Another secessionist party formed in Byo

BULAWAYO - A new political party was officially launched at Presbyterian Church in Bulawayo on Saturday.

Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) becomes the second party pursuing the agenda of dividing Zimbabwe into two after the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) led by self-exiled Paul Siwela.

Addressing journalists in the Bulawayo, MRP president Mqondisi Moyo said they were pushed into forming a party after realising that President Robert Mugabe’s government was not willing to equally serve the people of Matabeleland region.

Their agenda dovetails with that of the now disintegrated MLF whose leaders were dragged to court after being charged with treason for distributing flyers which reportedly incited people to rise against the government.

The case is still pending at the High Court but these problems led to the disintegration of MLF which was formed in 2010.

Moyo however, said the new party was not a reincarnation of the now defunct MLF saying they were totally different organisations as signified by the different names.

“We welcome all of you to this landmark event today where we present what we believe is the final solution for the woes of the people of Mthwakazi.

“Generally most people of Zimbabwe and their Mthwakazi sympathisers often claim that we are cry-babies. We cry not because we are cry-babies but we are hurting, because we are living in a system that is hurting us,” Moyo said during the launch.

He said it was heartrending that ever since Zimbabwe attained independence from colonial rule, people in Matabeleland have been treated as second-class citizens particularly in all sectors of economic development.

Moyo said the gruelling history dating back from the Gukurahundi atrocities and a plethora of other forms of grim disregard of rule of law against the people of Mthwakazi had forced them to rise up for their rights.

“This means Mthwakazi must secede from Zimbabwe forthwith along known and accepted national boundaries. We want to govern ourselves, manage our own resources and operate our own economy for the benefit of our various peoples,” he said.

Moyo said part of the grand plan was to see, the boundary between Zimbabwe and Mthwakazi being pegged in Kwekwe in a move that is set to see Matabeleland and Midlands Provinces falling under the latter.

He said they were already setting up a negotiating team that is expected to engage the Government of Zimbabwe over the best peaceful ways to achieve cessation adding that the whole process should take place in within a period of two years.

“We plan to do this through a negotiated settlement with the Government of Zimbabwe, no war, no force of any kind whatsoever, as we do not believe in any of them to achieve our objectives,” Moyo said.

The secessionist party said it has since established its national executive and has a considerable membership in the greater Matabeleland and Midlands provinces.

Sithabiso Masina is the party’s vice president while Zakhele Ndebele is national chairman.

“We therefore challenge the Government of Zimbabwe to take us seriously even though we have not been seen on the political radar before, we are not playing, we mean business,” Moyo  said.

Going by the motto; “This God is our God”, the party also unveiled its flag which shows symbolic attributes such as an elephant, a dove, gun, spear and a Bible.

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go on guys god is for us all

clifford peredzenge - 13 January 2014

Yah keep on dreaming brother. It is just like the whites who keep dreaming about the reversal of Zim into Rhodies. Colonisers of 1821 and colonisers of 1890 are just the same but Ganda ravo ndiro rakasiyana bedzi.

mhondoro huru - 13 January 2014

Mqondisi Moyo Sir, Father Zimbabwe Dr. J M Nkomo knew no boundaries that would divide Zimbabwe into two insignificant parts. He should have been the first person to propose that during the moment of madness when thousands of innocent civilians were brutally massacred. Himself being the nationalist that he was, preached the gospel of one Zimbabwe. You really think that it's only the Matebeleland areas which are being marginalized. Go to Manicaland and listen to the sentiments there concerning the natural resources like diamonds. Do you also advise that the people from that region should secede from Zimbabwe. My dear brother, all Zimbos are in this together and we desperately pray for God's intervention to save. I think I will be speaking for the majority of the people by saying ' No To A Divided Zimbabwe.'

tomasi tohwi - 13 January 2014

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! As long as injustices like the arrest and on-going trial of Mthwakazi youth leaders for legitimately protesting against the 'importation' of 400 general workers from Masvingo to Bulawayo/Matabeleland by ZESA continue uncorrected, extreme measures such as secession become more and more attractive to the people of Matabeleland. The struggle continues! Victory is certain!

Jabu Maphosa - 13 January 2014

mqondisi moyo ur day dreaming boy kkkkkkkkk

zulu - 13 January 2014

Think of development and stop day dreaming. Our President is quite a sensitive person and he has allowed all and sundry to participate in the national economy. The problem only comes with lazy people who believe in free hand outs all the time without exhausting their capabilities. Nyerere introduced Swahili language in the vast land of Tanzania and this has helped in uniting people of all races and tribes. The same should have been done through out Zim with the majority Shona being spoken all over. We wouldn't be having these secessionist misguided elements. Shona represents 90% of the languages and should be made one of the national languages thereby eradicating the so-called Mthwakazis...

