Kereke drags in ministers, police

HARARE - Bikita West Member of Parliament, Munyaradzi Kereke’s fight with his former boss and ex-Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono, is sucking in all security structures of the government, ministers and politicians.

Kereke, a former advisor to Gono for nearly a decade at the central bank, claims that Gono looted millions of dollars and implies in court papers that the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and the military connived with Gono and benefitted millions of dollars from the country’s top bank.

The legal battle between Gono and Kereke, which now looks like a political sub-plot, is degenerating into a public exposure of State secrets where it is expected that details will emerge on sensitive issues like how the CIO, army and police used millions of dollars from the RBZ.

The general public wants the battle to go to court so that they understand how their millions were used by police, the military and CIO as being alleged by Kereke.

At the same time, the deadly legal battle contains all the hallmarks of a bitter succession fight to replace the soon-to-be 90 years old, President Robert Mugabe.

In his answering affidavit submitted to the Constitutional Court on Wednesday last week, Kereke is pushing for a probe by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) into alleged illicit dealings which he says prejudiced the State of millions of dollars at the country’s top bank during the turbulent years when the bank was headed by Gono.

While Kereke is an independent legislator for Bikita West, Gono could make an entrance in the Senate, on a Zanu PF ticket.

In affidavits filed at the Constitutional Court, Kereke claims that Gono dished out millions of dollars to the police, CIO and army. These security structures are supposed to be funded from Treasury.

Kereke makes sensational accusations, dragging in names of police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri, Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, deputy minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Supa Mandiwanzira, former police commissioner Oliver Chibage and Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairperson Themba Mliswa.

Kereke claims that he is now living in fear of a “mafia” hired by Gono to silence him.

In the court papers lodged by Kereke at the High Court, the lawmaker describes an encounter with Temba Mliswa in 2012 at a local hotel.

“As we had just started eating our lunch, Mr Themba Mliswa arrived in the company of Mr Supa Mandiwanzira and other gentlemen as they sat on the table next to ours, Mr Themba Mliswa came to where I was and started shouting insults at me, threatening to beat me up,” reads part of Kereke’s affidavit.

“Iwe (you) Kereke who do you think you are fighting me and Gono? We are going to send our mafia on you and you will not live to see your children grow.

“Why did you tell the Anti-Corruption Commission that Gono and I are involved in your claims that we stole US$6,5 million?”

According to Kereke, that was not the end of the encounter with Mliswa.

He claims that Mliswa went on to shout, “Go and tell Chihuri (Police Commissioner General) and Oliver Chibage (former police commissioner) your friends that I will come after them as well.”

“We are going to fix you; we will send you six feet under before this year ends. Chihuri wako na (your friends Chihuri and Chibage) Chibage will die too and no one will protect them and the mafia will sort you out”.

Zanu PF Manicaland province nominated Gono to fill the senatorial post left vacant following the death of Kumbirai Kangai last year, but it has not been smooth sailing for the former RBZ boss, with the onslaught by Kereke being the latest.

In the court papers,  the factional lines in Zanu PF are clear with Kereke claiming that Mliswa boasted that Mutasa is “in control of Zanu PF”.

“You think you...will control Zanu PF. This will not happen and you will never get anywhere as long as Sekuru (uncle) Didymus Mutasa (minister of state for presidential affairs and Zanu PF secretary for administration) is alive and in control of Zanu PF,” said Mliswa.

Despite making a police report after his alleged nasty encounter with Mliswa, Kereke claims that nothing has happened and he is no longer safe.

The unfolding drama is likely to leave Zanu PF with egg on face analysts warned, predicting dirty linen is going to be washed in public.

Comments (28)

Kereke is a man with balls of steel. he is unique and courageous unlike millions of spineless men in zimbabwe who are cowed into submission through cheap threats. His is not a crusade for vengeance but a crusade for justice. sane men and women of Zimbabwe, let us join Kereke in his fight against the corrupt system that stole our money during the days of economic turmoil. The challenge is zimbabweans easily forget and easily let injustices go unchallenged. the entire nation and the world over deserves to know why Zimbabwe suffered so much under a man made economic crisis which culminated in the death of so many innocent people. A human made crisis that resulted in the demise of a once thriving economy. What Gono and his partners in ZANU PF did is indefensible. Gono and in partners in crime committed gross human rights violence and crimes against humanity. Such crimes cannot go with impunity. I support Kereke 100%. lets all support him. WE NEED THE EVIDENCE THAT HE HAS TO PROFER.

archbishop - 12 January 2014

Dr Kereke, might be right, if his accusations against Gono are malicious then it's up to the Anti Corruption to do the right thing and clear him not Themba Mliswa. The fact that other arms of Zanu pf are involved and knowing very well that Gono has been used by Zanu pf the issue might be swept under the carpet as this has been the norm in our country. They can publicly deny the accusations but every Zimbabwean knows that Gono was the biggest thief at Reserve bank followed by him whose finger is pointing at Gono as if he is clean.

