Bogus CIO man rapes 13 women

MUTARE - A suspected serial rapist yesterday appeared in court in the eastern Zimbabwean city of Mutare on charges of raping and abusing 13 women while posing as a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation, the State secret service.

All the 13 women who were allegedly sexually abused by 29-year-old Moses Musara of Dangamvura, were lured through newspaper adverts. They all testified against Musara before  Mutare magistrate Alex Shumba, who stood down the case to January 21, 2013.

Prosecutor Mike Tembo said Musara is charged with 13 counts of rape, attempted rape, robbery, and theft.
He was suspected of having committed the offences between August and September last year.

He is pleading not guilty to all the counts, but all the 13 women insist he was the sexual predator.

A doctor at a local provincial hospital examined the victims and confirmed they had been raped, and the victims were tested for HIV and the results will be presented in court as evidence.

Musara has confirmed that he is living with HIV.

Zimbabwe has one of the highest rates of HIV infection and Aids in the world with at least 2 000 people dying every week from Aids-related illnesses.

Rapists often target young girls on recommendations of traditional healers who claim having sex with minors can cure Aids.

When he was arrested, Musara was found in possession of various sim cards which he allegedly used to contact his victims.

On the first count, Musara allegedly lured his victim who had placed an advert in a newspaper on August 6, 2013 looking for a job.

Musara invited her for an interview through an SMS sent on August, 9, 2013.

The rape survivor, who is a 27-year-old student at a university in South Africa, met Musara at Murahwa Building in Mutare. Musara introduced himself as a CIO operative.

Musara is alleged to have led the complainant to Darlington dumping site and pretended to communicate with someone else on the phone. He allegedly ordered the complainant to remove her clothes as part of the interview.

The State alleges that Musara forced the complainant to name all her body parts in Shona and to explain the difference between male and female organs.

Musara is alleged to have asked the complainant to have sexual intercourse with him but the woman refused.

He allegedly threatened to punish and kill the complainant claiming she was a risk who could expose State secrets.

Musara ordered the complainant to remove her pants which she did and tried to force himself on her but failed as he could not sustain an erection owing to fierce resistance from his victim.

Musara threatened his victim, who fled, leaving her cellphone and $12 cash.

The complainant made a police report and was referred to the Mutare Provincial Hospital for a medical examination.

On July 8, 2013, Musara allegedly abused a 19-year-old girl after posing as an employer looking for someone to employ at Zimra. The complainant, from Chikanga suburb in Mutare, was allegedly led to Greenside suburb near a dumping site where she was to be interviewed by two unknown women.

The accused is alleged to have stolen a Samsung cellphone, $5 in cash and a modem from the complainant, all valued at $90.

Musara is also accused of raping a 20-year-old woman based in Glen Norah Harare, who had placed an
advert in a newspaper on September 16,  2013 seeking employment.

The 20-year-old victim was invited by Musara for an interview on September 19, 2013 in Mutare.

Musara posed as an immigration director under the Customs Department and met his victim on September 21, 2013 near the NRZ station.

He allegedly led the complainant into a bushy area near Beira road where he said the interview was to be conducted.

The accused stayed with the complainant until 2200hrs and told her to change her clothes and put on something else as she was to run as part of the interview.

The court heard that while the complainant was changing — wearing a skirt — she noticed Musara advancing towards her and she ran away naked.

The accused pursued her and warned her that she was being watched by surveillance cameras and risked being shot and killed.

The complainant panicked and returned.

Musara is alleged to have raped the complainant twice and spent the whole night with her in the bush.

In the morning, Musara allegedly took the complainant’s cellphone, certificates and $10 cash.

Musara was positively identified by the complainant on December 17, 2013 at Mutare Central Police Station.

Musara attempted to rape another woman on October 2, 2013, a 25-year-old unemployed woman from Mucheke in Masvingo.

The victim had on September 30 placed an advert in the newspaper looking for employment, and Musara called the complainant for a job interview.

Musara allegedly met the victim on October 2, 2013 at the NRZ depot in Mutare and took her to a bushy area near Beira road and ordered her to remove her clothes.

He further demanded to have sexual intercourse with the complainant but was denied.

The accused then tripped the complainant, tried to rape her but she resisted.

Musara is alleged to have taken away the victim’s $14 and left.

He is also alleged to have lured a 26-year-old from Chitungwiza Unit B by offering her work as a receptionist.

The complainant had placed an advert in a newspaper on October 21, seeking employment.

Musara contacted the complainant inviting her for a job interview the following day.

They met at Nando’s food court in Mutare at 08:30am where he advised her she was to go for a vetting process for a job at Mbada Diamonds.