Chandunga - 13 January 2014

People of Zimbabwe beware, this smells like the old trick in ZANU-PF's political playbook. When they are faced with mounting challenges and decline in popularity, they divide and conquer.. I can not imagine why a "genuinely" new political party has emerged in Byo, other than to have more and more confusion among those legitimately aggrieved by lack of progress in the Matebeleland region. I am not convinced that people who genuinely want to move the progressive agenda for this region, would seek another party with similar if not identical agendas to a few couple already in exeistence. Be very curious Zimbabweans, this might one of those ploys to get us to hate each other and start point fingers at each other as sell outs and cessasionists and ZANUPF will come to be the uniter by offering a few positions of power

tino - 13 January 2014

If this new Mthwakazi party gets what it wants, it will be just like the ruling party , the ZANU PF looters. The Mthwakazi leaders will be just as corrupt like the rest of the African leaders in Africa. African leaders get into power to enrich themselves by stealing money from State fund coffers, then they buy jet planes and yatchs and bank the rest of the stollen money in banks overseas. If these Mthwakazi guys get into power they will also be corrupt and looting State funds to enrich themselves just like all other African parties. So, this power hungry lot want to divide Zimbabwe so that they loot State funds for themselves. Also dividing Zimbabwe will not end there, it will end up like South Sudan, look at South Sudan at the moment, a power struggle is in progress , the opposition party has taken up arms and are fighting the government. This Mthwakazi lot are just power hungry buffoons, that is all they are. Their agenda is a sinister one , it has nothing to do with liberating Matebeleland, it is for selfish needs of these men who are leading this new Mthwakazi party, these Mthwakazi leaders are, " our future corrupt leaders and LOOTERS OF STATE FUNDS IN WAITING ! ! !" When you are in power , you can get rich quick ! ! !

Prophet of the future - 13 January 2014

where did they get the land they want to cease

leeman - 13 January 2014

should go back to zululand and cease land from zuma

leeman - 13 January 2014

This new Mthwakazi party is stirring several hornests' nests and one day these Mthwakazi guys will get the bites from the hornets' nests and these guys are talking rubbish. The land they want to take belongs to Shonas. Ndebeles came from South Africa hence their language is very similar to the Zulu language. They pushed out the Shonas from the area that is now known as Matebeleland and settled on that Shona soil. For a long time Shonas tolerated these Ndebele settlers and Shonas still tolerate these settlers and now these Mthwakazi fools want to start a squabble with the Shonas the rightful owners of the land. These guys are definitely looking for trouble on a massive scale.

Zita - 13 January 2014

If you see a dove cooing in the middle of the night , know that something is after it's life. Some of you tasted Mugabe's venom in 2000. People of Mthwakazi have never been free since1893. They have tried all the tricks in the book to buy his favours such as voting him in the just ended election but this has bore nothing. The truth is that nationhood of Mthwakazi has been in existance and remains in existence. The problem is the mindset of 0ppressors who feel they will lose some a good chunk of 'slaves'

PAPA ACTION - 13 January 2014

If you see a dove cooing in the middle of the night , know that something is after it's life. Some of you tasted Mugabe's venom in 2000. People of Mthwakazi have never been free since1893. They have tried all the tricks in the book to buy his favours such as voting him in the just ended election but this has bore nothing. The truth is that nationhood of Mthwakazi has been in existance and remains in existence. The problem is the mindset of 0ppressors who feel they will lose some a good chunk of 'slaves'

PAPA ACTION - 13 January 2014

A guy called Mbonisi could like this idea of a divided country. These days he has gone under. WE need to hear from him about this new madness.

mapfupa - 14 January 2014

Who is Mtwakazi anyway because wheat remains in Matebeleland is a cross breed of karangas and zulus. Zulus took many karanga youths and women and put them into their culture and seriously there is few or non pure ndebele there. let us fight for a developed country, were development is uqually shared not cessationist. tell me the diffrence between the whites and ndebeles if we have to be fair. So whites can also claim a piece pf land somewhere in Zimbabwe. At the end of the day we don't have Zmbabwe to talk about. If you voted for development you voted for the wrong people.

Maita Manyuka - 14 January 2014

This is the work of the devil

Spokisi - 14 January 2014

My God someone rush these guys to a psychiatrist before they go beyond overboard. These are mental cases. Ignore them..

princezim01 - 14 January 2014

Smith said not in a thousand years, other key board artist are saying these guys are day dreaming...Same things were said during the Soviet Union days....nation states are formed by people, Zimbabwe is a Rhodesian construct...infact many of the so called African countries are colonial constructs and many are failed states because they have outlived their purpose. People need to find what works for them, is that not self determination?

Brave Heart - 14 January 2014

I always thought that all the Moyo's, Jonah included are Rozvi people. Where do they get the illusion that they came from Zululand? Read your history boys.

Musharuka - 15 January 2014

hey you Mr Chandunga, what a crazy person you are, if you see you facial, I would have spilled off maNdebelism on you..Do you think Shona is that special that you want to it to be imposed all over the country. Stopping misinterpreting what Nyerere did, Swahili language was a mix of the local languages and European language, and thus, no one owned it, thats why the Tanzania people could easily embrace it. But your Shona is owned by you and we definitely promise you that we will never embrace it even at gun point. Whilist i might not be of secession i duly debate against your 'Shonirisation' which in my whole i will fight to expel it from Bulawayo. Wait and see, we are coming back home, we will deal with accordingly..if secession happens it would the last resort, but our intentions is to seek an autonomic Matabeleland and an autonomic Shonaland. Once these two ethnic groups have found some form of autonomy, they will be fair deal in peace-making ...rather coercive approach we saw in 1987. I do not hate Shona people, We all Zimbabweans, but i think you should admit the reality that things has not gone well over the last 30 yrs for Matebeleland and others, but we can not cry for Manicalands brother, coz they hv mouth too..we gonna cry for ourselves,, if they join us praise the Lord, we gonna work together....WE DO NOT DISPUTE THAT OTHER REGIONS HAS BEEN MARGINALIZED BUT LEFT THEM CRY FOR THEMSELVES,

divies - 20 October 2014

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