sympathize with political matyrs. " That's the truth.

Heaven Bound - 15 January 2014

Ko isu vanhu tanetswa nei kutsiura Kereke as if we don't want to hear these stopries? Regai zvakadaro nyangwe akazonyangariswa later, what we want is for the truth to come out. Maybe if it's the God's plan for us to know the dealings of this corrupt government. Leave him like that!!

ToitaBasa - 15 January 2014

Nanso iGUGURAUNDI yemaShona to Shona bulalani alidliwa nyama shit......................................nxaaaaaaaaaaa

Mbokodo - 15 January 2014

According to Chinua Achebe, if you hear a blind man challenging you for a fight, take a look at his feet, one of them will be stamping on a dangerous stone. And you still think that Kereke is an misguided empty trumpet making noise. Do you? There are quite a number of people who are not amused by apparently lack of tribal balancing at the presidency, something that has caused ruinous wars in countries like Rwanda, and now South Sudan. There are others who feel the presidency posts must be rotated among the Zezurus, Karangas, Ndebeles, Manyikas, etc. Its known known that intra party elections for these posts are just rubber stamping. People do not say it because of fear of being labeled tribalists, but that does not mean that these feelings do not exist. But people who speak and complain with their mouth are good, compared to those who zip their mouth but mobilise to speak in other ways. So, Kereke is speaking out with his mouth, and I like him for that. What Kereke is saying can be clearly read between the lines by even the blind, and can be heard so loudly by even the deaf, sooner or later, the dump will also shout it. If you think Kereke is a weakling as some of you would want to believe, why is he continuing to speak. If you here a cub making noise and playing at an open space, a brutal lioness will not be afar. Kapwere kujakuka jakuka nemanyawi huona mumvuri wabambo padhuze. And within 5 years, what Kereke is really saying will come in the open. Stay put Kereke, even the Zimbabwe famous Zimbabwe ruins in your home area are loudly echoing and megaphoning your voice, for all to hear, those that care to. We hope the clever are not burrying their heads and ears in the sand. Go Samangwe. Buttress roots are are closely nit around you.

Danai Pazvagozha - 15 January 2014

Go Kereke! Crocodile infested River? No. Acid ? No. Disused Mine Shaft? No. Burn him? No. Accident? No. So what do we do?Lock him up for rape and overdose him with Malaria Tablets while inside. No. So what do we do Chef? Make it Look like suicide boys. Ok, Ndagaya Chef! We can use depleted uranium like the Russians on Sasha Chef. No No No No fusteki mfana. I want this done manjemanje I dont care how. I want results before he spills a lot of things.

Bull Terrier - 15 January 2014

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Clean Water - 16 January 2014

I'm not surprised by how this IDIOT KEREKE acts, maadvisors ake mahure, main advisor yake ihure rake rino Busi(Sibusisiwe) Dube, ndiro rinomuudza maadvises ekupenga ese aya. Hure irori mukadzi waDumisani Muleya futi, so what can you expect from a person anoadviswa nehure?

Gumbura - 16 January 2014


Mafirakumunda - 16 January 2014


Thomas Chasara - 16 January 2014


tkzee - 17 January 2014

Kereke was an adviser to Gono, and whatever mistakes Gono made, they really reflect Kerekes failure to advise Gono professionally. Its surprising that all these come out now when Gonos term of office has expired. Why didnt you resign if Gono refused to take your good advices? All it means is you as an adviser to Gono,you really have more to answer than Gono.You behave like the MDC that holds shadow cabinates when they have nothing to offer us.

Toridodo - 18 January 2014

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