He allegedly led his victim to a bush near a dump site in Darlington suburb where he later demanded sex to enhance her chances as a candidate for the job.

He had unprotected sex with the woman twice without her consent.

The court heard that Musara told the complainant to run for physical fitness and leave her belongings, a Nokia 7100 cellphone, Android v8 cellphone, clothes and $10 in cash.

It is the State case that as the complainant ran along Beira road, she was alerted by a taxi driver that the interview was fake; and when she went back the accused had disappeared.

She made a report to the police and was also taken for a medical examination at Mutare Provincial Hospital.

Musara also faces charges of raping a 24-year female adult from Area 12 Dangamvura in Mutare on September 19, 2013.

It is the State case that Musara met the complainant along Musikavanhu Road in Dangamvura, Mutare and grabbed her by the neck, pulled her off the road demanding money, and cellphone.

Musara is alleged to have pushed the complainant to the ground, produced a knife and threatened to stab his victim if she screamed.

The accused had unprotected sex with her once without her consent.

After the rape, Musara took his victim’s cellphone, an E2550 and force marched her towards Dangamvura Beit Hall, where he escaped with the stolen cellphone.

The complainant made a police report.

Musara also allegedly raped, on September 13, 2013, a 25-year old woman from Kuwadzana in Harare.

It is the State case that Musara offered an internship in the field of business management to the complainant after she had placed a newspaper advert.

On September 13, 2013, Musara met the complainant at the NRZ station in Mutare and told her there was a job opportunity at Chiadzwa diamond fields.

She, therefore had to undergo a vetting exercise at Gimboki Army Barracks, the court heard.

It is alleged the accused took the complainant to a bushy area near Gimboki Army Barracks at around 20:00hrs.

Musara is alleged to have lied to his victim that there were observation cameras mounted around the area and she had to remove her clothes and threatened her with death if she did not follow her orders.

It is alleged the accused grabbed the complainant and had unprotected sex with her twice without her consent.

The two slept in the bush all night and at around 4am on September 14, 2013, when the complainant woke up, she found Musara gone together with her Nokia cellphone and $12 in cash.

Musara also faces charges of stealing from a 28-year old Chitungwiza woman on September 11 whom she had invited for a job interview in Mutare. They met at Mutare Polytechnic.

The accused is alleged to have taken the complainant to a bushy area in Gimboki in Dangamvura where he instructed his victim to write notes for the whole day.

It is alleged the notes were to be part of the interview for being a State security agent.

Musara allegedly instructed the complainant to strip naked but the victim refused and she managed to escape from him, the court heard.

The complainant left behind a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and $100 in cash which Musara converted to his own use.

Musara has no legal representation.

Comments (38)

Are our women so stupid to this extend?

Robsugar - 10 January 2014

The question is where were our ZRP when this was happening? This seems to have happened over quite a long period, and surely the police should have put out some details to scout around the areas where this guy was operating????

charambiwa - 10 January 2014

Evil man vs Desperate and sometimes gullible women. The state should create jobs on a more serious note.

blazo - 10 January 2014

This man is a very dangerous criminal who should never be let loose. Considering the several ways he disguises himself you can be sure very few women in desperate need for a job would have escaped his traps. I suspect there are more victims who have not reported their cases to the police.

mukanya - 10 January 2014

Give him a life in Prison sentence and make him share the cell with Martin Gumbura

Kizito - 10 January 2014

No interviews are conducted in the bush with one man. Please women do not be fooled.

Chalar - 10 January 2014

Considering the alarming rate at which rape cases are escalating in this country,it is evident that our judicial system is failing in this regard. Most of the guilty perpertrators walk free after a trial or the punitive measures prescribed to those found guilty are never good enough deterrants to the next rapist. The death penalty or life in prison should be seriously considered by the State.

Bvudzijena - 10 January 2014

Our Courts entertain zvinhu zvaunoona kuti its pure framing. Varume vanonzi they are raping you will be surprised havana. Pane nyaya VAKADZI tikwanirei mhani. Kana musingade vharayi tuburi twenyu fokoro!!! Mukadzi asingadi kukwirwa enda unogara wega kumakuva kune vakafa. ndikangokuona chete ndinokwira chete....manje manje muchabhadhara roora or richa banwa because muri kushungurudza vana weVamwe too much muchinyepa nekaburi kano nhuwa kenyu!!!!