Shepy Tarzy - 12 January 2014

Kereke is very right no one can just come out of blues to say Gono looted. Gono should pay for this heavily, but knowing Zanu each and everybody has got his own crime. Chihurumende chembavha zvese nerusekuru gwacho idiots.

Cde Tongo - 12 January 2014

Kereke was THE ADVISOR so he advised Gono to do what he alleges saka nyaya yacho iri papi. Ngatirege kupindira nyaya iyi there is a lot of other things that we do not know and might never know.

sibanda - 12 January 2014

This is a simple story of succession being fought here. Do not be hoodwinked. The soldiers and CIO are the once sponsoring this idiot - Kereke. We know that. The soldiers made Kereke won that Bikita seat and made sure Jonathan Moyo and Chiyangwa (for different reasons) lost the Tsholotsho and Chinhoyi seats. Now the plot is that Chiwengwa and his soldiers now also want real power. This is the 3rd faction in ZANU (other than the Mujuru and Mnangagwa). The soldiers now believe that Gono is their stumbling block because of his inside info yamudhara Bob - being his personal banker. Also there is a strong belief among soldiers that Gono leaked some of info (who got money, tractors, etc from RBZ) to MDC-T during the unity govt era. Remember Gono once said I have all the info on who got what from the RBZ. The soldiers want Gono dead. Remember the Editor of the herald, unknown to him went on to lash out at Gono pretending that he got it from some politburo member with close links to the soldiers. Jonathan Moyo quickly rubbished that (read Jonathan's lashing of the Herald before the suspension of Zvayi). The cows are now coming home. Wait - this is the year of the Storm - Gukurahundi. Muchawona zvinoitika. Ndinopika nemwi mose.

dick mboko - 12 January 2014

I'm sorry for Kereke the little inexperienced rural boy who was catapulted to a life of grand scale looting, plunder,wealth, power, and impunity at a time he list expected it, and which now has brought so much confusion and delusion in his mind. Gono was so stupid to recruit this inexperienced boy as his advisor. Kungoti he (Gono) wanted to pay him back after he wrote his MBA dissertation at UZ just as he then wrote his PHD thesis later at RBZ. This is a real circus. However, what Kereke should know is that ultimately his antics will sweep him off his feet as well because he is not innocent at all. Parallel to Gono's shinanigans at the RBZ, Kereke equally engage in unbridled escapes of personal aggrandisement, abusing bank assets with impunity. Gono gave Kereke a free reign at the Bank, and he did all sorts of weird things which even included employing his girlfriends and rewarding them with bank vehicles. Kereke also had a circle of friends and associates in the army, police and other gvt departments whom he gave freebies in the form of RBZ vehicles that would have been used during those numerous RBZ operations such operation sunrise, baccosi, etc. Kereke would dish them out like he was dishing out hot cakes and without any traceable record. Kereke indeed has serious psychological problems that needs the attention of a psychotherapist and izvi hazvisi zvanhasi. In any case these are all signs of a patronage system that has now outlived itself because all patronage systems tend to have a short life span because they are always meant to serve the here and now.

all crooks - 12 January 2014

In Central Africa Republic, Djotodia was overthrown for failing to reign in the mainly Muslim rebels who brought him to power in March 2013 and whose abuses triggered retaliatory violence by Christian militias. Food for thought.

maimbodei - 12 January 2014

Kereke has proferred an arguable case. Indeed from the evidence before the court to date , The Anti Corruption Commission has a basis to start investigating the matter. It is neither here nor there that Kereke was Gono' s advisor. It is also not relevant to the inquiry before the court that Kereke may also be a thief. The case relates to Gono and to the failure by the ACC to investigate a case reported to it. If Kereke has his own case let him face it separately. Why confuse matters?

Soko - 12 January 2014

Give kereke a chance let the investigation continue because gono came into government with no money and now he left government one of the wealthiest man in zimbabwe with unexplained wealth. This guy is Ben madoff of zimbabwe something went down at the reserve bank of zimbabwe let the courts clear him

Brian - 13 January 2014

It is a strategy to try to character assassinate kereke so he comes out as not credible. Kereke is the star witness he was the inner circle so he knows more than anyone else of the shenanigans at RBZ if gono is convicted all his money must be shared among all poor war veterans and he should rot in jail

Brian - 13 January 2014


btd - 13 January 2014

Chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa!!! Rine manyanga hariputirwi!!! Dzedu dzinonzwa hadziriri!!!

martz - 13 January 2014

Any sane person will know that Gono looted millions and that he sponsored the gross human vialotations that saw the death of innocent souls for the love of politics. ACC is on record saying they will leave no stone unturned against reported cases of corruption. This is a case you must investigate and don't forget zimbabweans need an answer.

tk - 13 January 2014

premiering on DSTV Sony Max Channel 128, "Kereke Balls of Steel" Dont miss the show.

tinozagorakis - 13 January 2014

Vana Kereke kokutaurira nyika kuti makaba mese zvanetsa here.Mavakuda kunanga Gono as if iwe uri clean,ko Rock Foountation wakaivaka neyi,imari yekutambira here,uye chipatara chako chiri kuRuwa mari wakaiwana kupi,ko mari yekutanga kurima kupurazi kwako wakaiona kupi,yange iri mari yekutambira here nhai Munyaradzi.Ini ndiri kutoshamisika kuti wava kutaura nhema dzoga-dzoga,murume chaiye anotaura kuti takaba tese kwete zvako zvakuda kuzviita is only those who do not know your past dealings that will believe all your utterances.handiti ndiwe waiti haudi kunzi Mr asi kuti Dr,ukatodzingira munhu basa neizvozvo.If Gono is a thief then you are thief number 1.Makaba mese taurira nyika izvozvo.

chocho - 13 January 2014

Looks like if you are thief and you need protection you join Zanu PF and you are safe. Mark my words Happison Muchechetere will soon be nominated to a prominent position in ZPF just like Obert Mpofu and the soon to be senator Gideon Gono. I am suprised that instead of arresting thieving parastal heads and managers the Government still fires them and this what the Herald claims as walking the talk on corruption. Bull shit!!!!

Zvarwadza - 13 January 2014

I would appear that most of the people who wrote above, unleashing vitriolic attacks on Kereke, do not know the man. Let me enlighten you about Kereke. Kereke is a professional economist, a bright and astutic professional for that matter. He is fearless, a character that has seen him being appointed by Gono as his advisor, when Kereke was working for a regional commercial bank. He is also a tobacco farmer in Mash west, whose proceeds he used to start his clinic. He is NOT a medical doctor, but holds a doctorate in Economics. So, you can shout and bark against him, but your brains will never measure up to even an iota of his intelligence. He is miles above Gono in terms of intelligence. He will pursue his case with all the vigour and prowess in his sleeve. One, thing, Kereke is not alone in his fight. Because Gono has this childish mentality which makes him believe that he is the best think Zim has ever had, they want to dress him down to size. Also, Gono is too close to Zim 1 for the comfort of seasonal politicians who want to succeed the president. Have you ever wondered why Kereke contested under Zanupf ticket and won despite having been disqualified? imbabwe needs people like Kereke who challenge big guns if they steal as is alleged. We are behind you Kereke. Please do into be shaken for there are very gigantic buttress roots around you. Do not worry about the stammering from Mliswa. You know what the donkey does when dying.

Danai Pazvagozha - 13 January 2014

gono still owns his staff millions of dollars he trick them in signing a agreement but never stuck to it he is only but a shelm

JACK - 13 January 2014

Brainless Clemence Tashaya. Do you have anything you are living for, or you are simply just existing. The words of a person unveils what that person's brain is. Read what you wrote Clemence, and it squarely describes what your brain is made of, what your brain is. Shame, God must have mercy to His soul

Danai Pazvagozha - 13 January 2014

Mupangi wemazano basa rake kupanga mazano. Iwe kana wapiwa advice zvirikwauri kutora kana kuregedza.Kereke haanganzi imbavha nemhaka yokuti ayi advisor mbavha inonzi Gono, kwete.Kereke yake mhosva ndeyokubata mwana ane 11 years chibharo. Vachanosangana ikweyo mumwe nomumwe wavo achifambira yake.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 13 January 2014

Hahahaha this is funny. Ndangogona kuseka chete, this is a riddle for one to solve!

kauchy - 15 January 2014

ndoona hangu kunge kereke ari kuttaura shuwa

posh - 16 January 2014

kereke imbavha chete ,why kutaura ikozvino ,what was he doing all the time like Biti now representing Gono

BEN - 16 January 2014

kereke should b probed as an accessory to malicious embezzlement. y was he silent wen the crimes wher done? y dd he turn a blind eye? y wait till after elections?...we thank him for exposing Gono...Gono shld not be given preferential treatment.he shld b brot to justice bt together with kereke

shoko - 16 January 2014

Gono anenge akuda umambo weGushungo wunotsigirwa neNikuv asimfana Kereke wanga uri usingataure.Wawanza hasha too much.Gono mface waGushungo mfana wombopinda paforty days fasting nekuti courage yako iyi.Asi Zanu muuraya nyika vakomana muchingoti empowerment kuitira kuti mube.Murimbavha

Hey - 18 January 2014

Ramba wakashinga Kereke womboita uchimbonzi zvimvura zvemapostori,kana kumbopiwa maprayers nevakomana vemazuva ano kuitira mhepo dzitaramuke .Asitinochokwadi,iye Biti woitalawyer raGono isu tiripakuchema nhau yeNikuv,Saka this people are playing with us ,you just after money.Morgan chanedzimba everywhere like Sekuru Gushungo.

Hey - 18 January 2014

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm u still too young for these bruising encounters wadii kumboona mhuri yako ichikura chikomana biggy

sikhuni - 27 January 2014

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