Problem with our Courts - 10 January 2014

Zvariri bhinya chairo.

jerenyenje - 10 January 2014

death sentence...

bestinos - 10 January 2014

I do agree with some comments - these cases happened over a considerable length time. Most of the victims made reports to police promptly. The police in-charge of this area should have taken appropriate action soonest. The operating history of this evil man was very simple - lure victims through advert and the place of first meeting seems to have a pattern. ZRP Mutare wake up. We do not want to wake up with RENAMO in control of Mutare.

dungas - 10 January 2014

Batai munhu. Cut his manhood pliz....

victim - 10 January 2014

our police operatives becomes questionable. how can such a hineous crime peristantly happen in their back yard ?

shava addmore - 10 January 2014

Good one Kizito

Vanamai - 10 January 2014

this is very sad....ko wakashaya mukadzi here..

carbon - 10 January 2014

these women are not gullible in any way. they are smart but they are victims of circumstances. in most cases this diabolical man pretended to be a CIO operative which tranishes the good image of our state security. let me him root in prison. devil

me - 11 January 2014

these women are not gullible in any way. they are smart but they are victims of circumstances. in most cases this diabolical man pretended to be a CIO operative which tarnishes the good image of our state security. let me him root in prison. devil

me - 11 January 2014

Police in Mutare must wake up. all these reports went without an advert in the press to alert the would be victims. Mapurisa mukai and use your reasoning.

zvakaoma - 11 January 2014

Why are pple so gullible and desperate. That the interview is not being held in an office or at least formal venue must be a sign. Pliz Zimbabweans svinuraiwo

andreas - 11 January 2014

This is rape not the fake rape trial of Gumbura where there is no dna evidence. Threat of force of spiritual. The said women went back for as long as 6 years. An innocent man should be freed.

mucharuzaimi - 11 January 2014

This Musara madman is a good candidate for a firing squad and nothing less.

Mambo - 12 January 2014

need I say more, rapists must be castrated and sent for not less than 2 life terms, period.Women must cease to be fools all the time as well.How does one voluntarily participate in an interview in the bush with one man? The folly amazes me----not amount of desperation can hyponitise one so sheepishly to the extent these women were.It really boogles my sober mind, yeses maaan imwi kanhi, yeses!!!!!1.

T.Zongororo - 12 January 2014

Sometimes i doubt the claimed 90% literacy rate inotaurwa. Cameras in the bush manje?

Ndini - 13 January 2014

munhu ngaachekwe chinhu icho imhondika iyo coz anzi ari HIV positive ka uyo meaning kuti arikutouraya vanhu vese vaari kurara navo .OH JESUS PLIZ HELP OUR COUNTRY ZVANYANYA ZVAVEKUITIKA MU ZIMBABWE.

NDATSAMWA - 13 January 2014

That guy is evil. He deserves the stiffest sentence. How was he arrested? Anyway. I myself almost fell victim to a company calling itself Edward Millans & Roberts in 2010. They sent an email to about 20 prospective graduate trainees inviting us for an interview. we were instructed us to bring $50 for medical exams. We were to meet on a Saturday, at Africa Unity Square where we would be picked by a kombi. One of us smelt a rat and alerted all of us. PLEASE be on the look out for the SCUM!

Analyst - 14 January 2014

Vakadzi tisaita desperate,, wakamboiwonepi interview yekuti unosangana nemunhu paNandos?shandisa pfungwa plus kunyumwa

ndiniwako - 14 January 2014

life in prison!This must nt happen again.

kenias manjemure - 14 January 2014

life in prison!This must nt happen again.

KMANJ - 14 January 2014

This is why pastors are molesting out kids. Lets create jobs, women are desparate in Zimbabwe. Mari yemusoro, airtime chicken inn etc. We have sex with a girls after buying a $ buddie airtime chaiyo. Women are now being abused due to poverty.

Tindo1212 - 15 January 2014

I urge ladies to be very conscious and calculative when they are invited by boggy people like that.When you are invited for an interview surely you should expect an interview to be carried out in offices.Why would someone meet you at a railway station,Nandos,Chicken inn etc.Women need to be suspicious on some of these invites.

Tom Nyirenda - 15 January 2014

Vanhu itai mushe, interview musango and usiku, zvakamboitika kupi izvozvo, chenjerai madzimai musapuse kusvika pakadaro

ele - 15 January 2014

murume uyu anoda kudamburwa tsinga , kunyudzwa mumvura kana kumuisa muacid arimupenyu. asi nemiwo vakadzi ngwarai

VAN VICKER WEMUDUMA - 16 January 2014

kusaziwa mubvuri worufu, intaview inoitrwa musango shuwa vanhu ngatishandisewo njere amana

momblow - 17 January 2014

vanhukadzi musabva madabasa zvokusvika pakutengesa hupenyu kudaro. usina kumbopinda pareception kwaakt zuzuzu kuendeswa musango knoita intaview. vanhukadzi ngwaraiwo

momblow - 17 January 2014

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